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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group moviemonster 2018-06-29

Her younger s****r Cindy was naked and kneeling on the floor in front of us and had my raging hard cock burried in her sweet young mouth bouncing her head up and down sucking me with loud wet slurping sounds. I'm sucking his big beautiful hard cock.", she lustfuly answered with a cute brace faced smile and her long straight brown hair in pigtails with blue ribbons. I put my elbows on the sofa, stretched out my legs with my toes on the floor suspending myself over Lisa's face and bounced up and down fucking her sweet mouth deep and fast while eating Cindy's young tight cunt.

Massage Parlor

group Fantasy Girl 2018-06-29

Gary begged and pleaded, because the stick made him feel like he cock was going to explode more cum than he could cum in a life time but he couldn't let it out because Madelyn had the his hole plugged up. I stood up and spread my pussy lips so he could get a hard look at my dripping pussy and let out a stream of hot piss all over his face, Madelyn then started peeling the wax from his cock and asked him if he promised to do what she told him to do. Madeline told me she was going to cum really good because Gary had such a nice cock but she wanted me to do her one little favor and stroke his balls lightly with my fingernails.

Ali and Lara's Double-Ended Fun

group LucyCanyon 2018-06-29

Even as I toyed with her nipples, my cock getting harder and waving around in between her glorious tits Ali began to slide the end of her fifteen inch long, gently curving glass dildo between Lara's pussy lips. Ali was playing with Lara's now exposed clit, toying with the nub of flesh as it stood a little proud of the hood above the gash that was her pussy, split in two by the hard, glass monster dildo. Even as Ali worked the glass cock in and out of Lara's now glistening cunt I moved around and started to toy with Ali's labia, spreading them wider, sinking one, then two fingers deep inside her, reaching for her g-spot and enjoying the fluid sensations as her juices flowed around my fingers.


Dance Floor Seduction Ch. 02

group M_P 2018-06-29

Kat left the bathroom fresh and clean she found Nathan and Phoebe still talking in the kitchen, getting on like a house of fire, laughing and carrying on. It wasn't until that night when Kat told Nathan that Phoebe had to find somewhere else to live that he thought of it. Later that night Phoebe sat in the hallway with her favorite vibrator between her legs, wondering why Kat and Nathan were particularly louder then usual tonight. As Kat sat up and opened her eyes she began to giggle, Phoebe rose to her feet and helped Kat of the floor, She smiled and said "I think we need a shower" Kat stepped around behind Phoebe and wrapped her arms around her waist.


FOB Scimitar - Embedded

group EzRyeter 2018-06-29

"That's the FNG, I haven't seen her in a while, you might check her hooch, fourth one down in the second row." The newsy was using the military acronym for Fucking New Guy. In this case it would be Fucking New Girl; it was just then that Ryan realized for the first time ever that the saying worked for both genders, he was momentarily amused by this as he led his shooter out of the tent and around the back to the collection of hooches, or living quarters set up for the media. Fields wore a permanent smile on his face, his eyes darted between Ryan and Kate as each spoke, and all the while he gnawed at his gum. Ryan nodded, looked over at Fields, then back at Kate; "Yes I did," he said.


Meeting Beth, part 1

group backdoor-man 2018-06-29

Eventually Kemal pulled off her, grabbed her by the hair and twisted her up and onto her knees, he shoved his dirty dick straight in her mouth and drove it down into her throat, and she didn't quibble, that girl can deepthroat, he thrust into her, his big belly jamming into her face every time, her double chins wobbling as she guzzled and slobbered over that huge cock. This is what we do, to mark these bints" He held his fat cock in his hand and beckoned her to him, Beth opened her mouth to suck him again eagerly, but then drew back in surprise as instead of offering his dick to suck he started pissing right in her face.

Office Girl Ch. 03

group Scarcrow 2018-06-29

All of the rooms I passed were either dark or locked, and I was beginning to think my imagination was playing with my penis when I turned a corner and saw faint light coming from a partially opened door. I had to stop my hand or I would have cum in my pants as Tara’s mouth sucked around the woman’s delicious looking cunt. Satisfied she was done, Tara kissed her way back up the lean body, lingering a few moments on her belly and tits, before kissing her on the lips and sharing a taste of her own juices. The woman seemed less concerned with time or with getting caught (I’m pretty certain her husband wasn’t just down the hall), as she lingered and enjoyed Tara’s body.


Especially For Yule Ch. 2

group MikeAndJan 2018-06-29

"I think I'll start just sitting right here on the couch." Susan leaned back, adjusted her blouse so it showed her small cleavage and a hint of her nipples, then looked at Jan holding the camera. "And Mike, look at Susan's cute tits." Before Jan went on she reached over with her left hand and squeezed one of Susan's nipples. "And I know you'll like this little ass Mike." With this Jan was rubbing her hand over Susan's ass and down under Susan to feel of her wet pussy. "OOOh, and Mike, her pussy is really tight and wet...., yea, you'd love to eat this, and fuck it too." Jan's narrative, along with her hand, had Susan over the edge.

Neighborhood Watch Ch. 02

group sex4u4647 2018-06-28

As Ralph rolled off, Sally twisted around and taking hold of his sloppy cock wet with their mixed fluids, started licking it. Ralph reached one hand for June's great tits and the other to Sally's. Sitting on the floor in front of June he spread her legs and licked at her bald pussy for a few minuets then moved to Sally. When Ralph pulled out Sally moved in to clean June's dripping pussy. After resting a while Ralph laid back on the floor, had Sally ride his again hard cock with Sandy sitting on his face so he could eat her. Sally was laying on the floor, her legs spread wide with June slurping on her wet, cum filled pussy that he had just fucked.

Joel and Carrie Ch. 10

group JoeDreamer 2018-06-28

"I don't understand," Carrie frowned, so I explained to her what my father said about my mother the night before. "Right at this moment, I'm pretty close," Carrie sighed, but I knew it wasn't true. I started to say so, but she smiled slightly, squeezed my hands and let me know it wasn't necessary. I looked at Carrie and shrugged before adding, "We brought egg sandwiches from Tony's." Again, pop turned. Of course, we still had to face Carrie's parents and I was sure that wasn't going to go as well. "Whoever we find for you will be beautiful, I promise." My father looked at Carrie and shook his head.


My Visit With Tony Ch. 7

group Salsa105 2018-06-28

Tony and Ronnie both were assuring me I would soon know what it would feel like to have a cock up my ass and a cock in my pussy. He had raised his legs and his heels were digging into the bed, lifting his cock and thrusting into my pussy, and the same time Ronnie was bearing down in my ass. I lost myself in the sensations that coursed through my body, not being aware of cocks, or tits, or pussy or ass. Tony told Ronnie it was obvious I liked what he was doing, and to direct the stream down the middle of my body, to my navel. It was Tony's turn to fuck me in the ass, and Ronnie was in my pussy.

Los Cinco Hermanos Ch. 02

group eidetic 2018-06-28

I made my way over to the elevator and down to the living room, and just as Jerry had said, it was straight ahead from the elevator doors. "'What guys?' I'd asked and she'd told me about Paul and Ron and Jackson and Jerry. On the left is Ron..." and the guy in the light brown skin, black ponytail and abs to die for nodded, "and on the right is Jackson." The bald black man that looked like a football player nodded. As I passed Ron, I told him, "nice abs." When I got to the door, I looked back to Jackson and told him, "nice ass." Then I headed out onto the terrace.


Brittni's New Job Pt. 02

group stimac 2018-06-28

David suggested we clean up, we went to the bathroom, Jean looked at me and said lay on the floor, I lay down as she stood astride my face, she then squatted over my face, both her holes were gaping as spunk and pussy juice dripped out on to me, I grabbed her arse and pulled her cheeks wide apart, I then stuck my tongue in both holes and sucked out all the spunk and funny juice whilst she came again, my legs were spread wide whilst I was doing this and Jean leant forward and sucked my twat, swallowing all the spunk that was gushing out.

Spice It Up

group AspenFan2 2018-06-28

Joe ignored her and continued rubbing her wet pussy, causing Tricia to moan more and press her ass hard back against Joe’s cock. “Hey, let me in on that action up there,” Joe said, pulling out of Tricia and switching places with Ed. “After all, she is your wife and you should get to fuck her pussy too,” Joe laughed, replacing Ed’s cock in Tricia’s mouth. “Yeah, and I’m going to fuck her pussy good,” Ed grinned, placing Tricia’s legs over his shoulders and began pounding away at his wife’s swollen cunt just as hard as Joe had. “Oh yeah baby, your mouth is as good a fuck as your pussy, mmmmmm yeah,” Joe grunted, shoving his cock deep inside Tricia’s mouth and shooting his cum down her throat.

Gobsmacked Ch. 05

group BigKahunaCat21 2018-06-28

It being still early the sun had not heated the pool a great deal and the cold, especially in the deep end caused me to disengage from Molly quickly. As Molly turned to swim off, I reached out and got a hold of her one ass cheek and held it as she futility tried to swim away. Turning the corner into our master suite, there was Janet, bent over on the bed with her ass high in the air with that jackhammer boy Henry, driving his long thin cock deeply into Janet's cunt. We looked like interwoven pretzels as I lavished her tits with hand and tongue and she sucked my cock with relish.


The Trio Ch. 01

group doeshelooklikeabitch 2018-06-28

I paused the video and looked over at my phone's screen to find new messages from the group chat with my two best friends, Karyn and Jackie. The three of us walked into my room, whereupon Karyn flopped on my bed and Jackie took the swivel chair. As we lazed about in my room, Jackie talked about how she felt like a guy in her AP Government class was flirting with her, but she couldn't tell. The other two of us did the same, and I was treated to Karyn's very large areolae on her tits, which were slightly larger than Jackie's, and cute pussy with a strip of hair above it. Jackie then crept up beside and stuck her hand between Karyn's thighs.


group Linedrive 2018-06-28

I felt Samantha’s hand take hold of my cock and began rubbing and pulling on it, her warm, skilled fingers quickly made me hard. Looking over her shoulder I could see Samantha’s naked body twitching about, her mouth moaning as her fingers continued to thrust in and out of her sopping pussy. Despite the fact that Sam’s pussy in her mouth could have easily distracted her, she maintained a vigorous grinding pattern with her hips, meeting each thrust of mine, By this time both of the girls were moaning loudly, Kelly’s a little more muffled than Samantha’s. I looked up at Samantha again and watched her fingers tweaking her nipples, her mouth alternating between gasps and moans and her hips continuously driving into Kelly’s face.

Library Encounter

group latendresse 2018-06-28

I will call him Tim, and that is his real name, hers I do not know, so let's say Veronica, because I like the sound of it. Tim and I pull our erections out of our pants, slowly, mesmerisingly, as if the mirror were an important witness to lust, a transparent layering of layerings to heighten our visual pleasure. Gradually, I push Tim away and have myself at her, pushing in slowly, her comfortable vagina ballooning around the swelling heat, and we climb into our own personal stratosphere, somewhere above the library toilet in our own combined imaginations. Later, I am looking out the window, V is sitting two rows away, and Tim has just left.

Freak on a Leash

group MightyWurm 2018-06-28

Always a good time, you start thinking about what you have to wear and decide your best bet is a really sexy black mandarin collared dress you picked up in Japan on your last port call. Loading up your GPS on your phone, you get to your car quickly and head out, making sure you have plenty of time to get there. "You've forgotten yourself, pet..." He grabbed her cropped hair and threw her forward onto the bed, ass up, pussy still wet. I roll over and she climbs on top of me sliding the dildo inside, a moan escaping her lips. Finally satisfied, he slides his cock into her ass as she rides me.

Fresh Wrestling Pussy

group pickett3 2018-06-28

"It's only a matter of time before you come," she smiled as she leaned in and kissed me.Trying to get energy back, I didn't resist, instead kissing her back."Kissing lips, blue," the referee declared.Jenny called out, "Don't kiss her Emma, they are getting points."I knew they were, but knew it was the only way to quell the burning down below and get the strength back I needed to get to the side of the ring and tag Jenny.A few seconds later, Shay broke the kiss and asked, "Do you want to come, my little lesbian slave?""God yes," I moaned, allowing her to think I was sexually defeated."Open your legs for me," she ordered, as she cupped my breasts."Breast fondling, blue."I obliged and waited for the perfect moment as she slithered down to my vagina.Jamie suddenly realizing I was smiling yelled out, "Shay, it's a trap," but she was a second too late.I quickly moved both my knees up, moved my feet to her shoulders and pushed hard.Shay unbalanced and surprised fell backwards and I quickly crawled and tagged a smiling Jenny."Good plan," Jenny nodded, as she got onto the mat.

Just the Three of Us

group michelle2003 2018-06-28

I can feel the heat starting to rise between my legs and I slid a hand underneath my skirt, touching my bare skin. She leaned closer letting one of her hands slide slowly up the inside of my thigh, as our lips met in a slow seductive kiss for the first time, we knew that it was time to go to bed. I felt her legs spread beneath me and I slowly started letting my hand move down her stomach. I felt her hand grabbing the back of my head pulling me towards her and as my tongue touched her clit tasting her wetness, moans of intense pleasure flooded the room.

The Bath House

group HfxBi 2018-06-28

after touching and playing more, he sat on the edge of the hot tub, and let me start sucking his huge tool. The hot black man jerked and spasmed as he came in my mouth. I tried my best to suck him to completion with drinking his cum.. I felt another man beside me and we started touching. He went down on me and starting sucking my cock. One man sucked my nipples while I stroked his cock, one man was beside me and I stroked him with my other hand, and another guy moved behind me and licked and fingered my ass. The man sucking my cock was amazing. The man sucking me came right out behind me and thanked me..

Our Friend Katelyn Ch. 02

group Megannnn 2018-06-28

My hand went straight to work on her right tit, pulling and grabbing and squeezing in a manner meant to make her moan loudly. Tiffany sighed and said, "Katelyn, if you wouldn't mind..." I saw a look of horror briefly cross Katelyn's face. Katelyn walked into the room, next to the bed I'd pushed Tiffany down onto, and slowly took her pants and shirt off. As her hot mouth engulfed me in its warm wetness, I moaned into Tiffany's pussy, my tongue inside of her hole. I licked and played and rubbed and watched Tiffany at work between Katelyn's legs. I continued the tit-play as Tiffany quickly brought Katelyn to orgasm.

Slut's Revenge

group Fantasy_Red 2018-06-28

I worry that its possibly a little too sexy for a house party, but I want to look perfect for him tonight. My stomach's churning a little as I straighten my dress and check my make-up in my small mirror, then before I know it, I'm approaching the house, the bedroom, the bed, where he'll be laying me down tonight. Not that I was expecting him to be waiting behind the door for me to arrive but still I'm feeling a little put out and kind of alone as I step into the kitchen, filled with beer, bags of snacks and one guy opening bottles whilst drinking quickly from another in his hand.