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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

One Hot Year - Short Intro

group fucifer 2018-06-28

When April and I first began truly sharing the "deep and dirty" with one another it took little time to realize just how much of a match we were sexually. In addition to my stories such as with Melissa, she had similar near misses of her own...each of which would linger in my mind and drive me nuts, in fact there were many nights I would wake with the images and actions she had described running through my head wanting her more than ever. It was that night we realized the duality of our sexuality, that together we can find that sparkle within each other's eyes and get lost as our bodies, minds, and spirits become one, and in much the same manor we can together find deep and endless carnal pleasure by pushing our bodies with the assistance of other flesh and blood.

Crystal Clear Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2018-06-28

As Nikki turned back to Ellen and me, Brite led Crystal to the studio bed we had messed around in the evening before. She coached Crystal into a long series of shots as Terry followed her instructions and moved various lights and reflectors around the bed to get the lighting just right. I smiled at the unusual behavior of Terry and a very nude Ellen, both moving the lights and reflectors for Brite -- one fully clothed and the other completely naked and looking sexy as all fuck. Terry, Nikki, and Crystal paired off in a threesome as Ellen and I watched from the side of the bed.


Twelve Months Ch. 02

group bifantasyuk 2018-06-28

So I started to push back hard on him, knowing exactly how to angle my hips the way he liked to get it just right... My right hand now braced against the wall, I started to fuck and rub her like I knew she loved. I knew exactly how this happened - Carly found Si already on the bed, fresh from his shower in the other bathroom and with a massive hardon, aroused as he always was knowing that she'd just been fucking me. Carly started to cum and her moans pushed Si over the edge too as they came together, her pussy filling up now with our 3 combined juices. I reached across Carly and slid my hand inside Si's dressing gown, feeling his semi start to grow in my hand and giving it a slow stroke.

A Little Faire Ground Fun Ch. 1

group Humpagoalie 2018-06-28

My fingers played with her clit as my tongue became bathed in her sweet juices and I felt her shudder, and knew she was already close to cumming for me. I heard her moan loudly and as I felt the final twitch in her pussy, I took my fingers out of her and slid my tongue down into her so I could catch her cum. He looked down at me, a small drop of cum in the corner of my mouth, and a drop down my chin, with the same evil smile he had made the dare with and kissed me hard on the lips.

Welcome Home

group Kawaii Anime 2018-06-28

A painful sounding gasp took him away from the feeling of Cassie's mouth as Lotus was contorted in a knot centering at her clit as she stopped stroking gently. Lotus leaned forward, holding Cassie by the shoulders as she kissed her neck and looked over at Randall thoughtfully. Her legs are trembling as Cassie's face appears before him, her hand tugging his fingers out of Lotus and directing them to her own clit. Just when Randall thought she couldn't take much more, he sees Cassie lick two fingers and put them around to Lotus' round ass. Randall watches and feels in amazement as Cassie gets tighter on his cock with the thrusting that Lotus in doing in her ass as she kisses her shoulders softly.

A Secret Place

group shivadancer 2018-06-28

With Tina smiling down at me, Sue's luscious ass was momentarily in my face, and my moistened tongue found its mark, as I snaked it into her exposed little hole. Flushed, but focusing, Sue licked her lips and moved her face in close, teasing Tina with a kiss as she slid her hand down Tina's belly, caressing her mound as Tina shifted her hips to welcome the intimate touch. Moving my hand from Tina's pussy, I gently spread open Sue's lips for our view -- causing Sue to moan and rock her hips. Tina extended her tongue, and with a long lick she went from the base of Sue's vagina all the way up to her hood -- her first taste of pussy.

The Reunion Party

group TryAnything 2018-06-28

Opening the door, there were Jeff and Sue, big smiles across their faces, looking very tanned and fit. She could tell that Sue's outfit was having an affect on Bob from the way he continually tried not to look at Sue. Jeff was dressed in a similar material, but his was long-sleeved and long-panted. "Oh, they help you dress, bathe, just about anything you can think of, they do," Sue said, smiling at Jeff. "Sari was Jeff's servant," Sue said with a laugh. "Well," Jeff said, looking at Sue and smiling, "we studied sex." "That's right," Sue said, smiling at Joan. "That's right," Sue said, smiling at Jeff. "Trust me, I know how to eat her pussy," Bob said defensively, his face turning a bit red.

Something Old...

group Azuldrgon 2018-06-28

It took much stealth to start talking to Julia behind my wife's back and to engineer it so she could make a surprise visit during our anniversary weekend in Seattle. My hand slowly began to run up and down my length while I watched Julia's tongue dance along Alesha's delicate folds. As my tongue danced on the tip of her clit, Julia took a moment to remove my wife's panties before undoing her own bra. Alesha began moaning more while my cock was inside her velvety mouth. As she started moaning louder from Julia's tongue and finger, I watched as her back arched off the bed until she seemed to collapse.

Pleasure of the Imagination

group cmyoung 2018-06-28

David's finger rubbed deep inside her, along the muscled walls of her sheath searching and finding that renowned G-spot, her body tensed, she could feel herself approaching orgasm, reaching for bliss she started to rock her hips into his thrusting finger. Purring in satisfaction Mel jolted at the slow wet glide between her own legs, stopping her exploration of Kat's sex to glance down her own body, she saw David's dark brown eyes staring back at her. Wet. Sweet" the words escaped David's mouth with grunts of pleasure and effort, Mel's muscles gripped his shaft like a vice, little ripples and whimpers of pleasure escaped her mouth and body. Licking her lips Mel dove into the sweet honey, which appeared to be dripping down Kat's thighs, dragging her tongue slowly to its final destination she felt David's efforts enhance.


First time swinging

group minnfundcouple 2018-06-28

The porno continued, the man now penetrating the willing woman’s cunt in the doggy position, the camera showing his big cock pushing in and out of her hot, slutty pussy. My cock was now rock hard, and knowing that if our swinger fantasy was to become real, I would have to mount her and start fucking her, but not cum! He was busy moving his wife into a position to be fucked, and as I mounted my wife, my cock slowly pushing into her hot and wet cunt, I felt certain swinging was in our future! My wife looked at Sylvia, who smiled and then laid her head back on the back of the love seat, feeling no doubt Tom’s magnificent cock as it penetrated her willing, wet cunt.

My journey to sissy satisfaction

group bethanyuk 2018-06-28

I looked down at the size of my cock, and pictured the size of the mouths of the girls in my class, and thick, white wads of spunk, just like that produced by the porn star men, fired out, almost across the room, across my chest, sometimes even shocking me by splattering my own face, when I imagined my class mates being throat fucked that way. I knew from experience that I loved little panties best of all, it was a thrill to wear them and cum in them, but as soon as my cock was hard, as it usually was, they were very awkward to actually wear, crotchless whore knickers were perfect.

A Talk Between Friends Ch. 03

group chillout 2018-06-28

After a few moments Mara looked up and saw Paul staring at Robyn newly returned to the bed, her legs and sex spread and large breasts jutted towards Paul as she watched Mara work Paul's cock. Robyn continued working his nipples and started a subtle thrust with her hips which forced his nearly hard cock in and out of Mara's mouth. Paul moved his hand to the right side of Robyn's head and left of Mara's and massaged their scalps while they lavished attention on his cock. Paul took tiny shifting steps to stand behind his wife's open sex invitation and after bending his knees he started sliding his cock back and forth between Mara's legs.


San Francisco

group Higgy 2018-06-28

"I do like that dress" I say to you as I look down to see an expanse of thigh on view to me and to others in the bar. I place my hand upon your thigh, hitch the dress slightly higher. My hand cups your breasts, my fingers can feel your hard nipples under the material. You spread your legs, your fingers undo the zip to my trousers, your hand delves inside and grasps my erection. You are enjoying the thought of his eyes upon your legs as you indeed do hitch the dress higher, baring your thighs. You gasp as you see the sight of a large cock, hard and plunging inside a pussy. You lick and suck every inch as you feel my cock parting your pussy lips.

Naked Weekend

group MrMature 2018-06-27

"I've been looking at your cock all day." "Every time it got hard, I wanted to jump on it." (Guess I didn't do such a good job of hiding my erections.) Carol adjusted her position so that she could continue to work Bob's cock with her mouth and at the same time, take mine in her hand. After a few minutes of this, Carol pulled her mouth away from Bob's dick and moved to straddle me. I felt some fumbling movements and then I could feel Bob working his cock into Carol's tight little ass. Carol dropped her head and gasped as I felt Bob's cock through the thin membrane that separated her vagina and her anal canal.


group 2018-06-27

All I can tell is that, when we wanted to french kiss again, like we did before I fucked her mouth, a shy voice interrupted us: “Can I try that too?...” So, when she was so close to touch my lips with her tongue, that I almost could feel it, she turned her head, while still riding my cock and, with one of her sexy tits jumping in my sight from the ride, I saw another female collegue of ours that was in the office from the start.

Hero of the Nude Beach

group Al Dente 2018-06-27

I don’t live far from here.” Christine took a drag off her cigarette and looked at my cock. She had Christine lay down on her back and Margie got on her elbows and knees between Christine’s legs so her ass was sticking up in the air, facing the beach. I thought about slipping it in my girlfriend’s pussy, but I felt like watching Christine come instead. “You want to fuck her tits, don’t you?” Margie said as she got up from between Christine’s legs. I don’t know if we’ll ever go to a nude beach again, but if we do we’re sure as hell going to invite Christine.

What Lana Taught Me Ch. 07-09

group JorisKHuysmans 2018-06-27

Cindy watched as Lana began pumping her ass against my cock, big fat hips working up and down like fat cams. That was our cue, and Colonel Reich barked at Captain Marcato, "Prepare to initiate insertion protocol." Cindy arranged herself on a cushion, head pointed toward the figure strapped to the pentagram, legs spread open as her pussy glistened with readiness. At the precise moment that the music came to its climax, Captain Marcato said "Commence insertion procedure now" and Bart forced his way into my virgin ass, in turn pushing my cock into Cindy's hymen and ripping it.


The Magic Number

group FelicityLashes 2018-06-27

Reaching over me to put the glasses down, I suddenly felt the fingers of his left hand trailing gently up the inside of my thigh. I grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his face up, kissing him hungrily, tasting myself on his tongue, sucking on his lower lip as I reached down to undo his shorts. I arched my back and tangled my fingers back into his hair, pushing his face down so that he was biting and sucking on my nipples as he fucked me slow, deep and hard - exactly how I liked it. "Damn fucking right I'd do it!" he said pulling me on top of him and kissing me, hard, his fingers digging into my thighs.


Form an Orderly Queue!

group Otazel 2018-06-27

Helen smiled "Ok, I'll come back in time to see you get your first cock, so enjoy your wait – and keep your fingers out of mischief!" With that she left the Mandy to her thoughts. Mandy looked around the room again, this time taking in the layout, and realised as she did so that if she lay on the bed with her legs open, the first thing anyone would see as they came through the door, was her cunt! Having despatched her second young lover to the seating, Mandy looked up at a beaming Helen and smiled her thanks – a smile that became broader when the black man started to come towards her!



group sirdave64 2018-06-27

'Actually.' Simone pouted and dropped her head, allowing her long dark hair to fall forward and obscure her face. At 160 cm her pants were often too long, but it worked, as did her short dark hair (sometimes streaked with various colours), that she once described as a "lesbian number two." Her figure was fuller than Simone's, but what she had went far beyond her looks. And so, standing in the shower washing my work away, having received a very welcome head job, the presence of Dani was something that I found myself looking forward to. Simone removed his shoes and socks and helped him step from his trousers and boxers remaining kneeling with her breasts pressed against the backs of his knees, her face only centimetres from Dani's ministrations.


Slut at the Old Folks Home Ch. 01

group stimac 2018-06-27

David moved forward and I felt the end of his knob rubbing up and down my crack through my knickers, you dirty fucker he said, your gash is wide open as I felt his bell in in my hole, I'm going to fuck you through your knickers and push that spunk right up you. The sluts got her tongue up my arse he shouted as I fucked his arse with my tongue, I'm fuckin cumin he shouted and grabbed his prick from my hand, I opened my eyes just in time to see his bell end swell as the biggest jet of hot sticky spunk plastered my face, the old fucker couldn't stop, and shot three more loads all over my face, I was caked in spunk.

Glorious Night

group J_Rabbit30 2018-06-27

Once his eyes adjusted to the light he saw Sandra's face deep in their friend Lilly's pussy. Daniel continued to tease them for awhile till Lilly climbed up and sat her sweet shaved pussy over Sandra's face. Daniel slowly started to fuck his wife, while watching her have fun with Lilly. The pressure was building on all of them until finally Daniel felt Sandra's pussy start to pulsate as she started to cum. Lilly heard the muffled sound of Sandra moaning as she cam; Daniel started to groan as well. Once Sandra was sure it was wet enough she pushed Lilly down on the bed and began to fuck her hard. Lilly flung her head back and started to scream she cam hard on Sandra.

Sheila's Awakening Ch. 02

group Jerrycurious 2018-06-27

" What are you doing sweetheart?" Sheila asked as David approached, dropped to the floor in front of her and pulled the leg of her pajamas a little farther to the side. I mean let's face it, first of all I get a racy story from Bill today about him and his wife's sex life, then we talk and you indicate that at least you will think about it, now I look and my wife is showing me most of her tits and I can see pink up the leg of her pajamas and you wonder what has gotten into me.


The Party

group adel5000 2018-06-27

"No," I replied, but to appear sophisticated I admitted, "I did make out a little and let a guy finger my pussy a couple of times." I was going to pull my mouth away, but Sammy f***ed my head to go up and down by grabbing my hair so that I could not escape. Pretty soon they were all gathered around Sammy and me, watching him slowly stroke his hard dick in and out of my slick pussy. I felt annother slight tinge of pain when he put his large, manly cock into me, but I was soon so into his thrusting with the background chorus of boys talking dirty, calling me a slut and whore, and cheering my b*****r on that I was soon overcome by a dizzying round of repeated orgasms.