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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Black On Black Pegging: Unity

group Samuelx 2018-11-22

Adam is rich, good-looking, and lots of Black chicks and Asian girls at Carleton University think he's all that. He's a very tall, seriously built and very good-looking, light-skinned young Black man I ran into in my Criminal Law class at Carleton University. Fucking a Black man in the ass with my strap-on dildo. I put Steve on his back because I wanted to look into his eyes while fucking him in the ass with my strap-on dildo. I have always loved my Black men but I thought I would end up with someone from outside my race because most Black guys in North America found a Black gal like me too bossy and too intimidating.

Hotel Shilton

group sahebji 2018-11-22

When I saw the twins in their two-piece swimsuit, my cock became hard as a rock and wanted to come out to see the beauties for himself. After I had finished rubbing sun block on Sheeba's back, Sheena said "Ballu, now it is my turn," and lay down on her stomach and promptly undid her top. After some time she said "Ballu this was the best fuck of my life," and gave my joystick and me a big long kiss. The next afternoon we fucked, kissed, licked and sucked each other nearly non-stop for over two hours before we had to break up as it was getting late and agreed to meet again the next day at the same time.


Answering the Ad

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-22

I had just left the parkng lot, following Tad, when she unzipped me, pulled my cock out of my pants, and dropped her mouth around it, sucking nosily as she did so. "Mmmmm, Tad's going to love sucking you," she commented when she pulled her mouth from my cock with a 'plopping' sound. Mona ended our kiss, dropping her head and mouth to my cock right afterwards, sucking me deep into her throat. Mona lifted her mouth, sensing that I was going to come, and whispered that she wanted me to save my cum for Tad, kissing the side of my face afterwards. Tad had moved down with us onto the floor, leaning on an elbow, his face watching me eat his wife, his hand stroking my cock back to life.

Blindfolds Can Bring a lot of New Surprises!

group jgd7778 2018-11-22

I would love to feel a hard clit with my tongue one time, and sometimes I wonder what another woman's juices would taste like on my husband's cock. I don't hear him come in but I feel him getting on the bed and crawl over me right above my face. I've never been with a woman and here I am tonguing her ass while my husband is fucking me so hard I can tell she's having a hard time keeping in the right place for my mouth. Then she starts sliding for me to eat at her pussy again, and when she goes back, I feel his hand rubbing on her ass Then I feel him sticking a finger in her pussy, and I KNOW its soaked.

Hysteria 8

group Kim 2018-11-22

“It seems that Victoria’s ass hole of a husband wants her committed to Bedlam, and he considers you to be a quack,” James said; his attention on Lucas. While she explained her plan to Lucas and James, Victoria paced the floor in her room. Lucas pulled his cock from her mouth and nodded to James, who yanked her upward. Between that and feeling James’ cock through the thin membrane of skin separating her ass from her cunny, Lucas knew he wasn’t going to last long. When she felt Lucas’ cock leave her ass, James would make his presence known, by pushing his shaft deeper. Lucas felt his toes curl the moment before hot cum rushed down his shaft and erupted in Victoria’s gaping ass.

Black Muslim Chick Gets Freaky

group Samuelx 2018-11-22

Sometimes bisexual men deal with other bisexual men instead of women or gay men because it's easier, Ali said, looking at Arthur with affection in his eyes. I swear, one minute I was sitting across from Arthur and Ali, the two sexy bisexual black studs making out as if I wasn't there, and the next, I guess a part of me decided to get involved. That's how I ended up on my knees, a prim and proper, long-skirted and hijab-wearing pious Muslim sister like me, grabbing Arthur and prying his zipper open, freeing his long and thick ebony cock which I grasped with both hands. Shit, I thought Arthur's dick was big but he's got nothing on Ali. The Ethiopian stud had a monster cock!


My Girlfriend Becomes the Prize

group MarahMoriah 2018-11-22

So we started another game, this time all of us were more focused determined to get Moriah working her talents on our own cocks. I decided to let my girlfriend keep working on Hank's cock, because I got her awesome blowjobs pretty often and I would rather see my friend get to enjoy her a little longer. Moriah got on her knees inbetween his legs and started to rub Tom's hard cock. Sam positioned himself in front of her and started to poke Moriah in the face until she happily let his long black cock find its way into her mouth. Hank was the first to finish after he really started pounding away at her, his second load for the night finally burst into Moriah's pussy.


group Open_Minded 2018-11-22

The lips around my cock slid along its length, following me even as I staggered forward a step or two, still grasping my lady's hand. My left foot came to rest against what felt like a rib cage, and I was half-bent over, determined to keep hold of my lady's hand as she was floor-bound. Even with just the tip of my cock in my lady, I could feel the long deep thrusts of her lover grating along the insides of her pussy walls, transmitting heat and vibration to my tip. It was all I could take, and my hand pressed forward, forcing my lady's face back down into the shoulder of her male lover.

Temp Job (You'll like's the best)

group DirtyMartini 2018-11-22

George was one of my Italian relatives who somehow always comes up with large amounts of money to buy things like businesses, but that's another story. "Oh come on honey, George will be gone and it will give Bernice and I a chance to get to know one another." Joyce said. You'll probably be picking up some famous celebrity." George said in an excited voice. The girls made plans for the evening as George took me around back and gave me a tour of the limousine I would be driving. Pretty soon the other two Kardashian sisters became jealous of the attention I was giving Kim. Khloe took another bottle of champagne and shook it before popping the cork.

Brooke Gets Black Mailed

group BizSmith 2018-11-22

Brooke expected them to look and received a little thrill hearing an older black gentleman mutter "God damn girl" as she slowly twisted back in forth in front the window waiting for Marisa. Brooke wanted to sit down and chit chat, but Marisa said Saturday was a busy day and the General Manager Marvel would being fuming if she wasn't trying to sell cars. Brooke French kissed the wet opening and let her fingers play in the tight wet walls as she sucked and licked Marisa until she spread her leg like wings of a gliding bird and her pointed toes made little circles in the air as she screamed for more.

Brittni's Gloryhole Addiction

group Brittni4u 2018-11-22

Heading to Shay and Dawson’s house, like I had previously done dozens of times, we pulled into the parking lot under the sign that read, “The Power of Love.” From driving past it so many times, it didn’t look as big as it did at that moment. Additional reasons I imagined for each guy that I had sucked off at the bookstore ranged from that unattractive high school boy my age who had trouble getting a girlfriend and needed to shoot a load just to keep from having wet dreams to a college athlete who needed to get ready for practice or the big game and needed that blowjob for a better performance. Other styles that guys would use cumming through the glory hole were arching their back, causing their cocks to stick out further which would force them deeper in my mouth.

The Waiting Game, Ch 4

group KennethPierce 2018-11-21

As Claire went to cut us all a second slice, Tami casually turned to Sonya and me and asked, “So, what was all that about a ‘Waiting Game?’ Sonya was gonna say something but you stopped her, Michael!” Seconds later, Sonya and Claire were both moaning at the ceiling, gripping the edge of the table with white knuckles as Tami and I licked the cake from between their legs. I let out an “Mmm,” of approval, and watched, elated, as Tami continued to kiss her way down my body: past my stomach, sliding her wet tongue through the soft tuft of my pubic hair, finally coming to a stop with the side of my cock laying against her cheek.

The Office

group SandD 2018-11-21

    I did get some work done but after a little while I could hear noises coming from the boardroom that didn’t sound like gaming of any sort.   I was glad I wore a skirt that day because I was able to start rubbing myself through my panties as I watch the guys getting off.     The guys fucking my tits was getting close to coming I could tell I took the tip in my mouth the best I could and sucked it while licking the very tip.   One of them kissed me the other two start licking sucking and playing with my breasts and the one between my legs sped up all four wanting me to come.


group Laceydsex 2018-11-21

"Well, why don't we take a room in the back and get going?" said Nick, which made me laugh a bit. "Come on, I'll show you," said Nick, grabbing my hand and leading me through a crowd. Charles grabbed my jaw and said, "You be our good slut tonight, you hear us?" Charles got down on his hands and knees to eat my pussy, and Nick got behind him. Nick was fucking Charles! Charles began to stretch me out, and Nick put his hands on the top of the sofa, straddling my face as he fucked it. I swallowed his cum, and he moved down to my tits, sucking them while Charles fucked me.

Instant Gratification

group BluedaisyStardust 2018-11-21

he looks at me and gives me the eye like he thinks I’m cute and since he is so damn good looking I give him a wink and a smile then shake my ass a bit more than usual as I walk past It felt like the room was getting hot, or was it just me, I turned around to check that nobody was watching, and had to slightly change position in the chair to accommodate my growing erection….I wanted to know more, I typed It feels sooo good I start to moan and I lean my head back on the guy behind my shoulder I must just be supported by his chest cause I don’t feel his hands for a while, his friend is going at it with a tongue that is just to die for

Paradise lost & found

group Lauradj 2018-11-21

As her day progressed and people wished her a happy birthday and gave her odd, sympathetic looks, Paradise thought more on her one night stand idea. After ten minutes of playful looks and flirtatious smiles back and forth, he stood up, left his group of friends and sat down next to Paradise. Oscar eased Paradise back down on his cock and felt a finger at her back door. Oscar had slowed his thrusts right down and Paradise leaned forward on him, her head on his shoulder, her body tense with the slight rising of pain as she was being penetrated in both holes. The sensation of the second man’s cock twitching through the thin membrane set Oscar off and soon Paradise was filled with cum.

Girl Next Door

group guitarman2016 2018-11-21

Charlie bent forward and took Ian's cock from Pete's mouth and ran her tongue around the slick head. Charlie wasn't having any wastage so she stuck her head between Kelly's legs and licked up the spunk that was leaking then moved up and clamped her mouth over Kelly's cunt and started sucking. Pete's cock, incredibly, was still almost fully erect, so he inserted it into Charlies cunt then pulled out, thus retrieving the spunk that was too deep for their tongues to reach, and offered it to Ian. Ian licked round the head then up and down the shaft until the only fluid left was his own saliva.

Making Good Better, Part Two

group xhardx13 2018-11-21

On Wednesday of that week, we received an engraved invitation that said Doug and Christy were having a pajama party on Friday night, and we were the honored guests. "Oh my," Christy said, "You boys need a woman's touch tonight," and she came over to me to give me a loving pat on my erect cock. While they were talking inside, Doug said, "Look, Curt, maybe Christy and I were overly ambitious about tonight. "Look, Curt, I got a call from Christy this morning, and it seems she met Lynn at the supermarket. It was only a few days later when Christy called Lynn and said the party was on.

A Birthday Treat

group girlsetfree 2018-11-21

Carried away by the sensation, I pressed closer to her and tried to kiss her with a greater passion, but gently she pushed me back, took hold of my hand, and with seductive grace stepped into the bath. John walked silently to the side of the bed, he leant down and saying nothing, he kissed my lips, a sweet familiar touch with so much love. John tore away my blind fold; he wanted to see my whole face as both he and the stranger pleasured me, while they filled me completely. My wrists and shoulders tight, straining against the ties, John underneath me holding my body, slamming his cock hard into me and the stranger, his grip, vice-like on my hips with his cock buried deep into my rear.

A Woman and her Lover have a Threesome

group Mysteria27 2018-11-21

Look at you Faith, you’re bent over my bed with my cock deep in your fucking ass. Jason fucked me harder and faster, his balls were slapping into my ass and then he let out a huge moan. Faith lay down and Jennifer lay across her with your ass and pussy in her face. I was aroused as she was licking my clit, and then she put a few fingers inside my pussy and started to fuck me fast. Jennifer got on her hands and knees and Jason slid into her creamy pussy. Jason was holding Jennifer’s hips and fucking her really deep into her beautiful and very creamy pussy. “Oh God, Faith you lick pussy so good.

Three's Definitely Not A Crowd

group Dodgy 2018-11-21

“Don't be silly,” Jo said giving me a stern look, “Dave was only joking weren't you!” Jo put a hand on Andy's thigh half way down to stop him from getting up and immediately drew it away again with a shocked look. Jo's skirt had ridden up slighlty and the sight of her naked thighs with her boots and her hand stroking Andy's cock had given me a raging hard on. The sight of her earlier with Andy's cock in her mouth, and the fact that I was fucking her hard with another man's cum dripping off her made me shoot my load into her before Jo had chance to cum herself.

Rock God

group Jaymal 2018-11-21

'Look ladies,' he said, endeavouring under intense pressure not to blow his Tommy Ross cool, 'I'd love to entertain you both right now, but I may have to wait till later in the evening...' Tamsin looked crestfallen, Cathy somewhat sulky; they obviously both thought they were being brushed off. 'Okay girls, now suck on the real thing.' Dildo tossed aside, they took obedient turns going down on Kevin, giving his engorged cock and swollen balls the very best work of their drooling rock-fan mouths and staring at him licentiously all the while.

Watching Anna Ch4

group danielzack 2018-11-21

John, Tony and Matt stood back as Neil stood in front of my wife, grabbing her head with both hands as he fucked her mouth. I couldn’t hear what it was but Neil stepped away and Anna stood up smiling as she took the lace at the bottom of her dress in her hand. As my wife tensed from the obvious pleasure she was feeling, John quickly pulled down her panties and Anna stepped out of them leaving her in just heels and fish-net stockings. It took a few minutes before John could thrust in and out arse properly but once he did, Tony began fucking her pussy at the same time. Tony, Matt and Neil got dressed and gave Anna a kiss on the cheek before leaving the room.

Bad Romance: Carleton University

group Samuelx 2018-11-21

Nevertheless, they made me think of those times when Anjali Shaji and I walked around the Carleton University campus, and went to movies and restaurants together, and got stared at, mainly by brown people, ten times out of ten. "Good morning, Bleria, how's life?" I asked evenly, and Bleria joyfully launched into a long tirade about how wonderful her Law classes were, how much she loved Carleton University, and the various activities her church was involved in. "We should catch up sometime, have a nice day," Derek said, and he smiled at Bleria and walked away. "Make way," Bleria said sharply, and the tall, foxy Nigerian gal linked her arm with mine as we walked down the library steps and headed for the bright, sunlit quad.