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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Carol & Alicia

group JaxsonCurry 2018-06-28

Frank felt the earlier sensation turning into a thick erection as Carol pressed Alicia knelt over his left leg, facing his foot, and showing Frank her Alicia turned around and looked down at Frank's hard cock. Alicia stood up on the bed, straddling Frank's hips and began untying her suit Frank tasted Rena's sweet cream, and sucked it from Alicia's tongue. Rena moved away and spread her legs wide, letting Carol begin to suck her Devra removed the vibrator and Ali pressed her bare cunt to Frank's lips. Rena slid closer to Frank's cock, and Alicia reached down an put Rena's large "Go ahead Frank, cum in her mouth.", Carol said. and licked off Ali's left nipple, sucking the cum off and laving the girl's tit.

Erotic Exotic Ball Ch. 07

group Merlin_6 2018-06-28

She empties the rest of the contents; "This is a free pass for me and a guest to next years ball." She pauses, "and this one appears to be an invitation to a gang bang club?" We all inquire for details but Irene deflects the topic by asking Joan what she has in her packet. Among the sessions we have coordinated are 'trains' for women that want to take as many men as possible, double and triple penetration fantasies (oral, vaginal and/or anal sex), double or triple pussy stuffs (two or three cocks at once), blow job 'trains' and cum bathes." Irene stops and looks around the room.


A Russian Kiss

group MatveiPavlovitch 2018-06-28

When Anastasia went to the rest room, Tim asked, if it was ok with me that he and my wife danced so much together. When we said good night Anastasia gave Tim a kiss on the mouth – "Like in Russia", she said. "My wife is yours tonight, Tim," I said with a low voice, when Tim's broad hands caressed Anastasia's prominent breasts through the thin fabric of her shirt. There was a big mirror on the wall, and Anastasia liked to watch as Tim's left hand played with an erect nipple. Anastasia let her skirt come loose, and Tim's hand went to search for my wife's pussy under the fabric, while the nervous waiter opened the Champagne.


My First Threesome Ch. 02

group butterflygurl 2018-06-28

Before he slid the butt plug in my asshole, he made sure I was wetter than usual by eating out my pussy and finger fucking my pussy and ass. The pain began to subside and my Dom took me by the hand, threw me down on the couch into a sitting position, and began to eat and finger fuck my pussy until I came all over his face. The smell of a little bit of my shit and a whole lot of my deliciously sweet cum surrounded me as Dom slid his rigid cock into my ass. Today is the first time; we are allowing another man to watch as Dom shows off for his Best Friend how much of an ass slut his girlfriend is.

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 09

group regularguy13 2018-06-28

To distract the twins from their concerns about being outside in the nude, Brenda got up on her knees and said nonchalantly, "Girls, would you put some suntan lotion on me?" We would appreciate the company, wouldn't we girls." Brenda looked the twins' way encouraging them to join in the conversation. Causally, Brenda turned to the boys and she opened her legs to give them a better look at her hairless cunt saying, "The girls have room on their towels if you would like to join us for a little sun worshipping, but house rules require you to lose those clothes. Occasionally they got a glimpse of the twins' big brown eyes as Abby and Beth looked up from their cocks to sneak a peek of the boys' faces.

Mandy's Valentines

group Words_f 2018-06-28

As they enter the room, Pam takes Mandy's hand and lead her to the bed. As she opens her eyes, the couple on the bed were getting up and Pam lifts Mandy off the chair, taking her into her arms, kissing her slowly and sensually. Her husband and Pam were discussing global warming (can you believe it?) when a handsome man, in his forties, tall and sexy, takes Mandy by the arm, pulling her into his arms and softly kissing her on the lips, then whispering in her ear that she was stunning! Mandy pulls him closer and her mouth searches for his, opening up to him, feeling his hands running over the satin of her dress, familiarly caressing her curvy body.

My First Threesome Ch. 02

group cdleesa 2018-06-28

Clare looked at me again and asked me the way you ask someone if they want a cup of tea, "You wanna see me finger my arse with the juice from my pussy?" Rob got up on the bed and without Clare moving at all, save for pulling her fingers out of her now slightly gaping arse, positioned himself over my head and buried his big cock all the way into Clare's waiting hole. I couldn't tell what was going on, but realised when Clare's ass seemed to get incredibly tight and her face showed the strain of Rob's cock forcing it's way into her ass with mine. She started to buck and I could feel Rob's cock come out as Clare's body lost control under the wave of orgasm.

Afternoon with Friends

group Voloetvis 2018-06-28

I let my hands drop to my sides so you can inspect me fully, watching as your eyes track up my legs, around my hips, pausing at the shadowed V between my legs, before moving up over my stomach, from one breast to the other, till further still, you can just make out the fading finger shaped bruises you had left around my neck. I slowly run my hands up my body from my hips, letting them run past my full, round breasts, to my shoulders where I gather and lift my hair, turning my head to expose the handprint still visible around my throat. Lastly your friend is sat forwards, his eyes scanning up and down my body as though cataloguing every spot where he wants to leave a mark, deciding how he is going to use and abuse me today.


Army Games

group Reve 2018-06-28

She laughed as she told me it had happened so fast and all she felt was a slight friction burn for a second as len kept on fucking her from behind not knowing he was not in her cunt, she put one hand under herself and had started to finger her cunt and clitoris as he shagged away at her untill suddenly she felt she wanted to piss and at the same time a tremendous orgasim racked her whole body and the next thing she new was coming to with len on top of her rubbing her head and asking if she was o.k.

Island Fever Ch. 42

group Jeremydcp 2018-06-28

As I stood near the main podium erected for Kristanna and yours truly just moments before our wedding ceremony was to commence here on Seljesanden Beach in Selje, Norway, I had to take in a deep breath and gaze at the surroundings around me one final time. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here tonight in the grace of God to celebrate one of the happiest moments in the lives of Kristanna Sommer [Last Name] and Jeremy Michael [Last Name], for on this day they will affirm before witnesses of Heaven and Earth that they believe God Himself has purposed that they should share life in the holy bonds of matrimony."


An Evening at the Gym

group Supertypingkock 2018-06-28

Fran cupped the back of her head with his giant hand and guided Shelley's mouth onto his eager cock. Shelley got to work immediately bopping her head up and down letting his cock slide deeper and deeper into her mouth and throat with each downward tease. Seeing Shelley devour Fran's prick gave Dan all the encouragement he needed to start undressing her. Shelley let out a load moan as Fran started working his fingers in and out of her. Fran was eager to have his cock back in her mouth and hastily made his way back to Shelley's face. Fran scooped Shelley's head with both hands and pumped his cock into her eager mouth.

Jennifer Cum slut

group zxew111 2018-06-28

I pulled out of Jen's asshole, my cock dripping in her ass juice and asked them if they wanted to fuck Jennifer. One guy laid down on his back, we lowered Jen onto his cock in her well lubed asshole, another pushed into her cunt, anothe took her large beaten tits and used them for a cunt and the other 2 used her cum covered mouth. Lynn and I started fucking with her on top, dripping sweat on me-she kissed me and io tasted Jen on her, I looked at my cock and it was covered in white goo from the cum in her, she bit my nipples and fucked me hard.

'Research' Project Ch. 02

group DreamerKitty 2018-06-28

Just as Emily was about to ring the bell, Alexis popped her head out and they wrapped their arms around one another as though they hadn't seen one another in years! Unable to decide and not willing to hold court over it, Alexis spread her legs and placed one foot in each of the other's laps. Tilting heads backwards, they shut their eyes and felt Alexis massaging their legs and feet. When Alexis pulled his foot down off her thigh and between her legs, his eyes flashed quickly to Emily. The kiss grew into more physical contact, with their breasts floating and bumping and stimulating one another as his hands grabbed and massaged them.

Bi Time with Wife and Eric

group bigtoylvr 2018-06-28

I was hoping you wouldn't stop so I could walk in on something like this." I took his cock out of my throat long enough to say, "I told you she loves to watch." With that, she lay on the bed off to the side for a moment playing with her pussy watching us go at it. I got between her legs, handed Eric a tube of lube and told him to fuck my ass while I ate Grace's pussy. All the excitement of the evening and having my ass get a real good fucking I couldn't hold out long and was soon pumping my load deep inside my wife's pussy.

alone in my bed

group tunemaker 2018-06-28

i opened my eyes to hear another man cumming off. i also knew i would return to my sex clips tonight, late, late after i felt assured my wife would be asl**p. i waited in the dark, my room lit only from the screen of the computer resting on my belly, my cock hard. i know these clips will keep my long dick thick and hard. i'm touching, stroking my cock gently while i watch her eyes close and her body stiffen. i plugged in my ear buds so i could hear his whimpers and little cries of pleasure as he teased and stopped...squeezing the head on his fat dick to keep the cum from squirting out.

Ricky Goes Bachelorette

group alexcarr 2018-06-28

I stripped for him and let him enjoy me just how he always does, me standing astride and facing away from him and slowly easing my hind down to him, to feel the gorgeous sensation of his tongue, mouth and finger tips as he sniffs and tastes me, stretching my cheeks apart and teasing my hole, I do love that so much and Ricky knows just how to arouse me until we cant wait to get upstairs to really enjoy a real deep and thrilling rough fucking.


Fondest Wish Ch. 01

group velvetpie 2018-06-28

Amalie stood to help her and the threesome sat in the living room, each wiping some of the day's heat away with the beer. Kara had finished half of hers before she noticed that Donovan and Amalie were staring at her. It was obvious that Donovan wasn't going to answer right away. "Loneliness." Amalie answered, sitting closer to Kara and pushing wisps of hair from her face. I can help you." Amalie leaned close, her juicy lips just inches from Kara's. She closed her eyes and saw her white body entwined with her and Donovan's and gasped when Amalie's fingers grazed her hardening nipples. Closing her eyes was the length of time it took for Kara to think about what her wish would be.


Naughty Fiance

group Ray Dario 2018-06-28

When Mary heard Mario groan she turned from staring at Rico lapping on Becky's pussy and watched Paula suck the dancer's cock until Sven moved forward and gently kissed her on the neck. I want to feel your cock in me." Mary said with a sultry look on her face that brought a lecherous smile to Sven's eager face. Paula stopped sucking Mario's cock just long enough to see Mary and Becky kissing with Rico and Sven lapping between their legs. He sat and watched his friend's cock sliding in and out of her for a minute or so and then turned to watch Paula sucking Mary and Mary kissing Becky.


Mandy Ch. 03

group Bigdenverman 2018-06-28

Joe didn't mind working that night – he knew his wife and Mandy were getting together again. Although not stated outright, it appeared that the door was closed to Joe and Mandy having sex together without Melissa. Her spirit had reignited something within both Melissa and Joe. They found a renewed lust for each other, for life and, yes, for Mandy. Alex thought Mandy was an angel assigned to his life to protect him, comfort him and keep him grounded in reality. They enjoyed every moment, but Mandy often cried at random moments every day and Alex always hugged her tight. Mandy kissed the tips of her fingers then reached out and touched Alex's headstone, as her friends, Melissa and Joe, stood behind her.


Marline Becomes A Slut Ch. 1

group Linda Jean 2018-06-28

Are you still planning on driving up to Abilene?" I said sure, it is only a 2-3 hour drive, I’ll be checked in by 10:00 provided I get out of here before 6:30 and get threw the city quickly." I went over and kissed Jim good bye and said "we’ll talk after the service Sunday, I plan to be back for it myself." I asked "Is Tommy doing the Sunday night service or are you, oh, If I get back early enough, want me to pick you up at the airport?" Jim said " Yes, Tommy is going to take it, but as for picking me up, I’ll leave my car in the long term parking and come straight back here." I said as I walked out "OK dear, have fun and relax, I can’t wait to get up there and get some new or better ideas"


A Fantasy Gone Too Far

group prev 2018-06-28

We had been making up erotic story ideas for a while, so I thought she was kidding, I gave her my address and said," what are you going to do jump on a plane and fly over here, burst in to my girlfriends house and start sucking my cock right in front of her?" The dominatrix started doing all sorts of things with her tongue that I never did, and my girlfriend responded with enthusiasm, grinding her pussy against her face and pulling a cock in to her mouth. My girl tried to resist and moved her head away but the girl forced her mouth on to her clit, and my girlfriend gave in quickly, licking her pussy up and down and continuing to thrust farther and farther on the mans cock.

Lona Ch. 02

group Wistful1 2018-06-28

"You love it when you can suck one hard cock while another one fucks you!" My other hand reached for the vibrator as I continued to finger her. "A slut like you needs two cocks." I continued to tell her, "And we are going to fuck your mouth, your pussy and your ass until you scream." "Lona, turn over and get on all fours you hot little slut!" Obediently she stopped sucking Gary's cock long enough to turn over and get up on her knees. Gary repositioned himself so that he was sitting on the sofa bed with Lona between his legs and then jammed his hard cocked into her mouth. Lona looked into my eyes as Gary fucked her pussy and she sucked my cock hungrily.


Cream Ch. 10

group MawrGorshin 2018-06-28

Her second song began, Tove Lo's "Habits (Stay High)." One minute into the song, Kim unclipped her bra and stood facing the man with her cleavage showing, but her nipples still hidden; he was almost drooling. "That's it, baby," he said, rubbing more Cream on her tits, belly, pussy, and ass. Then Dan smeared some Cream on her asshole, and slid his finger deep in her rectum, getting it perfectly lubed and welcoming for anal sex. "Go pay off the boss while we fuck her, Will, then when we're done, you can have your turn," Dan said, aiming his cock at her vaginal opening. The man getting a blow job looked down at her face as her wet lips went back and forth along the length of his shaft.

BlowJob Booth

group Johnnytames69 2018-06-28

"I'm gonna give you guys such wet, cock-slobbering blowjobs, omigosh..." Tammy licked her lips and pulled off her tank-top, she wanted to suck these big black dicks topless. Tammy began blowing the 4 black men simultaneously, stuffing each serving of big dark-meat into her wet mouth at once, sucking messily on the 4 bulbous cock-heads. Tammy was blowing these big black cocks like a dick-sucking blowjob gladiator...the four b*****rs stood there getting their meat pumped and sucked, jaws agape. As Tammy, Alicia, and Becky sucked cock into the late afternoon and into the evening, the crowd provided a steady supply of dicks to suck and cum-loads to swallow for the three lovely BJ girls.