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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Next Door Neighbor

group gpstone54 2018-07-03

Then about 6 months after they'd moved in Andi came over one Saturday morning to ask my wife if she'd help her pick out something to wear that night....she was going on her 1st date since the divorce with a guy she'd been introduced to at a party the previous weekend. In 4 ½" classic pumps, the same dark peach as the belt, the dress hung about 3" above her knees, not considering the 2 buttons undone, that combined to make her tanned legs look like they went on forever. Shortly after I was sitting at my computer when my wife walked by & flashing her bare tits, asking, "Want to play with these?" After 2 hours of watching Andi & thinking about the fantasy becoming a reality, I didn't need any more encouragement.


Emma's Pool Party Ch. 04

group thewhitestripe 2018-07-03

The ladies had already made me blow my load twice--once by having me masturbate on Carmen's coffee table in front of them, and the second time by giving me head, allowing me to cum on their faces and tits. Michelle's; modest, pale, perky, with small, dark, hard nipples; Helen's, huge, plump, bulging, areolas matching her skin; Carmen's, large, slightly hanging, pale brown nipples and areolas; Sadira's, big, fake, round, sitting high, with fairly large areolas; Gina's, massive, pointing slightly to the sides, large pink nipples, a slight hang to them, like Carmen's. "Yes, we can definitely see that," said Helen, noticing my cock head bob at the surface of the water, having reached its full size. She spread her pussy lips wide apart with her fingers, exposing her deep pink cunt and her velvety fuck hole.


Annie and Chrissy: A Spring 3-Way

group hickmouse 2018-07-03

"Hey, can I get some help back here?" she said to me, I got up and went around to the back of the couch, stood next to Annie, and put my hands on Chrissy's shoulders as well, squeezing her shoulders gently. Annie was rubbing the smooth skin of Chrissy's thighs, and slowly reached around, and began to push her hand down the front of Chrissy's shorts. Annie cocked her head a bit, and then peeled off her panties, looking at me and Chrissy the whole time. Annie reached down, and pulled Chrissy's ass and pussy wide open, sliding her fingertips into Chrissy's wet slot.

Twenty-Four Hours

group TheOxRocks 2018-07-03

I started begging, "Jodi, whatever is going on, please let me come! Jodi walked over to the chair, scooped some of my semen up in her hand and began lapping it up like a cat drinking milk. Jodi ran her hand around my neck, down my chest, drew a little circle on my stomach with her finger, then reached down between my legs and started playing with my cock again. You've been holding me down and forcing your pussy onto my cock, or giving me blowjobs, or hand jobs, or masturbating and winding yourself up so that you can have sex with me again, or watching your friends fuck and suck me.


Beautiful Curves

group Julia K 2018-07-03

She opened the doors that led from the pool into the carpeted living room, and set up her professional looking massage table so as to allow a cool breeze to blow through while she did her thing. When she was ready for me, I teased her about what a male fantasy the whole thing felt and looked like: standing there, as she was, in a skimpy white bikini, waiting to give her lucky charge a soothing hot oil massage! Feeling summery, I wore a seafoam green- coloured halter-top (to match the sheer bra and panties I had on underneath - all from Lisa's store, I might add) and a black mini-skirt.


The Rainbow Gathering

group 2018-07-03

Where all kinds of people from all walks of life stay for days in the woods just having fun and showing love to one another. Jasmine then started to pull me in my tent as Laura followed us. John, Laura spoke in a whisper, you want to make love to us as in have sex. We started to take off each others clothes as I noticed both Laura and Jasmine where naturally hairy. Laura rubbing her pussy as her and Jasmine kissed. We all started making out again as I began to thrust myself inside Jasmine. Laura hopped on as she put my dick inside her pussy. Yelling, OMG as my dick went inside Laura's pussy. Jasmine, like Laura, was in hands now.

The Birthday Present Ch. 02

group Puss_in_Kinky_Boots 2018-07-03

But I have been fantasizing for over a year about your gorgeous girlfriend going down on me, and I just need to enjoy the moment if you know what I mean" As if in consolation, Marie took hold of Nick's hard cock and slowly wanked on it. With that she guided Jenny's head gently towards Nick's face, and as his girlfriend kissed him deep on the mouth it was the most erotic kiss he had ever experienced, tasting another woman's pussy on her lips and tongue. Jenny whispered these words into Nick's ear as together they watched Marie grasp hold of his tumescent cock and direct it towards her pouting sex, rubbing his knob against her pussy lips.


My Surprise Birthday Treat at the Stables

group CanoePirate 2018-07-03

If you play with them like this,” I watch as Sam and Mary stroke Kumi’s boobs and playfully bit her nipples, “she cums easily.” I’m eager to ask how she knows this but I’m not risking my third wish by asking. Still with my dick buried deep and throbbing Kumi stats rubbing my bum and announces, “You know if she’s not pregnant you’re going to have to fuck her again.” I hope she’s not as I really want to fuck her again but I say “Ok, so long as I can fuck you as well?” “Oh you can fuck me anytime you like Jack, so long as Sam comes and plays as well.” Smiling like a Cheshire cat I reply, “It’s a deal.” I can’t wait to see this trio in action but that’s another day.

Thirty-Six Photographs

group MasonLane 2018-07-03

When he heard the dull clink of the mailbox lid dropping back down, Adam Blaine strolled to his front door, opened it and retrieved the contents the postman had left behind. With his wife safely out of the house at her own job, he could examine the contents of the envelope at his leisure. Two nights ago, on the night the pictures were taken, I followed your wife when she left the house. The prints, although grainy, show in great detail your wife engaging in oral, vaginal and anal penetration with all three men, both in succession and often simultaneously. Adam sighed contentedly, looking at his wife playing porn slut print by print, and began to stroke.

Rainy Afternoons

group T@nman 2018-07-03

I looked up at Ted, licked his balls and cock, “Excuse me.” Then I turned to Tim and weighed his balls in the palm of my hand. I licked Tim’s cock shaft from crown to balls, but before I could take it into my eager mouth, Ted lifted my head up. Tim had his face buried in my crotch as he resumed making love to my sex by kissing, nibbling, licking, and sucking. It was a good thing that I was wet from my juices and Tim’s saliva, because Ted entered me and buried his cock completely inside me in one fast push. I began to push against Ted and bob my head up and down Tim’s cock.

Guessing Game

group lmnop321 2018-07-03

" I'm sure I could come up with something..." Carol said, sitting in one of her short dresses, legs exposed up to mid thigh, and slyly pulled the dress up a bit higher. Debbie was sitting quiet and absorbing the dialog, and I couldn't tell if she knew what was going on in Carol's head or if they had discussed this before. I felt goose bumps on my arms and though I was starting to get a bit excited, I was trying to feel and smell a difference between the Carol I knew and the Debbie I was anxious to know.


Fire Pit

group Justtoold 2018-07-03

Mind you on a few occasions the three of them had told Jimmie and I, in not so many words, that if Lonnie and Darlene weren't married to us they would be getting hit on big time by them. Lonnie and Darlene knew what the guys were like and wouldn't admit it to Jimmie and me, but they loved the attention. After a workout like that Darlene had zero energy left in her, and could hardly walk, so we carried her messy body into the house and cleaned her up and laid her on the bed in the spare bedroom. Waking up like that, I suppose he couldn't resist after finding her tight ass had his hard cock between its cheeks and being a normal guy he naturally went exploring that body.


Fantasy Come True

group babydollface 2018-07-03

Then we crawled up on the bed and we both started to stroke her up and down so that I could get a feel of what it was like to touch and caress another girl. Before I got into the toy, he started to eat me out and finger me to get me really in the mood because I knew that I was also going to have him buried inside my ass. He let out a moan and I could feel him filling my ass with his cum and that in turn made me cum harder and I made sure the thrust my hips and fill her with the toy and make her cum as well, and she did hard and fast.

The Jolly Roger Earrings

group Flashlight7.5 2018-07-03

"Keep an eye on her, boy," Meg said, "If she sasses ya, give 'er a couple'a lashes." She turned for the house, but looked back over her shoulder to give me a sly grin. I was trying to figure out how the wandering stage magician had pulled off a card trick when I heard Lisa, the head librarian, asking for some "strong guys" to help move a podium from the basement to the big room upstairs. She asked for the DVD projector, Meg told her where to find it, and Ellie almost said, "Aye, aye, captain;" but she caught herself. There was no apparent body language between them, save a quick glance or the way Ellie's gaze would drop so she wouldn't look her captain in the eyes.


Caribbean Holiday Ch. 08

group B. Beattie 2018-07-03

Diane and Linda's nipples were hard and their pussy lips were twitching listing to Irina. My hard cock was getting plenty of looks from the girls and there was wet slits on their bald little pussies. Linda squeezed her thighs together around my hand and looked at Irina then me, telling us she had not fucked another man since getting married. I looked over and saw Diane's face buried in Irina's pussy and pulled Linda up where we could both watch them. See looked at me, smiled and moved over and straddled my wife's face, lowering her pussy onto Irina's mouth. I moved over behind Diane's raised ass and rubbed my hard cock against her wet pussy.

Ana's Sin Ch. 04

group diegoroyo 2018-07-03

"I want you so famished that you will lap up cum like a dog," Tom had told her. Trembling, she stood naked before Tom. It looked like he had been making drinks. She looked down at his face between her legs, her ass on the edge of the couch, her breasts rising and falling with her gasps, her mouth partied in ecstasy. Inside the house she saw it was made of stone, and rustic with a central fireplace, horned animals on the walls, oak furniture, a stone floor with thick, fur carpets, and several men who had been drinking, laughing, and molesting their female friends who squealed and giggled. They had not been merciful as men got to their knees, spread her legs, and fucked her pussy.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 101

group SteveWallace 2018-07-03

"The worldwide battery market is a one to two hundred billion a year chunk of the overall global economy, but if what Nat just said holds true, these little devices could end up going into all sorts of appliances and things that have shunned battery use for all sorts of reasons including every automobile in the world. Before I replied, I recalled the circumstances of our meetings and what I'd learned about the nice man: married to a introversive woman named Peg who'd basically cut him off from sex and even conjugal affection; embarked on a course of action to win her back and put some passion back in their relationship; and had started to try all sorts of things relating to her style of dress (less monastic) and her attitude about sex and love.


Ron Ch. 08: Aunt Ruth & the Malones

group Susie_O 2018-07-03

Ruth Whipple couldn't help thinking about her nephew, Ron's, cock. Ruth went right to her point, "Maybe it's that big cock." She had made up her mind beforehand and so didn't hesitate, putting her hand at his crotch. Ron remembered that his cousin didn't want his parents to know about the sex party they had held so he fumbled around mentally for an answer, "Their daughter, Sarah, is a friend of Sally's," he said, hoping they knew Sally who had apparently been a frequent sex partner for his cousin. I don't think a stripper would be ugly." Neither Ron nor Ruth had any experience at strip clubs to know that statement was not necessarily accurate.


Best Friends, First

group MelodyMaker 2018-07-03

Jeremy and Sarah looked at each other and it seemed like they were reading each other's minds. Her pussy was dripping wet but beautifully tight, and I slid one, then two fingers slowly inside her as I licked and sucked her juicy lips and thickening clit. "It's so fucking hot watching you eat her, man." He sat back and squeezed his fist tight around his cock. Everything seemed just perfect and right as I watched my best friend move in between my legs next to his wife and start to lick my cock. Sarah moved off to the side and caressed her pussy while she watched her husband suck my cock. Jeremy slid my cock out and stroked the last drops of cum out of me with his tight fist.

Another Night to Remember

group pixie2002 2018-07-03

But my humiliation was complete when Mike drove my drunken husband and me home, then forced himself on me right there in my own living room with Ben passed out not five feet away. Now, here I lay, sticky with cum, sore from being fucked so aggressively by Mike's huge cock, and guilt-ridden because I had allowed my husband to unknowingly taste another man's spunk from my pussy. I had delivered the message and felt that I had gotten some measure of revenge for the night before when I saw the fear in Mike's eyes at the thought of having to confront my angry husband. Each time Ben or Mike shuffled the cards, the sound broke the heavy silence in the room and made me jump just a little.


Road Side Assistance

group Clohi 2018-07-03

Zoe moaned and leaned down to suck my nipple into her mouth, taking my sports bra with it. Walking over to us, Cliff reached out with one hand and stroked Zoe’s left breast and wrapped his other hand around her neck, pulling her mouth to his. Cliff lowered his mouth down around Zoe’s left nipple as I sucked on her right tit. Cliff pulled my mouth away from Zoe’s nipple long enough to kiss my lips and then returned to sucking her. I stroked Zoe’s breasts, sucking her nipples, as Cliff slowly bounced her on his cock. As I sucked Cliff’s balls, I felt Zoe tighten her pussy and knew she was cumming.

Jenny Ch. 2

group Easy Street 2018-07-03

She moaned around the knob in her mouth as Shane began to fuck her hard, grinding down against her clit with each thrust of his cock into her wide open pussy. Her pussy was on fire from the fucking she had received from Steve and Shane, and looking at James and Mike's much larger cocks made her shiver. The hot pain of having her virgin ass stretched was quickly turning to pleasure as every nerve in her crotch responded to the sensations ripping through it, and each time James tweaked her clit she could feel her ass muscles clenching around Mike's fat prick. She could feel the orgasm about to explode, then the head of James' cock moved away from her clit, down toward her cunt mouth, leaving her hanging on the edge.


A Strange Advert

group Lion24655 2018-07-03

Before she realised what was happening Julie was being led away off one side of the hallway, Tim being led the other way to a room where there was a lot of noise and chatter, some voices he recognised. Julie's body writhed pleasure from the vibrator and the effect of Eileen's finger, and yes, she was scared to admit to herself, the thought of an audience, the embarrassment: the idea of liking the audience being there snuck into her mind and pushed her over the edge, suddenly she cried out in a long loud moan, her body wracked with spasm after spasm of pleasure, Julie held up by her bonds.


Caroline Visits Ch. 01

group texian 2018-07-03

When Val moved to Texas, she talked to Caroline on the phone almost every night while we made dinner. Val called me at the office one day and said that Caroline was scheduled to attend a trade show in Dallas on the week before Easter. Val greeted me like never before and thanked me for agreeing to let Caroline stay with us. I also sort of let it slip that I thought Caroline -- based on the pics I had seen -- was pretty hot. We took in the sun for a few minutes, then Val asked: "Can I be topless?" We hang out in the backyard naked all the time, so I was somewhat surprised by the question.