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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sara on Spring Break Ch. 01

group Aaronnw 2018-06-27

Bob and Patsy and Pete and Sara grabbed some beers and found a spot close to the stage. She reached center stage, smiled at Pete and Bob and the crowd, then she faced the emcee who poured a full bucket of water over her – it felt cold! "Care for a little bubbly?" Bob said They opened the wine and sat together, Bob and Patsy on one couch and Sara and Pete on the other. After some more wine and small talk, Patsy stood up and taking Bob's hand pulled him up and led him into the bedroom, closing the door. "Sara, I know you are a good girl and I feel like a bum, but I can't help myself." He took her hand and pressed it to his cock.

Well... Ch. 19

group Pegleg 2018-06-27

Moving slowly we stopped close to the small pool formed at the bottom of the fall and looked at a terrific sight as Ann took on James and Brian. Tanya told her she was a greedy bitch, and then smiled and said it was only jealousy talking as she and Mary pulled Ann into the little pool and started to wash her off. Mary got up and came and stood behind me, like she often does in the shower, reaching round to caress my bulging prick as Nat worked on it. When I was drained I had a job to stand but I took a step backwards so that Mary could do as Nat wanted and although it was a terrific sight I knew that there was going to be no more 'arousal' for me for a while.

my shemale GF part 7: Bukkake

group germanface 2018-06-27

Brittany looks back and says, "Christy, oh my God, are you not wearing panties!?" "Nope, see" and pulls up her skirt, and strokes her cock. I came back up and said "Brittany, I didn't know you were a transsexual" "Yup, I got a cock, and I have too much estrogen so I grew tits, and my voice was always high, you and Christy should come to my place sometime and well have a fuck session. "Mmmmmmm yeah, you're gonna take this whole thing." They all took their turn fucking my ass, telling me how much of a cum whore I am, everyone there has had their balls, and cock in my mouth, and ass, until my favorite part, the big bukkake.

Suzy's New Years Eve

group SexySuzy 2018-06-27

I thought of all the sweet young men I had tasted over the year, how they had pleased me with soft hands, lively, wet tongues and juicy, thick cocks and shuddered as I came hard and long. I sat on Jake, let Joe fuck my mouth, and sucked him hard as Manny filled me with his cock again and again. Manny pulled his cock out and moved to join Joe. They both stood back and shot their thick ropes of cum into my mouth, watching me swallow it and let some drip down my chin and my tits.

Lynne Fucks Owen

group m33briz 2018-06-27

"Mmm come her and let me have a suck of that gorgeous cock of yours Owey" Lynne said reaching out to grab his throbbing tool to place it in her waiting hungry mouth. Owen's only response was to moan "Ohhh this is so hot, I've wanted to have sex with you for so long Lynne." By now I had managed to arouse her snatch which was wet and ready for fucking. "Come here baby I want your cock in my mouth now while Owen fucks my cunt" Lynne said to me. Owen was sitting on the floor with a very contented look on his face as I put my dick in Lynne's mouth so she could clean the sperm and cunt juice from my cock.

After Darts: Again

group mtman269u 2018-06-27

We'd like to get together after darts next week but we'll be inviting Helen to join us." I smiled, my cock now rigid, and said, "I'm up certainly up for that." Suddenly she bent over and said, "oh, fuck me, fuck me now!" I immediately grabbed her hips and slid my cock all the way into her shaved pussy. Pulling my still hard cock from Erica's inviting pussy I grabbed a towel. I don't know if he came or not, but I shoved my cock in deep, grinding into Erica, and unloaded a huge load of cum into her unprotected pussy. I watched as Erica kissed her way up Helen's body from her pussy to her face. Erica kissed her way back down to Helen's pussy and I began sucking and teasing Helen's tits.

Santorini Paradiso Ch. 09

group lamoureuse 2018-06-27

Petros caught her mouth in a kiss full of yearning, as Adonis pressed his lips to the side of her throat. She could feel the pressure of Adonis's teeth and tongue moving down her neck as Petros's lips crushed hers, his tongue forcing its way into her willing mouth. No sooner did this awareness reach her consciousness, than Petros began moving down her body, his mind crying out "yes, my love", his tongue and lips worshiping her abdomen as he traveled. "I know – I heard you talking in the hall – I appreciate that." Elena put her hand against Petros's face as she hurriedly reassured him. Adonis lifted her chin to look into her eyes and Petros ran a hand along his forehead.



group Beau_Jack_Walker 2018-06-27

“ Rico Honey, I want you up behind me so you can breed me like mare.” Brandy continued “ Ok, Baby? Rico reached around Brandy’s back, caressed the hard nipples of ample breasts as he started slowly pumping in and out teasing, Brandy wet cunt. Not wanting to be left out, she had pour wine on her breasts to make her nipples hard and had wrapped her arms around Rico pulling her hot body up against his back as he fucked her sister. “Maybe I’ll just fuck you then, Rico.” Randy announced, “ Maybe I’m going to fuck your tight virgin ass Stud!” As Randy continued to slide the dildo into his ass, he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into Brandy.

College Cathouse Ch. 07

group DaviBlack 2018-06-27

I laughed and Jess nodded and said "Sounds fair." Stacy held the massive rubber cock in place and thrust it toward me playfully a couple of times. Turning to Richie Jess said "I hope she doesn't treat your cock like that." She moved down the bed and nudged Stacy aside. Then Jess pulled back, wrapped her hand around the pink plastic cock and slowly pushed its head into Kendra's pussy. "You'll be fine," Jess said, "Who knows, you might even like it." She reached down, grabbed a hold of Stacy's big dildo and liberally coated it with lube. Stacy leaned forward and slowly pressed the tip of the big black plastic cock against Kendra's pussy.

Happy Birthday

group Starlight 2018-06-27

I thought to myself, "They want more food and drink." I turned back to the sink, and as I did, I felt two arms go round me and hands cup my breasts. I grabbed the hands and tried to push them away, saying, "Stop that." I saw that the perpetrator of this breast grab was a young chap called Ken. I struggled to release myself from his grasp, but he was too strong for me. The second boy came into me, and like Ken, he was well and truly down the track to his orgasm. My son was saying goodnight to some of the guests at the front door, and he saw me come from the room with the boys.

Blessed Angel

group rob99202 2018-06-27

Then the woman bent down and kissed Richelle, then moved down her neck and chest, stopping briefly to sample Richelle’s nipples. Richelle could feel her body quivering again with anticipation and the woman passed her lips down Richelle’s leg. Then she felt the woman pull her on top of her face, so that Richelle was straddling her, Richelle’s ass in the air. The woman let her tongue explore Richelle’s nether regions, slipping her tongue in places Richelle had never realized were sensitive. The man held her hips, holding himself deeply inside her and the woman sucked Richelle’s clit into her mouth, both extending the sensations until Richelle’s body shook in convulsions and she collapsed on the bed.

Marte's New Set of Challenges 06 Pt. 01

group storytyme 2018-06-27

Ryan slowly awoken from his dreams and opened his eyes to the beautiful sight of Marte's face. Terra took a seat next to Ryan and slowly sipped her hot cup of black coffee. She knew she should trust Ryan, but she didn't like the fact she was blindfolded and had no idea where they were headed, who the men were or what was in store for them. The girls heard something rolling across the floor and then felt the warmth of the men's hands spreading their legs. Cindy took a deep breath as she sat down on the "L" shaped seat and felt it slowly push forward against her back until her head was placed, facing forward, against the wall.



group Alexunderbass 2018-06-27

I sat back down onto the carpet and passed Grace the bottle of cider and Tanja a six pack leaving Ryan and me with eighteen cans of beer. Grace hadn't noticed Tanja and I looking up her skirt and continued giggling as she spun the bottle. Grace turned to the side and let Tanja slip her fingers under her t-shirt lifting it over her head. After five mutes of this Ryan grabbed Grace's tits and massaged them, she let go of my cock and reached into his briefs pumping up and down before diving onto it and taking him deep. Suddenly Tanja screeched and I saw her face drop in horror as warm, brown shit slid out her ass into Grace's wide open mouth.

Turned On by Catching Husband

group SluttyWife00 2018-06-27

Since he said he was working the 3rd day, I wanted to surprise him with a candlelit dinner followed by sex. Then I began to feel myself getting wet as I got excited and turned on watching my husband and this other woman. I moved the fabric of my underwear out of the way as I began to stick two fingers into my wet pussy while I watched them. I slowly walked over to my husband and began to suck his hard cock before he realized what happened. I got off her face and began sucking her tits as I watched my husband's cock slide in and out of another woman's pussy.

An Intriguing Invitation Ch. 03

group Capricorn1 2018-06-27

"You know, Tom," Bob grinned, "I've got to tell you, I've always thought that Eileen was pretty provocative in steering conversations to the naughty and nasty, but I never thought I'd see her and David jumping naked into the pool." The six of them had a good laugh as Tom and Eileen explained how the four of them were going to put on a show to see if Bob and Joanne would play along, knowing that they had been to the "mansion" and were interested, just not at that time, but they hadn't realized that the two of them had gone back to another party.


Fun in the Dorm Room

group FunRelaxedGuy 2018-06-27

I was next to a very pretty curvy blonde named Nikki, and Ben was next to a tall, thin blonde with a a hair do I can only describe as "Emo" (you know, the long hair with bangs brushed kind of sideways), named Sarah. Ben hit on Sarah, which surprised me because he was very much a "boob guy", but as I later found out, he had a thing for the emo look too. I heard Nikki say "ow" really loudly, and looked up to realize Sarah was biting Nikki's shoulder to try not to scream and now had both of her hands holding Ben's head. Sarah's face had fallen to Nikki's breasts, and her right hand was now reached across her and squeezing Nikki's tits harder than I think she meant to, while her left hand was still on Ben's head.



group Malinov 2018-06-27

"Let's call up some of our friends," Diana said gaily, "and have an orgy." She laughed, wickedly amused by her fantasy, and the dance took a suggestive turn. Her superhero laughed hard and then finally reached into his tights and pulled out his man of steel dick, which was rather long as I recall, and said; 'Recognize me now?' The girl squealed out 'Clark?!?' and the party erupted with laughter." The party roared and I absolutely lost all sense of control, wanting nothing but to ride and be ridden, to rub and kiss and suck and my orgasms went on and on, over and over." Diana shivered.

Threesome for a Day with 2 MILFs

group sunnyboyz 2018-06-27

We chalked out a rough plan for the day; we'll have an erotic massage session and a threesome before lunch with Shivani as the leader, order and enjoy lunch, another threesome and golden showers after lunch with Aanchal as the lead partner, then off to market for evening snacks and dinner and finally a threesome with me calling the shots. She then asked Shivani to come down and I started to fuck her in missionary position and Aanchal offered her boobs for sucking. Barely had I slept for an hour with an aching tool, that again I felt some activity near my lips and thought that Aanchal may have become horny once again, but to my utter surprise, it was Shivani this time.


Slut Stories

group Tracy 2018-06-27

By this time I started to 'come to' and Deidra sat next to me-this was going to be the hard part, convincing these guys to stick around until they were horny enough to fuck me. I put my head between Deidras thighs and began licking her clit-I knew how she liked it-she had no interest in dick, so I knew I was gonna get all I wanted from these guys, and wasn't gonna have to share any of them. Dan, shocked, looking bewildered by he words that just came out of his little sister's mouth, glanced around at Bobby, then at Mark, still fucking me doggy style. Slowly he began pulling his dick out-I started to protest but Bobby shoved his cock deeper down my throat.

Our Fantasy Night

group Loveshotsex 2018-06-27

I lay myself down between her legs and begin to kiss over her lips, sliding my tongue in and tasting her myself for the first time, I use my fingers to spread her lips open and start to flick my tongue over her clit, feeling it swell under my touch, with my other hand I slide two fingers deep inside her, curling them up slightly as I begin to fuck her slowly with my fingers. He grabs my hips and starts to pound hard and fast into me, my juices running out and covering his balls, Steph moves her mouth down and licks across me, flicking her tongue on my clit as I feel her hand stroking Chris's balls.

The Love of My Life

group bradtina 2018-06-27

Jen looked up and smiled and said, "Sure guys, have a seat." We introduced ourselves, and they told us their names were James and Brent. Brent was now really going to town on her pussy with his tongue and Jen was getting close to cumming for the first time. A couple of seconds later James bellowed, "Fuck yeah...I'm gonna cum in this hot pussy of yours, bitch!" And with that he emptied his balls deep in my wife's cunt. James and Brent were going on about how hot Jen was and how great she was in bed. Jen looked over her shoulder at him and said, "Oh fuck yeah, shove that hard cock up my ass.

A New Years Resolution

group Many Feathers 2018-06-27

Jack and Dawn have been our very good friends and neighbors now for nearly two years having moved into the house directly behind ours. I almost felt like celebrating it in fact, and suggested off hand that when we actually did finish painting both sides of the fence, that it might be a great idea to get together for a barbeque and maybe even a little hot-tubing afterwards. I think the wine's been stimulating that fantasy, not to mention something else!" Dawn said, her hand obviously down somewhere between Jack's legs. "Cindy!" I exclaimed, surprised on the one hand that she'd gone so far as to tell Jack and Dawn that in the first place, but equally surprised on the other that she seemed almost eager to fulfill that particular fantasy right here and now.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 63

group SteveWallace 2018-06-27

Warner went through some of the special purpose rooms in the house and property: martial arts and full gym, basketball court, shooting range, cabana, ten car garage, and then I got an interesting question. The Meadows new house that would price near fifty million, includes one particularly noteworthy feature [see photo insert], a custom made bed to hold seven or eight people – normally, Worthington and the six women who often sleep with him. Cindy and I started a series of flip charts that we hung in the new home's media room that listed the frequency we heard particular questions, rumors, gossip, and issues resulting from the housewarming party.


Winning the Game

group imitationwriter 2018-06-27

"Don't go anywhere Rob," Jennifer said, looking over at Tiffany. Jennifer knew Tiffany had never let a guy cum in her mouth, and she was apparently willing to exploit that knowledge. "Come on Tiff, let's go!" Jennifer egged her on, her large breasts bobbing slightly as she waved Tiffany toward the middle of the room. Without realizing it, Tiffany started rubbing her clit as she bobbed her head up and down on Rob's cock. Tiffany tasted the hot tangy cum from his load just a second before his cock started convulsing, pumping more and more of it into her mouth. Just as she thought he would never stop, Rob pulled his cock out of her mouth, breathing heavily.