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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Summer on the Farm Ch. 01

group christian_hm 2018-07-01

Happy with this news, Christian headed into the house to get cleaned up for dinner while Demetri and Dustin closed up the barn and put the tractor away. Christian left the conversation feeling better about himself that he hadn't found a great girlfriend yet or had had sex before, reasoning that if the same thing could happen to a couple of great girls like Tiffany and Julie, then it wasn't that bad. A couple of minutes later, the twin once again got out of the water, giving the boys an up-close look at her perfect form as she walked casually along the rocks, basking in the warmth of the sun.


Curious Kat’s Big Adventure

group Shotgun59 2018-07-01

Danny walked out of the room into an adjoining bedroom leaving Kat to watch her date fondle Babette's perfect breasts from behind while she reached around and jacked his dick Babette lowered her big puffy pussy down to Kat's mouth and for a moment Kat froze still not completely sure she could put her mouth on another woman, but when she smelled Liam's pre-cum on her wet pussy lips and felt Babette's soft face bury itself into her own creamy cookie, she lost all uncertainty and buried her tongue deep inside Babette's burning flower garden. C'mon, Baby fuck me deep and hard." Kat reached back and spread her big buttocks apart stretching her pussy wide open as he thrust his dick in and out like a wild man.

The Craziest Weekend Ch. 01

group straightnlongfellow 2018-07-01

After thinking to herself for a minute Alex came back over to the table, "okay, here's your dare, you have to play the rest of the game with just Jesse's spandex shorts on. In the next hand, Jesse was down to just the undies and didn't want to lose and have to show any skin so thinking quickly she proposed a different bet, "I'll let you have Scott as your slave for the night!" "Oh my god Kerry, holy shit!!" I moaned, "you keep that up and you're gonna get a BIG surprise!!" She smiled at me on top of my cock and started to use her hand and mouth at the same time and picked up the speed.

Cabin Fever Parts Ch. 07-08

group bunny3374 2018-07-01

I wanted to get involved, but since this was Crystal's first time, I thought she should enjoy herself, so I just sat there drinking my beer and chatting with Dan. I found out that they come to these cabins at least once a year, so I suggested that we could better coordinate our visits and stay in the same cabin together. I could tell Crystal also wanted to be perched on the edge of the pool like that, and who was I to turn down eating a freshly fucked pussy! Dan got up and slid his hard cock deep inside my pussy and fucked me hard, as Joan and Jake watched us.

Locker Room Lust Ch. 03

group bbw4youngercocks1 2018-07-01

The cock in her mouth was hardened beyond belief; arousing Winter into tiny groans as she continued to fuck the man lying on the bench while sucking this guy off. She now had two cocks stuffed in both her cunt and ass and as all three of them fucked in rhythm, she had taken Brock's own hard on into her mouth and began jerking a fourth man off at the same time. Brock continued to fuck his wife's mouth in long even strokes as the man beside him groaned him pleasure from her hand job and the two cocks inside Winter rammed in and out. The three of them fucked in unison until Brock had let out a groan, shooting his wad into the man's ass and sparking both the guy's and Winter's own orgasms as they all came together.

How I love being John's worthless slave......

group LisaCannons69 2018-07-01

Let's see how far we can make her go." Daddy then said to me "Go,to the bar, get on top of it and lay back, spread your legs all the way apart showing the whole room your cunt, and grind up against that chain until it makes you cum all over the bar." I did just that! The new master told me to circle the room once to every guy there for there to spit into my ass for this huge black cock to slide up into me, I walked up to every man, bent over, spread my ass cheeks apart, and waited for each one to spit in my ass.

My Wife, His Slave Ch. 01

group buttman3000 2018-07-01

The woman then slowly pulled her fingers out of my wife's cunt and thrust them, wet with a mixture of Katy's own juices and the cum of countless men, into her mouth and forced her to suck her fingers clean. I walked into the kitchen to see my wife bent over the table with her breasts hanging out of her shirt, her G-string on the floor, her skirt pushed up to her waste, and her hands tied behind her back while the group of men took turns fucking her from behind. I don't know how many of the men had had a turn with her before I got there, but after the man that I had walked in to see fucking my wife finished, he pulled out, and Katy's new master took his place.


Ex Mormons Swing Ch. 07

group BoundariesBroken 2018-07-01

Katie moved closer to Craig and the two of them snuggled and it looked like they were ready to go back to sleep, so I took Brooke by the hand as I said good night to my wife and friend. Back in the days of my own orthodox approach to the Mormon lifestyle the garments felt like the most normal thing in the world, but with regularity anything becomes familiar and standing there looking at Melinda in her ugly Mormon underwear I started to contextualize the emotional reaction I was having now. Pressed against her still but pulling my head back so I could look her in the eyes I stared deeply while placing my hands on her breasts, cupping them roughly through the material that covered them.



group querico44 2018-07-01

I looked up at her with a smile and said " Morning Betty, you're just in time for breakfast." and pulled my hard cock out of Liz's pussy. I confessed that I had seen her through the open bathroom door the night before, just as I had seen Liz. She said "I have a confession to make also, I came out to the kitchen after my shower and saw you on the sofa playing with your big cock. I said "Well I'm happy to give you what you wanted." and I pounded away on her pussy till she began to squirm and squealed "I'm cumming, fuck me harder." I drove my cock deep into her several more times and felt my balls tighten and the cum began to flow as I shot my load of cum with more f***e than I'd ever experienced before.

Revenge on Emily

group AxePenMan 2018-07-01

Relentless, horny drunk guys and girls including her own sister have fingers all up inside of her. Emily's pussy and ass are already dripping wet as there must be 6 or 8 people fingering her holes. With her own little sister rubbing her clit furiously and a plethora of fingers inside of her wet pussy, she starts screaming in orgasm. The guys take turns fucking her pussy with the cock still lodged in her ass. We got tired of hearing her scream after a while so some of the guys start sticking their cocks in her mouth. One by one, the guys start dropping their loads in Emily's mouth and we make sure she swallows every little bit!

Sharing Her Creamy Quim Ch. 02

group Corkskrew 2018-07-01

It took him about a minute, but he started rubbing his hand across my back and said softly...perhaps we can make other arrangements for payment, I'll bet you have other things that are a little tight. As I was squeezing that big beautiful cock, I felt one of his long fingers start to slowly slide between my pussy lips and right into my hole. As I came I squeezed his cock with my pussy & he let out a loud roar and just started spraying his cum inside me like a fire hose! After a few minutes of sucking her quim clean, she pushed my shoulder saying I have to go but would you like to stay and listen to him pound my little ass Love?

End-of-the Year Party

group psychedelicmoth 2018-07-01

Instead she said, "I know sweetie, I just thought I'd ask and see if you were interested." What she really wanted was to relax and have a good time and she realized that she probably wouldn't if he was around. "Feel free to pour your own drinks ladies," he said and then Megan watched as the two men walked inside. Megan felt Allison's hand bounce her left breast up and down a few times. Megan decided that she liked having his eyes glued to her, but she was concerned about how Martin might feel about it. As Martin worked intently on Allison's shin, she felt William's erection press up against her ass.


sluts night on way home

group 2018-07-01

I get on top of the table, and open my legs, the tables can move, so whilst one of the guys takes off my knickers and starts to finger fuck me, the guy I was stroking with my foot gets his hard cock out and shoves it in my mouth, I start to suck, he has a big cock and I begin to gag but I don’t want him to stop. I feel the guy who is fucking me shoot his load into me, the café worker takes over and starts to suck my fanny and lick all the cum and juices from me.

Shame Game Ch. 03: Mary Turns Bill

group shamefever 2018-07-01

I had Bill repeat this action, telling him that my left boob was the dick of Frank's friend, and alternated between my two tits a few more times before I said, "Frank and his friend want you to suck their cocks now so that they can give you their wonderful cum." Bill started sucking my boobs like they were huge cocks, trying to get as much boob meat in his mouth as possible. I said, "Honey, you did such a good job giving Frank and his friend a blowjob, it is time for me to give you the proof of my slutty activities like I promised." I laid back on the couch, arched my pussy up into the air, pulled the plug out of it with a squishy pop, and said, "Hurry up, honey, I want you to know what a real slut I was today.


The Homecoming

group menunnc 2018-07-01

Annie caressed her breast as she watched Carl slide his hands deep inside his shorts and squeeze his balls with both hands. With her eyes glued on Carl, she began sucking her fingers, imagining his cock sliding deep inside her throat. It wasn't until Annie moved the pillow slowly away and exposed her breasts that Carl blinked his eyes. Lying across on the bed, propped on her elbows, Annie nervously held his loose heavy balls in both hands as she filled her nostrils with the strong musky essence of the powerful man standing before her. Annie's tempo increased along with the strength of her grip as Carl's fingers found their way between the folds of her ass and into her hot, wet pussy.


Me and 3 guys

group loloishorny 2018-07-01

Bob is getting into this too much, So I have John go behind Mark, lube up his ass and Fuck marks tight hole. I have Mark get up and go over to Bob and suck his cock, and Have John go on with fucking Mark's ass. Mark is fucking my asshole, I have Bob below me and is licking my pussy and I have John's dick in my mouth. I have John lay down, I sit with his dick in my ass, lay back and have Marks huge ccok in my pussy and bob is in my mouth and he is sucking my tits. I tell John to suck on bobs dick and I tell Mark to fuck me hard.

Gay Sex in the Woods

group 2018-07-01

The young guy bent forward to suck me off for a while but I really wanted some anal sex so pulled out and leaving my cock ot walked further into the woods. The guy behind soon had his cock up my arse and a short while later I felt other hands, two of which directed my head away from the cock I was sucking onto what I can only describe as a monster cock. I reached for the monster cock, almost having second thoughts as I gripped it and pulled it towards my arse. What a night and I hope to repeat it again some time soon so email if you are the guy with the cock or if you just want to meet in the woods.

The Serious Wife

group MrDelirium 2018-07-01

My wife and I watched as Lucy looked around again and then sank to her knees, unfastened the boy's trousers and yanked them down a few inches. As I watched the boy face fucking Lucy, I idly ran my hand up under my wife's skirt and gently stroked the back of her thighs through her petticoat. The young boy, grinning like a satyr, held his cock and rubbed it while Lucy slowly parted her legs in an erotic display for him, and unintentionally for us also. Watching your wife stick this big Oriental phallus up the maid's tight wet cunt," she said as she gave a firm thrust, driving the object home.


Phone Sex

group sioux13 2018-07-01

"Lick my cunt you horny little bitch," said Kathy as she grabbed Shelley's hair with both hands and pulled her head forward. I could feel myself about to cum so I grabbed Shelley's hips and began to fuck her fast and hard, a move that pushed her face and tongue further into Kathy's pussy. Several minutes later she stopped, moaned loudly and I could see she wanted to enjoy Shelley's licking of her pussy and sucking of her clit, so I reached around and pulled her legs up towards her tits, spreading them wide and watching as Shelley's tongue enjoyed her now fully exposed cunt.

Liz is Willing: I Restrained Liz

group lizshusband 2018-07-01

During the fuck session that night, my wife Liz, tied spread eagle on the bed, her cunt wide open, admitted that she had already fucked a few of the guys who would be attending the sex party in East Hampton. Since I really didn't know anything about the sex parties in East Hampton other than Liz was going to have to fuck a lot of guys for both of us to be invited, after our fuck session I asked Kara about it. Kara said, "Steven said, They tied Liz to the bed and she just finished fucking eight black guys while the other couples at the house watched."

Cabin in the Woods

group theo_minor 2018-07-01

Sharon and I started dating in our junior year of college, and when we were pretty sure we were going to end up marrying each other, we introduced Jean and Walt to each other, knowing how much they'd like each other. Sharon and I turned to watch as the head of Walt's cock pushed against Jean's pussy lips, parted them, and slipped easily inside, as both of them groaned with pent-up arousal. I just laid my head back and relaxed into the sensations of Sharon's hands and mouth, alternating my gaze between my wife's ministrations on my cock, and Jean's work on Walt's.


Riding the Sammie Train

group CalWriter 2018-07-01

Even though the guys behind me were getting impatient waiting their turn, I took my time fucking this bitch. With a final grunt, I pulled my cock out of her and relinquished my place to the next horny guy. I had a beer, danced a couple of times then started to get horny so I went back upstairs to see if the train was still running. Sure enough, the little slut was taking on two guys at a time now. I got back in line and, when the time came, pulled out my cock and stuck it in her mouth. I never was sure how many guys Sammie took on but, when she started coming around again none of us would have anything to do with her.

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 07

group tk5555 2018-07-01

She knew that what she was feeling with her hand and the toy were just a sample of what it would be like with Chance and Rick. Nancy was just starting to think of Rick lowering his head towards Chance's long, hard cock when her orgasm flooded over her. I'd much rather just be punished for my misdeed," Nancy said as she slowly dropped to her knees between Rick and Chance. Chance felt Nancy begin to swing back and forth as Rick began to slowly thrust his hips against her ass. Rick moved his hands outward, exposing Nancy's breasts and vagina to Chance. Rick was speechless as he watched Nancy guide Chance's long hard dick into her pussy.


How Raja fucked aunt

group pari4aj4pari 2018-07-01

Pari my wife held aunt’s hand started to move aunt’s hand back n forth masturbate Raja’s dick. Aunt said to Raja lay on bed so I can lick and suck your dick. Aunt got hold of Raja’s dick in hand and put it in her mouth. In mean time Nalni our maid started to suck my cock while I was on the bed next to raja and aunt. As Raja started to push his dick in aunt’s pussy. Aunt opened her mouth and moan as dick started going in her pussy. Raja got half of dick in aunt’s pussy. Slowly Raja pushed all his dick in aunt’s pussy. The minute I saw Raja's dick I wanted that cock in my pussy.