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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Daughter becomes a Cumslave pt.5

group SafeSexting 2018-07-02

Let Mommy show the nice men your little whore's ass....Look at this slut's ass little whore-daughter getting ****d!" Lucy's mother said with a smirk as she thirty strokes, he pulled his cock out of the little girl's throat and mouth. her head forcing his thick, black cock deep into her throat as Lucy began to "Suck it cunt!...Let that big cock fuck your goddamned little throat, you mouth!...You fucking CUNT!....Ha, ha, ha....Such a nasty little whore! Lucy choked when the first man to cum shoved his cock into her mouth. "That's it, cunt...Slam yo little girl's mouth up and down on our cocks!...Gonna little whore to death!" one of the men rasped as he fucked his cock in as much

One saturday night

group da_big_man 2018-07-02

Guy A then whispers to me, "Do you want us to fuck you?" I smile and say "Yes". I can't help but feel good about two guys talking about who wants to fuck me first. Guy B says he wants to go first, so he rubbers up and lubes everything that needs lubing and fucks me missionary. Guy B is sitting up in front of me and I'm sucking hes cock and looking him in the eyes. Guy B then cums whilst fucking me and the finale begins. My ass instantly tightens after I came and guy A's cock is still pounding me and I can barely take it, but I take a deep breathe and relax to allow guy A to blow his load.

Fun in the Spa

group billyfreedom 2018-07-02

Sharon came back to sit next to me and again started to play with my cock, I thought I could play this game too and started to stroke her legs, I got no resistance. She came back again and sat on my knee, I wasted no time this time and pulled her knickers out of the way and stuck 3 fingers up her tight pussy as she gyrated on my now hard cock .I also got braver and started playing with her tits under her bra all hidden by the water, she loved it. Sharon now went on her hands and knees In the middle of the pool cuddling into her husband, I continued to fuck her pussy with my fingers right in front of my wife.

Voyeuristic Valentine

group Jessielle 2018-07-02

As the man on the bed, presumably Ivan, continues to eat the redhead's pussy, I rub my clit frantically, gritting my teeth to refrain from moaning in pleasure. He moans and squeezes my tits, rubbing my nipples gently as Mira continues to eat my pussy. I moan into Ivan's cock, swallowing it down as I come into Mira's waiting mouth. She kisses Ivan while I continue to suck his cock, closing my lips around his thickness and flicking my tongue just below the head of his dick. Ivan stands behind her, pressing his cock against Mira's ass. "Oh—was I moan, watching as Jack presses the head of his cock into Mira's ass.

Penny's Surprise Ch. 10

group Linda Jean 2018-07-02

"Of course it is silly, does anyone thing I am going to leave here with my pussy empty" Kevin walked in behind him and said, "Oh hell no, you ain’t getting on that plane empty, your gonna have cum running out of you all the way home. I then said "you know boys when I got here, I had never seen one of these lovely thing before in my life, now look what I can do with them." I knelt on the mattress bent over reached behind myself and slid the first one right in my sperm filled asshole.

Alexis and Amber Come To Play

group margiehank 2018-07-02

I slide up to you still seated, and I turn my cute little butt towards you, a quick shake, and I sit on your lap Oh my, I think I feel a lump in your pants Amber moves in and straddles your other leg, she giggles her boobs in front of your greedy eyes.. I know you guys like having them played with in a soft way that only a girl can :) I give them a slow massage as Amber pumps her mouth up and down you. She looks up at you and smiles :) I was kinda hoping you'd cum on our tits, but Amber does what she wants lol!

Victoria the Slut Ch. 01

group Lifeisgood21 2018-07-02

A minute later Vic's orgasm peaked and she slammed her pussy down on to my cock hold herself there and let out a loud moan "Mmmmm... The two guys in the boat drifted closer, I walked back on to the dock and sat in the lounge chair close to where Vic was moaning as she continued to finger herself. As she exploded in orgasm Vic's head rolled to her left her eyes fluttering open looking directly at me. Fuck baby that's sooo good!" I moaned closing my eyes and enjoying the hot suction of her wet mouth as her head bobbed slow up and down on my dick.


My Incredible Life Ch. 01

group AFriendlyMan 2018-07-02

I couldn't help but enjoy the view of Suzie in her bikini and Laura (who I think was only 34 – a true trophy wife) in a Brazilian cut white bikini. Not to be one to pass up an invitation like that, I took a position behind Jennie, wet two fingers, and slid them into her pussy from behind. Jennie was only the second girl who I fingered, so I was surprised at how different her cunt felt from my girlfriend's pussy. I looked down to admire the sight of my cock sliding in and out of Laura and also noticed how nice her ass looked.

stormy night in alabama

group 2018-07-02

As I walked out of the bathroom Mrs. Susan was coming out of her room butt naked, Jacob said aw mom cover up please, she told her son you know I walk around like this every night before and after my showers. Susan said she needed to be fucked good tonight, she told her son that mommy wants you to take your time and fuck her like a real slut, and she told me that I hope you know how to use that big black dick. Then the fun began, Jacob was first because he was the man of the house, he got on top of her and put her legs on his shoulders, I made my way in there and put my dick in her mouth, I made her deep throat my black monster while her son pounded his white dick inside her.

Flirting with Jason

group ~Avalon~ 2018-07-02

Jason leaned forward and kissed me hard, drawing my tongue into his mouth and sucking it gently making me moan against his lips. I quickly dropped down on to my knees and pressed my tongue against the base of Jason's prick, slowly dragging it up to the crown, tracing the ridge with the tip of my tongue before wrapping my wet lips around it and sucking it into my mouth. "Oh God, yes, please suck my clit," I pulled back and moaned as my entire body tensed and I started to cum, writhing and gasping as he sucked and licked my clit, fucking me hard with his fingers.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 04

group SteveWallace 2018-07-02

Before I could reply, Elsa spoke with authority, "I would like to have a glass of the white wine that everyone else is enjoying." Cindy agreed with her. I led Elsa and Cindy into the ballroom, and towards a long dais on the room's stage. If we were going to be completely open about everything in our relationship, in the very near future I needed to clue Mark in that Cindy and I were bisexual lovers, and I suppose, since we were sisters a year or so apart, we were incestuous ones at that. One of Cindy's hands was behind Mark's neck, guiding his kisses, and the other was at his groin, stroking the evident lump in his pants.


Annie does the rock concert – A Sequel to &l

group ammotr 2018-07-02

The ‘Girls night out’ end of season dinner a few weeks before had ended in Annie fucking some guy on a beach a couple of hours after she met him in a club nearby. When Annie eventually got home that night – morning – I had figured out she’d been fucked and once she realised I was turned on rather than mad with her, she was more open about her feelings and actions. ‘After the fuel stop,’ she said, ‘with the butt plug inside me pressing against the seat and the vibrations constantly frigging my little cunnie, my knickers and jeans were soaked and I got so horny I couldn’t wait to get there.


group jonteD 2018-07-02

It was obvious to Sue and John, let no language barrier deny, that Maurice was a rich man with an ugly wife at home, probably a stable full of two year old children, whose wallet had the ability to pull good looking skirt. John, at first cautious, found the sight of his lover kissing and playing with a naked woman a stimulant and his mouth found her left breast and sucked as his fingers moved lazily through her short dark hair. But as Maurice pulled away, too easily satisfied, Odele moved for the coup de grace – astride Sue she licked and kissed at her face, cleansed every last drop of cum from her face, slowly, methodically, with feeling.

Strip Poker Adventure

group EmmisDos 2018-07-02

I was really getting into it when Marie said, "Time's up." I don't know who was more disappointed, Janice or I. Marie and I both watched as Janice peeled her panties off and we got our first look at her totally naked. While sucking on her tit I reached down to play with Marie's clit and found Janice's hand already there, with what felt like two fingers shoved in Marie's pussy! Janice pulled her mouth away from Marie's long enough to answer, "Nice deduction, Sherlock," then went back to their kiss. I stroked Marie's breasts with one hand while tweaking Janice's nipples with the other. Marie was rubbing her sudsy hands all over Janice's breasts, her nipples so hard, her breathing very shallow, giving me an almost instant erection.


Fraternity Party Surprise

group ardentsuitor 2018-07-02

Hmm, Marie isn't the only woman that likes older guys, I thought. Deirdre was letting me fuck her wet, sloppy mouth and, now Marie was on her knees sucking off a guy sitting on a chair next to the bed. Marie started to look remarkably comfortable and compliant while this guy fucked her mouth. She said "Gak!" every once in a while, but it looked like she was just as intent as he was to keep that cock in her mouth -- she just didn't want it too far back in her throat. Then, like with Deirdre, he grabbed Marie's head and started forcing her mouth up and down on the seated guy's cock.


Hilary was a bitch

group slapnuts69 2018-07-02

I fucked her hard, she came a few times before I shot my load, got dressed and left. The next day in class her friend was back and she wanted Hilary to start shit. Hilary said that she thought that Suzanne wanted to fuck me. When I pulled out my cock and slammed it into Hilary a couple of times to get it nice and wet and then I jammed it into Suzanne's hungry hole. Finally I pulled out of Hilary and came all over Suzanne's face. Suzanne ate the cum that dribbled out once I withdrew and Chrissy sucked my cock clean.

Meet the Pornstars Ch. 02

group Ruchnids 2018-07-02

Deja moved her mouth away from his dick, looking at Vanessa, but continuing to stroke him. Deja continued to suck him off as Joey continued to suck even harder on Vanessa's breast, his hand reaching to cup her other. As they continued, Joey's dick began to pulsate in Deja's mouth, releasing a tiny bit of precum. "Yeah, bitch," Vanessa said to Joey as she felt his moans getting louder and sucking harder, flicking his tongue rapidly on her nipple. Deja began to take his cum in as his mouth clamped around Vanessa's breast, his fingers pinching her nipple very hard, causing her to moan out. "I told you not to cum," Vanessa said as she removed her breast from his mouth, "hitting" him with it.

A rental with secrets 3

group hotbiblonde 2018-07-02

I watched as Mr. Waters used RED for his personal fuck for a few months, every once in a while bringing another woman in the bed with them or in the hot tub and RED was f***ed to eat Mr. Waters cum out of the other woman. "I love watching other people fuck on videos. I want to see it in person", "I love the thought of being watched while I fuck. "YES, I want to be a whore.I want to feel a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy" "I want to be watched fucking two dicks. He started telling her while they fucked that he wanted to watch while she found her own cock and then cocks.

Time to Share

group pratychook 2018-07-02

With that I felt a warm, wet tongue push into my ass, it was Mike, I freaked out but she tightened her pussy to make me concentrate and told me not to worry. Georgia pulled my head away and told me that she needed a cock in her, so she worked her way under me and grabbed hold of my dick, when it was at the entrance of her pussy, Mike rammed his cock into my ass which rammed my cock into her pussy as we all screamed in ecstasy.

Held captive at the Border

group spankingjenny 2018-07-02

Peter's expression changed little as I turned the signed document back towards him; he just stood and asked me to follow him to the punishment room. Again Peter came back in but this time I needed to be carried back to my cell, which was no effort for the one guard as he slung my naked whipped body over his broad shoulders and took me back to my cell. The pattern continued for countless trips to the punishment room, each time it is a different combination of the guards, sometimes only one, but over and over they whip me and then fuck me however they please then haul me back to my cell.

Gang bang changing life!

group 2018-07-02

The pleasure was amazing his cock felt so huge, I loved it, the feeling was the one to break my hearts and get my tears burst into eyes. He started unloading streams of cum so thick and strong it felt like 10 guys cumming in my ass at once, feeling that made me cum hard. After what felt like 15 cum shots he finally stopped and pulled his black cock out of my asshole. I want all of you fuck my ass and shoot those loads in my mouth!” Everyone agrees and said that I am a horny dirty slut. I wrapped my lips around this magnificent cock and felt him shoot a huge load in my mouth!

Ch. 12 The After-Effects of Poison Ivy

group Bushman 2018-07-02

But I continue to follow the advice of my wise old methods teacher: "Carl, don't fuck the customers!" With Ursula, a short peck of a kiss two months into the school year turned into a lengthy, open-mouth expression of our lust for each other. Can you imagine celibate Carl lying on his single cot at eleven at night and Ursula's voice in his ear: "Now he's filling my pussy with his big cock and I want him to come in me." Well, that was enough to lead a thirty-three-year-old man to jack off! "Oh, yes," I returned, "and I'd like to see you suck his cock big and hard before that, and afterwards I'd want to fuck you strongly and add my load to Paul's.


Post-Game Party

group Alex Finch 2018-07-02

“Alright then,” said Mrs. Smith, “Thea, Patience, Jen, and Laura, take her down.” The four girls bounced to their feet, grabbed the young girl by the arms, and dashed into the stairwell down to the locker room. I could see Patience softly sucking on the young tongue within her mouth, and I heard her purr contentedly as she began to stroke Katie’s thighs. The four girls began to sway Katie back and forth in the air; my cock slid farther and farther into her mouth, and then slipped out a bit, and slid back in when they swayed her close. And just when I thought things could get no better, I felt the soft grasp of Laura hand on my cock, and she began to stroke it very slowly, her legs wrapped around mine and Jen’s.


A Cousin Shares

group WayneGibbous 2018-07-02

Sheila turned back to me, saying, "You can take your nighty off, Abby, if you want to," she told me as Owen got up and moved to kneel between her legs, his long cock dangling near her ankles. She reached over and took my free hand to bring it over in between her legs, pressing my fingers right at her opening as I felt Owen's cock sliding back and forth. They lay together kissing for several minutes when I heard Sheila ask me softly, "I'm sure Owen would like to make you happy, too, if you want, Abby." He looked over at me and smiled as I heard myself say, "It was beautiful and so hot, yes, I do want it, I want him."