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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Story Snippet 01

group VictoriaOh 2018-06-30

Wendy opened her twat with two fingers of her left hand, spreading the velvet folds wide as she used her right hand to insert a ridiculously thick rubber dildo into her cunt. They had tried a lot of things; they had used toys to try to meet her needs, stuffing her cunt with a large rubber dildo and then Shawn would fuck her, and Wendy would come close but it still wasn't enough. He took his rod in his other hand and began to rub it up and down her slit, pressing his cock head against the Dick already inside her, his pre come adding lubrication. He lifted her pussy open further, stretching it out with the finger he had inside her, and began to stuff her cunt with his fat cock.

Fun in the Dark....

group d4david 2018-06-30

As I began to get up some one bumped me and pulled my toga up around my waist and a very hard penis slid up my butt crack across my puckering bung hole. An hand grasped my penis and lips covered my penile head and a mouth begin to suck strongly at my hardening phallus. I was lead away from the wall and a male body embraced me from the rear, a penis slid into my bung as the other body pressed against me from the front. I licked her slit and pressed my tongue into her cavity, she moaned and I captured her clit in my lips and sucked gently till she gripped my head holding me close to her running vagina.

Strip Poker With The Guys

group MsTits 2018-06-30

When my little strip tease was over I got back in my seat and announced that the winner of the next hand gets a 1 minute blow job and if I win the guy with the next best hand gets to eat my pussy for 1 minute. Ted won the next hand and I finally figured out that my hubby wasn't winning on purpose because he wanted to watch me suck all of his friend's cocks. I took Ted's cock in my hand and stroked it a couple of times while I said to start the clock. I took his cock in my mouth and started to give the best blow job of the night so far.


group mjrwdy 2018-06-30

Sheri turned to Ben, "Why don't you two go find us a DVD or two?" We looked at the sales girl for directions, and when she nodded toward a doorway, my wife called to us "get something with couples -- you know, foursomes!" Discretion has never been one of Lori's strong points. Sheri cleared her throat and in a hesitant voice read first question 'have you ever gotten a little hard when a story includes the virgin guy d****d over the arm of the couch; his pants down around his ankles, his girlfriend straps on a cock and then jacks him off while she shoves that long dick up his naked ass?"

really great bang in a bus

group 2018-06-30

I had both my hands wrapped around his dick pulling for all I was worth while he was squeezing my nipple and fingering my pussy. Ashok took of his shirt and dhoti and came in with a short loin cloth that was tied on a string that he wore around his waist. As Ashok sucked my breasts I turned around and took his cock in my mouth. It felt good Ashok sucking my tits and fingering my cunt so I let it be and we lay together holding each other naked for quite a while. In a few seconds I was sitting with my legs wrapped around this guy, with my hands around his neck and with my pussy positioned on top of his cock.

Island Fever 6: Sanctuary Ch. 05

group Jeremydcp 2018-06-30

"Yeah, a zip line," Trish nodded, walking alongside Alison as the two ladies stepped onto the pavilion, hand-in-hand. With Piper in the house and now safely out of the way, Alison backed Trish into a chair on the pavilion and then straddled her lap. Whereas Alison now wanted to go surfing nearly every day with Trish, Lindsay was scared to put one foot into the ocean. "He's napping now, but Lindsay and Amy promised to watch him for a few hours because Alison and I wanted to go out and enjoy the sunshine," Trish responded, now gently gripping and squeezing my erection.


Reunited Ch. 02

group Lionheart72 2018-06-30

Becky thought about what he must be seeing: There she was -- his wife, tall and slender, like him, with shoulder length blonde hair, dressed in a plain t-shirt and loose sweat pants (why had she let Liz talk her into wearing those frumpy old things) sitting on a stool at their high kitchen table across from a woman Doug had never seen before -- an attractive woman with dark, curly hair and striking blue eyes and her full, round breasts visibly straining against her t-shirt. Becky watched as Doug's wide eyes wandered up and down Liz's body, taking in her pale skin, her full round breasts, her shaven pussy.


Christening the Hot Tub Prequel

group WorkFred 2018-06-30

Laughing at my situation he said, "Your not alone I saw a dozen or more cars stuck on my way home." Fred called a towing service and after twenty minutes came into the kitchen. She came over to the bed and started going through Fred's outfits describing how he looked in each and which ones were her favorites and why. Jamie sat down on the couch, "Ann and I were upstairs looking at our outfits." "See any thing interesting?" Fred said from behind the bar. Jamie reached for the flap covering Fred's crotch and my hand started to move involuntarily to the cloth. We giggled and looked at each other then at Fred as Jamie lifted the flap.


College students get there punishment

group captnspank 2018-06-30

all Sarah was thinking were pure filthy thoughts and how sweet her best friends buttocks looked as Mr sparks ripped down her knickers and bent her over his oak desk. Sarah grabbed Mr sparks cock and f***ed Claire on to it pushing the back of her head on to the love pole making her choke n then spit back into Sarah’s throat! “come on sir I’ve been a very very naughty girl, now give me that big cock.” Clair stopped sucking stood up grabbed the throbbing prick and placed it at the entrance to her Sarah’s cunt!

My Wife's Boss With Big Cock

group quutoo 2018-06-30

I guess I wanted to see what my wife had just had in her hands' By the time i got the door closed and put some tokens in the machine and looked through the large glory hole there I saw Chad with Harry's cock in his mouth. "Look guys I didn't mean for this to happen...I am married and really love my husband very much...if he were the kind to enjoy this sort of thing then I would be more than happy but I love him the way he is and I feel that I have just cheated on him but when you guys stood there with these hard cocks I lost it...I feel that I should go home and confess it all to Jim right now..." She was interrupted by another knock on the door and Chad got up to open the door for James Arnold, her boss.


Busted Ch. 02

group StallionKinge 2018-06-30

Allie got a big towel and patted Eve's bottom dry, then positioned her with her legs apart on the edge of the seat. Both women got back into the tub, and Allie and I positioned Eve bending over with her hands on the side, and her legs slightly spread apart. We gently scrubbed Eve's glistening body, squeezing her dangling tits (I still can't get enough of that!), and more than once I found Allie's hand either already where I wanted to go, or hers met mine already there. Allie and Eve towelled me dry, then ran the shaver all over me, even my arms, legs and hands.

Kellys marathon weekend - After discussion

group WaMan2010 2018-06-30

Maybe 30 guys?" Kelly started to smile when she seen I was playing around and "Okay, but this time, you fuck all of them and see how it feels!" I laughed and said "Hell no! She turned onto her side with her head still in my lap and said "And then, when both of those guys were in my cunt at the same time, that hurt so much, but I wanted to get them all the way and fought so hard to do it so you can see me." I told her that I almost stopped them when I seen the tears running down her face.

Last Friday Night Ch. 03

group bitexwriter 2018-06-30

Please keep going, both of you." Margo thrusts her cock deep into Tonya's pussy and I bury my tongue as far into her ass as I can. Margo has slowed a bit to, and then Tonya begins rocking back and forth, filling her mouth and pussy with cock as she goes forward, and with my dick as she goes back. Do you like sucking cock and getting fucked?" Tonya asks Rick. I begin fucking Margo harder while at the same time fingering Tonya's pussy from underneath. Rick is getting his ass fucked by Tonya, his cock sucked by me, and has a mouthful of my wife's nipple. Margo is still riding my cock, is kissing and licking Tonya, and has her tits being sucked by Rick.

Jenny and Jack Pt. 03

group loveking 2018-06-30

As soon as Jin went down stairs Jack teased me, telling me how he had noticed the young man checking out my nipples. Jack glanced at me, a glint of mischief in his eyes as he said, "That would be nice Jin. Why don't you join us upstairs, there's plenty of room and we would enjoy your company." He chuckled as he said, "I thought you might like to wear all of your sexy underwear underneath that short summer dress you have brought with you and see how Jin reacts." "I tell you what," said Jack, "let's have our shower and get you dressed sexily before Jin comes and then we'll just see what happens."


Threesome with Robyn and Jodie

group tommyflash955 2018-06-30

Fuck my pussy," moaned out Jodie while she rubbed her dress against the crotch of her panties. And if I would have rubbed much longer, I might have actually had an orgasm and wet my panties," said Jodie then she took a drink of her Margaritas. Jodie closed her eyes, and cocked her head back a little and enjoyed the feeling of another woman rubbing the crotch of her panties. Jodie reached under Robyn's dress with her right hand to the crotch of her panties. Jodie reached under Robyn's dress with her right hand to the crotch of her panties. Robyn closed her eyes, and cocked her head back a little and enjoyed the feeling of another woman rubbing the crotch of her panties.


How I Met The Guy I Wanted To Marry Ch. 03

group skyeslut 2018-06-30

The two cocks inside me are grinding agonisingly and pleasurably deep as (finally!) a third cock enters my pussy from the front, filling me completely – my holes stretched so tight I'm afraid I will spilt apart , even though I'm crushed between the three men, barely able to breathe, yet another guy somehow works his way into my mouth, just at the point I thought it would never end, a hot flood burned hotly up inside my ass, followed swiftly by the clean spasm of the condomned cock, then a merciful release in pressure as they began to deflate...The multiple penetration had stretched and lubed me enough to spend a while on the towbar, so Dan yanked my clothes off, and helped me mount the solid chrome lump and I went to task, entertaining the crowd orally, getting plastered with, and swallowing spunk until I told Dan that my jaw felt like it was going to dislocate...

Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 09

group Jeremydcp 2018-06-30

Ariel had actually arrived home from the hospital for the first time yesterday, while I would turn 42 on Tuesday, and everyone wanted to have a party (but me). "What can I do to help?" I asked moments later, after Amy had set to work on reheating the chocolate in the kitchen. Moments later, I watched as Amy, with pinpoint precision, dipped the strawberry up to its stem in chocolate, and with a slow twist of her wrist, pulled it back out and onto the wax paper. Strawberry dipping," I murmured between kisses as I ran my hands down the side of Amy's body, tracing the lush curve of her hips.


Dinner Guests

group chateneau 2018-06-30

" As Jack continued on with the story he ran his hands around the front of Julie's skirt covered thighs and pulled her back against him. "Then the woman guest gets up off the sofa and approaches the three of them." Jack continued as his fingers, having insinuated themselves under her skirt, caressed the oh-so -wet cleft between Julie's labia. As she swirls her tongue around him and tugs on him with her lips, her left hand is busy loosening the buttons on her tight jeans." Jack continued as the tip of his middle finger found that center of pleasure in Julie's vulva. Jack continued "The host moves forward on the carpet and his now rigid cock is perfectly aimed at the guest's open pussy.

Mollie's Chambers Ch. 01

group joeljones 2018-06-30

My own cock had got a little floppy since my trip out of the room, and I could tell now was not the time to get in the way of my friend, who looked like he was in heaven. I looked up, watching the little aftershocks run through her body just in time to see her upturned face, eyes closed in pleasure, get the full force of Ben's pent up spunk. Ben sat back and watched as I pressed my dick against Mollie's wet pussy lips, moving it up and between them a few times as she lay back on the sofa with her legs raised up slightly to allow me a delicious view of me slipping slowly into her cunt.


Olivia and Friends

group Manny2314 2018-06-30

I did have very good upper body strength, and Olivia soon was pulling my shirt over my head to run her hands over the muscles in both. I eventually worked my way down across her flat stomach, working at her shorts, intending to eat her pussy, but when she rose up to let me pull them off her hands latched onto my belt and I held there while she removed my pants as well. Olivia pulled my dick down towards her pussy, rubbed it through her slit a few times, and positioned it at her entrance. To my surprise, at least a little, Sara scooted up to Emily's head, and Emily raised up, opened her mouth, and began to lick pussy.


Big Enough to be One

group Scorpio44 2018-06-30

As Josh put the day-packs in the storage area at the back of the van Susan followed John to the sliding door and directed him to the back seat, where she joined him. Josh pulled the van off the highway and down a half mile of dirt road to the parking area near the grove where he and Susan had been not long ago. Miles put his hand out to Marilynn but Bette stepped up and took it and they walked off behind Susan and John. The smaller doe walked up, looked up at Miles' face and took two steps more then licked Bette's hand. Directly across from Josh and Rita, John and Susan set their ground cloth and cushions and sat in like fashion.


The Villa in Spain Ch. 01

group Tallrunnerguy 2018-06-30

"You look fabulous," Immogen said, putting her hands on Judit's shoulder and adjusting a strap a bit. Judit's hands continue to explore Immogen, running up and down her back, squeezing her butt, and rubbing her stomach between her tiny bikini top and bottom. Immogen couldn't help but respond a little, raising her arms, rubbing Judit's shoulders and arms a bit, and gently brushing against her back and butt. Like her hands on Immogen's breasts, Judit's kiss was both soft and hard; sensuous and more than a little bit naughty. Immogen said nothing, just heard her breath pick up as Judit slid her finger up and down her clit and pussy lips.

Truth or Dare with Lisa Allie & Me

group BKnucklehead 2018-06-30

It was about 11:30 when I went downstairs to talk with Lisa and Allie. We started with Allie giving me the choice of truth or dare. I chose Lisa and dared her to suck on Allie's tits Allie to suck on Lisa's tits and let me watch. Lisa agreed to this dare and soon my Lisa then dared Allie to do the same. "Due to the fact that both me and Lisa gave you head, I dare you to eat "I dare you to let me suck your tits and remove the blanket until the end "You taste good," Lisa and Allie said. "My turn for truth or dare," said Lisa. "I dare you to kiss Allie with tongue," I said.

Kissing the Bride: Wedding Gown

group sirhugs 2018-06-30

Kimmy had never lived full time with us, but in the ten years I had lived with her mom, she had visited often, sometimes for extended periods, since her dad traveled to job sites often. In my twisted brain, I imagined Kimmy's lush lips stretched wide, her head bobbing up and down, swallowing his cock whole, her fist pumping the shaft on the up strokes of her head, squeezing his balls on the down strokes. When I was fucking her Mom and thinking off Kimmy, it was my cock in the fantasy. "Watching Warren cup Wendy's wonderfully firm puppies in his big strong hands really got me going. Like one time, Eric and I did it in my room while Wendy's boy friend fucked her on the floor.