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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Birthday Present

group Sakara_Sable 2018-07-04

Tony looked up to see Beth standing right behind Emmy, her hands caressing her own breasts and her red panties clearly demonstrating that she wasn't bored by the show. With Emmy on the left side, and Beth on the right, the girls slowly began caressing Tony's throbbing cock with their tongues. Emmy placed her soft hand around Tony's cock- to stop her shaking hand- as Beth reached over to enter Emmy's hot, wet slit with her finger. Tony, loving the feel of Emmy's mouth on his cock, urged Beth's luscious tits up to his mouth and plunged his finger into her hot passage. Emmy's own passage so sensitive already, made more so by the pleasure of licking Beth, could hardly stand the pressure of Tony's cock thrusting into her.

A Shower & A Feast

group naughtyangel24 2018-07-04

As he cums, I feel the other guy put his mouth on my clit and suck. He can't take it anymore and grabs my hips as he slams his cock deep into my pussy and holds me to him while he cums. Tony shoots his load into the woman's mouth as Matt shoots his load into her pussy. Tony lays down on the floor with me straddling his hips and as I sit on his cock, Matt gets behind me and lubes up my ass, and slowly slides his cock into my ass. And then we are all moving hips together and I push my pelvis into Tony's to rub against my clit, as I feel my orgasm trying to get free.


group Penelope Caesar 2018-07-04

Her forfeit, from Mr. Wolf, said "Bare your left leg, and raise the foot so that every one can kiss it without bending down." Sally took off her black tights and did it to Fanny's cheers and extravagant kisses on the foot and ankle from the men. I did ask Sally about Mr. Blow, but she can't remember." At the end of the game, Mr. Wolf made Albert hold Fanny over his knees while he "caned" her for insolence with a billiard queue. When he got back he told the girls ecstatically that they had succeeded completely with the first part of the deal; but then said apologetically that he had never expected them to have such an exciting effect on old Albert Blow.


It Started As A Conversation

group WeJaySal 2018-07-04

"What is your favorite fantasy, lover?" Ann was laying with her head on my thigh letting her fingers play over my soft prick and the load of cum that was all over my belly. Even though our conversation was fantasy it did make me wonder and I knew that Ann, at some time during the day, had gone to the bedroom and masturbated. HOLY SHIT!!" I didn't recognize the cock, but the pussy and fingers belonged to Ann! I could feel it deep inside her and watched it coat the lips of her pussy and drip onto the hair at the base of my cock! " Ann moved up and down my cock, pulling her shirt over her head.

Cheer for Curiosity

group beavermeater 2018-07-04

As Sara turned the car off, Cheri turned to her, “Have you ever wondered what it is like in the guys locker room after a football game?” The girls found themselves having trouble following the game with so much on their minds, but once the final quarter came to an end and their boys ran off the field victorious, the immediately began to put operation Look A Lot Of Dick into motion. “Oh my god, that was a joke!” said Sara as the girls turned the corner of the lockers making their way out the door. With that the girls laughed and Sara moved towards Chris reaching out and touching his large muscular chest.


The Beach House Ch. 03

group davidw61 2018-07-04

As you both suck my cock so good I watch your fingers slide in and out of Kelly’s wet pussy and her finger sliding in and out of yours as well. Kelly takes her finger wet from your pussy and slowly slides it in and out of my ass. I love the feel of her finger sliding in and out of my ass as you suck my cock. As you both suck and lick on each other’s pussy I start to spank Kelly. So next Kelly brings out a strap on dildo and starts to fuck me up the ass as you suck my cock. I love the feel of Kelly’s dildo going in and out of my ass as you suck my cock.

My Threesome Life with Dan & Ronnie

group maanmathan_playboy 2018-07-04

I think I liked Dan more but Ronnie was smart too, standing at five feet nine and flaunting some muscles enough to turn on any girl. After initially expressing how serious they are in love with me, first Dan then Ronnie, both of them came to the conclusion but it wasn't what I expected. The next few minutes they took me to heaven and I wasn't even given a moment to breath, as either Dan or Ronnie would be taking turns kissing my lips as passionate as they could. Dan & Ronnie understood my intentions and hugged me tight at the same time, planting endless kisses all over me.

Bus sex

group sluttrainer16 2018-07-04

i was getting aroused and I pushed the crowd and moved behind a litte more and I saw the giy standing on her left is trying to press his cock on her thighs it became interesting. I the moved a bit closer and wanted to try my luck and the guy standing behind slowly told in my ears "this lady is a very good company I used to find her in the bus once or twice in a week.. i'll press my cock on the left side of her buttocks and you can press on the right" and i was in heaven the i moved a little closer and kept my cock on her buttocks and started rubbing it nicely while the other guy was rubbing on the left side.

Welcome to London!

group C's Button 2018-07-04

"Don't look at me, sweetie." "It is mine, " Samira said with a blush, "I forgot my lunch tonight when I left for work, and I did not feel like facing the vending machines in the staff room. Smiling at Sarah's voice in her memory saying " Stop James, I think she's lost." Remembering how James's eyes twinkled at her. "C'mon, Sarah will be home soon and she's bringing dinner." Samira thought of her cold apartment and pondered how long it would take to warm up, cause she turned the heat way down whenever she left. Sarah leaned in and kissed her softly, gently teasing her lips with the tip of her tongue.


They Never Exchanged Names

group SensualSmurfette 2018-07-04

We walked through the den, again, past the group of people around the T.V., into the dining room where my friend and a few other guys were still playing poker. I rolled her onto her back and got on top of her, squeezing, licking and sucking on her breasts, not wanting to miss a second with them. The second girl was just as wet and tight as the first, and she bent over with her awesome ass so I could start fucking her from behind. Meanwhile the first girl was kissing me all over, right next to me with her breasts pressed into my chest as I fucked her friend. The other girl straddled her face, facing towards me, and began to moan as the girl I was fucking started licking her pussy again.


group Buffffy 2018-07-04

You know I'm a cum whore." I must have said it a little louder than I realized because of table of four businessmen looked up and stared at me. And if I lose?" He thought about it for a minute and looked at you, paused, thought a little more and then said, "I get to take you to my room and fuck you all night." I looked at you and could tell you were so excited. You started to move in and out faster and faster and one of the guys came and put his newly hard cock at my lips. The young guy stood by the edge of the bed, his cock ready again and he looked at me with a question in his eyes.

Landlord part two(toes and feet)

group cockholdandfootlove 2018-07-04

jerry asked me in front of my mom who am I fucking cuck my wife your cum slut , jerry grunt's whos pussy is it bitch, your's sir my wife tight young pussy belongs to you sir.jerry pussy pounding of my wife goes on for another 30 min and jerry slows down and asked my mom want to see what ur cuck son and this young whore does for free rent. jerry tells me come here boy as he blows his real man nuts all in connies tight pussy he tell me clean my cock I do then he says eat my cum out of her now I do.

The Circle Ch. 05

group SteveWallace 2018-07-04

"Do you think Zoey and Sheila did something together after we left?" Alice asked with great interest, obviously intrigued that a couple of the girls might be as bisexual as she was. Zoey said, "I feel strange loving the three of you men, and even loving Sheila in a physical way, but I wouldn't change it for anything. Matt took turns nestling in behind Sheila and then Zoey, kissing her back, shoulders, neck, and ears to help add an even greater sense of romance for the women. A couple of minutes later the men rotated among the women again, Jim going to Sheila, Bob to Zoey, and Matt standing by watching and being stimulated by the eye candy of the other couples fucking.


Fantasy Frolick Ch. 02-03

group anselsgirl 2018-07-04

Carmen begins to slide the scarf over her naked skin -- holding it on one corner it flows over her shoulders, down her chest -- she takes a corner in each hand and rubs it back and forth over her perfect ass, twisting her hips in a towel-drying motion. After a few moments Carmen lifts her head and her customer reaches for her -- twisting her around until she is faced away from him, her ripe ass mere inches from his face -- he pushes her forward a bit and he can see the pink folds of her naked pussy -- he smells the musky scent of its dampness and his mouth seeks the taste of this sweet fruit.

All Three Holes Pt. 04: Birthday

group CandiNyse 2018-07-04

I laid on top of Susan's lower body, facing Bobby as he knelt above her mouth, his face a rictus of pleasure, squeezing her firm pliant titties together with both hands, luxuriating in the feel of them, and fucking the elastic valley they formed, slick with spittle and sweat, while she sucked his balls, her hands reaching up his body to caress and stimulate his nipples. "I want to suck the jizz from your cock," I cried, as his dick came back out of me, covered in slobber, and thrust again into the slick tunnel of Susan's tits. Bobby watched, mesmerized, as I licked every little spatter of his cum off my girlfriend's tits and belly, and transferred them, tongue to tongue, to our little cum-slut fuck-toy, who swallowed every drop, licking her lips and visibly savoring the creamy texture.

Room for Two Pt. 06

group Drmaxc 2018-07-04

"What's Joni asking?" So strange really, in retrospect, to be casually asking a question of another naked man whilst standing there with my erection curving in front of me and very clearly wet from having been inside a woman. Pleasing to watch, pleasing to see him make Gina come, her face so pretty all screwed up in sexual ecstasy and then to see Tristram push away at speed and his fingers tighten on Gina's breasts as he did pretty much the same thing but in a male way. It was little different in stimulation, I still was not too far from coming and covering Sharon's hand and, indeed, Alan's erection in warm, sexual liquid.


Plastic Becomes Real

group jeri_lickwet 2018-07-04

Kristen, still stroking David but now leaning over so she could watch, must have sensed it was going to happen because she moaned quietly, but enough for all to hear, "Oh Tom, put it in his mouth." As Tom lowered his penis toward my husband's mouth, David's tongue, still sliding around his lips, finally touched the head of Tom's cock. He bathed the head of Tom's cock with his tongue and as Tom groaned from the pleasure he felt, he lowered his hips further and his hardness slid between my husband's lips. As Kristen collapsed on the bed next to me, we embraced as we watched Tom pumping his cock into my husband's mouth.

Miss Betty

group Bronco Billy 2018-07-04

Angie moved up straddled her lover, grabbed his cock and worked it into her pretty little pussy. I felt like walking in and start licking and sucking his balls and her pussy as they fucked. I begin to loudly suck Angie's pussy juice from the hair around his balls. As I looked at that beautiful pussy and cute little asshole I began to salivate profusely and with my mouth hanging open the drool ran from its corners and dripped down my chin where it formed a single long line. A large drop of Billy's cum was hanging from Angie's cunt and I bent forward and sucked it down with my mouth.


The Waterfall

group alwaysupforu2004 2018-07-04

I turn with a teasing smile and throw them to my girlfriend, who is now touching herself and licking her lips. I have one hand on my girlfriend's clit and the other raised to caress your face. She removes her right hand from my breast and lightly touches the back of your thigh. She gently rubs your butt cheek, goes halfway under the water to kiss your inner thigh. I place one of my hands on your head, caressing your hair, lightly touching your face. She works my cock to your entrance, and I slowly lower you down, pushing inside we both gasp. Your "twin" continues to grip my cock and help me push it inside of you while her other hand rubs your hardening clit.

The Redhead

group ADirtyRottenScoundrel 2018-07-04

As she fucked my face, Dani moved behind Nikki and guided my cock into her wet pussy. Dani was rolling Nikki's nipples between her finger and I worked her clit until she started to cum. When her legs stopped quivering, Nikki climbed off my face and rested on the couch while Dani shifted her focus to riding my cock. The two of the went to work licking my cock and balls, cleaning the mix of cum and pussy juice off me. Dani's pulled harder into Nikki's mouth feeling Nikki scream on her clit, and watching me fuck her friend from behind. I held Nikki's face to Dani's pussy as cum squirted out.

Young Cuckold

group tunemaker 2018-07-04

Jesus the thought of cumming on just the head of a man's cock got thinking about your friend Sonny's cock, I get hot thinking about it. I will admit I urged her on, telling her how much I wanted watch her mount and cum on a thick, big headed dick while I jerked myself off. I desperately wanted to watch Mary get fucked, fucked long and hard, cumming on another man's penis. As I described him and then told her what he did to me in the men's room, she began to again thrust her hungry swollen clit into my pubic bone, fucking me hard until she finally got her nut.

Burning Up My World Ch. 02

group magichandslee 2018-07-04

I knew that Tom had an idea, likely his wife Debra too. "Tom tells me that Debra is curious about what a very large man would feel like." Tom grinned at me, Debra turned bright pink, glancing sideways at Nathan, who did that black man blush again. "Now I know about Tom, Jon, Nathan, and Debra." I turned to Carlita who was now looking right at me with interest. Jon reached out and touched her hand, I saw that and knew this was not a man one woman could have. We walked nude back to the living room, Tom and Debra were sitting on the couch with Jon and Carlita. It hit me that Carlita was sitting next to Tom, Debra next to Jon.

Rented Cottage

group bindmetotruth 2018-07-04

We were sitting at the table, drinking red wine and talking, when Rob rose, came over to her, leaned down, mouth inches from Starlet's, burning embers staring into her dark eyes, his free hand rested on her thigh and he grazed her mouth with his. Starlet didn't know how many pictures she took, some they were laughing, dancing, kissing and the most alluring was when Rob took her into his arms, ran his hands up her thigh, revealing her long tanned leg, laid her into a dip, her hair fell behind her and they both smiled but with so much heat. Candy took the camera and Rob took Starlet's hand and led her over to the lounge chair, told her to lay down and close her eyes.


The Adventure Ch. 06

group Harryandsally 2018-07-04

Paul was capturing all of this while Dan and Sam panned around the room catching the looks on the men's faces, they were loving the show. Paul told them that Debbie and Laura both wanted to do double penetration before the night was out and to wrap up he'd like to get a shot of all the lads wanking over the girls. Paul continued to film the dirty action as the men continued to change places until they had all fucked each of the girls. Dan finished off with Sam sitting astride him, his cock in her arse while a queue of men took turns to fuck her pussy for a few seconds and move on.