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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Her Fantasy Came True

group Jaywesal 2018-06-28

As the video ended with Pat having an intense orgasm Ron was the first to speak..."rewind it and let's watch it again" and with that he pulled his cock out and began rubbing his fist slowly up and down the shaft. Jerry had been watching and stroking his rod and as I jacked the last spurts of my cum he pressed the thick purple head against her opening...."ohhhhh...gawddd...thick," Pat mumbled through the cock in her mouth.....Jerry began a rhymic cadence buried inside her cunt. Sam glanced over at my hand masturbating Ron's cock and holding Pat's hips began to shudder as his cock unloaded again only this time deep inside her wet cunt.

Miss Julie Ch. 7

group jack_straw 2018-06-28

Julie thought the letter was one of the sweetest love notes she’d ever read, and she couldn’t wait to see him tomorrow – or tonight – and thank him personally. Chapter 26: Janet and Julie talk business They dried off then sat naked at the table having another cup of coffee. Over the course of breakfast, Julie learned that Janet had grown up in a small town not far from Dallas, where she had learned about sex at an early age. “They fucked me every way to Sunday.” Of course, her reputation wasn’t much, but that was OK, she’d only gone back there a few times a year to see her family, after she finished high school and moved to Dallas.


Kass Visits Lexi @ House of Dreams

group rogo46 2018-06-28

I shucked my panties off and sat in a chair next to Lexi's bed, spread my legs and turned on my vibrator and rubbed it over my mound. We sucked face a little while as our hands explored each other's butts and tits and our thighs moved between the other's legs to pressure against wet pussies. I don't know how it happened, just like with our clothes, I never had a conscious thought of it, but there we were in a 69 position; me over Lexi staring at her wetness as she looked up into that same wetness in my pussy. Lacy gets on her knees and sucks Ralph's cock almost like she had read my mind and wanted me to know how big he got.


Subtle Verity

group averybrite 2018-06-28

In her imagination she had started out thinking of Brian, who was an attractive and attentive lover, even if he did want sex a little too often, but as the sensations continued she her mind had her writhing in a sea of bodies both male and female. Zeus' fingers began to rub her slit through her pants as Ares large hand covered her breast. Hera kissed her nipples and stomach with cold lips then came up and extracted the war god's cock from her mouth, taking it in her own then giving it back. The pleasure built and built until she felt everyone's thrusts increase, the cocks inside her began to swell ever so slightly, something she thought impossible at this point.


Help, I'm Marrying a Slut! Ch. 04

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-06-28

Who will take care of us?" Gracie asked, still curious, "I wanted to marry you and have your babies, and then you'd keep me around, but I was afraid that if you had other women, you'd ditch us like my father ditched my mother. Let him earn the panties by fucking you good and hard, in whatever position you guys want," I encouraged my girlfriend, while my slutty fiancee leaned over to unzip my pants under the table and suck my cock, "Oh, and Vijay, the answer to that is obvious. It's not like I need the tip, anyway," Vijay said as his boner grew again from seeing Tamara make out with me while Gracie gave me a blowjob and Connie dragged Jasper off to the same supply closet for a quickie.

Peter North and Me

group 2018-06-28

Using Mary's throat lube I licked Peter's asshole and tongue fucked it deep as I could. I hated being out of the action so I crawled under Peter and began ti suck his balls again and lick Mary's juice off his big cock. Pulling it out to the head I again slipped the whole thing into my mouth and heard Peter moan "I'm gonna cum." Well I began to suck for all I was worth until I knew he was beyond the point of no return. He pulled out of my mouth and began a classic Peter North ejaculation onto Mary's dripping wet pussy and my mouth was right there to catch the tasty mixture.

A Trip to Burma Ch. 01

group leBonhomme 2018-06-28

That evening, we couldn't all sit together, Randy and I sat with Marie and Anna, the teachers. When Randy suggested another round of drinks, Marie and Anna agreed. Marie's thighs twitched again, and then I felt her hand on mine and heard her soft "um-hmm." I agreed, and we also dropped back on the bed. When we were back on the bed, my hand finding her breast again, she rubbed my chest with a chuckle and murmured: "nice, manly." We moved further back across the bed and rolled back together again, our thighs overlapping, now with my arm under her head. While I was enjoying remembering how we had gotten there and that Randy and Anna were in the other bed, I heard her chuckle and murmur:


Pool Boy Ch. 03

group BigZeke13 2018-06-28

She turned her head to look back and said, "I need your cock right now." I pushed her dress up high enough so it would stay in place on her back. She pulled off and held his sagging cock in her hand and said angrily, "You were just going to blow your load in my mouth, weren't you? Ron pushed her hands down on the bed and with a clenched jaw he got right in her face and said, "You can't rape the willing, baby." He shoved his now rigid cock into her pussy and fucked her hard for several minutes.


Fucking Nimoy Ch. 02

group JMaxwell69 2018-06-28

In fact, you almost never had to be corrected for eye contact or covering violations around Leonard or his blond-haired assistant, Marlon, anymore. "Leonard, you finally found the girl you've been after, and a lovely one at that." Said a short, pudgy, gray mustachioed man of about sixty. In reality, you reasoned, they were probably looking at Leonard, star of television and movies, but it didn't feel like it. "No time like the present." Leonard said, and he took your hand and ushered us both over to a long avant-garde backless blond wood bench that was along the glass wall facing the Pacific.


My Punishment

group love4455 2018-06-28

I know what my ass looks like in every piece of clothing I own. Jason fell of hard times with the stock market and had to give up a lot of things, like a house. In fact, I was started to think that maybe Jason was gay. I came home one day to find Jason working out in the living room. The next day I got home to find Jason sitting on the couch in his workout clothes, waiting for me. I started thinking of one time Quinn and I were together. He told me to grab his cock and start rubbing, So I took his long, thick dick and started giving him a hand job until I felt it grow in my hands. Except Jason's cock replaced Quinn for the big finale.

Part Time Nurse Ch. 03

group pantie_fan 2018-06-28

As Sue slipped down Jane's body, she paused long enough to cup Jane's breasts in her hands and to take each nipple in turn into her mouth before continuing down her body, covering her chest and stomach in light feathery kisses until she reached Jane's pubic mound. Climbing up onto the bed, Oliver positioned himself directly between Sue's thighs and took his erect cock in his hand and guided it towards her sex. Sue's mind was a whirl of conflicting senses - she could still taste Jane in her mouth; Oliver's hot cock was buried deep inside her, filling her with a warmth that she had never experienced before and as he came, her whole body jerked and twitched as his hot come spurted into her.


The Weeknight

group Byron DeSade 2018-06-28

She slammed my cock into the back of her throat several times before I heard her start moaning in frustration. Above her pussy, I could see her tiny asshole opening and closing as she worked on the dick coming through the hole in the wall, her second of the evening. Her asshole started spasming around me, and she was moaning with her face planted firmly against the hole in the wall. "Want it...need it...tell me when...unh unh...mmmm hmmm...yeah...fuck it that ... I pulled myself from her mouth and smeared the cum over her face with my bare hand, making her shudder, then wiped the residue onto her breasts.


Chelsea Ch. 03

group bbw4youngercocks1 2018-06-28

Julie then flipped her over, planted her face between the cheeks of Chelsea's ass, and resumed orally ravaging her from behind as Sid stroked himself in the background, his eyes fixated on them. "I saw you getting aroused looking at her body and the things she was doing to me and Sid. You want to fuck her, don't you, Tommy? Sid positioned himself behind Julie, buried his cock inside her, fucking her hard and fast for at least ten minutes, pulling hair and spanking her, while Julie continued licking, tongue fucking, and sucking Chelsea's pussy. "Tom," Morgan said during a phone call two days before she was due home, "I wanted to let you and Chelsea know soon as possible that I'll be here a few more weeks.


Fantasy Sex Cruise 06

group mountaincat4 2018-06-28

"Now spread those legs so I can taste that young cock on your warm pussy." Lauren lay back in my arms and spread her legs for Kealani to feast on her cunt. Kealani stopped her oral assault on Lauren's crotch and told her, "Tell us about Rodney. OHHHHWEEEEE YES." Lauren's hips bucked up to push her clit harder against Kealani's mouth as she shuddered in another orgasm. "It means I know her very well Eddy and if she gets that message then you will too." Apparently the concierge did as Kealani asked him to because her cell phone rang as we were finishing breakfast. I pulled back and crawled up the bed and told Kealani to turn on her left side to face Lauren.


Ashlynn: Daddy’s Little Girl Part 2a

group baddaddy59 2018-06-28

I remembered coming home one night, she was on fall brake, she said “she was sick”, limping around the house, laying in bed for days, when she did get up she looked like she had a hard time even sitting. One Saturday morning Ash came down for breakfast to find me sitting at the Kitchen table with two very large boxes, and a small TV VCR/DVD player showing Police Sergeant Bob ass fucking her, as he worked her cunt with his night stick. I recalled a party where the girls were playing Badminton in their bikinis and Ash’s nipples kept slipping out she did not seem to know it, until someone (never Britt) would say something, after about 5 times I told her to go put some damn clothes on.

The Cabbie

group jim313 2018-06-28

He could see that she loved cock and was enjoying every minute of sucking him so he tried to delay his orgasm by thinking of something else, other than sex but after some time, he felt it coming and his organ swelled and began spurting gobs of cum into her voracious mouth which she delightedly swallowed as spasm after spasm deposited cum on her tongue. Tom let out a long sigh as Brad’s lips encircled his crown and he started moaning and gasping as Brad nursed firmly on his organ while playing with his balls and anus. They kept sucking each other long after Tom’s orgasm until suddenly, Tom lifted his head and asked Brad if he would like to fuck him.


Abby Earns a Raise

group dpingjessie 2018-06-28

Abby was able to sheath almost the entirety of Dave's member as he quickly grabbed her head with both hands and started to fuck her face. I took that opportunity to play with and stroke her hair until I got really turned on by Eiffel-Towering the girl, so I pulled her hair instead and fucked her face with little regard for her comfort and with no need of her assistance. I think I forgot to breathe as my mind ran wild with the anticipation of sandwiching cute Miss Abby, knowing that I'd see her at work a couple days later and act as if nothing had happened, let alone such a raunchy activity.


One Girl's Quest

group ErosBard 2018-06-28

"Mmmph.", I moaned, my mouth completely filled with the hard, throbbing member as I sucked it, my tongue working along the underside with horny zeal on it's way towards the tip. As I swallow, the man walks away and I open my mouth and stick out my tongue, awaiting the next hard cock to suck... I crossed my legs again until finally the boy in the middle chimed in with a "Fuck yes!" I took it upon myself to take the initiative after that, licking my lips and sliding off of the arm of the couch onto my knees, burying my head in the lap of the first guy on the couch.


Vera’s Fantasy Ch. 3

group pdrye 2018-06-28

One I had pulled her knickers to her ankles, deciding on leaving the stay ups, which I found a turn on where they were, I had move my hands to her breasts, she had anticipated this and had already unzipped the back of her dress so that with a slight tug from me it had come away from her tits and I was now busily pinching her nipples hard, knowing how much she liked that, the room was now full of the sounds of people enjoying sex, and Vera was making slurping noises in between moving her talented upper hole from one cock to the other.


Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XI

group Victor2K 2018-06-28

I was invited to a party at the Country Club, and Bill and Anita were there as usual, and of course there was that awkward greeting moment. To start, we went to a room where nobody would disturb us and soon I sit myself on a table, with my bare pussy and Anita took turns into sucking his cock and licking my list, all with the guidance of this one who tells the story. Next time, I saw him bang his girlfriend as hard as he could, and I gave them a good guidance on how to fuck proper (they know how to do it, but better if they learn how they can do it better!).

The Road to a Gang Bang Ch. 02

group snowbunny1978 2018-06-28

We took our time eating and then headed to the nightclub that had the private booths and the band that knew great dancing music but at sound levels that people could enjoy the environment according to Charles. In between dances we sat and sipped wine with Charles having his arm around me as we leaned back into the soft, red leather, over sized booth that would have held eight people. Charles then said, "The girls in costume are members through their boyfriends and those in jeans or street clothing are guest like yourself." After finding the spot and sitting after Charles was said hi to about twenty times, my head was reeling from looking at all the girls butt cheeks.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 70

group SteveWallace 2018-06-28

Elsa Conner and billionaire Mark Worthington meet at a party, only he hides his true worth and identity from her in fear this nice girl might be another gold digger trying to get into his wealth. Mark arrives home from a trip to find a full-scale orgy underway that Elsa, Cindy, Melanie, and Sheila have orchestrated with the men they picked up at a club. Sean and Pam eventually come and enjoy one of the sex parties Mark, Elsa, and the others conduct. While the club is being renovated Mark prepared to surprise his friends Anna, Vanessa, Monica, and Felicia with the trip to Denmark where Brita is helping locate the right people to make an adult film there.


Ben & Gabrielle Ch. 13b

group TheMadSonneteer 2018-06-28

Caroline moaned as Ben slid the thumb of his right hand between the cheeks of her ass. The sight and sound of the simultaneous orgasms -- combined with the feeling of Caroline's cunt gripping his cock as she came yet again -- pushed Ben over the edge. Andy broke the kiss, placed her hands on Ben's chest, and pushed him down on the bed. Ben's right hand cupped Andy's ass, squeezing her left cheek. "That's much better," Andy said, pushing Santana aside so she could kiss Ben. Andy, meanwhile, stroked Ben's cock, running her hand up and down its length, as she took one of his testicles into her mouth.


Quickies Ch. 03

group Lady Malachite 2018-06-28

The lady who had brought him was a little taller, with brown hair pinned up in a 1940s style, wearing a skimpy white shirt and skirt ensemble that was supposed to make her look like a fetish nurse. Confronted by two such beautiful, lusty women he felt rather more like a small child. Karen had Andy's whole member in her mouth and was licking the underside of his testicles. The knocking continued, so Amanda felt the urge to unlock the door and yell at whoever was getting in the way. Get me away from him!" Andy stared at the phone for what felt like a minute. "Care to dance?" Andy asked, helping his friend up to eat.