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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group cruisingwoodward 2018-12-03

We remained close as ever, but Veronica got homesick after a few months and decided to move back home to Wisconsin until Chris returned from Korea. I sucked and stroked James’ cock while watching Veronica, hands still over her eyes. I leaned over to pull off James’ boxers, and Veronica finally lowered her hands, taking in the sight of his cock. I started riding James while Veronica untied my G-string and pulled it off me before removing her own. I felt James go completely stiff, plunging his cock almost through me, and the hot load filling me up as we both just grunted. Not to be left out, James had maneuvered himself to the side of the bed where he presented his now half erect cock to Veronica’s face.

The Swinger Confessions: The Anniversary Gift

group Coco 2018-12-03

Gary wondered what his wife had in mind for the evening, but quickly realized that he truly didn’t care. He moved quickly to her and placed the blindfold in her lap, “It’s a part of your attire for the evening.” Smiling he took her foot in his hands and moisturized her from toe to head. Carla took a deep breath and after catching a whiff of sex, she couldn’t believe that her husband brought her to such a seedy place. The Creole beauty began to masturbate while Gary gently fingered the pussy he adored. “Just let it happen, baby.” Carla reached for the blindfold, but stopped when she heard the slickness of a pussy that wasn’t hers.

A Few Good Men

group Chef_D 2018-12-03

Anne felt the chairs slide apart, opening her legs wider as Drew knelt between them, pulling her panties aside and then placed a soft kiss on her mons venus. As Anne lay there enjoying the pleasure between her legs, looking forward to her much needed cum, she was shocked out of her sensual reverie when a strong hand grasped her right forearm and at the same instant, a mouth closed over her nipple, sucking it firmly, sending a shock of pleasure through her body. With the fingers that she was sure belonged to Drew stimulating her clitoris, and a hard, thick cock fucking her with long deliberate thrusts, Anne cried out as she for came a second time, squeezing the man inside her and causing him to cum with her.

Gina fills in and gets herself filled

group ukmarky 2018-12-03

Jimmy and Sean moved to the side and lifted my hands to their cocks, which I willingly began stroking as I let Paul push his dick down my throat. After a few minutes, I looked up at him, his cock in my hand and said, ‘Would you like to fuck me with this monster?’ adding, ‘Your friends can take turns in my mouth while they watch you fuck me with your massive prick!’ Sean thrust his cock into my mouth and began fucking my face until he emptied what felt like a gallon of spunk down my throat.

An Unforgettable Night in June (Part 1)

group BigSarge 2018-12-03

Sabrina then grabbed June by the head and shoved her face into my balls. Soon it was her wetness and my tongue alone, as June got positioned to force Sabrina to deep throat...placing her hands on the back of Bri's head and pushing until she gagged. I could barely contain myself as I would lick Sabrina's lips harder and harder as she would suck on my cock harder and harder. June, feeling a bit lonely at this time, pushed Bri onto her back and started grinding her cunt into her face. She still held her lips open as I was ramming my cock inside of Bri. I had not understood why June's behavior was so different, but her aggressiveness was turning me on.

Denise: Third Generation Whore

group ohgirl1 2018-12-03

Many of my films began with some type of rough sex with multiple partners, before I was eventually tied down and then penetrated by large groups of men who would then cum on my face, in my mouth or fill my holes with their semen. I didn’t want to end up like my mom, getting pregnant by lots of different men and giving birth to 13 c***dren before she turned 38 years old, so I got on birth control early. I came quickly and he just kept stimulating me until I came again, five minutes later into the movie, as I watched my mom and grandmother both licking one another, while different men stroked their cocks in them and then filled their mouths.

Wife's New Friend

group Pegasus4 2018-12-03

Nikki reached behind, grasping her own buttocks in each hand and pulled them apart to completely expose her pussy for Jay. Kneeling down, Jay kissed Nikki on each buttock then buried her face in her crack, licking and sucking at Nikki's pussy. It was such a horny sight to see my wife in stockings and high heels, standing with her legs apart and caressing her own breasts whilst another woman knelt before her, tongue fucking her. Jay then moved to the side and Nikki placed her face and shoulders down onto the bed, thrust her arse high in the air and placed her knees wide apart, making herself totally vulnerable as she completely exposed her cunt, already wet from my wife's tongue fucking.

My New Family Pt 03 - Adopting New Sisters

group eatu55 2018-12-03

Rhonda was smiling and nodding as Anne took my face in her cold hands and kissed me hard on the mouth. With 3 buttons left, Rhonda bent in and kissed the back of Anne's head then my lips and whispered, "Love you guys. Nastya was inserting the first 2 fingers of her gloved left hand while she licked aggressively Anne's clit and "You want my cock," Nastya said as she held one side of the beast near Anne's face. of the bed and put her left hand on Anne's pubes, combing the wispy hair with her fingers as she slowly pulled the giant pink tool free. "Looks like they want us to wash their backs first," Anne laughed as she handed Rhonda a soapy loofah.

The Storm Concludes

group Kim 2018-12-03

Sitting here wat ching Scott lick and suck on Kat's pussy, Quinn wanted to be angry, but couldn't. He wanted to fuck his woman...his Kat...just like Scott was going to do. Seeing his friend's eyes glaze over, as he watched Scott tongue Kat's clit, Scott buried his face deeper in the tangy, but sweet pussy. Scott tried to watch what Quinn was going to do, but spent most of the time with his eyes closed, just savoring what his own hot woman was doing to his rigid pole. Pulling his face, now shiny wet with her juice, from Kat's clit, Quinn kept the G spot stimulation going, as he pushed his thumb inside her ass.

Den Of Debauchery Ch. 06

group sahebji 2018-12-03

Today I was the Deputy Managing Director of the company, owned a nice big apartment, a top of the drawer car; I had a beautiful horny wife and Mala, Malti and all the choots of other female employees of the company to fuck at will. 'Reema's moans got louder and breath shorter' Arti continued the narration, 'I put my hand under her skirt and caressed her virgin choot through her panties'. 'Why would a handsome man like Randy want to fuck a plain looking girl like me?' she asked wistfully. Mala now you tell Randy as to what happened between Seema and you' Arti said concluding her part.


HotWife Amber: The Clients - Part 2

group Wife4AllOccasions 2018-12-03

Damn, Mark, her mouth feels so good," Jesse moaned as he pushed his dick deeper into Amber's mouth causing her to gag slightly After a moment Jesse stepped back letting his cock slip from her warm mouth and looked down at Amber. "Oh, fuck, Amber, I've imagined this for a long time," he said to her as he looked down at his dick sliding deep in her mouth. After a dozen thrusts, Mark pulled out of Amber's mouth and told her to lick his cock up and down so he could watch her tongue glide along it. Amber looked into Mark's eyes and held her mouth open so he could see his cum in her mouth, on her tongue.

My Sweet Slut

group Mysteria27 2018-12-03

Roxanne rubbed her pussy, while I fucked her ass hard. Roxanne was fingering her pussy, moving her fingers in and out of that tight cunt, while I held her hips and fucked her so hard she actually moved up a few inches. Jack was fucking her ass really hard, while Robert was getting his cock sucked. Jack pulled out of her ass and Roxanne got off my cock. Jack got on the bed and Roxanne eased her pussy down on his cock. Roxanne started to come and Jack thrusted up into her pussy and filled her with a pile of cream. Robert pulled out of her ass and Roxanne got comfortable on the bed.

The Cocksman

group ParisWaterman 2018-12-03

Cathy, ignoring my presence, relentlessly pressed her hand deeper into Midge’s crotch, nibbled on her neck and ear and was whispering little nothings to her as Midge closed her eyes and shut me out while Cathy’s fingers delved into the slushiness of her cunt. “HOLY MOTHER OF GOD … MAKE ME CUM!” It was a full-throated scream and I moved to her clit, took it in my mouth and sucked relentlessly as Cathy sent some fingers into Midge’s virginal ass. The two women shared another long kiss and when Midge resumed sucking my member, Cathy said, “Daddy, you know that thing you like to do when I’m giving you head?”

Jesse's Story: A Woman's View Ch. 10

group boo_dreaux 2018-12-03

"Good luck, Jess," Teri said as she lay next to Rick and I, "Ray's probably ready to fuck again and I'm worn out. There did come the time, though, when we did discuss it and answering Ray's question of me, honestly, I told him that I didn't miss the old fun and games all that much, and that our infrequent get-togethers with Rick and Teri took care of my 'kink' needs. "Nothing to talk out," Ray said, " we agreed that we'd continue to enjoy the fun and games as long as we were both into it and if that time came when we weren't, then we'd be finished with it."

The Men's Locker Room Club - Part I

group angieseroticpen 2018-12-03

“The sort of woman who has a normal, healthy interest in joining a few naked guys in the shower for some fun!” He told her as he rested his hand on her shoulder again. Georgina looked down at her neat pile of clothing on the bench before stepping forward and following Brad down the aisle towards the shower area. She closed her eyes as the hot water streamed against her skin and then opened them again moments later when she felt hands against her body. Their touches were perfunctory at first; as if they were correctly washing her, but soon the fingers started to linger; hands rested on places of sensuous flesh; fingers penetrated areas of privacy and hard male flesh pressed itself against her body.

We Need A Man Pronto

group candytales 2018-12-03

Angela replied, “It’s just fun Sarah, Gary’s a lovely guy but this is just hardcore entertainment, am I right Candy?” Calvin was probably the best looking black guy I’d ever seen and he had a velvety voice which said, “We hope you enjoy this evening, please accept these flowers with our compliments.” Only stopping briefly to let Angela suck her juices off it, Calvin ambled round to the left of the bed slowly stroking his cock and when he arrived, it was exactly at the right height to penetrate her. Angela looked across at her friend with a cock in each hole and said, “Jesus Candy, I really want some of that.”

Friends Night

group Noreasonneeded 2018-12-03

I pumped faster now and Todd pumped back, fucking my face as Elaine sucked a fat globe into her mouth, pulling and stretching his ball sack obscenely. I pulled my mouth off Todd's cock and gasped for air, seeing Elaine swallow him down again, her body jerking as Frank fucked her hard. I felt hands on my knees, pushing them up and out, and looked down my body at a grinning and eager Oscar, his rampant cock jutting up from between my legs, the head resting on my upturned cunt. Sensory overload swept me and my mouth and hands reacted, pulling her ass down and sucking her clit good, tasting cunt, feeling the delicate skin between my lips as we licked each other as we were both fucked.

My Best Friend

group BigD325 2018-12-03

I had wanted to fuck my best friend Mari since the day when we were 17 and we fooled around in the movie theater. The movie was boring, and soon we were macking on each other, Mari straddling my lap with her jean skirt hiked up, one of my hands up her tight sweater and the other under her skirt, two fingers in her wet pussy, thumb rubbing her clit. My hand worked at her pussy and clit as she moaned, but soon I could no longer resist the sweet smell coming out of her pussy and knelt on the floor, pulling her ass to the edge of the sofa.

Apartment Mayhem Part 3

group Donato 2018-12-03

  "Yeah, bitch, suck my hard cock, oh man, give me a head job, oh so good," he exclaimed as her mouth enveloped him and she stroked his cock in a twisting motion with both hands, wanting to force his cum.   "Oh baby, your ass is so tight and hot....,man, I could fuck your ass all night."   "Mmm, that felt so good, I can't wait to have my ass fucked again," and she reached down to her ass and let his cum cover her fingers which she licked clean, savoring his taste.


Loves of Ramu Ch. 3

group sahebji 2018-12-03

After talking to Sarita and going through her books and her work I said, 'Mrs. Pooja initially I will teach Sarita on weekdays for an hour in the afternoon and after seeing her progress the frequency of the tuition can be reduced'. I said, 'Pooja dear I am coming and started to shoot my spunk into her fuck canal but kept moving in and out of her choot'. While I was fucking she kept saying, 'It is lovely Ramu, yes that is the way, yes harder, now faster and harder, I haven't enjoyed myself like this in years etc.' till I came in her butt hole.


An Affair To Remember

group RichardScott 2018-12-03

You rolled over into a sitting position and took his softening cock in you mouth, cleaning the cum off him as once again, the kneeling wife spread your legs, licking the cream that soaked your pussy and left sticky trails down your thighs One of the men moved behind your friend , working his cock into her ass while you licked her pussy. The other man positioned himself between your legs and took an ankle into each hand, spreading your legs as wide as would allow, before burying his stiff cock into your pussy with a single thrust. His tongue in your ass delicately darted at the sensitive little bud causing you to squirm, His friend offered you his enormous cock that you briefly teased the head, tasting the droplets of cum before swallowing it whole.

A Night In The Basement

group naked_maniac1 2018-12-03

The first time her hand slid across Barry’s cock, Sue’s eyes got big and said, ”Mmmm... Barry started licking and sucking her pussy as Tim slid his cock back in her mouth. Sue yanked Tim’s cock from her mouth and screamed, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming, keep licking my pussy, I’m fucking cumming!” When Sue released Barry’s head, Tim took charge and put her on her knees on the couch and got behind her. Barry shoved his cock in her mouth as Tim pounded her pussy from behind. Barry grabbed Sue’s head and shoved his cock deep in her mouth, as he shot load after load of cum down Sue’s throat. Sue said, “Cum in my cunt, I want your hot cum in my pussy!”

My big charity gangbang.

group candytales 2018-12-03

“Okay,” I said, “I love having sex with you, and I know that you enjoy it too, but after Natalie’s experience I’m in the mood for something similar, and I was wondering how you’d feel about sharing me with some of your friends?” As his cock became stiff Steve said that he’d speak to some of his friends, so as a little ‘thank you,’ I drizzled a few drops of baby oil on my tits and pushed them together as he used my slippery cleavage to achieve a satisfying climax. With my arms around their shoulders, Tom and Dick, took a leg each then lifted me up and began to then lower me down to impale me on Steve’s rigid shaft, and when he felt the tip of his cock pressing against my flesh he asked, “Back or front?”

An Amazing Vacation 2

group Navin 2018-12-03

Alan watched with admiration as Deron’s long cock slid down Samantha’s slender, sexy throat. Deron moaned, and Alan watched, as Samantha took Deron’s entire load down her throat. As Deron and Samantha recovered, Casey led Alan to the oversized bed. Casey backed away smiling as Samantha took Alan’s cock into her wet mouth. Deron moved behind Samantha, and Alan quickly figured that his position was to be behind Casey. Alan needed no further encouragement, he plunged he cock into Casey wet pussy for the needed lubrication. Samantha said, “Fuck my pussy, baby.” Alan moved in and slid his cock into her soaking pussy. Seeing their orgasms proved too much for Alan as he thrust deep into to Samantha’s wet pussy.