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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Susan,David and me pt 2

group 2018-07-04

He got it nice and slick and started finger fucking me as he sucked my cock. I started licking Susan’s clit, feeling David’s balls on my face as he started fucking Susan. He would pull out a few times to let me lick Susan’s pussy juice off his hard cock, then I’d let my tongue drag on his shaft as he went back in her. As I started fucking I could feel David’s tongue on my balls and would let him suck me a few times in between strokes. When it did I thrust deep into Susan’s pussy, David had my balls in his mouth and slid a finger in my ass as I shot my cum into Susan.

Nude Beach Sex Party

group KenJames 2018-07-04

He finally pulled his fingers out, carefully lubricated my ass and his massive rod and firmly pressed his swollen cock-head against my anal entrance. As I worked my anal muscles and carefully pushed my butt back onto his swollen pecker, I distracted myself by stroking my own cock and sucking Caroline's nipples. I started out with long rapid strokes, pulling out until my cock head was barely kissing her little rosebud, then driving fiercely in and slamming my balls against her body. I slowly rocked my pelvis, moving my cock inside Caroline's ass and fucking myself with Maxie's rod. Suck my clit and finger fuck me while Ken drives his big cock up my asshole." She stopped talking and I knew she'd taken Red's stiff prick into her mouth.


Health Club Adventures Vol. 05

group FlatlandFlasher 2018-07-04

I grunted against Clarissa's lips as my orgasm hit me like a freight train, and poor Lori was jammed under the desk, gagging on stream after stream of hot cum jetting down her throat. With Clarissa rocking back and forth on my engorged cock, and Lori squirming on my face as my tongue dove into the folds of her pussy, I think I can be forgiven for not hearing the knock on my office door. Together, the two girls dove forward, Lori burying her face into Karla's bush, and Clarissa nuzzling between the firm, smooth round cheeks of Karla's ass, her tongue probing for Karla's asshole.

Mike and the Three Blondes Ch. 02

group InsatiableSteve 2018-07-04

Jill, too, used him for her pleasure, losing herself in the feeling of the first new cock she'd enjoyed in years, turned on to see Kathy's tits bouncing around as her friend enjoyed Mike's oral ministrations. "That was good, but I really need some dick." Jill moved aside and Ginger took her place, sliding along the underside of her husband's slick cock as it lay against his stomach, Kathy removing herself from Mike's face. Jill submitted, melting under Kathy's practiced tongue, thinking that no matter what might be decided at the end of this day that she would welcome her friend between her legs again even as she struggled somewhat to appreciate the taste, smell and wetness of the pussy being forced against her face.

Never Enough Ch. 09

group Sweetcheekss 2018-07-04

I didn’t wait for Frank to enter the conference room, meeting him at the makeshift coffee bar. Frank was sitting at the end of the bar, talking with Amber when I entered. I promised Frank I’d contact Steven and see if he wanted to talk things out. I had a feeling Steven was in his office; he just didn’t want to talk. Jackie and Frank would work together on putting an ad together and getting it placed. Ryan and Paul were going to work the weekend, staring on construction of my new office and editing room. Jackie and Frank were going to work on putting the ads together for the underground newspaper. “If this was his way of working things out, I wasn’t going to concede.” I thought.


Discovering Lynn Ch. 03

group bluedog485 2018-07-04

Gina stood there looking at Lynn who was innocently playing with the jewelry between her thighs. Lynn and I looked at each other and realized we had been too busy to check on Gina's photos. Meanwhile, Gina had moved in close and was sliding my shorts down and struggling to get the waistband over my very hard cock. Lynn moaned and gasped before saying "Baby I want you to fuck Gina just as hard as you fucked me this afternoon. I kissed Lynn once again as I drove my hard cock deep into Gina. I watched as Gina moved between Lynn's thigh and began to lap up our combined juices that were spilling out of Lynn's pussy.

She Spends Weekend with Them Ch. 01

group metacarpal 2018-07-04

Watch this." Karen was amazed at the graphic scene of Bev sitting naked on this very sofa, her legs spread wide to reveal a shining, well-oiled, clean-shave pussy. "This is what drives him over the edge." Karen watched, fascinated, as the video showed Bev rub the underside of Dale's cock against her nipple. "Watch this," Bev said as Karen witness Dale's cock quickly swell even bigger before exploding with several powerful spurts of semen squirting all over Bev's neck and chest before flowing heavily over her hands and breasts. Bev sat next to her and ran her hand through Karen's hair as Dale leaned and slipped a nipple into his mouth and gently sucked it.

Island Fever 4: Paradise Ch. 16

group Jeremydcp 2018-07-04

Nestled all nice and snug on my lap, Trish gave me a simple, romantic kiss and waited for Lindsay to finish with Kaden. "Who am I going to run heists with?" Lindsay asked Trish, apparently (?) picking up their discussion where it left off seconds ago as they first entered the kitchen. "You know every Friday night at five o'clock sharp, I play Grand Theft Auto with Trish and Alison," Lindsay reminded me. "But we ALWAYS do our Friday gaming night with Alison, unless we're on vacation elsewhere like the past few weeks." Lindsay snagged an apple from the bowl on the counter and flung her long-flowing blonde tresses behind her shoulder theatrically.


My Lovely Weekend

group Moondrift 2018-07-04

My son and I had been lovers for nearly a year and it was after we had finished making love one day when, trying to sound casual, he said, "You know Ted and Dirk think you're fantastic." Dirk was still sucking my nipple and his hands were roaming all over me, Ted's tongue had found my clitoris and I started to get the woozy feeling I always got with Adrian when we made love, only this time it was woozier than I'd ever known before. When Dirk had come in me Ted took his place and he also took a long time.

Rich's Valentines Gift

group 2018-07-04

Before, Rich could say a word, Michelle and I started to slowly rub our hands over each others body. I sucked his dick as Michelle leaned over taking his balls into her mouth slowly sucking one at a time slowly and gently while using her other hand to caress my hard nipple. Michelle got on top of him and started to ride his hard dick as I sat on his face anxiously awaiting his tongue on my clit and licking up the multiple orgasms I’ve already had. She got off and together we both sucked and licked as Rich moaned, we could feel every muscle in his body tighten as he came all over our face and body.

Lori Pt. 01: Out on Loan

group WoodsLord_3540 2018-07-04

"I tried to turn away, but you had your arms on either side of me and I couldn't move fast enough, and then the guys were staring at me and I was shocked at what you were doing, and I got so wet so fast, and I know that you did not see, but as the elevator went down my hand went to my pussy and before I knew what I was doing I pushed my finger in and I think maybe the guys could see me do it and I was so embarrassed even more. "No, Mike, where are you going, why are you getting up, why is he naked, look, his cock is hard, why..." So many questions, in a little girl's voice, though there was no question in my mind that Lori knew exactly what was about to happen to her.


Big Bed

group magmaman 2018-07-04

Once when I went upstairs to repair a door hinge in Sylvia's room, Janet walked out of hers to the bathroom wearing a towel around her waist and nothing else. Once she asked me to look at her hot plate, I went up and checked it and found nothing really wrong except the screw holding the handle had come loose. Both Carol and Beth started out being on the shy side, but when Janet took to just running around half naked most of the time and nothing happened, they all seemed to forget that I was male. I was a little bit crabby, I had been trying to understand some technical terms for a test I had coming up, plus I was having to run downstairs every 30 minutes to check and tend the fire.


Bob & Marcy Ch. 03

group bobizagingwell 2018-07-04

The programming assistants, Amy and Shelly, both recent college graduates and entry level employees took notes, smiled often at everything Larry, Bob and Marcy said, and laughed when appropriate. Thoughout the afternoon, Bob had noticed that Larry spent an inordinate amount of time talking to and checking out Marcy. "Larry, can we go to our house so Amy can try on a garter belt?" Marcy asked, turning toward him and using her best little girl voice. It's fess up time, Mister!" Larry said, looking directly into Bob's eyes with the same smile he had offered earlier in the day. Shelly kissed her cheek and continued to massage her shoulders, as she looked down at Marcy's hands massaging her friend's breasts.


The Retreat at Sharon's Ch. 07

group PenLightStories 2018-07-04

Max turned to watch Erica's petite frame as she climbed up on her knees and took Tom's head in her arm, alternately rubbing her fingers through his hair and kissing him on his right cheek and ear. Erica had swiveled back around and sat in Tom's lap while she held his penis between her hands, slowly pleasing him as he extended his head and tongue upward to tease Carla between her legs. He sat in the cushion between Tom and Tera to get a better view but, when Erica saw him sit, she released her grasp from Tom and leaned across Max's lap, grabbing at his penis and rubbing it with her hands to bring it back to a full erection.


Spring Break Ch. 04

group HLD 2018-07-04

The newest person to get into the bed reached across Katie and gave me a good morning kiss, going out of her way to press her breasts against us both. "Let me ask you this," Leah said, "What was it like to kiss Melinda last night? "A little." Katie stared off, remembering the kisses she shared with both Melinda and Leah. Lying between Katie's legs, Leah kissed the other girl, exploring her body with her mouth. Leah threw her head back and moaned as Katie kissed her way into the valley between the breasts in front of her. Leah kissed her way down Katie's body until she was between the other girl's legs.


A Firm Grip

group IrishGrl 2018-07-04

As I drove home my mind kept wandering to all the things I wanted to do to Shane when I got in the door. The bar was packed today.” I gave him one more lingering kiss on the mouth gently biting on his lower lip, giving him the signal that he should finish his work, because I had other plans for him. I moved my hand down over my stomach reaching in-between my legs, feeling a warm dampness, which was not caused by the shower water. Without another word Shane placed his dick r right back into my mouth were we had left off. I began to jerk off Brad as Shane plowed his cock into me.

House Warming Party

group heatround 2018-07-04

Mike was revved up; John looked like he just fucked the neighbor's cat, Mark looked excited and even the normally stoic Steve had a smile on his face. Phyllis looked over to us men and said, "You can watch for now, and if you behave we might let you play." Then she turned to Nancy and began to kiss her deeply. Nancy had found her way in between Phyllis' legs and was laying soft kisses on her inner thighs, while Sarah had straddled her head and lowered her pussy down to Phyllis' flicking tongue. Right before she started to have a mind blowing orgasm, she turned her head and looked me straight in the eye and said, "Do you like seeing me getting my pussy eaten?"


Avoiding the Beer Run

group storyteller1023 2018-07-04

It was a gamble----David was getting achingly aroused at having Shelly's hand so close to his cock----but it paid off when Lori began grunting and screaming in uncontrollable ecstasy. Shelly slammed her fist into the dirt, clearly enjoying the nearly overwhelming combination of sensations-----the escalated raunchiness of the moment, the recent knowledge that she helped her friend cum when she touched her, the sight of Gary stroking his cock in her peripheral vision, and the impact of David's generous cock filling her ass. Gary was fucking her vigorously, Shelly's pussy was sliding over her mouth, Shelly's fingers massaged her clit, and the last drops of David's cum poured like a waterfall from Shelly's ass, pooling over Lori's forehead.

Ashley's Adventure Down Under Ch. 02

group redking99 2018-07-04

The girl on-screen slowly grinds herself downwards, impaling herself and burying the huge black cock in her drenched cunt. Without warning, the black man under the little Asian girl begins to pump upwards, fucking her cunt furiously in the effort to satisfy himself. He woke up because of Ashley was finger-fucking her own cunt while watching the action in one of rooms of this resort and the bed was mimicking the rocking motion as she plunged three fingers up her own pussy and pumped them in and out. A white skinned, young, well-endowed girl of Asian origin, in a room full of black men, while two of them have their humongous cocks buried up in her pussy and ass.

(Part 2/2) "Two tops, one bottom, and me"

group supersonicfucktoy 2018-07-04

We switched off a few times, and when we got to working on bald guy both at the same time, he shuddered, grabbed his rod and aimed his jet of cum all over both of our faces. Baldie slumped down in the nearest chair to keep watching the happenings, and Sissy straddled me like he wanted me to fuck him but he ended up just positioning my cock in his crack and stroking me off while rubbing my length against his smooth ass. The asphyxiation Beard was putting me through really pushed me over the edge and I emptied both barrels into Sissy's mouth...I don't think I've ever come so hard in my life.

A Portrait Of Molly

group riverboy 2018-07-04

Her best friend thought she was crazy for even trying such a thing — advertising for a man on craigslist — but Molly's hobby had always been portrait photography, and experimenting on her ex-husband's rugged good looks had been her favorite thing to do. "I think that's code for 'I like your tits'," Jane said, and Molly and Hank laughed as he snapped some more frames, one of which was a perfect capture of Molly's beautiful smile. "I'm gonna re-aim the back light a little," Hank said, and while he was doing it Jane swooped in and unbuttoned Molly's satin blouse, letting it drape seductively over her big tits and showing of a bigger glimpse of her see-through bra.



group AlexisD 2018-07-04

“I don’t think this place is open Johnny,” I say, looking up at the dark façade of the building. Then, just as I begin to grow restless, I feel the touch of warm skin on my pussy, pushing aside the silk, fingers parting my full lips. More hands now, prodding, poking, desperate fingers digging into my thighs as I squirm, watching your face, my eyes glazed. “Yeah Alexis, let them see you cum baby, show them how good it feels,” you pant, pulling your cock from your pants. My hands grip your ass, pulling you in as I feel your spasms begin, filling me with your hot cum, loving it …

Why I Liked School Ch. 6

group freedom666 2018-07-04

Most girls (including Helen, Anna, Alison, Debbie, Holly and Jenny) were dressed as cheerleaders. Anna began by explaining that Holly was going to be held down a year, so the girls had invited her to calm her nerves, knowing that I had already fucked her. Anna then left Holly, without orgasm, so I began pumping quite hard, and she began pushing herself onto me, till she came with ecstasy. I picked up one of the dildos Holly and Debbie weren't using, and began using it on Helens ass and clit. With Debbie collapsed, Helen and Anna absent, I walked over to Holly, still asleep face up on the floor, and the only member of the four girls (or 2 who were present at least) with any clothes still on.


Slut Stripper Fun part two

group neilmc123 2018-07-04

I’m sure you, young Adams cock and his close friend’s cocks will be delighted, plus I’ll get the benefit of the post striptease slut fuck!” he smiled. I’ll give you a ring when I’m at the door so you can bring me into your building and maybe even let you have a little finger of my pussy in your elevator on the way up!” I teased again as much for my hubby as for Adam. Closing the car door, hubby drove away slowly as Adam stood with his tongue out as a couple of people walked past me in my state of dress or rather undress. Handing him my holdall I looked him in the eye and gave him my best sexy smile with my tongue slowly licking my lips and teeth and said.