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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Club

group outpostsaloon 2018-07-05

I walk over to Felicia, take her hand and place it on my jeans, letting her know just how I feel about the outfit. After a while I notice that Felicia has moved her hands from my cock, and has them deeply buried in the girls pussy. We settle into a rhythm for a few moments, Felicia stroking the red headed girls pussy with her tongue in the same rhythm as I'm stroking in and out of her. The red head girl kisses her way down Felicia's body, returning the favour on the nipples, then moving down to Felicia's dripping wet cunt. Felicia screams and screams, completely out of control, overwhelmed by the double penetration of my cock cumming in her pussy and the finger in her butt.

78% club

Recollections Ch. 01

group Kaadorix 2018-07-05

"You weren't hungry earlier, Cooper, when Daddy and I wanted to have lunch at the food court with Aunt Merissa and little Madi." Alexa tilted her head back and forth several times in a row, drawing a hysterical laugh from Cooper. It was Sunday and with things being extra busy at work, I probably would not have time again to rearrange the furniture in Cooper's room the way Alexa wanted until next weekend. After Alexa peeled away to purchase us some lunch, I ventured off to the food court dining area with Cooper hitched in an arm, and found Merissa and Madison, my 22-month-old toddler daughter, at a big, circular table. Merissa had earlier volunteered to keep an eye on Madison at the food court so Alexa and I could take Cooper to the ball pit.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy Catches Dawn

group LouiseFairfax 2018-07-05

Ok then, you’re going to watch them." Buffy grabbed Dawns arm and started pulling her into Willows bedroom. Willow continued to tongue fuck Tara all the while watching Buffy seduce her little s*ster. Their mouths and tongues were completely intertwined as Buffy's hand started exploring her young s*sters tight little body. As Buffy's tongued slipped deeper into the young girl’s mouth her hand slid inside her panties, through her tiny patch of pubic hair and for the first time touched her wet vagina. Tara could feel how much Willow wanted to taste young Dawn so as she laid back down she bent over Willows face and opened her mouth letting all the saliva and fluids drip from her tongue into Willow's open mouth.

For a friend

group toydevil 2018-07-05

This was hot but I did not want to risk her changing her mind so, lifted her hips and positioned two pillows under her ass, knelt between her spread legs, after putting on a condom I rubbed my rock hard cock over her wet slit a few times she moved her hips and it almost felt as if her pussy swallowed my cock, when the head was past her pussy lips is started pushing it in her gently until it would go no deeper, now is started fucking her gently gradually increasing in f***e and speed.

Brooke Ch. 02

group eroslit 2018-07-05

The distress on her face was obvious when she finally said, "I have no intention of ever leaving Bob. I think I told you that already. Bob saw me walk in and said, "Brooke talks about you all the time, Traci. "Now, I think you have figured out that Brooke and I love each other very much," I said to Bob. I was attending to Brooke's tits when I felt Bob's hand on my pussy. Finally, Brooke fell forward into Bob's arms and they held each other, his cock still inside her. I would have been very happy with Brooke's face between my legs, but each time I glanced at Bob's cock I wanted it more. I drove my tongue deep inside Brooke and felt Bob's cock resting on top of my ass.


Anniversary Surprise Pt. 01

group ceris01 2018-07-05

I sit and watch for a moment or two then pull your ankles around so your legs are over the edge and you are spread open before me with one hand disappearing in your very wet pussy and the other still frigging your clit. However, when two more mouths settle over your nipples and start nibbling and kissing them, the scream turns into another groan, "That's it," you say, "right there..." The angle I am fucking you at is perfect for hitting your g-spot and I am making the most of it rubbing the head of my cock right over your g-spot and back again, alternating from almost pulling out to driving in to you so deep I hit your cervix.

Getting Filled Ch. 03

group diegoroyo 2018-07-05

At least two or three times a week a new client came to through town for a "Fill-Up." And she got a free dinner or breakfast, and filled up with plenty of cum. She loved the way it felt, and pushed her hips and ass back towards him as he then finger-fucked her anus. "Oh yeah, Danny, fucking drain those balls in me!" she breathed as she grabbed his balls and held them in place, squeezing them like fruit, as if she could squeeze all his nut out into her ass. She felt Brian's hard cock slide into her ass nicely, since she was already lubed up it was easy. She was jackhammered by both men, as she like to say, right in the ass by their big white dicks.


Kristina & Kathy Pt. 02

group jeff29 2018-07-05

I heard a splash behind me and knew that Kristina had jumped in the pool, but there wasn't much else I was aware of except that Kathy O'Neil's impossibly huge breasts were covered in nothing more than two small triangles of cloth and some string as she sat at the edge of the water. My eyes traveled up over the thin piece of material covering Kathy's sex, and my cock lurched at the site of her full, rounded thighs, and the flesh of her ass cheeks pressed against the chair. My cock, now perpetually erect, was throbbing painfully inside my wet swimming trunks, and I decided then that I had to fuck Kathy, whatever the cost to my relationship with Kristina.


Boarding with Linda Ch. 10

group Irish Moss 2018-07-05

As she squeezed her tits around my throbbing cock, Linda untied her bikini bottom and let it drop to the floor, then stepped up on the couch and straddled my head. Fortunately, even if it was in the back of her mind that she needed to check on Ashley, Linda was still able to focus on the pleasure she was feeling and I could tell by how much wetter and more engorged her pussy was becoming that she was right on the verge of cumming. I wasn't sure at that point if this blowjob was more about her enjoying having a cock in her mouth or more about her trying to pleasure me, though I think it may have started as one thing and become another.


Maplewood Times: Patty & Chelsea

group mondotoken 2018-07-05

"Hey Brad, are you okay?" He found himself looking up in to the faces of Patty and Chelsea as they pulled their hoods down to get a better look at him. Why don't you hang back for a moment while we finish up here so we can watch out for you okay?" Chelsea had reached grasping his bicep through his coat and slightly kneading it as she looked pleadingly into his eyes. "I'll just hang out for a little while, but you have to let me go when it's time to leave." Chelsea looked a little perplexed at his curious statement but smiled to herself as she watched the jock cautiously get into the backseat of the car.


Two Drinks For The Teachers

group lemarquis7 2018-07-05

As the night went on the dances got closer and closer and I felt Ann's thigh pushed tight into my crotch. Connie sat down, on the couch, on the other side of me and all I noticed that both women's skirts had ridden up to mid thigh and I was getting a good look at two exceptional sets of legs. Suddenly I felt Connie's hand on my ass/ she had gotten into position facing the same way as Ann but with her head by my ass. With Ann sucking on my cock, and my mouth in Ann's pussy, I felt Connie's tongue penetrate my asshole after licking up and down the crack.

Kathy and Gail Ch. 02

group LeCoach 2018-07-05

Yes, I was wondering how she had become such an expert on amounts of jism that men produce during orgasm and couldn't help but ask later, "Gail, what do you mean 'I was so stupid back home?'" I was pretty sure she didn't want to tell me about this but she knew she needed to come up with some explanation for her reluctance to have sex with me. They had brought a couple of pats of butter for lubrication and I got some on my fingers and started to slide my hand on his cock. John laid back and invited me to move closer until we were laying together like lovers sometimes do My hand softly stroking his stiff penis as I watched his face.

Night out...

group 2018-07-05

Then works his way down to her waist and ass, lifts up her skirt and lets his fingers slide into her wet cunt. He slowly pushes his dick into my cunt and I am going hurts and feels so good at the same time, he starts to fuck me a little harder, pushing his huge dick in and out of me. I can feel an orgasm building up and as he starts to ride my cunt wilder and wilder I cum in total extasy and have multiple orgasms as he squirts a big load of warm cum into me...After that all the guys in the room fuck me and give me another load of their cum.

A Titillating Tale Ch. 05

group MKvDeepSea 2018-07-05

I didn't have anything left after Billie and then Leigh had finished with me, so we lay holding each other, gently kissing, tenderly caressing and talking until we drifted off to sleep. Drawing back a little, Billie looked me in the eyes, she bit her lower lip, silent tears started tracking down her cheeks. Billie looked at Leigh and James and told them, "Yeah... There are times Billie wants to let me know that she's had an adventure and has a tale to tell. Using the pre-cum Billie had swirled around the crown, I slid the head of my cock up and down her pink little cleft. As we rocked together, Billie was whispering soft, unintelligible sounds in my ear; little puffs of moist breath, low moans and sweet love.


BBC for Both of Us! PT3 Cuckold

group 425olds 2018-07-05

"There you go Tony, told you he wasn't a black guy only cum eater, white man's cum is just as good for him!" Katie laughed and I heard the two men laughing with her, no doubt enjoying the sight of what they thought was me being humiliated but I was loving every minute of it. "He's all yours", Katie said to Jay and Tony as she lazily fingered at her clit, "I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the show, remember, don't hold back, anything goes with my cock-loving husband!" Tony pushed my legs back so my knees were against my chest and with one final thrust I felt his cock begin to twitch and the warm feeling of his cum spurting deep inside me, causing me to groan in pleasure.

A Suprising Jog

group herkules56 2018-07-05

On one of these specific jogs on the new route threw town there would be no lights on besides the street light's but tonight was different at one of my friends houses there was light on so i decided to check it out i found myself suprised by this beautifull young women undressing in her room then i remebered that she was Ricks daughter Samantha who recently turned 18 so i couldnt help myself i decided to hide behind some bushes to watch the show. to me this was getting exciting so i stayed and watched while Logen helped her finish undressing by slowly pulling down his s****rs panties, then he suddenly stopped and pulled her closer to him and he started to lick her clit like he was an expert ( I guess those colloge girls showed him a ting or two).

Dennis The Menace: - Alice, The Mardi Gras Gang-b

group sniper32 2018-07-05

Once there, both Rita and Blondie started drinking shots big time, both of "Yea baby get it hard for me" Rita said as she got one of the dicks fully Rita jumped up and grabbed Blondie's hand and started for the door of the the lady's, Blondie said "If you guy's don't let us pass I'm going to start A third guy got behind her and whipped out his hard cock an started "Oh yea, fuck me hard, you big studs" Blondie moaned as he started slamming hard cock in her mouth, she started bobbing on it, before to long he pulled As he slid his dick further into Alice's cunt she started screaming "OH GOD

Sex in the City

group Irish Moss 2018-07-05

I could feel April starting to hump her pussy against my face around the same time that Kate's mouth left my cock and I felt her maneuvering around on the bed. When Kate pulled her face away from April's and started moaning louder, April's hand dropped down to Kate's pussy where she rubbed Kate's clit as Kate continued to hump my throbbing cock. I could feel my orgasm starting to rear its head and, having fucked both April and Kate and had my cock in both of their mouths, I was ready to enjoy it. I enjoyed the feel of April's pussy as I continued to ogle Kate's freckled tits until I was just on the verge of cumming, then slipped my cock free and stood.


Caught out again 2

group suckerforit 2018-07-05

“This isn’t going to be a quickie” said Mary “lets take her back to the flat and really work her over” I hadn’t expected his development expecting just to get wanked and dildoed in the alley like last time – what had I let myself in for I wondered with some alarm. “Joyce you start slapping her fat cunt whilst Liz and Ann carry on working her tits over and I’ll see what a good ass slapping does for her” Suddenly I was being worked over from every angle, so far they were being gentle and I was getting excited.

From Swapping to Hotwife Ch. 01

group SpartacusStevens 2018-07-05

"I guess because I want to feel another man inside me," Sarah said, her face turning bright red. "I thought if we swopped partners with another couple, we would both get to explore someone new," Sarah said taking hold of Rob's hand. With his cock still filling my mouth, I looked over to see Sarah, naked from the waist down, sitting on the edge of the couch, leaning back, legs pulled up to her chest, Steve kneeling on the floor, licking her clit. Reaching between her legs, Sarah tried to push Steve's head away from between her legs, but he replaced his tongue on her clit with his fingers inside her. I looked back to see Rob watching Sarah being finger fucked by Steve.

Our First Threesome

group iacouple4fun 2018-07-05

Jen and I were excited at the prospect and had some great fuck sessions thinking about it. Jen and I went into our bedroom, and I thought she would start talking to me...explain her nerves, or ask what we should do...I was wrong. She immediately laid me down and started sucking my cock. He stood up, put on a condom, and came back behind my wife, sliding his big, thick cock into her slowly. Will said he was close, and Jen turned around, took the rubber off and started to suck him off like she was starved. Soon he started cumming, I could hear her moaning around his big cock, as I slowly fucked her from behind.

An Outing with Harry

group d4david 2018-07-05

Harry entered Mike's anal opening first, Mike gasped and grimaced as Harry's huge cock head invade his already stretched butt hole. I sat up to watch Harry as he fucked deep in to Mike, Bob stood on the side of Harry and guided my face to his erect cock and demanded 'Suck this since you want to watch.' I stretched my lips around Bob's huge cock head and tried to suck on it. Bob's cock had became erect again and soon as Harry pulled from my rectum and before I could push Mike from my throat, I had to try and protect my savaged anal opening from Bob's brutal onslaught.

Making a Whore Pt. 08

group dna27fog 2018-07-05

Rob had three things going for him in Heather's eyes; He was white, he was cute, and he had a huge cock. About 11:30, which was just about enough time for her to get to work and get her opening work done and be settled in before the lunch rush started, I got a text from her which just said 'Rob is coming down tonight' As I pulled the cover up to my chest, she nibbled my ear lobe and whispered "Do you want to hear how hard he fucked me with that gorgeous cock?" I went to get beers, and when I returned, Rob and Rick were there talking to Heather.

My Lover & I & a New Friend

group drgnldy91 2018-07-05

A brief moment of panic runs through me as I contemplate my current situation: Here I am, every inch of my naked body exposed, firmly attached to what I have figured out is a table of some sort, totally helpless, and subject to the whims of two sexually aggressive men, one of whom I may not even know, the latter of whom has his tongue rammed up inside my pussy; large hands digging into my inner thighs. I can already feel his come start to ooze out of my pussy, and my lover's (?) hand rubs it all over my snatch and ass.