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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Naomi's Swinging Debut

group happilymarriedguy 2018-07-02

I ran my fingers through Tina's short hair for the next few minutes as I enjoyed the attentions of her tongue and lips on my cock and watched Naomi being fucked by Mike. There was a bit more rolling around - I remember seeing Naomi on top of Mike at one stage, riding up and down on his cock and leaning forward to let her breasts hang in his face while he eagerly groped and sucked at them; and I remember I withdrew from Tina when I got a little too close to cumming and spent a few minutes tongueing her again while I cooled down, then I got her on her hands and knees and took her doggy style.


Soccer Moms

group socrref 2018-07-02

As I was sitting close to the referee changing room, a woman walked up and stood in front of me asking if I was going to be the center referee for her child's game at 2:00 that afternoon. I again looked over at the small group of woman and noticed the one who had dropped her panties in my hand talking to two other mothers, a blond and a brunette; all three were quite attractive. Grabbing the woman's ankles, I pulled her feet off the bed and moved them around my hips, slid my hot prick into her wet box, then locked her ankles behind my back.

The Joys of Polyamory

group billstew 2018-07-02

I would learn later that she inherited her blonde hair, long legs and large breasts from Linda, for when I arrived at their house to pick Julie up for our first date, Linda answered the door. Later that night, when the date was over, Linda gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek for bringing Julie home on time. Then Julie pushed the head of my penis inside Linda and said to me, "There you go, my love. "I'm quite sure you did," Linda replied, "And in the morning it'll be your turn to be bred." With that, the 3 of us retired for the night, with me sl**ping between my lovely wife and mother-in-law.

The Dinner Party - Steve's Story

group AmorousAlanUK 2018-07-02

Moving his hands slowly over her skin, to the top of her arms and then down, he slipped the dress gradually from her upper body, exposing her breasts in their lacy black bra as Mandy and I looked on. Mark was kissing Sarah's shoulder blades now, long and lovingly as his hands once more went to her hips, this time taking hold of my wife's dress and tugging it over the constraint of her hips and letting it slide down her long legs to puddle at her feet. I tore my eyes away from my wife's bum, where Mark's hands were getting bolder, squeezing and caressing her soft round cheeks, to give Mandy a somewhat quizzical look.


Niharika's Fantasy Cums True Pt. 02

group nihadeep 2018-07-02

She said "I knew it wasn't my imagination because I was smelling them, which turned me on even more." So I knew we had actually been caught the first time when the guys came in.. So, even more intrigued, I asked her when exactly she came to know, and she said "When one of them licked my nipple, my face was near his shoulder, and I could smell his sexy armpit odor. The guys took up their positions at her sides without my instructions and started licking and sucking her breasts and nipples, which led to her moaning even more and louder, and she was shouting OOOOHHHH YOU GUYS, I AM GOING MAAAD, SUCK ME,SUCK ME DON'T STOP,SUCK ME HARDER.

The Ultimate Porn Movie

group maddiebarry 2018-07-02

You seem like a good fit, and we wanted to meet you in person to see how you'll look on camera and interact with some of the other cast members." "You know," I said, without reading further, "I'm getting a little nervous. Gene and Adrian led me farther into the building, to another room very similar to the office we'd just left, except there was no wall behind the desk, and two cameras on tripods stood where the wall should be, filming the "office" from two different angles. I couldn't think of a more exciting way to "pop my cherry," as he'd said, than with professional porn actors, and get paid for it besides.


Games Among Friends

group EdwardianFantasy 2018-07-02

James stood up and slid off his shorts while giving Alexa a friendly scowl, and then he noticed Lauren looking towards him, and quickly glancing away, twirling her auburn hair in one hand. "Ok, Open wide big boy" Alexa giggled as she poured at least two shots between his lips, and then slid up from the pool and locked lips with Peter, and kissed him hard bringing the vodka between them, brushing her hard nipples against his chest before she let him go. As they moved away, Peter felt Alexa lift her hips, and slowly his hard cock slid between the soft lips of her pussy, sinking deep into her as he inhaled sharply and put his hands on her hips, guiding her off of him, and then back towards him, as slowly as possibly as to not make waves.

A Long Weekend Pt. 05

group bonnyg 2018-07-02

"You'll like her, she's beautiful" Jane said pensively to Ben and Amy and then she turned to Steve. No. A few more drinks would lead to more gratuitous flirting, a wandering hand or two, lustful looks, little kisses, lingering fuller ones, clothes being removed, fingers exploring, moans, gasps, sucking, bodies intertwined, pumping, grunting, climaxing...... Breathlessly, she paused then whispered "Oh God, are you serious, just look at him!" They both stole a quick glance at Steve, locked in a deep, tongue lashing kiss with Ben's wife, Amy, while Jane continued to play with his rock hard prick. "So.....what does it feel like Steve, knowing that other guys have fucked your girlfriend.


My Initiation

group Brit1986 2018-07-02

As I finished my beer (I'd cycled to party to take advantage of the alcohol; I was feeling its effects: relaxed, humoured, raised libido) and placed it on the table, Brad said: "Michelle really likes you, Josh. Brad dapped his fingers into it and moved it toward me, drawing a line like a spider's thread from his cock to my mouth. My watering eyes must've said 'fuck my mouth', because while I sucked and licked like a man feeding for his life, he began to penetrate my mouth with harder practised strokes. With an animalistic grunt, he wrapped his hands around the back of my head start fucking my mouth, until I made a gagging sound.


Falling for Amisha

group Snowfish 2018-07-02

When he pulled out Amisha turned and sat down on the pavement with her back against the can, her knees spread wide apart, her pants still wrapped around her ankles. A moment later the old guy was on all fours in front of her, putting his cold, runny nose on her pussy, sending a shock coursing through Amisha's body by giving her a big raspy lick all the way from her asshole to her now throbbing clit. When I turned my back on them to find the tracksuit top, Amisha, glistening with sweat, was on her back holding the old guys head between her hands as he lapped away.


Poker in the Back

group sexyparty 2018-07-02

Sis opted out but Bob and Hubs took turns flicking my clit, fingering my pussy and stroking me until I was close to coming. Then while Hubs watched, Sis and I played with Bob's cock and balls. I was longing to take a lick of it and was lowering my head to it when Hubs said, "That's enough ladies, just touching so far." The game started up again with Sis's deal. We decided we wanted to watch Hubs and Sis fuck hard and fast. Hubs moved to the floor and Sis squatted over him and slowly pulled his cock into her wet pussy. When Hubs and Sis turned to watch us, Bob had me down on the floor with his cock sliding into my pussy.

Our New Naked Adventure Day 04

group TXhardsucker69 2018-07-02

"I will tell you a secret, Cindy, " Renee said softly, as if to keep me from overhearing, I played like I was not paying attention, but heard her say "I have always had a personal fantasy of being fucked by two guys at once, and I think the two cocks we have here...well, you won't get better meat than this." We all bailed out of the car, and went straight over to Roger and Linda for hugs and welcomes. Looking Roger straight in the eyes, Renee told him "I asked Linda, to make sure it was ok, as I didn't want to overstep anything with you guys, but she told me, around here, let's all just have whatever fun we want to.


Milf slut entertains husband plus 3 college guys

group LoveTitPlay 2018-07-02

Although I have many times taken her out to a local bar or club dressed up all slutty and let many guys and girls of any race age feel her up and down groping squeezing and feeling her body inside and outside of the bar or club as well as at their homes or hotels. The next day when we were planning on the adventure to come one of the guys was saying how sexy my wife is and how sexy last night was and he asked if he could continue to play with her body. As they fucked one of the guys was saying that she and this experience would be great to post online and we laughed as we figured out the many descriptions and tags that could describe this party and my wife.

Dress Sexy

group kielmarch 2018-07-02

She gasped again as she felt it being pulled aside and Gray's hard cock sliding along her outer lips, teasing momentarily, spreading the wetness that was now evident there. "Do you like sucking this big cock while she licks your pussy baby?" Gray asked. She felt Gray's weight move to the end of the bed as the fingers at her pussy pushed slowly at her asshole. Before resuming her tonguing of the sweet pussy above her Susan said, "Cum Gray. More waves assailed her as she felt Gray tense up and shout "Yes." She felt his hot cum washing through her pussy and her girlfriend's insistent tongue licking away as the final wave crashed over her.

Blow-Job Contest

group jaybeerules 2018-07-02

Looking into their wanting faces while I shake my package in front of them usually gives me a hard-on, which makes the party even better. She slowly stroked my cock a few times, then got up and walked back to her seat back in the audience. Kelli raised her hands and said, "Time for a blowjob contest!" The girls kept cheering, but none of them could have possibly been as happy as I was. I was afraid even to look down at the girls who were vigorously sucking on my hard cock, nor at the others cheering them on. "Well, I don't think the other girls would think that's fair, so I will have to just suck your cock until you come in my mouth.

Saying Stay Ch. 11

group LingerieRobot 2018-07-02

As we cleaned up the mess accumulated on the bed and each other, I said to April "Hey, do you know if Dawn is upset with you for... "Dawn wanted to downplay our relationship," said April. "The landlord doesn't know that half you guys live here," said Julia. It's like my first boyfriend said: back in the day, half the guys had wives, but they were all gay. (Who would have thought that staring at dildos and porno covers all day could be so boring?) When Ellie wasn't working, she headed straight for her room to prepare for the court hearing. I was certainly guilty of imagining what it would be like to have Troy's chest pressed to mine, or what his cock would feel like nestled half-hard between my thighs like Simon's presently was.


Screwing Those Sexy Twins

group Flynn77 2018-07-02

Well, Amy was barely capable of walking -- seemed my little sis had over-indulged the party punch and needed chaperoning home by Caroline and, to my surprise, her twin, Penny. Caroline looked from her twin to me and back again, mouth agape, then at Penny's superb handfuls of tit-flesh. It sparked me -- I undid a few buttons of my jeans, not sure where to look -- Caroline's spectacular tits, gorgeous face, or the equally appealing sight of her twin's bare body and juicy pussy. Penny obliged with a wicked grin by moving Caroline's hands out the way, peeling that flimsy blouse open then, ultimately, coaxing her stunned twin into gently opening her amazing long shapely legs.


Not-So-Old Man Christmas

group P.T.Lawrence 2018-07-02

I heard them laughing this morning when you came in and saw the Santa suit, and I don't think they realize they're going to be the branch elves this year yet. Her pretty face filled with my hard dick as she knelt on that men's room floor was a sight to see, and her elf costume, along with my being dressed as Santa, was a little twisted in some way but very erotic at the same time. When she pulled me back out of her mouth, she looked up and said "you're going to shoot a big load, aren't you Santa?" I just nodded. I guess branch Christmas parties were a little notorious for getting out of hand, and it sounded like most of my coworkers really liked to cut loose when they got the chance.


His First Prom Ch. 02

group TalonDigital 2018-07-02

Kate grabbed my hair, it hurt a little but I was more curious about her intentions, and she thrust the dong into my mouth making me suck off Sarah's cum. I was focused on Sarah, who was rubbing my chest and tweaking my nipples when Kate climbed over me and stuck her pussy right in my mouth, her cum already dripping onto my lips. It hadn't taken long for my cock to get hard again, and Sarah climbed down and took turns with Kate as they both sucked my cock and balls. Sarah climbed over, wrapping her legs around me and laying her head on my shoulder, looking at Jim and Kate.


Meredith Ch. 03

group robhasby 2018-07-02

After a little bit, Meredith came looking for Morgan. I thought we are making souffles?" Meredith said, and I could read a little bit of annoyance in her voice I followed the girls into the kitchen, sitting down at the bar in front of the kitchen, where Meredith was playing a Lana Del Rey album on her phone. "Oh quit lying to him, Morgan," Meredith interrupted my thoughts, "you know that every boy you know wants to have you. Give this Morgan girl what she wants or it'll turn ugly real fast. By this time we'd made our way over to Meredith's room, I'm not sure exactly how, but we did. As Morgan moved over me and put her hand on my cock, I noticed Meredith's expression.


Another Senior Trip

group ravishingrick69 2018-07-01

Even when Krista closed and locked the door, even when all the girls removed their night gowns, I still didn't believe it. Susan smiled broadly, slowly bent toward my face and began running her tongue over my mouth and chin, lapping her own juices. It seemed to flow forever as Susan turned her attention to the juices inside my mouth and Crissy merely lay at my feet, allowing her face to be white-washed. Just fuck me." Krista moved to the foot of the bed, bent over, and cleaned the remnants of Crissy's work off my penis. FUCK!!!" I had never heard Krista use the word before, but this was all she said (screamed, actually) as she came.

Jena's Story: A BBW Story Ch. 02

group FlowerOfCuriosity 2018-07-01

Still looking at the wife, Jena left hand under the boss' cock and reached for the balls with a feather's touch. Jena slowly moved her right hand over his cock and gently rubbed the ever leaking pre cum from the tip with her thumb and rubbed it over his long hard fucking tool. The boss was still watching from his office chair when he saw his wife lick Jena's pussy for the first time. Finishing with a kiss, the boss looked at his wife and then at Jena and stated, "Damn that was fucking hot." The all grinned in agreement and all began to wonder when they would next enjoy each other's bodies.

An Encounter in the Park

group d4david 2018-07-01

Daniel said 'look at how those lips are reaching up to get hold of a real mans dick.' With a powerful plunged Daniel sunk half his man meat into my bowels, I screamed in agony as Daniel pushed against my inner anal sphincter muscle ring, with slow and painfully movement Daniel pushed till my butt allowed him to get all the way into my rectum. When Daniel finally pulled from my anus it made a wet slurping sound, Bruce got between my legs and enter my butt again quickly shooting his load after a few minute, Charlie replaced Bruce and rode me relentless till he unloaded a second time.

Fantasy in C

group meistere 2018-07-01

I feel my friends' rapt concentration as The Stranger progressively bares my breasts. Another man does my other breast, holding it in his hand and fondling me as he carefully brings his glass up to my achingly hard nipple. I moan softly, almost forgetting the cock in my mouth, consumed by the waves of pleasure rippling my body, overtaking me like some deep, primal force. The aftershocks of orgasm still hold my body captive, and I feel The Stranger's semen seeping out of my vagina like a molten stream. When I come back to full consciousness I see the men and The Stranger gathered around me, champagne glasses high, faces beaming in affection and gratitude, toasting our experience.