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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

New Holiday Experiences Ch. 02

group theghostwriter 2018-06-30

I am not sure how much time had passed but my euphoric condition was suddenly disturbed when Lizzie pulled away from me and I turned in time to see a furious Suchada angrily asking Lizzie whether she had been given permission to massage such a worthless individual and stating that she would be facing punishment for such insolence and she should go to the terrace and assume the "position"!! It is not long before I feel Lek grasping the back of my head more desperately and it is clear that she is building up pressure and I am distracted as her body starts to squirm and I her her moans reverberating and her grip on me tighten and suddenly she lurches up with a scream and my face is rewarded with a flood of her pussy juice exploding over my face.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 100

group SteveWallace 2018-06-30

As she picked up our programs for the evening, Tori said in a factual tone that didn't boast at all, "If I remember correctly, I think the tennis bracelet was five thousand, and the necklace was seventy or a hundred thou." She brushed the comment off and looked around to see whom else was at the function. Tori explained when no one was around, "Because you are my 'friend' instead of a daddy or step-father, we can be a little romantic and it won't cause a scandal except that of a graduating senior obviously in love with an older man, which I am." She stood on tip toe and kissed me on the cheek.



group HopelesslyAddicted 2018-06-30

Ever since Maria had found out that they were going to have twins, John had worried that there wouldn't be enough money to support them, so Maria had taken up working from home designing business cards and such. Maria was bent over at the waist looking under the hood of the Camry she had though would interest her son Zac when she spotted a tall man with dark hair sitting at a near by café. "john?" Maria asked as she walked in and saw him sitting at the dining room table going over some paperwork. Jason Herring?" Maria was glad that her husband was turned away from her and could not see that her face was pale and that she couldn't breathe.

He Shoots, She Scores

group Thrall_67 2018-06-30

I can feel the wetness between my legs as I coax them to head to the door. The silence is shattered by the sound of sticks hitting the ice as they drop them and begin to head toward me. I can barely see his face through the mask of the helmet he wears but when he finishes tying my wrists to the crossbar, I see that familiar twinkle in my lovers brown eyes. The material is wet and a moan escapes my lips when my ears pick up the sound of pants dropping and jocks being moved aside. I push back to make him enter me deeper and other arms lift my legs till my skates are no longer touching the ice.

Foot Rub?

group grgor 2018-06-30

"Annie, my ol' friend," Jackie said, "Doug is in love with your feet." As he cupped her heel in his dip-less hand, and began licking and sucking on her tiny big toe, he pushed a dip-covered finger into Annie's mouth. While I was distracted, stunned at the sight of my wife rubbing another man's hard cock, Jackie unzipped my jeans and pulled out my throbbing penis. Doug, still with one of her toes in his mouth, craned his head around and looked hard at my stiff naked dick as his wife stroked it up and down. Time for the main attraction: Doug began really fucking my wife, slamming his big fat cock into her pussy and pulling it almost all the way out.

Michelle For Everyone

group 2018-06-30

The guys were all applauding her, the girls who had been fucked but deprived of being comed on went to Michelle and began licking off all the jizzim from Michelle. But she couldn’t say anything because one of the dildo girls from the parlor was now shoving the plastic cock in and out of her mouth to the cheer of the appreciative male crowd. Tony pulled out and offered is cock, to one of the girls who were watching. Another guy approached Michelle stuck his cock, smaller than Tony’s but still large, in her still dripping cunt. When he pulled away another guy took this place, and this time he worked his way in and like the first one came deep inside her.

The Housesitter Ch. 03

group TrulyTerrific 2018-06-30

'My sentiments exactly,' thought Pete wryly, thrusting his cock into Gina's hand and at the same time searching out Heather's wet snatch beneath her bikini bottoms. 'Life didn't get any better than it was at this precise moment' he realized as he went to work on Heather with his tongue and Gina with his cock. His hands reached out to fondle Heather's young, pert tits that were so like Gina's, plucking her pink pebbles to stiff peaks. With massive pressure building up in his balls again, he started to fuck Gina as hard as he could, his hands pulling Heather closer as she rode his tongue wildly.

Shirts vs Skins Ch. 02

group throwaway_1986 2018-06-30

Dave pulled John aside, and whispered to him, "That girl Gina's not half bad, so when she's halfway across the field and has the ball, lose Melissa and help me block her off so I can steal the ball and we can win this damn game." Plan in hand, the two guys jogged back across the field to ready for a true battle. Melissa first untied Gina's bikini top and let it drop to the floor, revealing those amazing breasts that had won the girls the game, then got down on her knees, her lovely, naked ass sticking out towards the guys, and quickly yanking down the brunette girl's shorts, surprisingly revealing a clean shaven pussy.


Hot Tub Fun Ch. 02

group B5040905 2018-06-30

Autumn had been thinking ahead and handed me a small black butt plug covered in the lube. Troy reached in the bag and pulled out a vibrator and then Becky's Big Deb. He smiled big and then found the other butt plug. Her head laying on a pillow Becky holding her hand as she took the first thing bigger than a finger into her virgin ass. Looking down the ottoman, Troy had Autumn on her back and doing similar things to the plug in her ass. I stopped moving in and out and just let her take over fucking me, pulling her hair to bring her back and then smacking her ass to get her going forward.

Me,lois & randy

group warpigg 2018-06-30

ok as i was saying when lois told me she wanted to see me suck randy's dick and it was right in my hand i thought maybe just taste the crown.but as i was putting my lips on it lois chomped down on my cock and when i hollered she shoved my head all the way down on his rod.after the shock wore off it wasn't that bad.i could taste the precum flowing freely i tried to mimic what lois does for me but soon found out she made it look easy.i held his hips as i tried to use my mouth to face fuck him.we were working up a nice rythem when i noticed lois was fiddling with something.i reached down and started playing with a pair of balls.

More Role Play

group 2018-06-30

Then the girl with the big tits stood on the chair and rubbed her pussy all over his face as the cock sucker sucked him deep and hard. One of the woman began to suck my tits as the other put her cunt in my face and I tongued fucked her hole as I finger fucked her ass. Then the shemale got under him and shoved his ass so my bf's cock went in him and as he fucked the cock they pushed the anal balls in and out of his ass as the woman pussy fucked his face. They then pulled the anal balls out and the other woman began to push her fist in his ass and fist fuck him as I heard him scream and cum hard into the shemale's asshole.

Sex Hospital

group richfun 2018-06-30

Zoe was lying on top of the bed, her nightie open, large firm breasts with nipples hard, and her hand trying to sooth her uncovered and damp pussy lips, the deep pink clit exposed. "Here Patient 25, keep my panties, I'll collect my skirt later." Emma said as she left the curtained area, stopping to gently pat Mandy's arse. As she headed to check the other ward, Emma felt the air on her pussy and bum, her white coat crisp, but only partially covering her: the blue garter showing as her symbol of readiness to serve and be served. Leaving the curtains round the bed open, he liked to be watched, Emma climbed on top of the naked Ben, feeding his hard rod into her still wet pussy.

Great Place to Work

group barrysturgeon 2018-06-30

"Well," she says coyly "My other tattoo is here." I follow her fingers down to the hem of her panties and one side down almost to the top of her pussy lips. I run my tongue over the exposed area of her pussy and then hook her panties with my thumbs and start to pull them down with my lips following close behind. I can't take it any more and my pussy starts to contract and pulse and I'm cumming, gripping Shamima's fingers hard. As my orgasm starts to subside I open my eyes and see that Shamima has her head back and is biting her lip.

Camilla Ch. 036

group MawrGorshin 2018-06-30

Candice's jealousy, however, was the strongest of all; and when the girls kicked off their high heels, she went up to Camilla and kissed her hard on the mouth, hoping to make her wayward lover appreciate her more. Camilla lay on her back while Candice's kisses made a red lipstick trail going down from Camilla's lips, to her chin, her neck, her sternum, and finally to her right breast, which Candice started sucking. Langella, Fulson, Matotek, and Johnson stood over Camilla; and Williams, Knowles, Burgess, and Rudolph surrounded Candice. Williams was the first to spray, shooting his come in straight lines on Candice's face and hitting her nose, upper lip and left eye in several strong squirts.

Vacation Getaway Ch. 09

group meraena 2018-06-30

I added some toys to the list, getting anal beads, a vibrating vagina to keep the boys who were sidelined busy, a couple of cock rings, anal lube, a board game with various tasks for the players to perform when chosen, a leather whip for fun if nothing else, and last but not least, a fingertip vibrator that came with a vibrating egg. I'm jealous," he said, dropping the anal beads and giving the game spinner one last hard twirl before coming over, grabbing me and kissing me passionately. "Let me know when it's been a minute," he said, dropping his pants and boxers to reveal an impressive 8 to 10 inch long slender cock that amazed us, one and all.


The Hero's Return

group English Bob 2018-06-30

But the news, however bad, could wait no longer and, with his heart pounding resonantly in his chest, the Lord Chancellor made his way through the throng to where Sir Richard was seated at the head of the great table. The room was dimly lit but the two soldiers could clearly make out the familiar figure of The Lady Adina lying reposed on the great bed. The two soldiers, Titus and Randolph were surely surprised by their kings' order, but the men had spent the last several months sleeping in rough ground or under canvas. Sir Richard watched avidly as, leaving his compatriot to his own pleasurable deeds, Randolph took up a position between Adina's outstretched legs.

The Ad Ch. 02: Jennifer

group tedsgirl 2018-06-30

"Mmmm, I would love to have some of that." Patti said as she quickly answered the email giving Jennifer directions to the house, asking her if she would like to come over for lunch. "Hmmm, I like that." she said as she took Patti's fingers into her mouth, noisly sucking her own juices. They continued like this, Jennifer wanted to touch Patti, lick and suck her pussy. "I'm going to fuck you, I promise." Patti told her as she moved that toy in and out, making it wet with Jennifer's juices. "Cum for me." Patti told her slamming that toy deeply inside Jennifer's pussy, in and out she fucked her.


The Night It All Changed

group Curioustolearn 2018-06-30

I watched as Val began whispering in Alexis' war again and saw her eyes widen and look at me - I knew Val had just told her that she had just licked my cum off her fingers and worried for a moment before relaxing - Val had as much to lose as me - she must trust Alexis already and given the way they had just played it didn't look like the first time. She gripped my cock tightly and wanked it furiously - her big eyes looking up at me above her and begged, she begged like a good slut until I couldn't hold back any more - every filthy word that slipped from her lips pushed me over the edge until I exploded. Val's hand dropped to my lap and rubbed my cock through my pants as I grabbed the back of Alexis' head, my fingers twisting in her hair.


Learning About Swinging

group SS_Swing 2018-06-30

Dani was right next to the door with and man and an Asian woman that I didn't know, Ben was in the very back of the room getting his ass fucked by a young late teen kid with rings through his nipples, while sucking another guy who was knuckle deep in Amanda's pussy. "Fuck him." She said as moved backward off of his dick, lifted her ass and placed her pussy squarely onto Scotts face. He flexed his anus around my cock as he and I got comfortable Amanda took Scotts dick in her mouth as I began to hump his tight ass. "Jack wants to fuck your butt while Al puts that magnificent piece of man in his ass." Angela rubbed the golden bead at the end of Al's dick with her thumb as she spoke.


Katherine's Dream

group QueenieRegent 2018-06-30

Shifting from Eric's warm and moist lap, Katherine moved to drape herself over the back of the other chair so that her mouth rested over a firm nipple and her hair swished in Chris' face. Shuddering with pleasure, her walls growing more soaked as Eric's tongue action grew more intense, Katherine managed to cry out, "I want to hear masturbation going in that cage. "Now does good little boy want a reward?" Eric nodded quickly, leaking from his erection at the thought of the angelic dominatrix going down on him. Wrapping his legs around either side of Katherine's delicately curved body, Eric worked his way inside her and let himself gently caress her clit.

Island Fever 4: Paradise Ch. 07

group Jeremydcp 2018-06-30

What more could I possibly ask for than spending the entire day exploring the island and dabbling in its countless treasures with Kristanna and Pamela by my side for every step of the way? "You worry too much about Piper whenever you are away from her," Kristanna, who was seated in the water in front of us a short time later, said to Pamela as she lovingly twirled a fingertip along her kneecap. You need to relax, Pamela, and know that Piper is, outside of you and Jeremy, in the best of hands right now." Kristanna turned her attention toward me, those translucent blue eyes of hers literally flashing.


The Closet Ch. 02

group VoyeuristicMinx 2018-06-30

I acquiesced, and felt Lisa prevent me from slowing our kiss to look at Chris by re-engaging me with a deeper tongue thrust into my mouth, all the while her right hand grasped my left buttock, and her left hand toyed with both of my nipples. I could feel Lisa's breasts firming up, her nipples puckering and hardening due to my heightened state of arousal, and I wanted to feel her pussy so I plunged one hand inside her slightly spread legs before she could stop me. "Come here." Chris let go of me and pulled Lisa toward him, and when she was close enough for him to have two hands on her, he lifted her left leg up and over his body, and pushed her up onto his chest.

The Coed Turned Bad

group mikeron 2018-06-30

" Please don't be offended but you have such a lovely little ass and I think it looks so sexy being so white and the rest of your skin is so tanned. " No I want you to watch me jack off right here Karen." He reached under the towel pulling his loose swim trunks up and to the side releasing his hard cock. "Do you like looking at my cock Karen?" Tom asked making it twitch around for her. "Yes...yes I love looking at your big cock Tom." she said feeling her pussy juices flowing. "Your tits are so sweet and I love your big nipples Karen!!" he moaned staring at her pert B cup tits with big dark brown nipples." My cock is so fucking hard from rubbing your cute little ass babe."

Fantasy Fulfilled

group VodkaGin 2018-06-30

As I looked at the far end of the room, one man was sitting down with a slightly stocky red head sucking his cock gently getting him hard for my wife to enjoy. Once the redhead stood up, the man who was fucking my wife's mouth stood up and placed another condom on his cock and slide right into position to fuck my wife's pussy. Another man took his place at her mouth and both men began to fuck my wife at both ends. Just as my wife was about to reach another earth shattering climax, the man fucking her pussy pulled his cock out, ripped off the condom, and shot his cum all over her tits.