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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Socorro Islands Live Aboard Ch. 05

group NPH786 2018-07-03

Aaron, rubbed her thighs, stuck his fingers in her pussy, played with her clit, and looked up to her face to see if his efforts merited her reaction. "To know pain is to gain a heightened appreciation for pleasure!" She said as she pulled my dick back into her mouth, working the head with her tongue. I frantically pulled down my shorts, and crammed my hard cock into her pussy, pushing out more fluids as it went in. She wanted to know about Lisa and Maria and what they did, and I was quick to tell her how I had watched Laura and Mike fuck, then bit them both and made each of them scream.


I Need It Bad

group SecretHowl 2018-07-03

While I had initially been considering seducing just Rob, the idea of fucking both of them slowly took hold of my mind despite Andy's inherent creepiness. Andy kept sneaking his other hand up under my shirt to rub my tight belly, and Rob leaned over at times to nipple on my ear. Rob followed along as Andy stopped about dozen feet into the passage, and turned me to face the wall. Rob tugged my shirt up again to expose my tits as Andy reached around to unbutton my jeans. Rob and I were locked in a kiss, his hands finally groping and kneading my tits as Andy assaulted my pussy with first two, then three large fingers repeatedly slamming into my wet hole.


Just Dessert

group FunLuvr247 2018-07-03

You then gaze mischievously into my eyes as you deftly unzip my slacks and take out my cock under the tablecloth, and begin to enjoy its naked length thoroughly as you stroke it up and down with your fingers lightly wrapped around its girth, so that in effect you make a hole for it to slip lightly in and out of as you jack it slowly and gently off under the table. I bring you right to the very edge of cumming and hold you there before I rise and spank your slick folds with the shaft of my prick before slipping the pinkish head just a little ways inside your opening as you raise your head and sit up slightly to watch what I'm doing there between your legs, and drink in the sight of my long stiffness slipping slowly into your delicious belly.

Naughty Negotiations

group kimbelina 2018-07-03

But our principal - Mr. Davidson - was a good, hard-working man, and rather than just turn in his own proposal for cuts behind our backs, he had formed a committee to come up with several ideas for discussion. As I began fumbling with my files, trying to make the pictures spill out as innocently as possible, he said, "I know you've been working hard to convince the rest of the committee of the importance of arts education. Toni pulled herself off of Jeremy's giant cock and knelt on the other side of him, and began mirroring my motions. Jeremy, obviously turned on by the sight of hot twins masturbating above him, again began fingering one of us with each hand, as he had done earlier on the sofa.

New Years Gala Indeed!

group sr71plt 2018-07-03

And then he turned me on my stomach, and I watched the New Years fireworks on the banks of the river at Cologne through my cabin window and listened to the band in the lounge above us as Raul swiftly stroked his cock in and out of my ass and fairly quickly climaxed in a warming flow inside me. As we sat close together on one of the beds afterward and smoked his Cuban cigars, I wondered what Carey was thinking and where she was and if she was frantically worried whether I had fallen off the ship—or worse was just outside the door to the cabin about to discover Raul and me there, both half dressed, both obviously sexually satiated with each other.

Three Friends? Ch. 02

group Angel088 2018-07-03

She reached out and began slowly tugging Jens shorts off. Claire was soon working Jens pussy. To our disappointment Claire stopped and sat beside Jen on the couch. "What we need Jen," she said sliding off the remainder of her clothes. Claire and Jen both gave us a round of applause as Chris began taking off my shorts. "Ohhh, I definitely want a go with Mike" Claire mumbled through her ecstasy. Chris stopped and let me slide out of his mouth, giving me a wink as I stepped towards Claire who sat with her legs wide open. Jen smiled at me as she climbed on top of Claire's face. "OOhh God" Jen cried as she climbed off Claire's face.

Two Boys Wild Night with Rose

group randdude 2018-07-03

With that Jack moved directly in front of Rose and she proceeded to take him into her mouth, her lips surrounding the shaft, then moving up and partially over the head before going down again. Then Rose began to ride me, up and down, slowly, sensuously, telling me yes, she wanted me fuck her with my big prick. Rose called all of the shots, telling Jack exactly what she wanted him to do, telling him to slow down, to stop, and to fuck her hard, letting out little noises “uh, unh, uh, ooh, ahh, uh, uh…yes, yes, good, fuck…” Jack had some staying power now, having just had an orgasm not 15 minutes earlier, but he was getting more and more aroused too, grunting and moaning as she guided him in his first fuck.


Cuckold couple

group 2018-07-03

I knew that King had a thing for my wife Susan and That King wanted to hang out at his place and enjoy drinks. I reluctantly followed Susan inside and King told us to Got worse when King told Susan to come sit next to him King's horse cock entered my wife's super tight pussy, King screamed out as he pulled Susan close against him, Thing was going to be over but King pulled his cock King laughed as he fucked Susan's mouth with his cum King sat in front of my slut wife, Susan wasted King as me did I enjoy watching my wife being fucked To drink I could hear my wife asking King if he wanted

Awards Night

group Mag58 2018-07-03

Ian picked up two bottles of wine from our table, telling Martin to grab our glasses, "Let's help Martin celebrate his new found success," he announced as he made his way to the lift, as everyone else drifted into the bar. "Marty's fascinated, he's 52 years old, married for 27, and he's never had a blow job." Ian told me in a matter of fact manner, "He's fancied you for years, and wants to know, do you spit or do you swallow?" He then got a fit of the giggles, at his own audacity. " I win, she always looked like a spunk junkie," he told Martin, as he arrogantly, pulled my head towards his cock.


Ruby & I Ch. 01

group ohumwow 2018-07-03

Stefan was still looking at his phone, and had not noticed Ruby sit down. As we sat there, I faced Stefan, and my hand made its way up Ruby's milky thigh. As I backed my bald pussy on Ruby's leg, so she could feel my dripping pussy juices, I sucked, licked and face fucked Stefan's cock. We walked past the older man's table and noticed that his cock was also out of his pants, and covered with pre cum. I stopped at his table, grabbed Ruby's tit with my hand, and said "let's play". As Ruby and I made it into the bathroom, I pulled out my trusty phone, set it up so that Stefan could see us and video called him.

Housewives Fur Club Ch. 04

group FurLove 2018-07-03

The trill of wallowing in the soft furs while getting seduced by Phil is an overwhelming thrill as she orgasms again. After a long time of Phil fur fondling her with soft kisses she kisses him softly and dresses. "What you were stroking is Norwegian Blue Fox. It's a very soft and luxurious long hair fur, especially in the thick full pelts like that and here is Shadow Fox which is even thicker and more luxurious." taking the large and very full coat from the hanger and draping it over her shoulders. She pulls them down to sitting on the fur covered couch while hugging Phil to her.


Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

group Paul44 2018-07-03

She felt Roberts hard cock slip between the lips of her cunt while he played and fondled with her tits. Soon he was thrusting into her mouth quickly and this time it was only to her cheek as he felt her tongue slip along the furrow at the top of his cock and his hands held her face at his groin. "Fuck my hand birthday girl," Helen moaned as she was able to tuck her thumb in her palm and she pushed her entire hand into Alice's cunt. Somehow she made out George behind Helen and she could imagine what was happening, she licked her lips as she thought of his cock slipping into her cunt as he held his body against those firm ripe ass cheeks.


Next Door Neighbour's Secret

group shaunreagh 2018-07-03

The young married woman with her forehead against the inside of the door of her next door neighbour's bedroom, right arm stretched to the right, hand inside the front trouser zip of a young college student who leans with his back to the self same door, fingers round his penis continue to gently pump him as he faces into the room that is the bedroom of a couple who've gone out and whose son and daughter are downstairs having a party as his right hand, bent and angled to his right, softly fondles the breast of the young married woman who leans at his side.


Honey, I'm Home

group justanotherday 2018-07-03

Hope reached and squeezed Danielle's full breast, and then kissed the tip of her nipple. With Tad spread across the bed, unable to move, Danielle and Hope kneeled on the foot of the bed and began to grope each others breasts, pull each others hair, and lick each others glistening skin. Danielle rocked back and forth, with her hand grasping the base of his cock, pushed herself down on him harder and harder, bruising her ass on his hip bones. Tad in the heat of his wife's passionate orgiastic yelping pushed with a final effort his hips upward, ramming his cock into Danielle to release inside her.


group JenyT 2018-07-03

On the way back up the beach she'd had a good look at the brown man, realising that his body was almost hairless, his pubes shaved clean away and that even his balls and the shaft of his cock were the same, deep brown colour. The brown man was working two slippery fingers together over the tip of her clit and Tom was sliding in a steady, hard rhythm she could feel deep inside her belly. Something hot and sticky suddenly spattered across her belly and chest and she realised that she had been gripping the brown man's cock so hard that he had ejaculated all over her and was jerking the last few drops out as her hand pumped him up and down.


The Deli

group luckyhusband5 2018-07-03

Shit, with that tight body of yours you'd think you'd be more open to showing it off." Alex smiled and took my hand to lead me to the van again. "You know you need to be taught how to relax sweetie" Alex said as he finally got his beer opened then took a chug from it. "Do what yer told en we'll all have a good time." Reggie shoves his big black dick back into my mouth and I start sucking again as I feel Alex still pounding my pussy with his huge hard cock. After about 10 minutes of getting fucked hard and sucking Reggie's dick Alex then says, "Shit!


Sin City Weekend: Suite Fun

group Kitchen_Magician 2018-07-03

As the elevator opens, you tell us both to "hurry the fuck up cause I'm about to climb the walls if I don't get filled by a stiff cock right away." You lead the way to our suite. I decide to push you over the edge and ramp up your excitement level if that's even possible so I reach into my pocket and turn on the remote again just as Pat makes contact causing you to shudder violently and scream out your release flooding the bed and practically screaming. Nikki can't stop starring at your juicy, upturned, wide open, quivering pussy and bright red, well spanked ass and we ask her it she'd like to have a taste?


Thresholds Ch. 13

group lickmydivinepussy 2018-07-03

Looking back as the doors closed behind us he was staring mouth agape as I strutted off down the hall enjoying the feeling of my bare breasts jiggling away. After dessert and coffee had been served and savored, the three women all slipped away to the little girls room while You, Mike, and Pete stayed behind. Pam and Candice both giggled, but joined suit and within moments there were three naked women in the cab with three guys holding onto their clothing for them. We continued like that for quite a while, then altered positions and partners several times before You and Pam took center stage in the middle of the bed with her on her knees straddling You as she slowly impaled herself on your rigid fuckpole.

Sharing The Wife

group AndyS_uk 2018-07-03

I moan as you maul my tits and, at the same time, I raise my ass off of your lap as John's fingers pull the gusset of my thong aside and I feel his fingers slide, easily and deep, into my hot cunt. Now you start to pull out and then thrust, hard, back into me, fucking my cunt as I feel your hands move round and play with my tits. Time and again the cream shoots from him, his cock swelling in my mouth as I suck hard, a convulsive movement fuelled by your length in my pussy. My orgasm is so close too and, as you push hard against the walls of my pussy, I cum, jerking and shuddering and moaning as a wonderful torrent of your cum splashes inside my love-tunnel.

what a song.What did she use for a mic???

group 1dj 2018-07-03

She came in with her friend, she looked fantastic as did her friend both dressed in denim miniskirts and tight tops.after about 30 minutes she put up a request to sing at the karaoke, i put on her song and called her onto the stage she slowly came up making sure everyone saw her.her friend moved in closer to watch her sitting just feet from the stage,she began to sing (not too bad i thought)her friend had opened her legs slightly just flashing a tiny triangle of her white knickers her nipples growing visibly she sang she looked directly at me moving her body as she danced sexily,her friend nodded in appreciation with her legs open even more.After the song she came up and thanked me and asked if she could stay up with me how could i say no she grabbed a chair and sat close by me.I carried on with the karaoke while chatting with Gillian, her friend stayed sitting where she was i casually mentioned i could see her knickers to which she replied that was a deliberate move just for me if i wanted she would ask her to take them off.

Tuesday Night

group letmepleaseyou2006 2018-07-03

A women from the table of two came up to the bar, me, undressing her with every step, couldn’t help but feel a stirring within my loins that made me anxious, she just had a voluptuous shape, a hip hugging skirt and a wonderful cleavage. I said hi, and told her I loved the way she looked in that dress and would she sit and talk to me for a minute. She noticed and said, “my name is Staci, go ahead and take a long look everyone always does” that broke the ice, she knew it was good, but the way she said it and how she smile let me know she was OK and someone who didn’t take herself too seriously.

Bizarre Encounter

group EvilGothBoy 2018-07-03

I don't want to bother you two." Jill smiled as she said that, winking at Kelly. I put my hand on Kelly's arm to keep her from following Jill down this road, but she didn't want to stop. I sat there quietly, wondering if Kelly would jump up and tell Jill to leave immediately, or just kick the shit out of her right there. I love to have his dick in me." Kelly said, knowing that she was having an effect on Jill. I moved my hand slowly down, trying not to let either woman know what I was doing, to move my cock into a little more comfortable position. "Oh God, that is so hot." Jill said, as she watched Kelly fondle herself.


Riding Out the Storm

group Mermania27 2018-07-03

"You see Ann, Mike here wants you to suck his cock," Jeff begins studying the red candle in his hand, "but I think he's a bit concerned seeing as how he doesn't know you and all." Mike's tongue enters my ass and I close my eyes against the amazing sensation. I am still breathing hard, dizzy from pleasure when Jeff spreads my cheeks and pushes into my tight little hole. The incredible feeling of Jeff in my ass and Mike in my mouth is downright sinful. I close my eyes as Jeff moans loudly beneath me and cums in my ass. I can see myself sucking Jeff's enormous cock and feel a chill crawl up my spine as I replay him fucking my ass.

Tag-A-Long Ch. 03

group behindtheseeyes 2018-07-03

I got back to my room, sat down on the bed, wondering how things were gonna go tonight. And, our town didn't have girls that looked like Winter. I had never really considered myself a good looking guy, but every girl back home did. I want your big, hard dick deep in my tight, wet pussy." Leaning in, I started licking and biting her left nipple, while rubbing her right one with my thumb and finger, after I few moments I switched. As I continued to play with and suck on her nipples, I teased her with the head of my dick, putting it just barely up against her hot, pussy making her beg for me over and over to fuck her.