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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Razia, The Horny Divorcee Ch. 05

group sahebji 2018-11-22

'Oh Rekha Sahebji uncle is so handsome I am looking forward to be fucked by him' Madhu said enthusiastically. If she did not tell uncle Sahebji and Auntie Razia then how would they know that we were willing' Madhu said. I think see is going to rub her pussy again' Razia said, 'come on let us see what our dear Madhu is doing'. 'The girls are very concerned about the pleasure lover boy's laurda is going to miss out on tomorrow' Razia laughed the turning to Shanti asked, 'what was all this about? 'Quick let us go to the 'Third Eye'' Shanti said, 'we will get Rekha's real reaction when she is alone with Madhu'.


The Island, Chapter 3

group Daughter-of-Samurai 2018-11-22

Makii had her eyes closed and like in a trance she worked my cock. She impaled herself on my hard cock and it took only a few hops of her body to release a ton of sperm into her pussy. When she got into a position to ride my cock, I could see that Sephira and Xephira had their pussies together, gyrating their hips. While Ephira was frantically working my cock with her tight pussy, she started moaning, too, Pharomé applied the cream to my balls and I felt the swelling. Once they got, and this includes you Pharomé, what they want, they loose interest.” I was so upset and shocked that I completely forgot the secret between Makii and me.

Blondie in Wonderland

group sprite 2018-11-22

The water… oh, god, it felt so good, like waves of fingers lapping against my skin as the tub filled, hitting my pussy until I was sure that I would cum any moment, keeping me on edge for an eternity, or perhaps that was simply her fingers as they roamed everywhere, touching me intimately, my ribs, my shoulders, my tummy, finally teasing their way down over my mound and tracing the lips of my quivering cunt… I felt her teeth in my shoulder, my neck, tugging on my ear lobe, making me moan like some sort of sex crazed animal until I couldn’t stand it anymore and got myself turned around so that we were face to face, taking hers in my hands and resuming our kiss, eventually working the long silky strands of midnight free from her braid, oblivious to the crowd of onlookers we had drawn.

Take It Like A Big Woman

group Samuelx 2018-11-22

In my honest opinion, there's nothing like fucking a woman in the ass to make a man feel good. But just look it up on the web and you will see how many white women eagerly spread their butt cheeks to accept big black dick on porn sites across the world. I had Alexandra face down and ass up, the way I preferred my women, and she was fidgeting as I pushed my cock into her butt hole. After I got done fucking Alexandra, I came, filling the Greek woman's tight asshole with my cum. Like I said, there's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you've got a man or woman on their hands and knees, with your cock way up their assholes.

82% bbw

The First Step

group jeninflorida 2018-11-22

I was seriously looking forward to a little rest and relaxation, as well as the obvious visual banquet. Delighted, Beth asked if I wanted to go back to the room. "What do you mean?" I replied, embarrassed that I had been that obvious. Beth responded and began rubbing her bare body against mine, taking care not to stimulate my genitals. "Very much," I replied. She was right with me. She let out a low moan and almost crying. Authors Notes All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

Costume Party

group tcg 2018-11-22

I pulled the back of her gown up and slipped my hand down the back of her panties and d**g my middle finger between her legs and into the steaming cauldron of pussy juice that seemed to be flowing like a river from her cunt. And I could tell she was not far from exploding into a mind blowing orgasm and also by the way ole cocks man up there was gaining speed I knew he was close. Just then my wife screamed and I felt the tale tell signs of her pussy muscles and I couldn’t hold out any longer and exploded into her ass with what seemed like a gallon of sperm and as my cock was slowing down I felt ole cocks man’s dick expanding into his own explosion.

Arab Femdom is Amazing

group Samuelx 2018-11-22

Mohammed is six feet three inches tall and slender, with light brown skin, curly black hair and pale brown eyes. Anyhow, I met Mohammed inside the University Center at Carleton University in September 2010 and I fell in love with him. Then I sucked Yousef's cock and balls while Mohammed fucked him in the ass. I put a condom on my strap-on dildo and made Mohammed suck it while Yousef fucked him in the ass. Watching the chubby Somali guy sliding his cock into Mohammed's ass really turned me on. I lay on top of Yousef who hammered my pussy with powerful thrusts of his big cock while Mohammed spread my ass cheeks wide open, lubricated me with lotion before sliding his dick inside of me.


Just a Walk in the Park

group ConBrio 2018-11-22

I pulled my throbbing cock from my pants once more and immediately ran the tip up through her slit to get it wet before pressing the huge swollen head against her pink opening, watching it suddenly pop in before completing a full stroke. Holly smiled as she placed kisses and nibbles down her thigh before closing her mouth over Lisa’s soppy cunt, jutting her tongue in as deep as possible into her hot fuck hole. I grabbed my cock and ran the large, soft head through her spunk covered lips before thrusting deep into Lisa's cunt. I looked up at Dave and smiled as I grabbed Lisa's ass cheeks and pulled them apart, showing him her tight puckered ass hole that was now forced open just a tiny bit.

Cold Shock

group latecomer91364 2018-11-22

Joel began with scared little licks, trying to steer clear of Billy's dick, but I grabbed his head, mashing his face into my pussy. He slid into my pussy, and I felt his penis rubbing next to Billy's gut-busting black monster, and I kept still while Joel synced up with our pace and both cocks began hammering my holes. I guess I pushed too hard, because Joel's cum also leaked out of my pussy and dripped across Carol's forehead down past her nose, eventually pooling in the curve of her upper lip as it clamped around the edge of my anus.

Swinging Spa Part 3

group Lushlucy 2018-11-22

I knew I was getting close to orgasm at this point, my body started to tingle and Emma obviously felt it too, she sucked and licked hard on my clit and my moaning got louder and louder, Tom must have felt the vibrations of my moaning on his cock because he started thrusting in and out of my mouth, Emma’s fingers, pushing up on my g-spot whilst her tongue worked on my clit sent me over the edge, I dropped Tom’s cock from my mouth, screaming out in pleasure, my whole body contracting I could barely breathe. 

Sweet Eighteen Ch. 02

group sahebji 2018-11-22

You promised me your asshole today,' I said to Kiran as soon as Priya left. 'Mujhe yaad hai lakin pahele meri choot ko chodo phir gaand maar lena (Yes I know but first fuck my cunt then you can fuck me in the asshole),' Kiran said. Ab jaldi se apna laurda meri gaand main dalo (Now hurry and put your cock back into my butt,' she said getting into gaand fuck position. When we returned to the hotel, I asked, 'Priya, yesterday you said you saw something. 'Sorry for the interruption, you can continue if you want,' I said and offering the dildo to Ruby. 'Sahebji, lie down on the bed and let me welcome your cock properly,' she said taking my cock in her hand and started to lick it.


Jamaican vacation

group LadyWriter 2018-11-22

To her surprise, Mark worked it out at the office and told her this was a great opportunity to “expand their horizons” beyond the four couples they usually played with back at home. Stacey found out they had just arrived she insisted on “a proper welcome.” The couple took them to a slightly more private courtyard where Stacey stripped off her bikini top and got on her knees and gave Mark a nice wet blow job. Tara blushed and said thanks and told George that the timing seemed fine. Danny was massaging her clit as he fucked her and because she was bent backwards his cock was hitting her G spot every time.

The Limo

group chelseadorsette1 2018-11-22

Moments later he moved over to her with his penis fully erect and whispered in her ear, “Now it’s my turn.” As Kevin moved away, Joe reached up under her dress and took over by first caressing and squeezing her waxed, bare pubic triangle, giving her some time to recover. Moving off the seat, Joe lay on the floor of the limo with his rock-hard cock pointing straight up in the air and said to Emily, “Bring that pretty little twat over here and sit on me.” Swinging her leg over his body with her knees now on either side of his waist, she slowly lowered herself and sat down on his cock, taking his full length inside her.

A Week to Remember Part 2

group _O2_ 2018-11-22

When they returned we sat around talking about the wedding, Susan's work schedule, and things they would like for dinner the following week. They each in turn kissed me good bye, Cherise planting a sloppy one on my lips before heading out while Susan was putting the finishing touches on her pretty face. Cherise snuggled closer to me, whispering in my ear, “It's okay daddy, Susan and I set this up because we love you.” I know it's naughty but you're so good to Cherise and me, well, we thought you'd enjoy this after what you saw on Friday night.” Cherise waiting until Susan was in place, watched as my darling step-daughter began moving up and down me.

Strong Women Prefer Rough Anal

group Samuelx 2018-11-22

Meanwhile, Lisa's roommate, the sexy plump white chick known as Mary White was showing my long and thick, uncircumcised black cock some love. Man, could this big white woman suck black cock! I fisted Mary White until she screamed in pleasure and came time and again, before begging me to release her. I plowed into her asshole like a madman until I finally came, blasting my white-hot manly cum deep inside the big white chick's tight butt hole. Afterwards, I slowly squeezed my cock out of Mary White's ass and noticed with a bit of surprise that her once-tight booty entrance was now a gaping asshole. Mary White sat nearby, fingering her pussy while I drilled my cock into Lisa Black's butt hole.

Homecoming Present

group CuriousGal0608 2018-11-22

 I should’ve known from the wet, open mouth kiss I received from Jen as soon as I opened the door and the way she slid her talented fingers into my panty and quickly finger fucked my luscious pussy that she was hot and horny.  “Oh my, Pete, Ally sure wasn’t being modest nor was she lying when she told me I’d love your cock as much as she does,” I heard Jen coo. I heard her muffled moan as I tongue-fucked her luscious pussy while she got busy taking Pete’s pecker in her mouth. After a while he pulled out of Jen and told her to straddle my face, but not before I had a taste of his cock with Jen’s juice all over it and Jen gave my pussy a good licking while I licked her juice off Pete’s rod.

It's A Man's World Ch. 01

group sahebji 2018-11-22

'Look, here is a story written by a boy about how he fucked his sister's best friend on Holi' she said. 'Arre pagali main tere dil ke baare main nahin poonch rahi hoon, bata teri pyari choot ka kya haal hai (Stupid girl I am not asking about your heart, tell me how does your dear cunt feel)' she giggled poking my crotch with her finger. 'Hemu please ask Bhola to bring us a glass of thandayi' jiju said then turning to me asked, 'I am going to try some bhang what about you?' 'One minute' Jiju said and picking me up dumped me in a tub half full of colored water and started to knead my tit with one hand and rub me between my legs with the other.


business trip

group jaflaf1983 2018-11-22

A couple of days later the couple was back in the bar and without hesitation asked us back to their house  I told the woman that I confessed everything to my wife and said she got really hot.  She asked me if I wanted another blowjob.  I grabbed the woman and took her into another room, dialed the phone an said I want you to let my wife hear you suck my cock.  I told her to get on her knees now!  The woman got really excited and said she wanted me to force her.  I grabbed her by the hair and said get down and take my cock out.  She dropped to the floor and began to grab my cock.  I held the phone in one hand and grabbed her head and shoved my cock in her mouth.  I picked up the phone and told my wife.  She is sucking my cock now.  I could hear my wife panting in the background.  I told the woman to open her mouth wider.  and to lake it all the way in .  I said now pull it all the way out.  And shoved it in deeper.  I could see the woman playing with her pussy so I asked her if her pussy was wet.  She said yes.  She was coming just sucking my cock.

82% wife

Here Comes the Neighborhood

group MissAnonna 2018-11-22

“Do you see the neighbor?” He said moving towards the fence, inching the head of his cock closer and closer to the hole. Her hand pulled me to his cock and I felt the head push my lips further apart and I felt his erection slide along the top of my tongue. “Oh Shit!” I cried and held tightly onto Ray’s erection as he reached over the fence and placed his hand across my left breast and began squeezing my nipple. I pushed a little harder against his cock and opened my mouth, feeling the next creamy blast coat the back of my tongue and then he jerked forward and I felt a warm feeling across my eye.

White Women are Goddesses Ch. 08

group Samuelx 2018-11-22

Tonight, I'm meeting with a very beautiful and wealthy black woman named Shamicka Jackson. When we chatted online, Shamicka Jackson told me about her sexual adventures with a gay white chick she knew while attending Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. She repressed her submissive desires for dominant white women by telling herself that as a strong black woman, she shouldn't feel this way. Shamicka Jackson confessed to me that in her fantasies, she played a submissive role to a bossy white woman who completely dominated her. And I find that many black women have fantasies of submitting to a dominant white woman. I smacked Shamicka's big butt really hard and thrust my dildo deeper into her asshole, going where the sun didn't shine.


A Hotwife’s New Years Party (Part Two)

group KenLukin 2018-11-22

Brian gave me the warmest smile, looked at the other three guys standing near him, gestured toward the distant bathroom and wistfully stated, “Lucky fuckers.” Vince joined in and their dark purple cock heads pressed together as I opened my mouth wide like a hungry baby bird in the nest.They grunted at the same time and both shot ribbons of thick, white goo into my mouth. His timing seemed pretty good, too.Heather quickly gave Brian the once over, smiled and said, “Let’s go!” I could tell Lee was going to be first, and I focused on him as I held his cock head in my mouth and stroked his lovely shaft until he surrendered his creamy juice in powerful spurts against the back of my throat.


group lookinginerie 2018-11-22

She slid the tip of her finger into my ass as she sucked the top of my cock, keeping in hand my entire shaft, stroking me slowly while she took my tip into her red lips. By this time, I didn't care who was around anymore, telling her sure, she unzipped my pants and slid her hand into the opening, she found my cock without a problem, her hand sliding along my shaft making it slowly start to grow. Marc was bent over Shea's head now, fucking her mouth as she fingered his ass, pushing in deeper and deeper each time his cock slid down into her throat.

By Invitation Only Part 2

group Sweetdreemz 2018-11-22

The overhead light had been turned off, so it took a while for Cindy to make out Trish lying on the table face down with two large towels covering her body; one for her upper body, one for her lower body. Despite the fact that she had watched couples have sex in this room before, and despite the fact that Jenny and Mike were intentionally performing in front of the group, Cindy had the feeling she was intruding on a very private moment. Finally as Nancy began relaxing, Bob pulled his still twitching cock out of her, but continued to squeeze it until the urgently impending orgasm passed.

the Dance Party

group crazymann 2018-11-22

  You looked like you were having a really good time!”             She got up close to me and with her lips pressed up against my ear told me “Just so you know… while I was out dancing before… I think either Dave or Chris might have grabbed my ass… and I may have danced a little provocatively with Lisa… I think I may have had a little too much to drink, and if this bothers you… I can ditch them and we can leave.”             “Leave?” I asked her.             It felt as though my hard on never fully went away from the first moment I saw Kristi dancing with Chris, Dave and Lisa, but being this close to her naked body, it felt the hardest it did all night right at that moment.