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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sharing Jessie

group The Needler 2018-06-29

Before long, Jessie moved to stick her face in Missy's crotch and raised up on her knees to open herself to me. A fine familiar hand guided me in, and before long I was fucking Jessie doggy style like a piston while she stuck her tongue up Missy's snatch. Looking down, I saw Jessie's hand buried in Missy's cunt, thrusting hard, and suddenly Jessie's mouth came up to attack my ballsack like a whirlwind. Jessie's hand came out of Missy's snatch and went to her breast. Jessie's hand started tugging her nipple, squeezing hard as I savaged her cunt, and it wasn't long before a flood covered my arm halfway way up to my elbow.

Brandy's Gift

group MYSTERIOUSMALE 2018-06-29

Then suddenly I feel Brandy's tongue licking my pussy. I gasp sharply from the feeling of her wet tongue on my warm pussy. "Do you want all of us to fuck you?" The man asks. Brandy looked at the man and nods. "I know it feels like its to big, but trust me you'll get use to it." The woman said. I just pushed my face into her pussy and licked her clit like a thirsty dog. I'm flicking my tongue on her clit and she grabs my hair pushing my face into her pussy. While Brandy continues to suck my tits and the man pounds my pussy. I want to cum." He begins drilling his man meat into my pussy over and over again.

Four Johns Johnson

group DavidShaw 2018-06-29

She's a beautiful looking woman in her thirties with a wedding ring who brings the coffee up to the flight deck, lays on all the smiles and moves to the pilots, goes to the crew hotel with you, says "Goodnight, guys, nice to fly with you," slams her door shut and the next thing you hear is the door lock clicking. "Maybe you'd be doing yourself a big favor if you didn't work for peanuts on this trip -- especially down South' What I was talking about was how it was considered one of the small perks of the attendant's job to take home odds and ends of stuff that was left over from the flight supplies.



group MsFlsh 2018-06-29

Opening my eyes, I saw a hand working on a large thick cock. Troy knew my lust for sex and these Fridays were something I looked forward to. My large heavy breasts, clearly exposed, gave me a "ready" look I knew the men liked. I sipped a glass of wine and moved to the large window looking out over the city. Tony had refreshed my wine and I saw the men waiting for their turn. I closed my eyes and felt one's fingers enter me and a hand cup my breast and raise it to be kissed. Next Friday I would again be the object of sexual pleasure for a group of men and the thought of waiting till then was already stirring my desire for cock.

Awakening of Mrs. Anjelina Wright

group acerider 2018-06-29

And since Dave makes good money, Jenna does not work outside the home, which means she is able to come over to my house from time to time for some quality time when I don't feel like going out. Dave's lower body appeared in the scene and his cock crammed its way inside Jenna's tight pussy. I knew I needed to tell Bill about the DVD, but I simply could not work up the nerve or decide when and how, so I kept my little secret to myself for a while, hoping that Jenna wouldn't ask me if I'd found one of their home movies in the meantime.


The Party

group AngelwingHearts 2018-06-29

Then Mark knelt between my legs and started rubbing the head of his cock in between my pussy lips, I moaned around John's cock each time it slid over my twitching clit. My ass was jerking around Gary's cock and oh god I almost screamed with the pain that I felt when Mark slid his hard cock all the way into my cunt. Then I groaned as John squeezed my breasts really hard and he shoved his jerking cock deep into my throat, I gagged and he threw back his head and I heard him moan really loud and then I felt his cum squirting against the back of my throat.

Life Saver

group alonzo14 2018-06-29

Finally, Elizabeth said, "I think it's time to give you your REAL reward" and she stood up again. Ty lay back on the couch and Elizabeth hopped off and knelt before her, and began licking Ty's pussy. Moving forward, I inserted the head of my cock into Elizabeth's pussy. I moved quickly forward and my cock slid effortlessly into Elizabeth's pussy. Ty and Elizabeth quickly changed positions, and in a moment my cock was moving in and out of Ty's quivering pussy as she began earnestly sucking on Elizabeth's clit. Elizabeth leaned over from the couch and began sucking the remnants of my cum from Ty's drenched pussy.

Witches' Rising

group mythtrav16 2018-06-29

Earlier in the day, Brooke had suddenly approached Ethan and asked, "Would you come home with me after school? The first thing that caught Ethan's eye upon entering was the wide staircase on the right side of the chamber, leading up to a second level and a balcony that overlooked the entire room. Still wanting to touch her creamy skin, Ethan began to caress her shoulder and upper back, as Brooke got to work unlacing his sneakers. Ethan could only think of two explanations; either Brooke was under some kind of spell that had turned her into a mindless puppet, or the four girls had planned this in advance... After Brooke pulled back, Sera took Ethan's right hand and placed his fingers upon the underside of her panties.


Marsha Gets Promoted

group Boxlicker101 2018-06-29

Not only was she sucking him off better than anybody ever had, it was also a treat to look down his body at her pretty face while his cock slid in and out of her mouth, and to feel her lips press against his pubic hair every time she lowered her head. Ronald knew that Marsha was starting to cum, and he reached up to pull down on her hips and hold her in place while his mouth sucked and licked her clit. Holding her pussy lips open with one hand and Ronald's cock with the other, Marsha rubbed the tip against her wetness to spread the slippery juices.



group thornapple 2018-06-29

She was lying on her belly with her head turned toward me and she laughed and said, "Now behave because I want to finish with my tan." I knelt down close to her and as I dribbled the cool creamy lotion onto her hot skin she gasped but held still as my hands went to work on her shoulders. Tammy blinked her eyes and held her breath and then said, "Wow we better be careful with these." I pulled a chair closer to them and casually studied Tammy's exposed breasts before looking over at Diane and toasted both of them saying, "To the two very sexy and special women in my life."


Graeme's Birthday Surprise

group australwind 2018-06-29

Before Carol had a chance to answer, Dianne came back out onto the deck and announced to the few remaining guests that she intended to turn the spa jets on and anyone who was interested could join her and Graeme for a soak before they left for the night. Carol felt a sudden tingle in her pussy at Dianne's touch...then it began to really throb when Graeme's hand began gently stroking her left breast. I want John to suck Diane's tits and she is to jerk him off." Carol could not believe she just heard herself say that, but she had seen and handled Graeme's cock and she wanted it hard into her pussy.

Kay The Jogger

group KEaster46 2018-06-29

I want to fuck you and watch Hank ripped open the old lady.” I think Jean was about to say something when there came the sound of a open hand striking flesh. I an going to look forward to fucking your tight ass.” Then he intentionally rammed his cock forward burying it to the hilt and making Jean scream in joy and pain. Hank jerked back pulling his cock fro Jeans ass and Is it still shooting cum so as he moved closer I open my mouth and took his cock willingly the cum a as sweet now as it was before with just taste of some thing slightly distasteful but I did not care this cock was mine all mine.

An Avid Viewer

group CafeExtreme 2018-06-29

He squeezed Justine's tits together hard and slid his cock between them, the camera moved in to catch perfect vision of the action, his cockhead emerging from between my wife's tits on every stroke. He then removed his fingers and at the same time, my wife stopped fucking the cock in her pussy, shifted herself forward and reached around to grasp and spread her asschecks, clearly exposing her slightly opened asshole. I recognised from Justine's movements and moaning that she was highly aroused and moving towards an orgasm, however the big cock vacated her snatch and she slumped back on the couch in mock disappointment, although she didn't have long to wait until another guy plugged her vaginal canal with a cock and started fucking her hard until she had a shuddering climax.


Couldn't Have Planned It If I Tried

group 2018-06-29

a step-mom that's 50 years old coming home and catching us going at it in their guest suite above the garage with me balls deep in his ass (with a magnum xl cover) after a long oral session with him in a 69 laying side ways and porn on the screen (bi mfm) .....and by the way, she is black too and hubby is white (surprise, surprise) and her being pissed and telling me to stop fucking her step-son and then me growing a set of balls and telling her, "he's legal and fair game, right?" and her confirming he was almost 20.

Office Slut Ch.01

group Laurelin 2018-06-29

After, what seemed like ages to Lisa, Ted's thrusts became harder and faster as he began spilling his cum inside her. As long as this project is under work and there is even one man working in the office, you will be available to him in any way that he desires." Saying this Ted picked up Lisa in his arms and put her down on the conference table. She felt the table wobble as the first man climbed up and Lisa could feel him run his cock a couple of times against her cunt. She tried to close her mouth but she felt a hand on her throat, choking her till she took the cock inside.

Couples Seduce Teens Ep. 04

group Sensa8 2018-06-29

Linda and Danny were walking towards us and I placed my hand on Emma's firm ass, hidden by the soft cotton of her skirt, propelling her forward. Emma moaned as she felt her hot, wet folds pushed aside and Danny's khaki-clothed bulge rub against her clitty. The rhythm of Danny fucking away at my firm ass and the flexing of Emma's pussy around my own hard cock had transported me somewhere I was addicted to. My own cock, buried inside the heaven of my girlfriend's sweet pussy, felt like the extension of Danny's own meat pole, which in a way it was. Now, Danny sat back against the couch and it was me, fucking Emma while she ate Linda's sopping wet pussy.

Shirewood Ch. 03

group tony090909 2018-06-29

"What is it about Susan Davies that men find so attractive?" Julie Turner asked Tony Hardcastle. Martyn couldn't contain himself any longer; hurriedly he pushed his cock into Susan's cunt, gave a few deep thrusts, then groaned and emptied his balls inside her. With Julie sat on his lap riding his cock Tony had a clear view of Susan being pleasured by Martyn. "How right you were," said Martyn, naturally assuming that she'd seen it in the school changing rooms, little realising that Susan had seen that shaven pussy as she stood voyeuristically in the shadows and moments before a young man plunged his stiff prick into it.

4 Accidental Dogging

group SidTheSexist 2018-06-29

I asked Lisa if ‘dogging’ was going to be a regular thing now she’d experienced it once “Nooo” she replied “Never again – I loved acting like a slut for a night but I don’t need to do it again – it was just a fantasy of mine” “I’m happy to give myself to just one bloke from now on” she continued “And the occasional woman?” I asked with a smile “Well maybe” she replied “but only if you’re involved too – and I haven’t noticed you complaining when that’s happened previously” “Anyway” she said changing the subject completely “Are you gonna take me home tomorrow?

Six Way in The Sanderson Ch. 01

group deepblue32 2018-06-29

Emboldened, I reached round to unclip her bra, and pull it off her shoulders so she was standing in front of me, her white dress open at the front, only a thong barely covering her pussy, her big tits standing up, begging for my attention. "Too fucking right you do," Izzie said, turning round so she was lying in front of me, her face next to my cock. I watched intently as this 24-year old redhead licked every inch of my cock, cleaning her pussy juices off it, then started delicately squeezing my tight balls with her fingers. She knew from the last time we'd fucked that I was into deepthroat, and I'd spent a good hour that night teaching her how to take my cock all the way down her throat.


group missdee1967 2018-06-29

Julia felt her own cunt growing wet, she desperately wanted to feel her own clit and rub her nipples that were now popping through the purpose made holes in the bra. Then another man stepped out of the crowd walking towards Julia he took her tear stained face in his hands and kissed her mouth long deep and hard. Julia suddenly felt a cold wet sensation on her arse and her cunt at the same time; both men had taken ice cubes and were rubbing them over her arse and cunt respectively. Darrin positioned himself once more between her legs and this time he pushed and slipped inside Julia's tight wet cunt.

A Quiet Night for the Six of Us

group Da_Klown 2018-06-29

Sharon had gone over and was sitting on Michelle's face, one hand holding her pussy open for her to lick and still rubbing those glorious tits with the other hand, she was moaning loudly and I could feel Krystal moaning on my cock as she sucked it. She took my cock from her mouth and looked back at Rob. She then moved up my body and straddled my face, her pussy was so wet it was dripping and I greedily licked and sucked at it, not wanting to waste a drop. She took his cock in her hand and stroked it slowly while she watched the expression on his face, Krystal watched Michelle fucking Sharon with the vibrator for a while and had one hand on her clit and the other on Brett's cock, stroking it slowly.


Home On Leave

group salesman 2018-06-29

That was it, she started bucking her ass and arching her back, she was trying to meet my thrust with hers, her right hand had found its way to her clit, she was giving it a good seeing to, her finger was a blur, I pounded my prick into her velvet passage as hard as I could, she was making so much noise, it was putting me of from cummin. I increase the speed of my thrust, as I pound my way to a very beautiful climax, urged on by the fact that Carol was cummin again she thrust her cunt hard into my prick, meeting my thrust, harder and harder, we both came together as I emptied my love sacks deep inside her velvet love passage.

cuckold camping

group 2018-06-29

My wife Julie is a beautiful and sexy blonde and I Julie used this little hand drawn map to my own wife Julie was chuckling softly trying not to enjoying my wife's treasures Billy and Ten riffled I looked at my wife who sat naked on the bed trying his hairy cock back into my wife's mouth, pumped it a moved in toward my wife, his long cock waving at My wife grabbed hold of his cock and guided Billy was fucking my wife wildly, pumping his long knelt in front of my wife's face and pulled her head the biker cum from my wife. up my wife from work, when suddenly I spotted a biker

Goddess of Cum

group queenhobart 2018-06-29

"What's so different about them?" Molly asked, sighing, acquiescing to Shayla's hand under her robe, feeling the warmth radiating from her tweaked nipple. " It's almost a...spiritual experience for us." Heavener said, as the man he'd called Tim began to massage the oil into Molly's legs. Make me feel good, make me cum!" She leaned her head back and James kissed her upside down, long and sensually, sucking her sweet bottom lip. The twins continued sucking, as James offered deep kisses--and Molly was shocked to feel she was close to coming. And you!" She looked up at James "Get that cock in my mouth." Secretly, Molly loved giving head, loved the feel of wrapping her lips really thick, really hard, pulsing dick.