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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Cabin Getaway

group TxRED450 2018-07-04

T moves her lips away from Amy's and starts kissing a trail down her neck to the silky cleavage between her breasts as they rise and fall with short breaths, her excitement very apparent. T leans in and takes the head of my hard cock between her lips and Amy reaches up and cups my balls in her warm hand. I reach over and find the dildo and hand it to Amy. She takes it and slides it inside T and moves it in and out slowly at first then faster and faster as her mouth and tongue stay on her clit.


Road Trip

group NorthCoaster 2018-07-04

She imagined what he was seeing, her in just a red bra, a black leather miniskirt up around her waist, one cock in her mouth, another in her pussy, her huge breasts bouncing with every thrust from Cory. A finger from Cory's other hand found her ass, and the thumb on her clit had been replaced by his tongue. "I want you to cum on my face, give me a facial with your thick, hot cum." With that he leaned forward and buried his cock deep into her mouth, then returned to her breasts for more sensation and dirty talking. She came hard as his big hands tugged at her hair, making her head hurt almost as much as her pussy but not nearly as good.

b day party

group bauerj75 2018-07-04

He comes over with about six inches of hard cock in his hand and pushes Kevin out of the way and starts rubbing his cock on my wife's ass and pussy! Her ass starts bobbing up and down as she fucks his big cock with her pussy and Kevin is trying to stick his dick in her mouth but Doug pushes him away. I get up and look at my wife laying on our bed, she is still wearing her bustier unzipped all the way, she on has her garter and ripped up stockings, legs spread as wide as she can, pussy all covered with cum, huge wet spot on the bed, she has cum on her face and a cock in her mouth and I love it!

The Awakening

group imojen666 2018-07-04

She spread Mel's legs wide apart and her mouth went straight to Mel's virgin pussy where she started to lick on and around her clit giving Mel incredible sensations like she'd never felt before. Just as she thought she couldn't take anymore length she felt his hairy ball bag slap up against her butt and realized he was wedged deep inside her, he withdrew slightly; easing some of the pressure then plunged into her again, speeding up with every stroke until he was furiously pounding into her pussy like a man possessed. To try and take her mind off the pain she concentrated on the cock in her mouth, savouring the feel of his fleshy pole on her lips, tracing the outline of his swollen nob with her tongue while licking and tasting the pre-cum that was seeping out.

Movie Night

group piekna 2018-07-04

Once we were settled again, John's hand quickly returned to my thigh, a bit higher up under my skirt this time. I turned to John who was looking a bit confused, and I squeezed his thigh in reassurance, leaning over and kissing him as I'd just kissed Drew, but this time without making any noise that might attract attention. John stopped kissing me, and I admit that I pouted a bit, but with his finger in me and Drew's hands on my breasts, I couldn't be too upset. I couldn't take it any more, and I leaned over and slipped my head into Drew's lap under the cover of darkness and the sleeping bag, bringing my legs up onto John's lap so he could keep fingering me.

Fiance's Wild Bachelorette Party

group Rock1968 2018-07-04

In the room with Julie, Sandy, Lora, and Tina were Cathy, Alice, Jennifer, and Kate. Sandy's hand had roomed up Cathy's leg and took over rubbing Cathy's pussy under her jeans while Cathy continued to play with her tits. Alice was looking at everyone and had gotten excited enough to start to rub the inside of her leg, slowly working her way up to her jean covered pussy. All of the women had removed the rest of their clothes, so it was easy for Julie to start fingering both Jennifer and Lora while they sucked on her tits. Alice sat up and started finger fucking the stripper who screamed out in pleasure as she cam on Alice's hand just as Julie squirted all over Barbie's tits.


Gina's Office Gangbang

group HeyAll 2018-07-04

As Gina arrived at her downtown office, dressed in a snappy new suit, with a confident smile on her face, she still couldn't believe she was working there. Although they were roughly the same age, Christine had been working there for much longer, and in many ways, was a mentor to Gina. Christine gently took Gina by the hand, and let her to women's restroom. "So you're telling me that people actually had public sex in the office last year?" Gina asked with an eyebrow raised. It was an awkward situation, Gina thought, as the two professionally dressed office women headed towards the bedroom for god knows what.


Love Thy Neighbors Ch. 02

group RonCabo 2018-07-03

Robert couldn't help but make some comparisons between Roxanne and Kara: two extremely attractive women, one, an exhibitionist with a hard body who needed to show herself off to gain approval and acceptance; the other, a natural beauty who could be incredibly enticing just being herself; one, a no-holds-barred sex addict; the other, a borderline holy roller, but not so much that she was afraid to show a little of herself. Fortunately, Joan and Kara were such good friends that Robert's wife had no issues about him going over to the Browns' when she was gone, not like she did with the Bullocks.


Maggie's Friends

group Bazzza 2018-07-03

Maggie set about introducing me to everyone, the names I forgot as I smilingly shook each male's hand firmly and looked into each of the ladies eyes and not any lower. Then Maggie in her normal brusque manner turned to me, "Kath wants to see what it's like with a black man, a big black man." Her large breasts bubbled out of her green bra, I laughed when she pulled my head down into her cleavage with one hand as her other reached behind and unclipped it letting it fall away. At first Kath lay still and let me do my work, but she then began to push rotate her pussy against my face while her hand at the back of my head ensured that I couldn't escape.


The Hotel Room Fantasy

group bebe_luigi_sex_16 2018-07-03

As my orgasm subsided, Dyl pulled out his fingers and licked all of my juices off his hand, he said I tasted so good; he then turned the vibrator to high rotate; I watched as it buzzed strongly and started to twist and rotate around in his hand. The feeling was intense, I could feel it twisting inside my pussy and I felt my whole body tingle with pleasure, but I couldn't sit there and enjoy the feeling for long when Dyl took my hand and whispered into my ear that we should go up to his hotel room.

Lynn Makes Her Biggest Sale

group needed_therapy 2018-07-03

Her head falls back and she feels her wetness on the mans fingers, she pushes back against his hand not knowing what is to come. Her ass still puckered tight has small drops as Lynn's mouth has dried and wet cum all over her face neck and tits. The big white guy walks around to your mouth and you softly suck his cock, getting him hard as the black man slowly fucks Lynn's ass. She keeps on sucking the huge white cock in her mouth, as John sits in the corner stroking his rod. He holds her tits which are red with finger prints as the big thick white cock sits in her mouth.


Princess Ch. 05

group SteveWallace 2018-07-03

I turned Emma around, ate her pussy for a few seconds leaving a copious amount of lubrication there, and then I took aim with my granite-like shaft, and duplicated Jerry's move by sinking deep into Em. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Carrie watching us – watching the deflowering of her sister. She then turned her sister towards her and added, "And I love you too." She gave Emma a remarkable kiss, the likes of which I'd only ever seen her share with Marjorie. She then separated her legs, and as Emma watched in fascination and lust, Carrie buried her head between her sister's legs and started to lap and suck my cum from inside her.


A New Sensation

group Da_Klown 2018-07-03

Melissa lay back and reached down to spread her pussy wide for Jenny, she licked her clit and Melissa moaned loud, "oohhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm that feels so gooooddddd" I got off he sofa I was sitting on and walked over to where the action was. Her ass was poking out invitingly in front of me, I held my throbbing cock in one hand and slid my finger down her ass crack, Jenny moaned loud as I went past her ass and slipped it straight into her wet pussy. "OH GOD YESSSSSS!" she yelled, "I'm cumming again!" she pushed back on my cock hard as she came a little harder than before, I could feel her pussy muscles contracting on my cock, when this woman cums, she really cums I thought to myself.

Sara & Teri Ch. 01

group XceptMe 2018-07-03

I then put my hands on Teri's hips and started to feel and squeeze her ass through her jeans, encouraging her into a more passionate kiss with Sara. Hold her tits in your hands." I was surprised at my statement, but without hesitation and as if my request was natural, Sara reached around and held up Teri's tits in her hands, kneading and loving them as I bent down and began to kiss Teri's beautiful breasts, licking underneath them and then running my tongue over her hardening nipples. I leaned over and starting at Sara's tits, kissed all around her breasts before going lower to her stomach until my mouth reached Teri's, which was buried in Sara's sex.


Stiff Club Ch. 01

group loveking 2018-07-03

When Richard had first suggested the idea to Mary that she should try to imagine other men watching her when she masturbated, she was not convinced that it would excite her. Once more her thoughts returned to the web-site and although she was not ready to admit it to her self, she was subconsciously already convinced that tonight she wanted to try and be a 'New Lady' for the stiff club. Mary watched as 4 out of the 10 men's web-cam images disappeared from the screen followed by Annie's. She felt very nervous as the screen changed and one by one the live web-cam images of the men appeared.


Dawn & Alexis Ch. 2

group SnEyXmXpXhYo 2018-07-03

She felt a little bad, she did have a boyfriend and was really falling head over heels for him, but it had been so long since she had been with another guy and wanted to know if she was missing out or if she had finally found "the one." Dawn kept thinking of all the fun things they could do when they got there, she didn't know how far Alexis would go with another guy since she had Adam, but she knew if nothing else happened she at least wanted Alexis to watch her suck James off, and maybe have Alexis help her.

Delicious Di

group canureallyknowme 2018-07-03

Donnie watched Rodney's thick hard cock slide in & out & found himself stroking his own cock. He stood silently watching Rodney's cock bounce as he walked towards him. "You want a piece of that?" Rodney whispered to him noticing Donnie's gaze had now turned to the lovely round ass & swollen pussy lips kneeling just a few yards away. Rodney held his finger up to his lips & motioned Donnie to get on his knees behind the woman. Rodney stood behind him, watching the young man's cock disappear into an oh so ready pussy. Each time Donnie went deeper, Rodney stroked harder. As Di screamed Donnie pulled out of that tight pussy & slid deeply into an even tighter ass.

Kitchen Bang

group MadnessOfDarkness 2018-07-03

One of the crew members comes over and starts groping my tits through my blouse making me jump a little bit as I continue sucking the boss's hard cock. The boss really getting into it now as he starts spanking my ass and pulling my hair with his other hand guiding my head back and forth on the two cocks in my mouth. I pull the cock from my mouth and look over my shoulder as the boss looks at me a sly grin on his face and says, "I want you to lick her pussy while she sucks my cock, and..." pauses in a thought then adds, "While one of my workers fucks her ass!", his grin growing wider with his sick idea.


Her Girlfriend Cums For A Visit

group curiousandkinky 2018-07-03

He gently kissed his wife, Wendy, and gave Toni a big hug. Slowly both Wendy and Toni leaned towards Mike and began to kiss and nuzzle his neck and lips. He reveled in the moment and was surprised and shocked when he watched as Toni leaned over and Licked his wife's tits. Wendy was enjoying the looks on Mikes face and the feelings that Toni was introducing to her body. Wendy then started to touch Toni in the places that Mike was not. Wendy suckled her tits and caressed her thighs as Mike's fingers brought Toni to a climax. Mike still had not had an orgasm, and as he pounded his wife's pussy Toni began to lick his balls.


group joe223AL 2018-07-03

Pam took Karen down to the cabin to show her around, Tom Karen smiled and laughed as she told them she be serving them lunch in the cabin I forgot about Karen when Pam began covering me in oil, she got on her knees head of my hard hot cock against her tight little asshole. against my hairy hard chest, and that tight little ass continually making small circle with my rock hard cock balls deep in her hot bowels. squeezing and rotating on my hard cock, the breast in my hands, a very wet hot little wife Karen telling one of the hard cock crew members who was fucking her Pam's tight little hot rotating as shooting a very large load of cum into her

Mistaken Identity

group Exakta66 2018-07-03

"I need you to do a service call at Benson Commodities in West Caldwell," Rich stated flatly. While I was around the corner from Joan's desk I heard Jack come out of his office. As I started teasing that delicious Asian mound with my tongue, I could see the black girl go down on my now stiff cock while the blonde tended to my balls with her fingers and tongue. The black girl started to moan audibly as she tightened her vaginal muscles around my member and worked it like the professional that she was. I quickly made my way back to Jack's office and picked up the papers and the desk lamp we had knocked on the floor.

Chemistry 102

group theimperialmistress 2018-07-03

As she dropped her bag and leaned down to pull out her notebook and pencil, Sarah could practically feel Rob and Nate's eyes on her breasts as she flashed them a healthy amount of cleavage. Rob pulled her jacket off of her shoulders and began lavishing kisses over her neck and shoulders, pressing his boxer-clad erection into her ass. Rob reached one hand around to her front and began frantically rubbing her clit, pounding into her cunt hard enough to drive Nate's cock deeper into her throat. Sarah pulled back so she wouldn't choke and began pumping her hand up and down Nate's rigid length, swirling her tongue around the bundle of nerves just below the head.


group d4david 2018-07-03

Nelson pulled away from my lips and went behind me, Daniel gripped my head and said '...come on your mouth and suck my dick like I told you too...' Nelson spit into my sore bung hole and slid his penis deep past my outer sphincter muscle ring, it wasn't much of a muscle ring left. Brain, Nelson and Bruce came over and stood around us poking their fingers at my tender bung hole as Charlie continued to push and pull his penis in and out of my anus. Bruce came over to me and lifted my head as he pressed his penis to my lips and said '...come on open your mouth and suck my dick till I come...I want you to drink my nutt also...'

Bitten Ch. 05

group AlexisShore 2018-07-03

Those embracing arms moved down, and she saw the red-nailed fingers grip the woman's buttocks and massage them wantonly. Lily felt her mouth open slightly, and tried desperately to stifle the soft moan that escaped. A moan escaped her lips again, and again the pink haired woman opened her eyes. Lily massaged herself deeper, staring right back into those bright blue eyes, framed under a shock of very pink hair. Lily sensed she wanted her tits sucked, but the pink haired woman seemed lost in this moment, her mouth passionately caressing the neck as her eyes bore into Lily's. Lily dared to lift her fingers to flesh, but this angered her, and she hissed like an animal, lunging forward with bestial force, pushing all three of them towards the door.