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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Trip to Dallas

group torrrrrrr 2018-07-03

The visual impression made by the chain dangling down her chin between his balls with her nose against his belly, coupled with the pressure on the urethra from the tongueball and ring, usually resulted in a quick load of cum in the throat. The older guy left, spent and walking slowly, and she turned her attention back to the waiting kid in the corner, cock already harder and longer than it was the first time, hard like it was stretching the skin to its limit. After a couple of minutes, she reached down to the base of his cock and pulled him out, stood up and turned around, arranged the balls inside so that they would lay on the belly side of her pussy.


Guess Who?

group all_for_sarah 2018-07-03

The next thing you feel is a hand slowly moving over your tummy, stroking through your shirt, gently rubbing up to just below your breasts, then down to the waistband of your jeans. You begin sucking the finger in your mouth, gently at first, then hungrily as you feel a hand slip inside your bra and caress your naked breast. The other pair of hands gently ease your jeans open, and you raise your arse from the chair to allow them to be pulled right down around your ankles. As you're being licked, you hear a zip coming down, and feel a hard cock being pushed into your open mouth.


Help Desk Ch. 2

group Theoden 2018-07-03

Geneen was the first to grasp me, but as she began to move her lips to my slick head, Paula grabbed her hand and said, “NO! Why don’t we take this inside?” And without waiting for an answer Paula stood up, grabbed my cock in her hand and began walking back into the room. I was on my back, Paula was kneeling beside me sucking on my dick, and Geneen slipped off her panties and moved her slick pussy right over my mouth. As I began to stroke in and out, I watched Geneen’s hands fondle Paula’s tits as Paula grabbed Geneen’s head and pulled her tight to her cunt.

Swinging For The First Time

group necouple69xxx 2018-07-03

His heart hammered as he watched Karl slip two fingers into his wife's wet pussy, her mouth emitting a low moan as they worked their way slowly in and out. He watched his wife fucking another man not three feet away, their bodies moving together as one; Karl penetrating her as deeply as he could, Juliette thrusting her pelvis at him as his cock drove at her womb. Looking down across her shoulder she said to Jake, "I think we can match them don't you?" As if someone hard turned a switch, she began bouncing on his lap, driving his cock deep within her. Michelle looked at Karl and mouthed, "I love you." Glancing to her right she saw Candice bobbing her head in Ray's lap as he watched them fucking.

The Night Visitors

group darcysarto 2018-07-03

Keely took Phil's cock in her hand and rubbed the shaft against her pussy, the helmet slipped between her swollen labia fuelling her desire for full penetration. Thoughts and images passed quickly through his mind, Keely undoing her jeans and then pulling down her panties so that Phil might play with her fanny as they sat in the car, Keely toying with a vibrator, rubbing its buzzing tip over her clitoris and then slipping it into her shaven pussy, oblivious to the power such actions conveyed. She slipped the t-shirt over her head, it was long enough to just cover her naked bottom but as she turned to pick up her discarded clothes it rode up and afforded Keely and Phil a view of her shapely behind.


Threesome Fuck Fest

group huney7bear 2018-07-03

Amy leaned down and with her teeth seductively pulled Mandy's sopping wet panties off. Mandy meanwhile started to nibble and suck on Amy's sopping wet clit. Then she got up and passionately kissed Amy deeply, letting her taste her own sweet juices flowing from her lips. He began to lap at Amy's wet pussy as Mandy began to suck his hard cock. He began to lap at Mandy's pussy with gusto, he wanted to get her to cum quickly, and he wanted to taste her sweet nectar. Amy began to suck on Johns cock with quick long strokes; she knew what he liked to make him cum quickly. Amy got herself to cum just as Mandy and John came together and fell to the floor.


Rock Hard

group Timkitten 2018-07-03

"Come with me." Said Elaine, and she took Sam's hand and led her towards the pool. Sam held my cock tight, as I spurted into her mouth, pumping again and again, Elaine writhed on my mouth, her juices started to flow and I was in danger of drowning, even though I was not in the pool! Sam came behind me, reached between my legs and wrapped her fingers around my dick, and slowly inserted her fingers into Elaine's slit with my cock ramming in hard. "Lets come!" I shouted and once again spurted my cum, but this time deep into Elaine's juicy cunt with Sam's fingers wrapped around my cock.


Five Nights Ch. 02

group toomuchinmyhead 2018-07-03

I sat still on the couch, my hard cock still wet from my wife's lovely mouth, and watched her beautiful small mouth open, her tongue slip slightly out, and her lips wrapped around Mike's swollen cockhead. Marybeth pulled off then, and turned to Sue and Mike, and Sue went back to it, pumping his cock with her whole head and hand, stroking him in and out of her wet, sexy mouth. My dick was rock hard, but all I could think about was how special this was; first other pussy in more than ten years, first time seeing my sexy friend Marybeth naked, first time seeing my wife suck another dick, first time licking shaved pussy, first time watching my wife orgasm from someone else – my brain was overloading, and I tucked those revelations into a mental closet for later, and extended my tongue, and took my first, long wet swipe up the left side of Marybeth's pussy, around her puffy lips.


A Fond Farewell

group 10991099 2018-07-03

Apparently some folks had gone off on a planned weekend and said their goodbyes earlier and this left Denise, Ann, Jenny, myself and couple of people - Brad, a short, comical guy who could never hold his liquor, Tammy, the office bitch who surprised us all by showing up, Bill, the old codger who had been in the office so long that no one knew what to do with him, and Liselle, a gal from accounting who would go out to lunch at times with Jenny. But as we worked our way through these clothes I noticed two things: Jenny was nervous but getting ever increasingly interested with each hand and Denise and Ann got more enthusiastic and more vocal.


Bi Friends: The Satrap's Hat

group 99PercentStraight 2018-07-03

We'd share a story, read a passage, sing a song, confess a debauch, lay out a complicated proposal, etc., all the while drinking, wearing a selection of Margaret's collection of exotic robes, open, and naked underneath. She stood at one point, her robe open and the silly Satrap's Hat on her head, and described entering the shower room, eyes on fire and nostrals flared, and extending her arms like an Indian chief speaking to the Great Spirit, she would turn slowly in the hot shower, hands clenched into fists. She took the Satrap's Hat and told a tale of our lovemaking, which I admit that I loved to hear. Margaret, who had been unusually quiet this evening, asked us to define the power of the Satrap's Hat.

Weekend Fun with Jessie

group dpingjessie 2018-07-03

For a few more minutes, the bitch went back and forth between her husband and me, making eye contact and grinning at whomever she had just blown each time she pulled her mouth away and resumed sliding her warm hand up and down both shafts at once. Slipping under Jessie's other leg so that her ankle rested on my right shoulder, I took in her warm body that glistened slightly from sweat, her boobs that heaved from both recovery from the slit-roasting and anticipation of the double penetration and her bright smile and beaming eyes. Once we were situated, I began to pull back and slide forward into Jessie's cunt, fucking her pussy while her husband remained still for a minute.


A Bargain At Any Price Ch. 02

group aquamarine77 2018-07-03

A gentle-looking man with a baby face and a little potbelly came over to me and took my hands. let me take care of it!" The baby-faced man kneeled over my cunt for some time, pumping his short, fat cock in his hand furiously for a few minutes. The spasms of my cunt milked the black man's cock, which I guess he must liked, because as I launched into my second orgasm I felt his load hit my cervix. Eagerly I looked in the mirror after he climbed off me and saw that his cum was different from the first man's, which was still bubbling out of me.

Hair Raising Tales Ch. 2

group belab 2018-07-03

His cock was quivering with excitement as his tongue lapped the heavy pelt of jet-black hair in my unshaven untrimmed armpits. His cock was pulsating with excitement and though he had stopped stroking it and his mouth and lips and even hands were amongst the heavy hair in my bushy armpits it started bobbing and jets of cum streamed out of his cock like molten lava as he spurted his cum on the floor. While Tim pushed his cock into the jungle in my hairy armpits I cupped Steve’s penis in my hands and sucked it a full erection. I moved down and started licking the entire length of Tim’s penis but he as enjoying Steve anally fucking me.

Love Quest: The Audition

group indigo sky 2018-07-03

The up arrow to my left signaled the end of my wait, and I took a deep breath and stepped forward as the large metal doors before me opened to swallowing me whole. A door in the far right corner of the room, beyond Mark's desk opened and Stephanie entered the room. Feeling Stephanie's gentle touch on my shoulders, I eased back into the chair as she began to massage them lightly. Her hands soon moved from my shoulders, down the front of my blouse, my pulse quickened once again, as her fingers expertly undid the buttons of my shirt and pulled it open. Running her hands up and down the other girls back, Stephanie lovingly kissed her, painting her neck and shoulders with her lips.

Weird Fantasies 20: Massage

group TessMackenzie 2018-07-03

I go and undress and lie down and a guy comes and rubs my back. He massages me like normal, and everything's nice, and then he takes the towel off my hips and rubs my ass too. I mean, it's really nice, having your ass rubbed, so I don't tell him to stop or anything. And this time, after his fingers are inside me, I sit up and turn around, and say I want to do something for him, too. I'm ready and fingered and covered in oil, so he just stands close against me and puts his cock against my ass and it just goes right inside. I do it the same way again, because it was nice, and people have anal sex with me.


group Moondrift 2018-07-03

At first we thought we would have to cancel out completely, but then Josh said, “Sarah, why don’t we go anyway, and we can come back for the three days, and when the course is finished we can go back again. When I finished the other men came over and said “hello.” I couldn’t remember who was who; in fact the only one I can for certain put a name and a face to even now, is Andrew. I stood up and said, “I have to go to the toilet.” There was no portable toilet to use like the one at our camp, but one of the men got up and went to the canoes.


The New Laurie

group nowunuknow 2018-07-03

I first met Mike and his wife Judy in 1992, when he was working on his MBA at Wharton at the same time that Jerry – then my live-in boyfriend, who eventually became my husband – and I were studying at the U Penn law school. Mike and Judy left for the hi-tech bucks and mellow life style of Silicon Valley, California, while Jerry and I settled down in suburban Philadelphia, PA, and began our law practices. When I looked in the full-length mirror before leaving my room to rendezvous with Judy in the lobby, I felt quite feminine and sexy, one of the few times in a long while.


New Experiences Ch. 01

group add1cted 2018-07-02

Ben is gonna fuck me in the pussy and we don't want my ass to tighten again as you did a good job opening it up!". She turned around and didn't wait for me and started fucking with Ben. I left the camera on the table, removed the plug and spit on her hole, then I penetrated her. After I said that I made a strong last push inside her ass and then I took my dick out and so did Ben. She got on her knees and she took my dick in her mouth and started jerking off Ben. They got in that position on the couch and I went in front of her and gave her my dick to suck on while getting ass fucked.

Whispers and Brush Strokes Ch. 04

group KinghtWhisper 2018-07-02

My eyes went to the lovely perfection between April's legs- the perfect distance of her spread and the art that was her sweet pussy. My right hand moved to April's loveliness. Her eyes closed and her hips moved sublimely as I felt Doug's' swelling. Doug remained hard within me as April's lips took my right nipple. They seated themselves then, April to my left, Doug to my right. We laughed and kissed and bathed each other's bodies as, for the first time in my life, I saw true love. I faced my envy, confident and unbothered as Doug kissed my neck and I lathered April's breasts. April laughed after lunch as Doug and I danced to the music of Selena.

Halloween Sex Party

group sex4u4647 2018-07-02

"Go dance with some other girl, feel her tits and let her get your cock harder." Rita said. Opening his toga he pulled her to his naked body and yanked off her loin cloth, lifted her up and impaled her pussy with his stiff cock, still dancing, they fucked. Art getting hard again rolled between her legs and pushed his cock into her pussy, they fucked slow and easy and after a beautiful climax they fell asleep. Please tell me about it all." Art begged her and started to play with one of her tits with one hand, holding his now hard prick with the other.

After the Surprise Massage Ch. 04

group Maverickusn 2018-07-02

I wanted to taste Karen's sweet pussy so I kissed my way down her body, starting at her lips and slowly working downwards, spending time on her breasts and hard nipples. I pulled her forward, kissing her, causing her ass to rise up and Jeff moved behind and poured some oil on it and slid two of his fingers inside and stroked her tight opening. Jeff will do whatever your want, Judy." I said and slid between her legs and drove my cock deep, loving the feel of her familiar hot tight pussy around me again. I saw my Judy finally take another man's cock into her pussy, the pleasure written all over her face and the look in her eyes as she pulled me down to kiss me so deep and with so much passion.


Summer Swinging

group pyratedryad 2018-07-02

While I could not hear my wife, I could see her eyes close and her lips part in a sigh as she moved her right hand over a few inches and start massaging John's cock through his shorts. Jessica bit her lip as I ran my fingers down her thigh and John, taking the cue, pulled her panties aside and started to slowly caress her pussy lips. I started to slowly and rhythmically pound my wife's pussy in a standing doggy style while she took John's shaft in and out of her mouth. Jessica started to moan on John's shaft while I, grunting, pounded my wife's pussy with abandon.

Bike Night/Bike Night the Next Day

group FalconNighthawk 2018-07-02

Afterward, we got back into bed, with Sonya this time, and Nick and I teamed up on her, licking her nipples and working our way down to her pussy, which was now soaking wet from all the attention that she was getting. The feeling of getting attention at both ends was wonderful and I never wanted it to stop, but soon Nick started to Cum as he was fucking Sonya and he pulled out of her to give me the last drops of his cum. I started cumming into Sonya's mouth and after she swallowed a bit of my cum, she squeezed my cock to keep from spurting all over so that Nick could come around to finish swallowing the rest of my cum.

Melissa's Passion

group PatrickDonovan 2018-07-02

After a moment's shock, Ian continued ravaging Lissa's throat, but his hands moved to her shoulders, where they grabbed the straps of her suit and pulled them down, tugging the material clear past her breasts. Then both of us had the right idea: at nearly the same time, Ian and I pulled away from Melissa's chest and moved our attentions downward, watching her breasts floating, lightly swaying in the water as we departed. His hands caressed her arms, her shoulders, her breasts -- reveling in the beauty of her body and the warmth of her kiss -- as Lissa lay back into the water, taking Ian with her, his head finally resting between her breasts.