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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Threesome Fantasy

group victors_angel 2018-06-30

I lifted my head and asked Dan," Hon would you get the K-Y jelly I feel the need to have some cock up my ass while Mark here shows me what he assured me was his best talent…licking pussy." I patted the bed, "Mark would you lie on the bed with your face at the end so I can sit over your face and Dan can fill my ass with his cock." I wiggled my ass at Dan and said "fill my ass with your sweet shaft, I want to feel his tongue slither over my lips and on your balls as we ride his face together." I leaned down kissed his lips, whispered, "I love you." Then I boldly told Mark," fuck my pussy and fill it with so much cum I drip all over my Dan's face."

How my younger b*****r became my lover

group 2018-06-30

Teasing the men on the building site was fun when it started, the feedback and the kick of doing it, meant carrying a clean pair of panties to school was a necessity, but that through time wore off, soon it became irksome and annoying, you see, contrary to what most men think, the true reason we do it is because it excites us, and like most stimulants you eventually tire of it and look for something more daring, a new kick, one with spice, at that age the joys of masturbation become a daily feature of life for a girl, and in my case, a strong urge to feel a cock and enjoy it's mystique, became my daily obsession, my dark secret.

At The Marquis

group Tetsuya 2018-06-30

And you are absolutely ravishing, madam, just like this young lady," said the Marquis, settling a pleased smile on Maude. Maude became both shocked and jealous when she noticed that Casandra seemed to caress the Marquis under the table while they supped without the slightest hint of shame. The next day while exiting her room, Maude was shoved aside by a young man running down the hallway. The gardener quickly ran away and Maude saw the Marquis watching them from the end of the hall. Since the women had changed positions Maude could now see the young gardener on the other side of the room, pleasuring himself. Maude was excited by seeing him like this, she felt like emulating the women atop the Marquis and jumping on his penis.


Lindsey's Job Ch. 07

group Xchef 2018-06-30

I promise you'll have a good time," Mary said heading for the elevators. In retaliation for the titty fuck, I crammed two fingers into her ass and two into her cunt and sucked her clit fast and firmly with my tongue. Now I know some of you are pressed for time so who wants to go first?" Mary sounded like an emcee. I licked sucked and tongue fucked her asshole all the while enjoying the incredible sensations my cock was experiencing. As Mary led me to the kitchen I heard a man's voice, "Now where do you think you're taking him Hun?" Mary rubbed her big tits on my face feeding me her nipples while Fred went to town on my cock and balls below.


The Screamer Ch. 10

group Liquor69 2018-06-30

"Excuse the fuck out of me, I went to bed with three hot, horny women who demanded, let me repeat that, demanded my complete attention," Gary grinned. Lori was flying on Gary's jet and Mark was heading to Dallas to see Cherry and assist Ainsley is getting everything up and running. "Too bad you're not going to be there," Gary said to Mark as he handed him the list. It looks like your new division is going to grow quickly," Gary smiled. Mark smiled as he turned to Holly and Gary, "My people will find us the absolute best properties. Jill talked to Roy today and told him to look and see if there were any G650's available at a good price.


Summer Sissy Party

group Cincyboy75 2018-06-30

Nicky was sitting on the couch spread eagle, and I was naked sucking on her titties and fingering her pussy and ass at the same time. The excitement was overwhelming I started jerking myself off when I heard Dame yell at me “Get your hands off your sissy Cock that’s ours now.” They all looked at me and laughed. When I looked up I saw Troy and Dame standing over me with both of the beautiful erect cocks staring me right in the face. Troy was the first, I took his cock in my mouth and couldn’t believe how much I liked it. I stopped sucking Troy’s cock and sat up and felt the cum ooze out of my ass.

Senior Year

group PrincessErin 2018-06-30

Jared, Daniella, and Cat had enjoyed one amazing threesome. With past boyfriends Daniella loved having Cat around, but with Jared, it was different. Lick the tip a bit." Jordan ran his hands through her thick locks and moaned when the tip of her tongue tapped the sensitive head of his cock. "Mmmm." Daniella moaned against Jordan's cock. "Can I fuck your ass sweetie?" Jordan waited for Daniella to respond and when she nodded her head, he was in heaven. "My God you are sexy." Jordan was wiggling back and forth on his cock, which in turn made Jared's cock rub her clit. Jared's cock nudged her cervix and the deep low groan that Daniella emitted pushed him over the edge.


The Mansion

group Realscamp 2018-06-30

Walking down the passage he could hear people enjoying themselves in the rooms, he didn't look in although the usual signs such as "PRIVATE", "DO NOT DISTURB", "COUPLES ONLY", "GUYS" WELCOME and "GIRLS WELCOME" were on the doors of some of the rooms. About fifteen minutes later, Lindsey walked in, "are we going home, or sleeping here lovey?" She asked, "Listen, sorry I got so jealous earlier, but you've never walked into doors when you look at me!" He started a decent stretch, when Lindsey let her hand wonder up his stomach to his chest, her eyes and mischievous smile letting him know that getting out of bed was definitely not what she had in mind.


The Poker Party Ch. 07

group tv46 2018-06-30

She was annoyed with herself for letting Lucy talk her into taking on this ridiculous mission, setting up Linda and Susan so David could fuck their virgin asses. "Bigger," Susan said, giggling like a little school girl, glancing over to Linda. "Let me guess, you're supposed to be setting us up for David," Linda said, glancing over to Susan to see if she was as turned on as she was. "That is a big purse," Susan said, taking the bag hanging on the back of Debbie's chair. "You know, I'm sure there is a law against using something like that in public?" Crystal said with a wry smile, taking the remote from Susan, "Who's the lucky girl." "Cheers," Debbie said, clinking glasses with Linda and Susan.


The Book of David Ch. 06

group bluedragonauthor 2018-06-30

I started imagining the kind of group sex going on in there, Randall, his redheaded girlfriend, Amber, E-Beth, and the others. "I realized that maybe I'm lesbian, or at least, I'd rather be with girls than guys." Amber said her words shortly and she turned away. But at that party, I was with Randall, who is normally the exact kind of guy I would go after." Amber turned and looked at me intently. While Maria sucked my cock into her mouth to prep me for tonight's marathon fucking, I held her head and turned my own to ogle Cherys' heaving tits and Carmita's Jaguar of a muscular ass as the petite hardbody crouched on all fours and began eating Cherys out.


3 Sluts On The Night Shift

group English Bob 2018-06-30

It appeared that David was not the only one in a state of excitement; Linda and Mary were hopping from one foot to another as they watched Belle's fingers play a lustful symphony on their captive's penis. It would usually take my wife at least a half hour of serious foreplay to reach orgasm, but I could see from the way her head was flung back and her chest thrust forward, that her quick fingers had brought her to the edge of ecstasy in a very short time. "Come and give me a hand with him, girls." Belle gasped as she continued to look at David's throbbing tool.

Secret Santa Ch. 01

group scarletruby 2018-06-30

Sometimes Alex didn't know if she should believe all the things Lacie told her but as she sat in front of the open drawer she saw a rabbit vibrator, another smaller dildo, a bullet vibrator, nipple clamps chained together, and there, way in the back of the drawer, a thick green butt plug. "Hi Alex", Eric's voice was low and rough, "just what do you think your doing going through Lacie's drawers?" He saw the nightstand drawer half opened, walked over and pulled it opened the rest of the way. Alex didn't want Lacie to see her like this but was turned on again thinking about actually being able to touch Lacie, feel the weight of her soft tits, bury her fingers in the velvety thickness of her pussy.

Friends banged my wife

group chandan0707 2018-06-30

Suresh was trying to clean the boob area while ramesh started cleaning the pussy which was watery either way for me her sexy navel was left and I stared drinking from there she was really aroused now 3 men working on her body. Prema was pressing his head hard on her boobs and ramesh got fixed in between legs and really sucking the pussy likes anything. We all ate even Prema while serving ramesh and suresh started smacking her on ass saying lots of languages you slut, you whore you beach she was not reacting.

The Country hotel Ch. 04

group david62 2018-06-30

As they walked up the stairs, they looked gorgeous to the men behind, Marina slightly shorter, with an Hour Glass Figure, Debbie taller, also shapely, but with wonderful legs, hinted at under the long dress. The men were asked to come down about 6pm, to start the party and the two girls went down to help Jill. Meanwhile, after Marina finished her orgasm, one of the men stepped forward and handed Debbie the 18inch plastic monstrosity. Marina's face was hardly visible, but she reached for a cock and pushed it in her mouth, as she ground back against Debbie's Ass. A few moments later, each girl had a group of men round them as they moved from erection to erection.


Before It's Too Late

group coolpen 2018-06-30

From the moment we walked into their house it felt easy, like we'd know each other for years; a couple of cocktails before dinner and then Elaine's wonderful cooking, plenty of wine and lots of noisy conversation punctuated with laughter. At one point I'd had tears rolling down my face as I laughed at something Mike had said and in the middle of this Elaine had just said "Hell we're laughing like a foursome at a wife-swap party" and we laughed all the harder until exhausted we quietened down and Jen asked "Is this how people laugh...when they're...


Couples Massage Ch. 02

group MilesXLR8 2018-06-30

Miles would be in meetings for most of the following day while Dawn planned to relax and shop a bit. Miles returned from a long day of meetings to a room service dinner from the hotel's five star restaurant. She opened up to his probing and soon he was finger-fucking her ass, fucking her pussy with his cock and he watching her clit being licked on the TV. The girl below his wife slipped two fingers into her wet pussy and he could feel her fingers through the wall separating her ass from her pussy. She alternated fingering and licking with spreading open her pussy for him to see his wife on the TV.

Picked up guys in bowling alley

group down-onu 2018-06-30

My Master says what he wants me to do is go find one or two young guys that will fuck me all night long. They added after I find someone, they wanted me to bring them back to my place and turn my camera on so they can all watch who ever I find, fuck me. I'm on my hands and knees sucking him good, I look up and see the other guy holding the camera so everyone on the web site can see. The guy brings the camera around for a close up of the cock disappearing in my mouth. I calmed the camera guy down, told him not to worry about it, let's have some fun. I pulled off, turned, took the other cock in my mouth to suck and clean the juices.

Jenny Pulls A Train

group Scott_Heywood 2018-06-30

He was naked and hadn't made it half way to the bed when Jenny was on Her knees with His cock down Her throat. Sandys huge tits bounced as She continued to stretch Jennys ass. I shot my cum down Her throat and Sandy wasn't slowing down when the next Guy sat down Under Jennys face. "Jenny, take that cock out of Your mouth for a minute and see who owns it." Sandy said as She continued to give Jenny record assgasms. 2 more cocks were sucked by Jenny before She yelled, "Damn Bitch, enough destroying my ass! Sandy put Jennys legs back and began piledriving that massive strapon deep into Her cum filled pussy. Another 4 cocks came down Jennys throat and on Her face.

Taxi Fare Ch. 02

group melodytokis 2018-06-30

"My turn girl..." Melody's head is pulled from Jamal's cock and Marcus shoves his cock into her mouth. Melody opens her lips and is rewarded with Marcus' thick cock filling her mouth. "No shit man...Nnnnnhhh little girl is tight...My girl be beating me if she find out." Melody's knees hooked over Jamal's strong arms keeps her bent in half. On your knees little slut...Going to fuck you hard from behind." Melody nods taking several deep breaths. Her ass that good?" He keeps Melody's head bobbing up and down on his cock. Wonder what the other guys would think of her." His strong fingers hold Melody's hips still as his hips pound his cock deep into her ass.

A Teacher's Sin Uncovered Ch. 04

group MaryAnderson 2018-06-30

The blonde man moved on to the bed, straddled me, kissed my lips, kissed down my body; he caressed my hips and belly, ate my swollen cunt. He held my head in his hands and fucked my face in time with the cock plowing my pussy. The man jammed his cock back between my lips, fucked my face hard, near brutally, and filled my mouth with thick heavy sperm. They talked about me like I was horse flesh: "fine tits," "good ass," "firm cunt," and mocked my morality "brazen-hussy," "slut-teacher," "dick-addict." I was laid back down and one-by-one, half a dozen men crawled between my legs and fucked me.


Faye Fucks Four Friends

group Deviant_X 2018-06-30

A month ago, she had been on all fours on this very couch, getting a hard fuck from Harry after a night of partying, when Kevin had surprised her by slipping his cock into her mouth. Faye blinked in surprise, scarcely believing what was happening; she was on her knees with a cock between her lips and mouthful of come, surrounded by a group of strange boys who'd just watched her orgasm and were waiting to fuck her silly. Faye stretched out and opened wide for him, rubbing her clit while he slid the head of his cock against her quim from behind; he was not particularly long or thick, but she felt like a dirty whore being taken by a stranger, and the thought of him inside her made her quiver in anticipation.



group ladyhawk100 2018-06-30

Sally looked up as Renee, her roommate walked into the kitchen. Renee was her roommate after all and from the shouts and moans coming from her bedroom, she could only imagine the pleasure to be found with Tommy. "Renee's getting ready." She said, closed the door and moved to stand by the table. "You sure you don't want to come?" Renee asked again as she zipped her purse closed. Sally stared wide-eyed as Renee smiled and left. Wanting more, needing more, she slid another finger inside her. "YES!" Sally cried, her hips shooting off the bed as her cream rushed from her spasming pussy and coated her fingers and hand. Breathing heavy, Sally slid her finger from her dripping pussy.

Marie's wild orgy in Rotherham

group BEACHCRAWLER 2018-06-30

You told the guys to get their pants off and sit on the couch, which they did and most had hard cocks by this time and I had fun watching them wanking while they watched me. Finally he couldn't take it anymore and started fucking my mouth, pulling my face into his cock until it was buried to the base. The guy behind quickly slid his cock into my cunt and told me to take it all like the dirty little cum slut that I am. You rammed your cock into my mouth and then pulled out before shooting streams of hot, creamy cum all over my lips and face.

Dream Vacation Pt. 04

group Xenolan 2018-06-30

Michelle now lay back across the altar, her legs spread, as Trina licked her pussy and two of the bridesmaids tongued her enormous breasts, two more rubbed her feet and sucked her toes, two more sucked on the fingers of each hand, and finally there were girls who kissed and licked at her lips. I didn't need to be Sigmund Fucking Freud to figure out that my dream was all about guilt, and I was honest enough with myself to know that I deserved to feel guilty. I also thought about what her life must be like, married to a man she would never feel true love for, but with the freedom to explore her sexuality as she wished.