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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dreams Come True Ch. 1

group sxxfrk99 2018-07-01

I decided it wasn't a good idea to say that I was doing an ex-girlfriends sister, so I told her just hanging with the guys playing pool, drinking beer, fishing and swimming. Here I was about to marry a great girl, just got away with a weekend of lust with Alicia, and I still wasn't satisfied. I don't know if it was the beer talking or not, but to my satisfaction, Michelle was making comments that she would do that at least once, that she wasn't against new experiences. As we slipped into more sex, my head was filled with the possibility of making my dream into reality.


The Ad Ch. 03: Todd

group tedsgirl 2018-07-01

"Jack, your cock is as hard as a rock buddy." Ted said as he sat up and reached for Jack's balls, stroking them as he watched Patti sucking Jack's cock like a pro. "But I do love the taste of your pussy." Ted and Patti were still licking and sucking Jack's rock hard cock. "You've got a tight pussy Jen," Todd told her as he glanced over at the TV screen again and now saw Patti getting fucked by Ted, he was behind her and Jack was in front of her fucking her mouth. Todd was moaning and grunting as he watched the action in front of him,his girlfriend's pussy getting eaten while Jennifer sucked another man's cock.


I Call on Jill & Mary

group JaxsonCurry 2018-07-01

Mary's sweet pleasure globe felt even better in my mouth than Jill's sweet love hole, the tip of Jill's clever tongue entered my ass. Mary likes to suck her cock and Jill is happy to accommodate her friend. Mary's mouth but Jill wouldn't cum until she and I started fucking. started licking my way up a pair of Mary's pussy lips. Mary didn't want to bite down on Jill's cock while she was cumming so she pussy against my mouth and a squeeze of Jill's ass. continued deep, slow strokes, my cock going all the way into Jill's lovely I was grunting as my cock penetrated Jill's beautiful ass. Mary's mouth and her ass faster back to meet the strokes of my cock.

Lori's Revenge Ch. 01

group coldfire69 2018-07-01

She knew damn well Peter would be watching her play with her clit and labia, and that it would now be only a matter of time before he figured he might have to take part in some way. Lori knew that right about now, with his cock deep inside her, and her tits dangling before his eager tongue, what Peter wanted most in the world was to either keep fucking her like this, or start eating her pussy. "Lori shared with me that your all-time favorite fantasy is to be in a threesome, with two women," Minx explained gently. Lori also knew with certainty that Peter's hesitation was not about the transactional sex, the prostitution; he was emotionally intelligent enough to be very much aware that sex trade workers were real people like everyone else.

It Is Far Better to Give...

group BrettJ 2018-07-01

Holly's powder-blue eyes met Christina's and both girls smiled as they shared a kiss, one of fondness, caring and mutual passion. Words were unnecessary as they moved into a heated sixty-nine, Holly placing her tiny frame above Christina's tall, leggy blonde body and eager to commence more loving. Holly splayed Christina's pussy lips apart and inserted her tongue deep inside her new lovers sweet cunt, licking and stroking every inch of her beautiful puss. Christina said "Well, I think my boyfriend's going to need something extra-special to top this lovely little gift." She kissed Holly's forehead, then her face lit up. Trembling slightly as Andy's cock slid in between her soft, pouty lips, Holly wasn't sure what to do, but she took Christina's advice to heart.


A Professor Is Blackmailed

group dawn1958 2018-07-01

Knowing about Kerri's piercings and watching her every day in class drove him to new heights of arousal and Sky masturbated almost every night just dreaming of her sexy body. Kerri returned to the kitchen and uttered a little gasp of surprise at the stunned look on Jim's face when he stared at her new attire. Kerri glanced down at Jim when his burning mouth devoured a rock hard nipple and she marveled at his tongue playing with the golden ring. His fingers went to the other swollen bud and when Jim caressed both nipple rings, Kerri moaned so loudly that it scared him.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 95

group SteveWallace 2018-07-01

As I pondered what I wanted to do about dinner, Stacy greeted Tom, Sheila, Melanie, and Izzy. Julie kissed me as she passed by, but then passed off a baby to Sheila, and then went and really laid a long succulent kiss on Tom. They nuzzled into each other in a way I hadn't noticed before, and I also saw some intimate whispering going on - little love words between the two of them. As I looked around, I noted that Julie had walked hugging Tom's arm to her as the pair continued to talk with each other about their day. I started to get a couple of other thoughts, but they were washed away in the passion of our making love and the back-to-back orgasms that swept through me diverted my thinking from anything other than physical feelings.


Fucking @ The Club

group rose37 2018-07-01

The bartender spoke to a nearby waitress and handed her Vietta's drink. With anticipation obviously written all over my face I watched the smile spread across Vietta's face as she looked my way. Without a word she took my hand and led me out to the dance floor. She handed me my drink and said with a gleam in her eyes, "Cuuum with me to the restroom, Ann!" By this time I could feel that I had already soaked my panties just dancing with Vietta. "Come on, Roy. Join us." Vietta, said in a husky voice. I was wanting to scream but Vietta tasted too good for me too stop drinking in her juices. Roy licked some of Vietta's cum off of my face.

Tina's Nautical Adventure

group Tina420 2018-07-01

Mark asked me what I liked to drink and I told him I loved margaritas. We like to get about 20 or 30 miles out before we talk about fishing or any other plans." He went on after a few minutes and said, "I will tell you the first rule though. There I was, a 44 year old mom of two who was standing nude in front of four strange men, out in the ocean and rapidly heading away from land. Mark, John, and I sat in the lounge for a few more hours, drinking margaritas and just getting to know each other. I knew the deal but they were so rough-and not at all like the well mannered young guys I thought.

The Wildwood Cabins: Spring Break

group eroslit 2018-07-01

The family unpacked, with Dennis and Kim occupying the single bedroom and Erin taking the loft overlooking the living room. By the time his hands had risen inside her sweatshirt to cover her breasts, Kim could feel the hardness of his cock against her ass. As her mouth closed around the cock and her tongue slid along the bottom of the shaft, she felt Dennis' hand on the back of her head. Dennis closed his eyes and concentrated on the sensation of Kim's mouth and tongue working on his cock. Erin Cashman sat on the back porch of Cabin 1 with a beer in her hand and her feet propped up on the chair in front of her.


A Girl's Desires Ch. 02

group w.b.p. 2018-07-01

As soon as we got into my apartment Renee slid my top off (I had already dropped my miniskirt in the hallway), slithered out of her clothes, slid down my body so that her face was on my naked breasts, and, rubbing her erect nipples against my tummy and crotch, began to suck and lick and nibble my tits. By the time we got to the bedroom his pants were off, and was eagerly masturbating his big, hard,delicious cock as he watched Renee and I have our horny lesbian sex. I forgot what I was doing, and just kneeled there, my face resting on Renee's pubic mound, my fingers up her pussy, savoring the sweet, delicious feeling of a thick, hot penis sliding in and out of my wet, hot, sensitive cunt!


Romantic Maybe

group Cybertease 2018-07-01

She sat nervously on her bed, Her frock a diaphanous blue, She knew he'd carry out what he said, But just didn’t know what to do. Her pussy was on fire, The lads cock was thick and long, Her masters was solid as a rock, Hairy and large like that of King Kong, He stepped forward and ripped off her frock. The other your pretty pussy will fuck, The young lad never looked at her, His fist tightened like a ball of steel, As her master started to reel. Again and again the young lad struck, Till her master lay covered in bl**d, Though her young man isn't rich, She'll never again be treat like a bitch,

My Family's Nudist Colony? Ch. 14

group regularguy13 2018-07-01

The meeting ended and Dave and Angie slowly walked back to the cabin with slumped shoulders. Carl caught her attention that time and Bree stopped. An excited Carl started following Bree, but Clay didn't move. When they realized that Clay wasn't with them, Bree and Carl turned around. Bree reached out, ran her hand across Clay's firm chest, smiled and said, Then Bree lay down, pressing her tits to Carl's chest, and said, Carl and Bree were motionless as Clay guided his missile into her anus. Clay and Carl took their lead from Bree. Bree screamed in pleasure, pain and more pleasure as Carl and Clay followed her instructions.

Jenny Goes Cuckold

group ickric 2018-07-01

"Oh Christ, Mick is fucking me with his huge dick" she wailed, "His cock is inside me, deep inside my pussy and he's fucking me." Without a thought, she reached out for Stuart and took hold of his erection, pulling at the foreskin with a ferocious might. Mick wandered over to where Jenny's husband was sat and watched as Stuart began to lick his ex lovers pussy, which was oozing with Micks love juices, the experience making Mick feel horny again. Mick was so engrossed, he forgot to gloat to the husband who sat there in the corner of the bedroom, his erection in his hand, watching his wife, his betrothed, having sex with two of her previous lovers.


Pirate Sex Ch. 02

group glascock 2018-07-01

After the first few men, I was shaking again, bridled on tiptoe...If my hands weren't tightly drawn overhead, I surely would have collapsed...The line of men wasn't getting any shorter, and my pussy was realizing this was going to last for hours...I started coming quick and hard, as each new tongue found my love-button, sending dribbles of my sweet juice into each hungry mouth, for what seemed like forever...falling into a trance-like state, as the waves of orgasm washed over me, I was roused from my bliss by the grip of many strong hands, as I felt the rope releasing from above...

Four For More

group LAnthony2plus2 2018-07-01

While she was nearly ten years older than Kate, Julie looked like a model. "I hope you don't mind--I know the flutes are supposed to help the bubbles, but I'm old fashioned in some ways." Mark, the handsome man Kate had been admiring, poured into round, globe shaped glasses, the kind Kate had only seen in old black and white movies. Kate felt her hands start to search over Julie's body, first on her arms then her back, before finally landing around her ass. Julie pulled away and crinkled her nose at Kate, giving way to a smile of satisfaction. Julie pulled Kate's blouse over her head, then peeled off her bra the same way--not taking the time to even unhook it.

Lust with 3

group AsianDirtySlut 2018-07-01

Dave smiled and introduced his friend "This is Chad" (I shook hands with an equally good-looking man. David went up to Chad and Ross and whispered to them that made their eyebrow shot up and looking at me in disbelief. It was an awkward silence for a while til I said "Look, David, Chad, Ross. I wanted to peel off my bra and thongs when David said "Liz, get on your knees. I wanted David to be in my ass so he positioned behind me and Ross cleaned his cock in my mouth. "I just don't know how to say this but you have such a beautiful figure Liz. Thank you for tonight." David said as I sat down at the dining table.

The Professor Ch. 01

group jim313 2018-07-01

He let the toy rest on his thighs, with his cock buried deep inside it, and answered Katy's message with a very sexy session following up on her scenario in which he and the husband put on a show for she and the wife since Katy had told him how hot she gets at the thought of him with another man. JP lay back on the bed and his thick, throbbing penis cleaved the air as Katy settled herself between his outstretched thighs and began by kissing and licking his full balls before taking them in her mouth and running her tongue over them as she sucked. He was lost in pleasure as Katy sucked his balls and when she moved on up to his cock, he was almost sorry, until he felt her tongue licking its way around and up his throbbing shaft.


Her Friend Stopped By

group kinggamuche 2018-07-01

Her friend was now putting my cock deep in her mouth moving her mouth over it using her tongue and hand at the same time making me moan against Jenny's pussy. I couldn't believe it but she was able to work the whole thing down her throat so I reached down with one hand and grabbed her hair to push her up and down on my cock as her friend came on my face with even more juice than Jenny had just left. I reached down and started to pump my cock into her mouth a little faster but I didn't want to cum just yet so I grabbed some of her hair and pulled her up to kiss her so she could taste all the pussy juice on my face.

Animal House

group fuse1369 2018-07-01

John grabbed onto Pam's tits and moved his cock faster and faster inside her: By now Pam was just about screaming from the pleasure. When she was close to orgasm, she got on her hands and knees, put her ass high in the air, and said, "Fuck me, I want to feel your cock inside me." I mounted her from behind, rubbed my cock up and down her slit while she moaned for me to fuck her. After a few strokes, Pam said, "I want to feel your hot cock come inside me. When I came, Pam was moaning and screaming; "I can feel your hot come shoot way inside of me!" With that I collapsed on the floor.


Thanksgiving Dinner Ch. 03

group SabrinaPink 2018-07-01

"I can't tell you how many loads of cum I've lost thinking about you, Sweetie," he said, rubbing his dick against my slick pussy, "Your hairless cunt looks so hungry. "Mm. Daddy makes me feel really good when he puts his big cock inside my little pussy. Mr. Parker was doing such a good job of keeping his promise to make me feel good that I had almost forgotten about Steve and his little penis fucking my ass until I heard him grunt and felt him cum inside me. "Daddy is going to fuck his sweet little baby's cunt all the time. "Do you want Daddy's cum, now?" Mr. Parker asked, fucking me sweetly with his cock.

Trapped in an Elevator

group PO469 2018-07-01

He put his hands on my hips and controlled our movements, pulling me to him as he pushed his hard cock fully into my depths and then pulled out to where just the head stayed in me. He ran his hands back up to my bouncing tits that by now were hanging out from my open blouse and squeezed and rubbed them while his cock slowly shrank till he could no longer keep it in me, much to my disappointment. As he stepped away I felt another pair of hands grip my waist and another cock press against my ass. It's amazing.) I exploded with the biggest orgasm that I had ever had and while I was shaking and trying to scream, the cock in my mouth pushed past my gag point and deep into my throat.

Hard to Believe

group PurientInterests 2018-07-01

"I don't want you coming too early, big guy, you might win." Rather than coming out from under the table she moved forward and took another hundred-dollar chip and she worked her way around the table giving everyone a blowjob. The guy to my left told her he would give her another hundred-dollar chip to take her dress off. One of the guys got a bottle of Amaretto from the bar and poured it on her tits she rubbed it in. She grabbed the other guy and pulled him in front of her and started sucking his cock. The guy behind her moved back and fell into one of the chairs when his cock slipped out of her.

Courtesan of Rome Ch. 03

group TheMuseViolet 2018-07-01

I want you to kiss her along her beautiful skin, along the inner side until you reach here,' she pointed at my cunt, ' when you reach there, I want you to take this, ' she grabbed his cock firmly at the base pulling him closer, ' and I want you to fuck her properly...none of this half arsed fucking that the patrician gives her.' Each person of the gathering was being fondled in some manner; a nipple being pinched, a tongue caressing an ear lobe, fingers being threaded through hair, cocks being firmly held and this in itself was still not enough to keep my attention riveted, as Lavinia had long ago made innocent eyes privy to the sexual appetites of men and women.