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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Eye of the Hurricane Ch. 01

group LeMondial 2018-07-05

When Tom and Holly arrived at our door and told us that we were to be house mates, my wife rolled her eyes and said a silent "damn it." Tom asked whether we were fixed for booze and food and we replied that we bought out La Boutique before it closed down, so we had enough to feed a small army. Tom asked whether we were planning on getting more comfortable, and although at the moment I was definitely "uncomfortable" in my shorts thinking of Holly, I said sure and began to peel my shirt off, kick off my sandals and lowered my shorts and Y fronts.

MWM Get Introduced To Swinging

group beavereater336 2018-07-05

As the evening wore on Bill and Tessie, who were both pretty tanked wanted to call it a night, so it became my duty to escort them to the 2nd floor guest bedroom, where they promptly plopped on the bed and crashed. I returned to the basement rec room, where Jack, June and my wife had began watching one of my old porn films. Then, as I made my way across the room to the light switch by the bar, I heard this soft rustling sound. I watched as Doris leaned in and began taking Jack into her mouth, slowly sucking him, and then as the minutes went by, greedily "eating" his cock.

Why I'm a Bastard Ch. 01: Hot Yoga

group BadThing 2018-07-05

This pose comes around a thirty minutes into the class and she has already been working hard in a hot room so she is covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Any given class might have: Tati; Rachel, a slender and well-endowed red head with legs that go on and on; Mina, a Russian platinum blonde with large, luscious, barely covered breasts; Rose, an east Asian beauty covered in tribal tattoos and with strands of her otherwise black hair dyed white, green, and pink; and Claire, an older dark chocolate African American woman whose slightly broader build contrasts in very pleasing ways with the tiny form of Tati when they stand near each other.

It really does pay to be nice & .....

group luvcuntlickingsluts 2018-07-05

She said that I looked to tired to be trying to drive the rest of the way to Ft Worth that night. Amber had an amazing pair of 38DDs and Heather was packing a pair of 42Ds. The next thing I know they've got me out of the towel and sitting on the couch while they're on either side of me taking turns kissing me and stroking my now rock hard throbbing cock!!! We had Heather lay on her back with that cute little black ass right at the edge of the bed and I took and out her legs up on my shoulders and Amber lowered her wonderful natural red bushed crempie for Heather to lick clean while getting fucked.

The Ffitch Nortons Ch. 04

group RickyRooster 2018-07-05

We finished off with another beer and as we left the restaurant we all waved to the girls and Little Joe shouted "Til I return good ladies" whilst bowing at the waist. As we all foamed at the mouth like Homer Simpson weighing up a doughnut Kari and Caitlin whooped and shouted "WooooWoo. You go girls," and "Shake that thing Lisandro." And she's lovely and wild and loud and fucking outrageous." At this Diego lifted his head an inch from the table and muttered "Hey I gotta shlap for lesh than tha'." Big Joe gently pushed his head back down and this time we all started giggling.


New Skin for the Old Ceremony

group Cassiel 2018-07-05

Would you hold his gaze for a long, hot moment before the speeding piston of the Sitting Man’s cock in your pussy draws your attention away to the head of steam building there - his orgasm threatening to blow, to jet, to geyser - the action of his hips like a steam engine - for the first time you hear him - a steady, urgent exhalation, hissing breath with every every powerful stroke, his pressure building uncontrollably - your thighs are shaking, knees week - your lust is reaching boiling point, your sex a sleeve for his pounding piston, his breath, now, coming in hisses like a steam whistle - the pressure builds - the drum reaches new speeds, the heat of your bodies seems to condense fog out of the heavy air - pressure building - you’re shaking your head uncontrollably - steam rattles joints in the pipes of his building orgasm - the pressure builds - your arms collapse and you fall on your front to the floor - him crouching at your behind - you imagine his balls with copper boiler plates, steam rattling the rivets, looking to burst - the pressure builds and you wonder if this release will ever come and then .

First DP

group Koreangal 2018-07-05

Chris and Eric had stopped looking at porn, but were going through more of my songs.... I leaned down and put Eric's hard cock into my mouth, holding the base of his dick with my hand, and then started sucking him off. Eric pulled my jeans down, I looked down only to see Chris's crotch in front of me. Eric then swung my legs over his shoulders, pushed his cock inside me, and started fucking me hard. Once I said that, Eric pulled out and looked at Chris waiting for an answer. Eric was fucking my ass slow while Chris lay beside me, trying to put his cock into my pussy.

Dillon Court Neighbors Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2018-07-05

After I got my brain in gear, I snorted in humor, "So, does Liz kiss nicely?" The idea of Mike making out with Liz didn't bother me, plus I'd made out big time with her son. Jim's mouth came to one nipple, and he kissed and suckled on the teat, slowly increasing his oral attention until I thought he might be trying to suck my insides out of me that way. Jim moaned again, kissed me hard, and fingered me for a couple of minutes until I pulled his hand from my pussy. I'd subtly told Jim I loved him, and Mike had said similar things to the Ellen and Sara.


Neighbourhood Game Goes Astray

group rufus11 2018-07-05

Then the game began in earnest, it was obvious from the start that skill had nothing to do with the outcome it was purely chance that gave them a hand and in a short time Jeff was down to his shorts, both girls were in bras and undies but Wayne had only lost the beanie. As Wayne slowly relaxed, Jeff finished Krystal off with a last orgasm with his tongue, then stood and immediately slid his engorged cock up her now sopping wet cunt. Jeff pulled out of his wife's cunt, and sat next to Wayne who was recovering on one of the chairs, and it was obvious that Rachel had not finished as she licked her way down Krystal's stomach and eventually placed her mouth over Krystal's engorged cunt.

Totally Unexpected Lucy !!

group DancingBanana123 2018-07-05

Linda explained that Lucy once asked her if she would finger her after reading about it in one of the magazines. Linda didn't seem to want to go ahead without a proper reply but then Lucy leaned across the bed to the dresser and took hold of a hair brush with a fairly thick handle. Linda responded with, "what about that time I caught you with that hair brush hanging out of your ass." They both started laughing. Lucy went on to explain that her and Linda had been up to the lakes with her folks for the summer and after reading another dirty story, they got it into their heads that they would both have to try something new from one of the magazines.

Experimental Treatment

group 88girfriend 2018-07-05

After several group and individual sessions with Doug and Karen, I have invited them to my mid town office for a special treatment that I have found works for people like the Jacobs. When he came back up and his eyes reconnected with a two women in front of him Karen's right hand was now playing with Maggie's pussy and her left hand was in Maggie's mouth. "Yes Mommy," said Maggie as she lowered her mouth back between Karen's legs. Karen stopped sucking Maggie's pussy for a moment to mutter, "God Doug you're so hard," before pressing her face back between Maggie's legs. Maggie began to lick both Doug's dick and Karen's pussy.


Assisted Living

group Many Feathers 2018-07-05

Cathy and I didn't think much of it however, after all, the only people we knew besides mom and dad, were Jack and Shelly, and even then...only in passing really. Most of them of course were of mom and dad, nude...along with several others, most of which I'd never seen before, though in a few as I continued to quickly thumb through them, showed photos of Jack and Shelly in them as well. Although I was indeed shocked by what I'd discovered here...after all, it was mom and dad, it's not like this sort of thing would have freaked me...or Cathy out for other reasons.


A Threesome in Belgium

group veronicavixen 2018-07-05

As she sank deeper into her kiss with Tom, she realized Mike was moving his hands around her waist, slowly working his way up towards her breasts. Occasionally Jillian would glance left or right, only to see women sucking cocks of all sizes, and men with their tongues licking nipples or buried in a perfectly shaved pussy. "Jillian, those are the most beautiful tits." To punctuate the sentiment Mike moved his mouth to her right nipple while Tom slid a hand up to tease the left one. As she looked up at Mike's satisfied expression she felt Tom pull hard one last time before filling her pussy with his seed.


Student Union

group rob99202 2018-07-05

Lying on the table beneath the stars, she looked up at Sean as he moved to the foot of the table and took Ginger's foot into his hand. Geoff stood over here, watching his friend work over Gingers puss and stroking his now soft cock. Sean took his cock into his hand, grasping it just behind the head, and played it at the opening to Ginger's gash. At nearly the same instance, Geoff pulled his cock from her mouth and shot his load of hot cum over her chest and breasts. It was his turn and he pulled his cock from her hot hole and spewed white, juicy cum up her stomach to her chest, spilling the last few drops on her pulsating lips.

The Goa Trip Ch. 02

group nick9056 2018-07-05

On the way back Manjula and Archana took turns in sucking Raj's cock and swallowing his cum and when Raj insisted that he had to concentrate on his driving, they took turns caressing each other's cunts in the backseat. Balram told Raj to speak to the owner of the inn so that they could get themselves a room for the night. Raj went up to their room and asked Manjula and Archana tohave some refreshments downstairs. Almost the same time, the big man cummed into Archana's mouth, groaning and moaning. Soon, Raj also got the chance to use Manjula along with the manager and the bartender and he also got sucked by Archana who was also enjoying it as a big lund of another man occupied her beautiful choot.

Just a Regular Saturday Night

group Babeslady 2018-07-05

For days afterwards John got a hard-on every time he thought of the slap of the other man's thighs against Janet's round butt. So sometimes he found himself standing beside the bed with all the other naked people watching as a woman was filled full of cum and wishing he could taste it as it was being pumped into her. Looking around the room, John's attention was grabbed by the round pert butt of a beautiful woman he had been chatting to earlier. Her soaking, wet pussy yielded easily, allowing John to keep his fingers inside her for a moment while her husband fucked her. Slowly John licked upwards stroking his tongue over the woman's swollen clit and over part of the velvet skin of the cock that was fucking her.

Kelsey's World Ch. 25

group riverboy 2018-07-05

She wasn't a big makeup wearer, but the camera liked that kind of thing, and she enjoyed going for a slightly retro pin-up-girl look when she posed with Koop's Jeeps. Kelsey, as petite as she was, had the voluptuous thing down pat, but Abby was an eyeful in her own way — a cute mix of girl and woman, and as lean and lithe as she was she looked like you could pick her up with one hand. As she and Kelsey chatted with Richie about the shoot, she turned and Koop got his first good look at her ass. Kelsey was looking over Richie's shoulder, and Koop and Happy were right behind them, watching intently.


Uncle Bob and His Niece Ch. 05

group LaPatitMort 2018-07-05

I pulled my cock and balls free, aimed and brought the head to Chloe's cunt. Tickles let the pressure from my hands rock her face, opening Chloe's cunt and to pushing her mouth deep into the slippery hole. After my balls were dry and my dick was half soft, Tickles lay her head on my belly with my cock still in her mouth. You just screwed two nineteen year olds; I bet you even bruised Chloe's cunt and you have the gall to tell me I know too much." She started to fight but I pushed my free hand down the front of her pants and began fingering her wet cunt and rubbing her clit with my thumb.


Swimming in Cum

group yutubeslut 2018-07-05

As if by magic you hear scuffling and a plunk sound as a large, cum stained black leather Ottoman appears in the center of the pit, along with a basket for them to throw money into. You have to laugh at the stupid movie-reference joke as you accept his cock into your mouth for a face fuck. They love your big tits; dozens of hands are grabbing, squeezing, mouths are sucking your large nipples raw. You sit on one guys lap with his dick up your ass, getting fucked in your cunt by another, and a third man is holding you by your hair, thrusting his dick in and out of your mouth. I wanna drink a GALLON of FUCKING CUM!” you shout inside.

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 13

group mountaincat4 2018-07-05

You'll feel a lot more than dizzy." Suvarna moved her head forward and kissed her softly. Suvarna moved her hand down Alysse's back to her ass and then to my cock. Suvarna took Alysse's hand and moved it down between them and put it between her legs as she raised her leg to give her access to her pussy. She plastered her wide-open mouth over Suvarna's pussy and I felt her vagina begin to spasm around my cock. "One day when she's old enough I will bring Victoria on this same trip and tell her about the people you helped and the things we did and how much you loved her even though you never got to meet her. Suvarna gently rubbed bubbles on the inside of Alysse's thigh and stroked her like she was petting a cat.


Extra Special Birthday

group adele.darkstar 2018-07-05

Tony let his hand trace a path up Karen's leg to the top of her stocking, and around the front to push aside her tiny briefs, that were little more than a g string, his fingers found her pussy very wet and welcoming. Whilst Vikki was sucking Tony's cock, Karen got between her legs and licked Tony's cum out of her pussy. Karen lay back on the bed, opening her legs to allow Tony to suck her pussy, but he knew what she wanted more than that. Seeing the lustful look on her face Karen knew what Vikki wanted, so she leaned forward and spread some lubrication on to Tony's cock.

Another Morgantown Gang-Bang Part 1

group swat412 2018-07-05

By the time the pizza guy knocked at my door half the bottle of wine was gone, I’d changed into a short robe, bra and panties, cleaned myself up a little and was more than in the mood to get fucked good. My robe was pushed up my back as I got on all fours, my very brief panties were pulled aside, my rectum was rudely probed with a few fingers and lubed well then – as I tried to relax as much as possible and push back – the head of that black cock was firmly pushed against my waiting hole then, about 3 inches got shoved in good and hard!

What Am I Doing Here? Ch. 03

group ILienBagby 2018-07-05

She had been cunt-sucked by one of them, Harold McCarthy, less than an hour ago in her car. At the moment, she could feel her cunt lips still damp and open from Harold's sucking and from her own secretions. Oh, how she needed a good fucking she thought that night as the dirty talk, the drinking, and the touching continued. She had asked them not to come out to the car, but Harold wasn't exactly the greatest at following rules. "I think we are ready to start." "Harold will be the first." She took his hand and led him into the bedroom, closing the door after they entered. "Wow, this is really cool," Harold said as MaryJane Huffman lay down on the bed, her legs open, her arms outstretched.


Color Guard Ch. 1

group checkeringstat 2018-07-05

Finally, I get set off in the chain reaction of watching Jeniver and Stacey, and start to feel the familiar tingle that I felt the first time I masturbated about fucking Beth on a couch in all the positions thinkable. I could tell Beth was close to cumming as well, and halfway through my orgasm, she came so hard and strong that she almost broke the flagpole in two while thrusting upwards, flooding my extremely hard erection, the two rifles that were being fucked at the other end by Stacey and Jeniver (who themselves were nearly ready to burst), and the floor of the guard room with her young juices.