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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Night to Remember

group Kath 2018-07-01

I had turned in for the night, Tracy & Adam was going to stay up to talk to some old friends for a few hours. Tony was not trying to hide the way he felt as he slowly rubbed through his pants as he watched his friend's hand disappear under Tracy's dress. They watched as Adam slowly ran his hand up to his wife's ass and then he moved her so he could have access to her pussy while he still kissed her. Tracy was lying on the floor with her legs spread wide open as Tony was eating her pussy the other two guys sucked on her breasts and took turns fucking her face.

Jim Meets the Coeds Ch. 01

group Romantic1 2018-07-01

While the three of us had quickly developed a robust intimate relationship with one another, that relationship had extended to include Mel, Lynn's daughter who was a senior at Ohio State; Robbie her fiancé; and Karen's sexy mother, Bev. Rachel and Carl, Karen's sister and brother-in-law had also joined our relationship, moving to Sarasota, Florida, to be close to us. Of course, you should go and see her." I thought for a moment and added, "Perhaps we should both see her and give her a taste of what we did tonight." Robbie liked that idea, and both Karen and Lynn encouraged us to go and leave Mel breathless and well fucked before we came home.


Island Fever Ch. 17

group Jeremydcp 2018-07-01

"I really hope you like it," Trish commented, as Lindsay used the spoon to take a sample taste of a banana split ice cream sundae. Just the tense, worried expression Trish displayed before Lindsay tried the ice cream sundae, to the look of sudden, absolute joy mere seconds later after being given a good answer was the barometer that I was using. it's okay." After putting on a happy face which was not sincere, Trish kissed Lindsay on the cheek and murmured, "I really hope you and Amy have a good time together, baby." Trish's pretty mouth twitched as she added, "Maybe you and me can hook up after dinner. I do not believe that Lindsay wants the same things in life that you do right now, Trish.


Rubbing People the Right Way Ch. 03

group walterio 2018-07-01

Carla continued to massage Jenny's front and inner thighs and each time her hand dipped between Jenny's thighs it brushed against Jenny's pussy. Slowly Dirk ran his hands along the sensitive inner skin of Jenny's legs to the top of her thighs and then with the thumb and one finger of each hand he began to massage her outer labia. Carla and Dirk worked their way up Beth's legs massaging her inner thighs and purposely brushing against her vulva. At first Carla and Dirk lay face down as Beth quickly massaged their arms and legs so that she could get to their buttocks. Beth then turned her attention to Dirk and massaged his chest and legs working her way up to his big cock.


Vacation to Mexico Ch. 03

group msm865 2018-07-01

I won't turn that down and walk the short distance to the restaurant, cautiously looking around for the table with her ex-lover. We come back to the table and she is clearly expecting to be asked to dance by one of the other men, but no offer is forthcoming. As I am left with his wife and we aren't even sitting together, it makes sense to join the dance floor as well. We decided to call it a night at the dance club and headed again to their bungalow, walking as couples. The son pulled his shirt over his head, dropped his shorts and they stood naked facing each other.

A Party to Remember

group Mowgli88 2018-07-01

She hadn't really felt like going to the party tonight but now she was ready she was looking forward to it. Jenny would not have even been going to this party if Anna had not spent all day convincing her that "it would be fun". Jenny felt a little rush through her body and knew this was her chance to have some of that fun Anna had promised her. Jenny was on her knees between the men dressed as policemen and had a cock in each of her hands. The feeling of having both her mouth and pussy filled at the same time felt amazing. Her pussy contracted around the cock that fucked her causing the policemen to let out a large grunt as came hard.


My Friday fun

group jordyn16 2018-07-01

Sure, critics say casual sex is just as awkward when you unexpectedly bump into your one-night stand walking down the street to class, but, hey, that’s what iPods and cell phones were half invented for right? Sure, plenty of college parties end in casual sex, but I had never attended a party where the explicit goal was sexual pleasure. So the conversations weren’t much different from any other college party — the only difference being that the girls’ clothing ranged from barely there lingerie to flimsy dresses to dominatrix suits, while the boys wore mainly underwear — let’s just say I’ve seen enough Calvin Klein boxers and briefs to design their next spring line.

Nerd Girl at Faculty Stag Night

group fastandsloppy 2018-07-01

"She was a student in my Creative Writing section; not really what you'd call good looking although she seemed like the kind of person who really works at fading into the crowd: cheap glasses; straight, mousy brown hair; frumpy clothes; no makeup or even jewelry as far as I remember..." But neither did they want to end up too drunk to perform if she actually did, so they drank cola or coffee or water, played a few hands of poker, argued again about which pornos to watch and petulantly agreed with each other how pathetic they were for falling for the whims of a teenage cock-tease like Jill Coode. "I'm outside," said Jill's squeaky voice into Martin's ear.


Frat Initiation

group troublebuddy 2018-07-01

He said " stand back girls here it comes, her pussy is finally getting tight." Then he tilted his head back and began to moan and say "fuck yea, fuck yea." We all knew he came, and when he stepped back we all saw how big of a load it was. I just stood there for a moment when Horse said "what are you waiting for?." So I turned to leave thinking he wanted me to leave, when I grabbed the door knob he said "where do you think your going?." I replied to the party I guess, I am done here." "like hell you are" he said, "you have to clean your fucked up mess!." I grabbed the nearest towel I could find, which was on top of a pile of dirty clothes, and moved toward the girl.

Revenge & Company

group Scarcrow 2018-07-01

The contrasts of the thick monster and the thin one was even stranger in her hands, but stranger still was the feel of the thin cock in her mouth when Bill finally gave up control to Shawn. "I want that monster to fill me up." Sid smiled and started to climb onto her, but Annette moved out of the way. Annette pumped it a few times before straddling his hips and lowering herself until the head of his cock bumped into her cunt. Annette closed her eyes and bit her lip as she tried to force the thick cock into her tight hole. He finger fucked her ass a few times before he pulled free with a shriek from Annette, and smeared another blob of vaseline onto his cock.


Anchoring Out

group Arabsemen 2018-07-01

As I past an anchorage that I had heard others talk about as having a nice beach, I noticed that even though it was the middle of summer, only one small – about 36' – trawler was anchored and a few small runabouts were pulled to the beach. The inhabitants of LORRY'S OK looked to be a fairly young couple so, not wanting to offend when I showered in the cockpit, I anchored with my bow facing LORRY'S stern. I went back to my lounging position while Robert sat rather upright and we talk of the anchorage – he and Lorry came there whenever they could get away for a few days. "No Robert, I didn't think so, given that, from what I can see, Lorry looks pretty darn good in her two piece."

Meeting Tex with Wife

group AngeloBiGuy 2018-07-01

Sure looks like she sucks cock well, and her pussy looks good enough to eat!" exclaimed Tex, with excitement evident in his voice. "Hmmm, seems like someone got excited eating my pussy, is that right?" asked Marie, staring at Tex and his erection. "Well, since I've heard that my husband likes to suck that cock, why don't you two show me something hot?" With that, Marie reclined on her side on the bed, idly toying with her erect nipple, anticipating what we might do. Moving between my lover's spread legs, I licked and began to suck his hard cock as he relaxed on the bed. We worked as a team, me fucking Marie's pussy deeply, Tex feeding her his cock, until it looked like Tex was about to blow in her mouth.

Shirley's FancyDress Party

group MrPovey 2018-07-01

Shirley sat on the edge of a desk leaning back with both tits exposed, the top of her dress pulled down and the bottom up over her arse and panties till it lay gathered in a tangle of material around her waist. Putting an arm behind her Bob took her weight and pushed her until she was lying back on the desk, he stooped over her and sucked and licked each tit in turn, she closed her eyes again and enjoyed Lees' cock sliding in and out of her as Bob sucked her nipples harder. I leaned forward and took a handful of material and roughly pulled it free from her grasp and up her body till she was exposed again, "Probably a bit late for modesty Shirl." I said, and Bob let her have a couple of further rather forceful thrusts.

Janet's Milk: The Next Generation

group bigwilliestyle 2018-07-01

The only difference between mother and daughter was that Janet's hair was practically raven black, and Erica's was almost a snowy white blonde. Erica reached out to touch her nipples, but they were just too far away from her hands so she went back to stroking her breasts. In order to get him to drive me home, I had to promise to put on a strap-on that he has, fuck him like a woman, and as I was fucking him, he wanted me to grow my breasts so that by the time he came, they would be bouncing and rubbing on his back. As Jack pulled his car up to the school, Erica took her hand out of pants.


Educating Ellie Ch. 03

group Eosphorus 2018-07-01

Ryan grabbed and squeezed Ellie's tits, kissing her neck. Ryan's hands roamed over Ellie's ass and he sighed, lost in the simple joy of feeling its ample breadth. Ryan moved down to Ellie's chest, sucking on her nipples and enjoying the sheer ampleness of her breasts. To Ryan, Ellie was like a walking wet dream of big, beautiful erotic perfection. Ryan ran his tongue slowly down the entire length of her pussy, from above her clit all the way to her perineum right above her asshole. Adam gasped as Ellie flicked her tongue back and forth along the tip of his cock. For Ellie, however, having a hot guy like Adam so totally in thrall to her body was empowering.


The Wrong Thing To Do Ch. 04

group loquere 2018-07-01

The promotion had been sharp and sudden, like the heart attack that had cleared the path to her new position. She'd momentarily forgotten that the jet was there for her, and seeing her entourage swarm to keep her balanced was a reminder of her new station. I thought we decided on ten. Your job is to assist me as I drive profits while balancing our commitment to the owner, our customers, our employees, and the communities we operate in! She had proven herself a worthy manager. She's proven herself." An iron statue of the Anglo-Saxon man, clad in his three-piece scrubs, stood next to the steam engine that once allowed a small railway to grow from the transporter of oil to the owner of it.


The Festival Ch. 03

group deepblue32 2018-07-01

She reached forward and started rubbing my cum around Kate's erect pink nipples, while looking straight at Ste. He glanced over once more at Jen who was running her tongue up the underside of my shaft and then walked over to the other two girls. While Jen reached to pull my asscheeks forwards, pushing my cock down her throat, Amy and Kate unbuckled Ste's jeans. Amy was resting her head on my stomach and Jen was leant back against Ste. Looking at her I couldn't help but think back to a few hours earlier when she'd been leaning against me in that position as I'd edged my hands ever so slowly down the front of her jeans.

A Roommate Thanksgiving Pt. 02

group Stories4Her 2018-07-01

I tell my roommate that I don't want you to get sore and we need to get your cock a little wetter. You see how incredible she makes me feel orally so you are thrilled and wonder if it will translate from my pussy to your cock. You run your tongue along my lips and I'm hungry to feel your tongue inside my mouth. You hope she cums soon because this image of her sitting on my face and being eaten is like nothing you've ever seen before and all you want to do is episode inside of me. She begins to rub her clit with those wet finger and I begin to thrust my tongue inside her pussy and tongue fuck her.

Getting used by big african cocks

group JaneIndo 2018-06-30

He took his cock out and withing seconds i could feel another hard cock trying to split my pussy in half, i felt cocks around my face everywhere i started to grab some jacking and sucking of 2 cocks at the time, while that massive cock was sliding inside of me omg it felt so good i wanted more i started moaning again i couldnt care anymore i felt such a little slut with all these big cocks around me trying to use me in anyway they could.

Wet Miranda's Sperm Swap Ch. 02

group Wet Miranda 2018-06-30

I knew that his come would soon be inside my pussy, and I couldn't wait to have Donna lick it out of me. My hips rocked so hard that I pushed Donna's face up, but she knew not to stop until I was at the right point, and she licked me wildly for another few seconds, causing a second, more powerful wave to hit my body with pleasure. I felt Sam's dick on the small of my back as we watched Rick and Donna position themselves for sex. It felt so deliciously naughty to be licking Rick's hot seed out of Donna's pussy after hehad just fucked her. I felt both Rick and Sam begin to caress my body as I gave Donna the best oral sex imaginable.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 79

group SteveWallace 2018-06-30

After a phone call to Brita late in the day, Sheila and I brought Karyn and one of the male porn stars, Valdemar or Val, back to a restaurant where Brita and Nils joined us, and we all had dinner together. I came to admire the stamina and recovery ability of Val. He'd been fucking on film all day long, taken a break for drinks and dinner, and then made a successful erotic foray on each of the three women with us that evening, extending their pleasure. Five minutes later, Juul said in a loud voice, "Lights, camera, action!" I went down on Karyn for about five minutes and she started those little mewling sounds she was making the day and evening before, enough time for several close ups of my tongue and lips in action.


My Mom

group zimabean 2018-06-30

She had her big hairy cooch right at the edge of the bed and a big, heavy white man was standing there fucking mom. Watching her boobs giggle and the sound of skin slapping together was really making my pussy ache for some cock. Then he pulled out of mom's pussy, her pubes were soaked with cum and white cum was leaking down her ass crack and onto the bed. I was not sure what to do, these married men looking me over and my pussy really wanted some cock. He started to fuck my cute cunt, his heavy cum filled balls slapped against my ass. I asked her if she would see this man again and she told she did not think so, she felt bad having a one night stand.


Kelly and the Secret Society

group DrMick 2018-06-30

"Yes, sir" Kelly gulped, playing into the fantasy that this was in fact her own father with a leather mask over his head, but naked otherwise...and God what a beautiful big cock Daddy had. "I plan on fucking the living shit of you just as long and just as hard as everyone else here." And before he said anything else, he took a handful of her hair and yanked her head up, bringing her face so close to his that she could smell the leather of his mask. "That was fucking beautiful, you dirty little shit stain!" she heard one of the men shout as a big hand came down hard on her ass, smacking her and making her body jump off the table.


Erotic Exotic Ball Ch. 03

group Merlin_6 2018-06-30

Physiological studies indicate that women are capable of ten different orgasmic responses: clitoral, vaginal (often-called g-spot), cervical, anal, urethral, breast, mouth, fusion (more than one at once) and fantasy (without physical stimulation). Cory keeps her 9” model, Irene has possession of the 6” g-spot, and Nancy takes the 7” dildo and Arlene the 6”. They pass the vibrator around starting with Arlene, then Nancy, Irene, Joan and Cory. The big hits are the g-spot stimulator Nancy was playing with, the butterfly clit stimulator (although the women note they would need panties to hold in place and really don’t want to put them on right now) and the multi-tip “Rabbit head” vibrator.