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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Weekend at the Lodge...

group Lion24655 2018-07-04

She was at her most tense as we heard the bed in the next room bumping, and heard Sandy cry out "FUCK ME, PLEASE FUCK ME, PLEASE PUT YOUR GORGEOUS COCK IN MY CUNT...OH YES, THAT FEELS SO GOOD, FUCK ME HARDER, HARDER..." her crying out culminated in a long moan as she came hard. I decided I should make a move - in one move with my hands I pulled Jackie's nightie up her body, at the same time, arching my back and pushing my cock between her legs, along the lips of her pussy, encased in her panties. But you and I and Tim and Sandy are going to have a kinky journey together..." As I said this I thrust my now hard again cock deep into her and she moaned out loud.

A Friendly Foot Rub

group elpavilion 2018-07-04

Kendra thought about it for about a millisecond, which was probably not long enough, before she said sincerely, "Thanks Rod. I really appreciate it." Then sarcastically she added, "after you guys dragging me around with you today, my dogs are barking." Rodney stood up to come over and sit at her feet. She didn't think about anything after he started rubbing her feet, so she had no idea that she had just spread her legs enough that if he took a look, Rodney would be able to see under the towel to her shaved pussy. She didn't hear Greg come back in, but she knew he was there when he took her other foot in his hands and started rubbing it from heel to toe like he always did.


Some of my fantasies

group DebbieinDupo 2018-07-04

Plus, friend on here know I have two college frat guys I see regularly at the same time that I affectionately call "my boys" who I consider good friends, as well ! An orgy : I dont know if doing it with tewo other guys and two other gals counts, or my friend and I fucking five bikers in a bar counts as a true orgy. Something along these lines gets me pretty wet : I think it would be cool for my friend Karen and I to give a young lonely guy needing pussy a real "tip" ;) Anyway Id love to meet a young hardbodied guy that Ive seen a few times and fuck him behind some bushes or in the woods. Maybe triple penetration like this :

My Fantsy: The Threesome

group Rahiem_Blaqstone 2018-07-04

They both had their eyes closed, the girl had her hands in Keisha's locs and I could tell that the heat had turned up from the light smacks as their lips parted and found one another and the way their tongues explored and danced together. Stepping around them I watched as the girl took that same finger, while knowingly looking into the camera, pushed it into Keisha's mouth and Keisha sucked it like she would my dick. Hearing Keisha's moans and calling out to God, with her right hand fisted in the girls' hair and her left digging into the leather of the sofa, my dick jumped, bringing to my realization that I had been stroking myself.

Professional Excellence Ch. 03

group Touch_type 2018-07-04

The possibility I liked most was that he wanted to get in my pants whilst my husband and son were enjoying a weekend away at the Grand Prix. I'm sure you've got better things to do with your time than entertain an old lady while her men are away.' If the look on my face matched Kieran's it was clear we liked what we saw. I told Stefan about your plans for your holiday pictures and he sort of insisted on coming too.' OK, so I made sure the boys got plenty of opportunities to peep down my cleavage and stare at the line where the tops of my stockings revealed glimpses of bare thigh. I tugged down the hem of the dress and readjusted my boobs for what seemed like the tenth time that evening.


Thresholds Ch. 11

group lickmydivinepussy 2018-07-04

Anna was a mocha skinned beauty with frizzed out curly hair, disarming crystalline blue-grey eyes, breasts a little larger than mine but pointier and with large dark nipples, a tiny waist that then flared out to shapely hips, and a thin little strip of short black pubic hair no more than a quarter inch wide. As my lips returned to Ellen's I felt Holly's tongue withdraw only to be soon replaced by a pair of fingers. Holly continued to work away at us like that as we whimpered a squirmed, mashing our breasts and faces against one another, the wave of orgasm slowly building within us.


Maybel-line Ch. 04

group Many Feathers 2018-07-04

"Actually, that's hot!" Mabel grinned looking over towards us, or rather at Bob as he stood there fully dressed, his enormous prick sticking out of his pants as he continued to fondle it while watching the two girls embracing. And now here...watching as Mabel continued to slap my prick against Cujo's pussy, Bob standing off to one side, now purposely jackhammering his own cock, had escalated my own arousal to new heights. "I think I'll join you...I am a bit sticky now myself," Cujo said rolling out of bed, but not before planting another quick kiss on the tip of Bob's cock as he stood there next to her.


Claire & the Painters Ch. 02

group clairelovescock 2018-07-04

"Yeah, they can be fun, but you'll enjoy it even more if you get into my pants." I took his hand and slid it down me to the top of my bike shorts, which he obediently slipped down. I felt the warm hardness of his cock rubbing against me as I pushed him slowly back toward the shower. As I licked up the shaft I pulled his foreskin back hard and let the water play into the little folds of skin. I began rippling my tongue against his shaft, slowly bobbing my head, and it wasn't long before he ground his hips into my face and shot his load into my mouth.

Imprinted Ch. 06

group darcysweet 2018-07-04

"Help what?" A slide of silk against my side let me know that Mrs. D had moved back closer to me. The hand that had been on my shoulder went to my hair; grasping fingers tugged my head up to look at him. His eyes glassy, his mouth open slightly, breathing hard. Her eyes on him she slid a finger between her lips and sucked them into her mouth. Watching her fingers play in that wet pussy I pulled on my shaft. My hand moved fast from wet tip to base, squeezing the head before slicking the pre-cum down the length. I'm coming." Streams of cum hit her, her open thighs and the hand moving fast on her wet cunt.

Slutty Sue Services The Neighborhood

group raidernation25 2018-07-04

Sue was home from freshman year in college and their mother was trying to convince Karen to be a 'good girl', just like her sister. That summer she noticed that Sue was hanging out with her old boyfriend Scott and his buddies, Dave, Kurt, John and Bob. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until the day Sue left the house wearing a skin tight tank top with no bra and very short shorts. "I'm ready!" Dave said as his warm sticky cum erupted from his cock covering my sisters neck and running back onto her tits. I need a Slurpee," John stated as the guys got dressed leaving my naked sister cum covered in the woods.

The Wilde Side Ch. 03

group StiffClit 2018-07-04

"Same way I know you'll want the fattest cock I can find up your hard tight ass, Wade," Eve remarked brusquely while squeezing his nipple into the jaw of the clamp. Eve placed her other hand on the back of Dallas' head and pulled it toward her groin, forcing him to swallow her cock deeper as, while pulling on the chain, she tugged on Wade's nipples harder. "I think I could fit my fist up his ass, Eve. Look how wide his hole becomes when I pull on it like this." Dallas yanked on the plug and held still right when the broadest point was at the entrance to Wade's asshole.

Kelsey's World Ch. 33

group riverboy 2018-07-04

Think of how fun it'd be to watch my dad fuck your mom for the first time with his big cock, with all us girls playin' with her tits. Me and Erin, we...take pictures of Kelsey and the other girls," Richie said, blushing a little. "You know, they always say a parent wants his kid to have a better life than he had," Matt smiled. Are we going to end up being full-fledged long-term swingers like Kelsey's mom and dad? Your dad and I think the time is right to explore things in new ways. Richie thought he'd been caught when his mom slithered off the table and sucked Matt's throbbing, messy cock into her mouth.

Sassy's Slutty Adventures

group 2018-07-04

we went to the mall and sir had some fun showing me off but i wanted a drink it was friday night and I do like a few drinks so he took me to this dive bar next to a seedy motel. One guy took out his cock to show me how hard I made him of course I stroked it but only a second I didn’t want anyone to feel left out. Sir said that I would blow them but then when they had me sucking their cocks and I was being such a good little slut he said they could all fuck me.

Unforgettable Ch. 03

group corky319 2018-07-04

The conversation had turned back to sex again and Bryce put his hand on Carla's stocking covered knee and looked into her deep green eyes as he said, "Your so beautiful Carla, Tony must be an idiot to cheat on a woman like you. You know Ricardo and I could help you get even with Tony for what he did!" Without waiting for a reply Bryce brushed Carla's wavy brown hair to the side and he leaned in and started to lightly kiss her neck. Ricardo stopped tormenting Carla's heaving breasts for a minute and used both hands to start slowly moving the zipper of the silky red silk dress downward.


Cooking Up a Storm Ch. 5

group Rocket 2018-07-04

She spread her legs wider, her fingers rubbing her pussy as the cock began its invasion, stretching her slick arse walls like nothing before, until about a third of it was in, and she set about riding that amount, happy that he didn't push further until her own feelings said it was time, and she asked him to take over, to bury it in her. Its owner laughed, and pressed on, panicking Bree a little, until she got a hand to it and took over with long easy strokes that were trailed by her warm mouth. Bree felt a hand slip between her legs, and rose a little, allowing Bluey to slide under her, his erect cock beckoning her to squat back down.

bisexual swingers

group satyricon6969 2018-07-04

I don't recall exactly when it happened, but I did notice that somehow both Jim and Brittany moved from their respective corners to next to each other in the hot tub. Eve got out of the hot tub stating that she needed to use the restroom, and I watched Jim cup Brittany's bikini clad breast as it raised slightly out of the water. As Eve and I rose to go to her bedroom I saw Jim and Brittany in the corner of the hot tub. I don't know how long I was asl**p, or what exactly brought about the conversation, but I remember asking Brittany if she wanted me to go upstairs and get Jim and Eve. She said yes, and much to my own disbelief, I headed up in the darkness to get them.


group Shanbabe4u 2018-07-04

I sat in the changing room of my boss's pool house, face in my hands, crying to myself. Sharon leaned down, perhaps to kiss my forehead but I had turned my face up to thank her. "I've had female lovers before Shannon, but it's been years." Her hands never stopped and I discovered that one of my breasts was exposed. "I saw this in the pool and I my mouth watered from the memory." Sharon whispered into my chest. Sharon ran her tongue hard against my clit, strong slow strokes while fingering me madly. "I have a pretty good idea." whispered Sharon and she playfully slid her hand along my thigh as she walked away to join the party.

Anal Etiquette Ch. 01: Politics as Usual

group CypherWest 2018-07-04

"No sir I was just trying to find all three swings for you, I thought you would want all of them since there are so many of us." She was right, but I had hoped she wouldn't make the connection and would be forced to make another run down there to give me an excuse to lay into Katrina's ass as well, but she had unknowingly spared my cousin from the fate my wife had just received. I instructed Karlee – the twin that had been on the receiving end of her sister's brutal double fisting – to take the other plug and work it into Charli's ass. She took up position behind her sister and started working the sizeable punishment plug into the gaping hole between Karlee's ass cheeks.


The Wedding Night

group grave 2018-07-04

As I stood there frozen to the spot it gradually dawned on me that it wasn’t someone else I had heard when I was sat outside the door, but it was actually my missus and this man! I quietly shuffled back towards the door and laid my jacket on the floor and as I was unbuttoning my shirt I suddenly remembered the conversation Gemma and I had had earlier in the evening as we stood outside having a fag. My missus continued looking into my eyes as she slowly lowered her head and once again took his hard cock into her mouth and began pleasuring him orally again.

Awakening an innocent wife 12

group happycuckknutsford 2018-07-04

Phil and his mum held each other, kissing each other's necksm licking each other's lips, Phils big prick still hard.he bent his knees slightly letting his cock slip between her thighs ,feeling her cunt lips on each side of his pole,her twat soaking.he moved back and to, rubbing her oversized throbbing clit. Women and some men were being spanked,caned and flogged a man Phil recognised as a bully from school, or was until Phil had taught him a lesson, was bent over being fucked while he licked the arse hole of a beautiful blonde. I hope you're going to be hard on her Phil, it's what she wants, Phil kissed her ,feeling those tits roughly.she moaned into his mouth, I love you too you know that you darling boy, but go and break your mum

What If...? Ch. 4

group ASKMEMAYB 2018-07-04

She slowly unzips my pants to release my cock, commenting on how full of cum my balls look. When I reach the backroom and see you Tina feels my cock throb. I grab your ass and with a final thrust your funnel contractions around my cock prove too much for me and I explode inside of you as Tina soaks your tongue with her juices. I slowly begin to kiss you tasting Tina on your tongue as my cock soaks in your pussy. Tina slowly gets off and walks, on rubbery legs, over to my side grabs my cock and goes down on it, not letting go until I'm hard again. I slowly pull out of Tina wiping the dripping cum with her panties.

An Interesting Life

group Barnaby 2018-07-04

“Yeah,” I smiled “ I can’t even walk through the mall without… Hey!” I looked around and there was my ex-boyfriend Jeremy. “Hey, Kevin, I was gonna show Jeremy my new apartment. Understood?” Jeremy had his clothes off quickly as he said “Hell, yeah!” Kevin rose and pulled my tank top over my head revealing my apple-sized breasts. By now, my right hand was balancing me on the bouncing bed but my left was deftly rubbing my clit as Kevin fucked me from behind. Both Jeremy and Kevin applauded and I laughed and smiled brightly as I lay there dripping their cum onto my bed as more of it dried on my lips.

Things Change

group KEaster46 2018-07-04

Billy was a jerk but still wise enough not to want to get me pregnant so he pulled out of me before he cum and pushed the head of his cock into my ass. I was gripping his very hard cock and still thinking of how it would feel in my ass but I wanted to kiss Honey and I wanted to suckle her breasts. I wanted Fred to fuck me again and I wanted Honey to lick me and, and, and, Oh it was just too much to fast and I fell asleep dreaming of wild sex parties with cocks in every opening and pussies in front of me to lick and kiss.


Finally Pt. 2

group kracked_kerouc 2018-07-04

"We've been lovers for a long time," Lana said as she started kissing Sally's neck. "Kinda of wish you knew now don't you?" Sally said as she moaned from Lana's mouth, now lapping away at Sally's clit. "I'm gonna cum," Sally screamed as she removed Jeff's now rock hard penis from her mouth so she can buck more rapidly on Lana's face. The moans and shouts and straight up dirty talk started to blend together in Jeff's mind, as Lana's thighs clamped his head in place. All he knew was sally's pussy had clamped down on his cock, and he could taste Lana's girl cum again as she bucked on his face.