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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Bi Sisters Take Control Ch. 04

group neolithic_one 2018-07-02

As I started to push my tongue between the soft fleshy lips of Lisa’s cunt I felt Laura’s hand grasp my shaft and then her tongue licked over my swelling tip before it was suddenly inside the warm wetness of her mouth as she began to jack my shaft as she sucked on it teasing it with her tongue as she quickly brought me to full erection. How right she was for as she said “See how your slut loves to fuck your big cock while you suck her sisters cunt.” Lisa suddenly exploded into orgasm her hot juices spurting into my mouth and I was forced to swallow as quickly as I could as my cock erupted shooting my cum deep inside Laura whose cunt was rippling over my shaft as it milked me as she also cried out as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure flowed over her.

Eve's Threesome Part 1

group 2018-07-02

This also turned me on; as I walked, I could feel my pussy lips rub together, and my clit felt completely exposed without the hair, making it sensitive to every step I took and each time I crossed my legs.  When we got to the bar, we sat down and had a drink and surveyed the room. My fat pussy lips were hugely swollen, and at this point, I felt like I would cum if anyone went near my clit or stuck a cock fully inside me. Steven watched and whispered to me about how hot I looked with your cock in my mouth, and about how hard he was going to fuck my pussy soon, and how much he wanted to see his cock going in and out of my ass as well.

Whose Birthday is it Anyway? Ch. 02

group Beebaw 2018-07-02

Denise turned to me and said, "This is so wild Maria, its exactly what I wanted for a big birthday blow-out. Johann fisted his pale cock and turned to hold it a few inches from Per-Ola's. She slipped the head of Per-Ola's prick into her mouth and sucked gently for a moment then turned to Johann and did the same, her head bobbing up and down. Per-Ola grabbed Denise's black cheeks and pushed his hips forward seeking out her pussy. Denise kept looking up to check on him and occasionally offering little screams or moans as Per-Ola fucked her. So, crawling like a commando, I moved behind Denise's boots and took a firm hold of Per-Ola's throbbing penis.

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 18

group mountaincat4 2018-07-02

Then we headed for the bedroom where Suvarna and Mitra alternated kissing Angelika's supine body while I lay between her spread legs and used my mouth on her thighs and crotch. "Prem, pull that lovely cock out of her and let me suck her juices off of you." I pulled back and eased out of her then aimed for Suvarna's mouth and pushed forward. Mitra felt my cock swell in her hand and increased her stroking until she felt the first gush of semen flow though me into Suvarna's eager mouth then released my shaft and moved her hand to my balls to gently squeeze the sensitive orbs and incite them to continue producing an almost steady stream of cum that flowed into her mouth like water from a hose.



group builder216 2018-07-02

As the massage worked its way down their backs the masseur would slide farther down and now Laura was sure she felt a trail of wetness across her back and ass where the other girls pussy had been and she found the thought if not exciting at least titillating. The oil massage continued down each leg and onto the feet and by the time the masseur returned to the floor and indicated they should turn over Laura knew she was going to leave a wet spot on the table where her pussy had leaked its juice out.


House Party

group chandan0707 2018-07-02

He said that he is working with him (Jatin) for over four years but had he seen him asking for any girl or woman before but now he can’t leave without enjoying with my wife .. Now pawan also applied cream on breast and massaged her & she enjoyed chudai by Jatin… And after about 30 minutes she hugged him tightly, crossed her legs on his back , Jatin tried but he could not fuck her more and he discharged .. And I heard , “ Bhavin, I liked him not because he and Jatin fucked me last night but I liked him at first sight some 45 days ago.” She said that she waited for any move from Pawan and she would have opened for Pawan any time .

A Freaky Sunday

group d4david 2018-07-02

I undressed and headed for the shower as I passed Tony room, I thought of knocking, but decided not to.(When ever I'm get fucked I don't want to come so I was pretty horny by the time I got to the shower at my dorm.) Without saying a word he kicked the one being fucked on the arm, the guy looked up saw my dick hanging raised his head and took my flaccid cock into his lips and begin to suck on it. I had lifted to my toes to accommodate his entrance, he let go my arm I quickly placed one around the shoulders of the one sucking my nipples and steady my self on the head of the guy sucking my know rigid cock.


group pophepo2 2018-07-02

Later when we were in our hotel room my gf told me that luckily he was with us and he carried her but still his self confidence is provocative and he is such big headed cocky man. It is a kind of joke, don't worry." I said "Come on man, he is my girl!!!!" After that he inserted his two fingers inside her pussy and started to fingering her. He was fingering her pussy faster and harder, in every hit her ass was trembling like a jell, faster and harder and faster and harder and she was moaning and breathing deeper and deeper and eventually she screamed and started to and trembling... I saw how his big thick strong dark cock disappeared cm by cm inside her hot beautiful white body!

Taken to the Halloween Party

group m_storyman_x 2018-07-02

I sucked her hard nub between my lips and ran the tip of my tongue around and around it as she wiggled and bucked, pulling my head harder into her pussy. Oh god you're going to make me cum!" she practically squealed as I worked her hard clit with my tongue and pressed a finger deep into her hot tunnel. I could feel the heat and wetness of her lips as she leaned back, tilting her hips until the head of my dick pressed deeper, finally slipping into her sopping wet pussy. "OH fuck yes!" she moaned as I started stroking with abandon into her pussy, my hands moving to her firm tits and squeezing both them and her nipples.


Julie's Mom

group xxxshacoxxx 2018-07-02

One time after a long night of partying, I had Julie's top off and was nuzzling her cute little nipples, and her Mom just walked straight in. I still wanted to bang Julie, if I could, and her Mom was still quite good looking, not even in her forties yet. Julie's Mom didn't let off the pressure as long as cum was coming out of my dick, and even then she squeezed out the last drop. After all she's done for you?" Julie's Mom was looking up at me with an unreadable expression, still panting and moaning as I pounded her. I pulled out of her mother and thrust my pulsing cock between Julie's lips.


Color Counts

group TxRad 2018-07-02

There was no memory of a party, just him, his wife Darla, and her older sister Carol. "I love your lipstick," Carol said as she tossed a tube on the bed between her sister and brother-in-law. Darla was looking at her sister with her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open. Darla can hold me across her lap while Danny makes my ass all hot and red," Carol said and laughed again. "So you just smeared some around the base and waited to play your sick joke," Darla said, anger showing in her voice. With a laugh, Carol said, "That's why my lipstick was at the base of his dick. "A really lucky guy who turned out to be an asshole," Carol said looking at her sister.

Kate's Heavenly Hell Ch. 06

group Duke567 2018-07-02

Alexa must have moved behind me, she now had her stocking clad legs wrapped around my wast, with her breasts pressed up against my back, she used one hand to rub my chest and pinching my nipples, while the other joined Kate stroking my now rock hard cock. I took in the amazing view of Alexa's tight body and amazing nipples the corset was putting on display, Kate took my cock into her mouth, gently sucking, and using her tongue, twirling it around the head of my desperate cock. "Umm, you do remember agreeing that if you go to have sex with Alexa, I could keep you locked in a chastity cage all the time, right?" While both Alexa and I were getting horny and frustrated with our chastity devices locked, Kate came to a thunderous orgasm.

I Had a Dream

group TongueDocAtWork 2018-07-02

"Thank you for letting me help you Dan. It looks great." She said as I made it out of the room. "It's really okay Dan. Ben wouldn't mind it if you made love to me." Susie said as she now stood up and moved closer to my side. I couldn't take much more so I moved up between her legs and positioned my cock at her opening, letting my cock head touch her wet pussy lips, but she had other ideas. "Let me do it, I love the feel of a hard cock in my hand." as she wrapped her fingers around my engorged cock and I couldn't believe how good it felt..


Son's Nasty Girlfriend

group mtnman2003 2018-07-02

Many times, after cumming, we would slide the head of my tool between her pussy lips, just to feel the softness, moisture, God it drove me nuts. It was heaven to slowly run your cock through as she wrapped her globes around my tool, and with each stroke, she would try to lick the tip, teasing me to enter her mouth. I stop sucking her tit, looking down her body, savoring every second that I can, wanting to make her orgasm memorable. My hand moves down her body, fingers lightly reaching the lips of her pussy. I continue to gently rub her clit through the orgasm, and with a quick touch, press my middle finger deeply into her pussy.


Doug and Diane Ch. 02

group MacSwain612 2018-07-02

Diane was watching intently, Doug's hips began to roll a bit. Diane left his hands, which had been stroking her hips and bottom and moved around the table towards me to watch. "Oh yeah, Doug," I whispered, "Your cock is so beautiful." His hips pushed up a bit, almost involuntarily, allowed me to work my hand underneath and take his thick hard shaft in my oily hand. I think I am going to loooovvvvve your huge cock." Diane approached very slowly, wanting to kiss me but unsure if that was alright. Her hand dropped slowly from my breast to my tummy, caressing soft slow circles there, dipping a bit lower each turn. "Jen, you look so beautiful, so sexy, sucking on Doug's big cock." I moaned that I loved it.


The Experiment Ch. 01

group Romantic1 2018-07-02

A few days later Trish called me at work and said that John was coming for dinner that night and was bringing a girl friend. A few hours later, at home, I was pouring wine for Trish and myself, when John and Loren arrived. We chugged out wine, went upstairs, locked the bedroom door and I slowly stripped Trish of every piece of clothing she was wearing, carefully licking in a sensuous way each new area of exposed skin that appeared. Trish noted that when John and Loren came over the next night, that this might be the time to see if they both wanted to be in a foursome.


The Extended Family Ch. 03

group Romantic1 2018-07-02

Brown hair, red baseball cap. "Oh shit," she gasped. Len got up from his chair, walked across his kitchen where we were sitting, and got us both a beer. Some of Lynn's wardrobe is in the guest room off the kitchen and family room. We're supposed to be telling funny stories." We all burst out laughing at his urging although I wasn't sure we did a convincing act. I thought for a moment. Everyone had on a red baseball cap. Don't move." I slipped into the kitchen and downed a Cialis tablet. Hurry Cialis, do your stuff. "I'll be there when you are," she gasped back as a bead of perspiration rolled down her cheek.


My Wifes First BBC

group denniscarpenter 2018-07-02

We had exchanged photos and James loved the ones I took of Suzanne dressed in sexy underwear and even once d****d almost naked over her car in our drive, in return he supplied us with pictures of some of his encounters with women, although I felt that this would put her off id did serve to show how enormous his black cock was. When we got home I parked in the drive and suggested we moved indoors, when they got out of the car Suzannes tits were still free and James's cock was out hard and pointing the way. I came all to quickly and sat back and watched them fucking like dogs and eventually we all ended up in our bed with Suzanne i the middle and we both took turns to fuck her for the rest of tne night.......

Black and White Hot Passion

group Redlotuspetal68 2018-07-02

The other cops got in, too and as we were driving to the bar, she kissed my cheek and then started to fondle my breasts. The other cops took off their clothes and started stroking their huge cocks while enjoying watching us fuck. The other cops took off their clothes and started stroking their huge cocks while enjoying watching us fuck. After the other cop gave her a wet hot rim job, he dipped his cock into her cunt to lube up and gently slipped it into her ass. After the other cop gave her a wet hot rim job, he dipped his cock into her cunt to lube up and gently slipped it into her ass.

Pussy-Licker: Tonguesmith

group tristantrotsky 2018-07-02

Beguiled and drawn towards the circle of ornate caravans and bright sideshow cars beneath the lilac trees, by dancers in black with ghost-white faces and coats slashed into strips that flair like dark feathers as they move. Dr Dark Electrico has the idea of a concealed roustabout lowering a raisin on the slenderest of invisible lines, so I flick my tongue the full cage-length to retrieve it, as a lizard captures a fly. And Sister Rosa sits on my face, straddling my shoulders, her full warm weight enveloping me, her legs clamping up the sides of my head, inching her body forward until the dense pubic growth and the moistness of her vagina lips slip over my compliant face, devouring me into that lush gaping convulsing pussy.

The Couch

group Foleyj98 2018-07-02

22, honey blonde hair, gorgeous face, tight ass poured into stretch pants perched on open toed high heels. Tell me she'd like it," Nikki said, her hand sliding up and down my throbbing cock. "Christy," I said, trying to defuse the situation, "have you met my girlfriend, Nikki?" "Did you like Christy?" she asked as she started her own lapdance. Christy stroked Nikki's pussy. Nikki looked like she'd faint. Nikki shoved Christy over the couch. Then Nikki pulled me out and led me over to Christy. Fuck that dirty stripper in the ass for your girlfriend." She bent over and sucked my cock, lubing it. But I concentrated on kissing Nikki as Christy panted away. "Fuck her," Nikki said, "So hot.

Kait's Story

group uboo87 2018-07-02

Kait pulled Ben's hard cock from his pants, and smiled a wicked smile, before slowly licking it from the base to the head, flicking the head of his dick lightly with her tongue, she heard a small moan escape his mouth, and felt a small victory over, before he wrapped her hair into his hands and pulled her mouth deep onto him. With two hot mouths, two amazing tongues, and four soft, sensual lips, it wasn't long before Ben was approaching the brink of his orgasm, and he pressed his cock straight into Alicia's mouth, and shoved it down into her throat, while Kait moved her tongue to his balls.

Slice of Heaven: A Note to Her Lover

group veronicavixen 2018-07-02

I'd look up at our boy and kiss him softly at first, then really pull his face into me for a deep, passionate tongue kiss. As I'm getting fucked you walk over to once again slide your cock into my mouth. Finally he pulls out and strokes his cock hard and fast til his cum is spilling and spurting out onto my pussy and belly. Now that I'm dying to cum after watching the two of you, our boy slides down between my legs and begins licking that puddle of wetness. With one nipple in your mouth and the other in your hand, you tell me it's ok to cum now, I've earned it.

Gemma's spa experience - final part

group madmackem61 2018-07-02

Pausing my attention for a few moments to watch, voyeur like I could now see that Josh had bent forward and whilst stll stimulating her with his fingers had his head placed so he could lick and suck her soaking pussy. I noticed that occasionally when he paused to admire the view from his position that his hand dropped to stimulate his own cock and I too had diverted my attention to masturbating to restore my hard on but mostly in response to Gemma being fucked again. As my cock began to pulse Josh manoeuvred the vibe out of the way and she placed his hand to cup my balls, moving her tongue near my helmet in anticipation.