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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

For Use by Strangers

group Buckiowa 2018-06-30

Graham's cock sprung free and Joy described to Denise how it looked, how hard, how big, and about the big drop of precum that was covering the tip. Joy lowered herself onto Graham's hard cock and swallowed it deep while the two of them watched the third man fuck Denise with reckless abandon. When the third man pulled away and Graham got a full view of his cum-covered and well fucked wife, he erupted inside of Joy. She drove him deep as she felt his warm cum fill her and his cock pulsing with each shot.


A Surprise For Her Husband

group theladycroft 2018-06-30

Susan was screaming now, as she ground her excited pussy on Steve's face, "Fuck yes… lick my cunt… fuck it with your mouth!" Jamie smiled to herself because she knew how much dirty talk turned on her husband, and she could tell he was nearing orgasm… but she wanted everything to be perfect. "Good… now Susan, wouldn't you like to feast on my wife's beautiful pussy while I fuck you form behind?" Jamie's eyes flew open in shock and horror. Steve's voice again, "Over here baby… watch." Jamie's eyes opened wide as she saw what Steve wanted her to see… his big cock slowly sliding in Susan's cunt.


Amy's Second Gangbang

group luckylucas 2018-06-30

Gradually the men gathered round Amy. Tony knew she was ready to suck some cock, giving head was something she relished and deep throat was now one of her specialities. Amy then started to fuck the guy's cock with her throat taking his full length into and out of her mouth with every stroke. "Fuck bitch, you really can suck cock" The man could not believe his eyes, all thirteen inches of his massive cock was deep inside Amy's throat. Every single fucking inch into your mouth." Amy could see how turned on Tony was by watching her taking so many cocks. The man wasted no time and buried his cock into her waiting mouth and began forcefully fucking her throat.


Our Night At The Swing Club

group nighttown 2018-06-29

As things were winding down with my wife and I, we had a chance to look around us and found that several guys were getting blow jobs right there on the dance floor. I couldn’t talk my wife into going in when there was another couple in there, so she sucked my cock in the semi-dark hallway outside. We went back to sit down and the two couples who had been sitting with us all night and not doing anything were finally starting to get into it, so we watched for a minute then got up to walk around. It was after one o’clock by this time and the place was starting to empty out (except for the group sex room), so my wife and I gathered our stuff and left.

Art Professor and Art Student

group Horny Couple 2018-06-29

As I was attending to Tim's cock, Alec had knelt down and rolled me onto my back then he spread my legs exposing my pussy and began running his tongue from my hole up my frothy slit to my erect clit devouring it expertly. As Alec was pounding my pussy harder, Tim started to match his strokes in my mouth, I thought they may be ready to cum so I let go of Tim's cock and said that I wanted them to switch. Tim was first, "I cumming!" he moaned, as he pulled his wet cock from my pussy and stroked it hard and fast spraying my tits and stomach with his lovely juice.


group poisonivy13 2018-06-29

Did you enjoy hearing me pleasure my sexy girl?” I ask you as I rub your cum covered cock. We see Cheryl lying on the bed spread eagle panting and cum dripping from her sweet red pussy. You look at me, asking for permission, I nod and kiss you as you know I don’t like anal and you love a nice tight ass hole to fuck. Cheryl slides one end of the long thick pink sparkly dildo into her warm wet hole which makes her spasm and drip lube onto the towels. you put your hands on her hips and push the tip of your cock into hew sweet puckered ass hole you nearly cum at her tightness but you hold off.

My sexy threesome

group Dlev1979 2018-06-29

After some intense foreplay with our hands, me rubbing your clit and you stroking my throbbing cock I get on my knees and stick my tongue deep inside you as my GF supports and holds you from falling. Then all of a sudden you scream out "Oh my god I'm cumming" and I stick my tongue back inside to taste you and suck your clit into my mouth. Once I'm done fucking you on the vanity we want to lay down in bed and you sit on my GF's face facing her feet and you now start to play with her clit and pussy as she tightly holds on to your hips.

Friendly Farewell

group northparkbi 2018-06-29

"But only as long as you know not to ever expect anything like this in the future" said Cindy, her hand on my other shoulder. And those ideas seemed to work, as Cindy quickly started to wriggle and squirm, and she said "Cathy - look at what he's doing - you have to learn this!" I concentrated on the task at hand, which was very difficult, but I wanted to hold off as long as possible, and did my best to give Cindy an orgasm as I had Cathy. "I'm going to cum!' I said, and Cathy dove down to the base of my cock and worked her throat muscles as I came, backing off to take most of my load in her mouth.

The Show Must Go On

group Johnsexlife 2018-06-29

It was not the sexy look I was anticipating from someone coming into a bedroom to fuck me, but somehow I stopped giggling and things started to feel intense and sexual as I looked deeply into Carlos' blue eyes once again. I had to leave to wash off my come-covered face and breasts, but I came back and Randy said it was Carlo's turn to get a blowjob, but I couldn't get more than 2-inches of his 8-inch cock into my mouth because his dick was so thick. Taking the pictures didn't do a thing for me, but it turned on Randy and Carlos big-time.


Revenge is Sweet

group BrettJ 2018-06-29

Shana Ross could have Craig, Michelle's body was sexy enough to attract any admirer she might chose. Michelle could certainly understand her husband's attraction to Shana, she was lovely, almost regal-looking in her demeanor. She hadn't felt this good in years, as Shana's knowing hands moved all over her back, rubbing the knot out of her neck, shoulders and caressing up and down her thighs. Shana's body arced upwards as Michelle gripped her ass and held on for dear life, her tongue delving deeply into the pink cunt, eating and devouring her lover. Shana moved alongside Michelle and pampered the brunette's lovely body with sweet, soft kisses that sent tingles all throughout her body. Michelle's soft sighs and whimpers of pleasure let Shana know she was on the right track to pleasing her newest lover.


Halloween with the Three

group VictorL4fun 2018-06-29

Gail chanted something or other about offering her friend in sacrifice, as Rebb took one of the candles and dripped four drops of wax onto the helpless girl’s big breasts. When she was done being all dramatic, Gail giggled “now lets eat.” She and skinny little Rebb sat on Pam’s legs so they could rub themselves on their friend as they licked her smooth pussy. They made Pam moan and soon she was gasping with her first orgasm, as Gail slurped at her friend and pushed a finger or two up her bum. So I took a good hold of her head, when she tried to pull away I kept her face pressed to me, fucking her little mouth a few more times before letting her go.

Training Room

group Elixxxher 2018-06-29

"Well, I was pretty coy and only told him that he was specifically 'requested' for the job and it shouldn't take a lot of time since the equipment was already downstairs." Cheryl giggled and told Lara that Darren had left with a big grin on his face only a few minutes ago. Watching her intently, he saw Lara waiver, her eyes going slightly unfocused as he continued to caress her, then he slowly rose, this time with his hands under her dress, moving up to her firm behind. Looking up, she offered him her lips again and as they settled into a long sensuous kiss Lara moved one hand down to lightly brush up against the front of Darren's pants.


Internet Affairs

group Sabrinaseales 2018-06-29

Anyway, the guy in France was having a field day with her kitty picture, he was just happy to get it, it looked so tight...he asked her how, she said she hadn't had sex for a while and he thought of the last French chick he fucked two nights ago in a bout of fun sex...some of these European women really have stretched out cunts from fucking around too much ...he thought, suddenly wondering just how many men that last lady fucked before she fucked him...anyway he was now looking at this darker shaded cunt for the time and he loved how it was so exotic to his part of the world...ooh I'd like to suck that for you, I love pussy!, He told her, I'd love to have fun sex with you!

Taste So Good (bi-male, MFM)

group naughty_bi_interest 2018-06-29

His breathing was getting heavier and my wife slowly rubbed my cock at the same time in anticipation of seeing her husband swallow my first load. The young stud firmly grabbed my head, he wanted to make sure I didn't back off, as he began to unload his ropes of semen in my throat and mouth. Her voice, plus her manipulation of my asshole and cock, plus this young studs cum made me explode into my wife's hand. Slowly he dragged his tool out of my still sucking mouth and let me suck the last drip of semen out of this beautiful piece of meat. My beautiful wife leaned in and whispered, good job you little sword swallower, I never knew I would have competition for best cock sucker from my own husband.

A Perfect Storm

group tantricjim 2018-06-29

The apartment was actually owned by Rob's older brother Eddie, a single guy and a hard rock miner who made big money working in remote locations. Dani turned, quite flushed and anxious and said, "This is my friend Marg, her hubby is away hunting with Rob and she's spending some time with me while the guys are away. Dani had seen Eddie dressed similarly in the past, but she was still turned on at what a beautiful man he was, while Marg sat frozen with her drink half way to her mouth. He said, "Look, unless you gals have other plans, why not let me take you out to a great Italian restaurant for dinner, then maybe a bar or lounge for a drink.


Wife's Weekend Away

group Dreamcreator 2018-06-29

She has a really good friend in London called Jane who Suzie was at college with and I know they have been looking for an excuse for a girl's weekend for a while, so I suggested that they both go and stay in a hotel for a night. Later that evening Suzie rang me from the hotel and said that she and Jane were going to the bar for a couple of drinks and then onto a club that Jane had booked. Suzie said she then felt someone close to the side of her face and turned to find a large hard cock owned by one of the guys on the bed.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 97

group SteveWallace 2018-06-29

"City Approach Control, Two Mike Whiskey is showing two green and one red light on the gear indicator. One question you might need to decide is whether you want me to do a full belly flop or teeter on two wheels for as long as I can?" I noted that my voice sounded remarkably calm as though I had any fucking idea what I was doing and could do either of what I proposed without creating a fiery inferno in the middle of the runway at city airport that would provide some interesting film for the evening news. I called in, "City Approach, Two Mike Whiskey is ready for another fly-by." They had me descend to 3,000 feet and gave me vectors for runway 32 again.


Where's the Party Tonight?

group DevilsAngel369 2018-06-29

Megha by now, wanted to take Sid on his own games, she pulled him to the floor as well and almost started dancing on him, rubbing her bra-less breasts on his chest. Sean and Naina were "dancing" in the middle of the room meaning that their bodies were moving to music while each ones hands were busy exploring the other's body and their lips were hungrily sucking each other. To make sure Megha lost all sense of control, Sid pulled up her sweater up to her neck and started to kiss the soft bare flesh of her breasts. Sean in the mean time had a raging hard on since Naina had been rubbing it over his pants as he was sucking the life out of her breasts.


Blowjob at XXX Movie Theater

group andyjmen 2018-06-29

I spoke to the girl next to me and said there are worse things than blowing me. I ask the first girl to do it because if she was going learn to give blow jobs she better learn what one looks like and feel like too. I told the loud mouth the things I liked done. Plus, I looked at the first girl and told her that to make this go easier for her, let me play with her titties. Loud mouth was pretty good and kept on telling the first girl what to do. I then told the first girl to try as I was kneading her titties. After a few moments I told the loud mouth to let me suck them.


He, Me, & She Makes Three

group justdb 2018-06-29

"Sounds like my kind of girl," Jenna said as her hand lightly brushed the bottom of my left breast. Jenna kept her mouth on my clit as one hand roamed around my box, her fingers back and forth between my pussy and my ass. I'm gonna come...." I looked up at Justin again, my hand now working harder on his dick. I thought Justin was about to explode when we both looked up at him: she with his dick in her mouth, and I, sucking on her neck, rolling her nipples in between my fingers. She looked over at me with a smile and started kissing me, her hand still wrapped around his cock.


Linda's Birthday Dinner

group sweetlinda 2018-06-29

Breaking the kiss Linda took hold of Adele's hand and led her into the shower; intentionally neglecting to close the pink curtain that would have hidden the mirror from the eager pair of eyes that lustfully watched from within the next room. With the warm shower water splashing over their nakedness Linda began to suck gently on tiny patches of skin on Adele's back and neck whilst her relentless fingers drove deeper and harder into Adele's pussy and her other hand squeezed and pulled at Adele's breasts. Dropping her head she began to lick hard at his balls whilst Adele allowed the length of Howard's cock to slide into her mouth. In and out Linda began to fuck Howard's arse while Adele greedily took his thrusting cock deep into her sensual mouth.


Happy Birthday, My Love

group dixiedelight 2018-06-29

His cock was starting to get hard, in wonder of what was going to happen next. I reach down and start to lick his balls, biting the sack and pulling out with my teeth, not too hard, but I know that he likes it. Sara climbs on facing him and I roll over and grab my vibrator and turn so he can watch me make myself cum.. I start to stick this big hard dildo deep into my pussy and try to pump with the same rhythm that he is using to FUCK Sara. My eyes are starting to roll into the back of my head an I know that I am getting close to cumming.

Annabelle's Diary Ch. 1

group AnnabelleandJay 2018-06-29

Then we both sat on the broad steps, leaning back against the side of the pool with our drinks in hand, and letting the water buoy our bodies, staring up at the night sky. Then she giggled, and I opened my eyes to see that she’d stripped off her suit and was swimming naked across to the spot where one of the arcs of water was landing in the pool. Rather than spoil the moment, I turned and swam across the pool, enjoying the feel of the water on my naked body. She pulled away slightly and said softly, “I thought that would be nice, and it was.” I smiled and pulled her back to me, kissing her and letting my tongue explore her mouth, still warmly flavored with the liquor she’d been drinking.

Her First Woman

group ginslut 2018-06-29

As I watched my cock got extremely hard as I see her hand go between your legs and push your skirt up. You pull up your top as she lowers her head to your pussy, and you pinch your nipples as her tongue starts to part your outer lips, searching for your hard little clit. I watch as you and her kiss, you licking your juices off of her face and shock waves still hitting you as she grinds her knee into her pussy. I feel your hand down at Stacey's pussy trying to get her off again and you are rewarded with a flush of cum, and it is enough to set me off.