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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

What I Want

group wildflowerjayleigh 2018-06-27

"But the guy isn't too sure yet, so I turn him loose, push him towards you, let him run his tongue over your pale skin, let you reach for his big hard cock, while I bring the girl to me. She kneels to suck my cock and I watch as you spread your legs for him, let him stick his fingers inside you, and start to get off because I want nothing more than to put those fingers in my mouth to taste you. I don't have to touch you to know you are dripping wet, I can feel you melt against me as you spread your legs for the hard cock you know you want inside you.

Quick Blowjob leads to incredible encounter - Part

group niagaraguy72 2018-06-27

I laid back on the bed to watch Robert fuck his wife. Velma took Robert's nice cock in her mouth and gave him a quick blow job. I was still extremely horny and watching his cock disappear in her mouth and her huge tits swaying back and forth really got me going. Velma gasped with pleasure as both of our cocks simultaneously fucked her. Robert slipped his cock in her asshole this time. Velma let out a low growl "Oh fuck yeah!" I sucked her big tits as she bounced up and down on my cock. She told me that it would be a huge turn on to watch me fuck Robert in the ass.

The House In The Country - Part 1

group Sdavis555 2018-06-27

I probed it furiously it opening and closing in time with my thrusts, she was moaning and grabbing my head forcing it down on her clit I sucked greedilly felling it get larger in my mouth I sucked and let go continuously my index finger now slipping into her arsehole , she was moving her hips like a hula dancer and still her feet wanked me slowly, I leant back slipping a couple of fingers in her dripping pussy, I inhaled agin on the amyl-nitrate offering it up to her again, we both were in the highest form of ecstasy by now I just started at her beautiful cunt it was like all the greatest art exhibits all in one and at that moment was the only thing I wanted to look at and feel and taste, my cock jerked letting loose its flying ribbons of spunk splashing her legs, I moved back in for the clit and licked gently at first small circular movements than harder quick then slow she was building to the climax and was now trying to f***e my whole head into her crotch I didn't mind it was where I wanted to be I stroked her arsehole that was the catalyst she bucked like a pony once twice then her grip relaxed around my head and she fell back in the chair.

Dubrovnik Encounter

group mjexxx 2018-06-27

'Good night, was it?' Jay looked at me over the top of his sunglasses and it was on the tip of my tongue to say, yeah actually, among other things, I got fucked by two massive cocks while Marc partied with a couple of teenage Hungarian whores. She kissed up along the heaving flesh of my belly, touching and kissing my nipples with slimy fingers and lips, then sought out my mouth, her eyes wide and smiling, her breasts crushed warm against mine, the taste and smell of my body tainting the hot breath she spilled into my mouth and all over my face.


Bus ride with a Basketball Team (Part 1)

group 2018-06-27

Apparently no one told the guys that Id be traveling with them and now I was actually going to be, at least for the first 2 nights on the bus, Darn it (yeah right).. I went right up to the biggest and scariest guy and asked him what his flight was like and if he was he excited to be in the states. I felt my face flush and looked over at 4 or 5 of the other guys, they were all smiling as well except now they were doing the full body scan on me..

My Horny, Horny Girlfriends

group BradCarson 2018-06-27

I was already aroused by knowing why she called, but those words went straight to my cock causing it to rise. That was one thing I loved about her, no matter how many times she came she always remained horny and ready for more. "You horny devil" I said, "you've got my cock throbbing." "Feel this" she said taking my hand and placing it between her thighs. Between her dirty talk and her hand working my cock I was ready to go off in my pants. A hot, wet, ready pussy with a clit so big I could have jerked on it like a small cock. Suddenly she wasn't just sucking my cock, she was making love to it and appeared to be getting great pleasure from it.


Warm Honey

group FunLuvr247 2018-06-27

His fingers slowly draw your muffler off and then pull down the zipper of your jacket, and he lightly brushes your hair aside and punctuates his words with light kisses across the back of your neck, "and cum, and cum, and cum and cum." Her warm hands wander beneath your top and over your bra and breasts, lifting them and pressing them lovingly together as her lips meet yours. "Mmm Hmm, yes," you turn to face him and open your mouth, and you meet the top of his cock with your tongue as he sinks his fingers into the hair behind your neck, and he pulls your head back as he guides his shaft gradually deeper into your mouth, allowing your licking tongue slip up the trail of honey and around the end of his length so you can get every drop.

The Classified Ad

group Rusher 2018-06-27

She takes his cock slowly in her hand, and begins stroking and massaging it. He then slides his hands up the back of my neck and onto my head and begins pulling me onto his cock and moving his hips. "Didn't I tell you how good it would feel?" she asks, then looks down at my hard cock. She then begins to jerk me off with hand and suck the entire length of my cock in and out of her mouth. She takes her mouth from my cock long enough to say an emphatic "NO!", and begins masturbating herself again as I watch only inches away. She occasionally takes her hand from my cock to massage my balls, and his as well as they slam against my asscheeks on every deep stroke.


group 66stingray 2018-06-27

Adam, the fourth guy wanted my ass and he wasn't to be denied, splitting me like a ripe peach as I screamed out for God to save me from this inhuman violation. The guy on my right was nibbling my neck and then my ear, his tongue darting in and out and, as I turned towards him, he kissed me full on the lips, taking my breath away. Not to be outdone, the guy working on my feet had started going higher on my legs kissing and teasing with little bites and nibbles as he reached the no mans land between my thigh high stockings and my panty covered treasure.

The Party

group duppy_conqueror 2018-06-27

Samantha and her husband Jordan, Denise and her husband Randy, and Anita's husband Tim. They sipped their drinks and jokingly dared each other to get into the hot tub. "Oh, well if you want to catch some air, bring some towels out to the hot tub, the party is a little more exciting out there." Unaware of whom Tim really was, and if he had a high position at the company Matthew was looking into, he jumped on the offer. Back in the hot tub, Samantha, Anita and Matthew chatted, still rubbing themselves in the sex charged water. "Thank you Tim for the suggestion of bringing out the towels." Matthew said, a smirk on his face as he made quick eyes with Anita.

Jessica Andre and Mac

group hotdoll 2018-06-27

My hands on his legs I began to quicken, his cock felt so good I wanted to fuck him till he came in my mouth, but I resisted as I wanted him in me. He sat back down, and began to fuck my tits again slowly at first, then speeded up as I pushed them harder against him, with me now kneeling Mac walked behind me and went on his knees, I went up on my heels and he began to rub my pussy from behind fuck it felt good, I dropped my head back and Mac took my tongue onto his.

Just a Pair of Sheets

group chchboy 2018-06-27

After hearing a lot of nothing and that I could have any colour Queen size, I broke in telling her I only wanted Super King, Sam looked around me at Liz, no talking but lots of moving lips. Liz looked as if she wanted to continue the punishment/pleasure right now as Sam slipped a finger between her legs. Liz joined us in our hug, I was thinking of lifting her up as well then changed my mind as she took my cock and rubbed Sam's pussy with it. Liz held her friends pussy open and I dropped a ball dead center, Liz quickly pushed it in, we both looked at Sam to see what was going to happen.

The Wild Adventures of Andy

group darkheart69 2018-06-27

Andy was wanting to touch Britney so Andy started rubbing Britney’s leg then ran his hand over her belly and then over her pert little nipples on the top of the two firm melons under the tee shirt. Andy decided he wanted to taste that tight sweet mound so he pulled her panties to the side and parted the lips of Britney’s mound and drove his tongue into the button over and over. Then as Andy exploded deep inside of Barbera as he saw her toes curl and then spread as she was beginning to cum in a series of multiple orgasms bucking her hips and screaming in pleasure the whole time her body was cumming.

My Journey To Perversion Ch. 1

group Linda Jean 2018-06-27

Dan said as he we broke the kiss “we better hurry honey, you know you have to be there one hour early and as it is you will be lucky to get there 30 minutes before your flight leaves.” I had my pants down and I was working on my panties as I said “Shut up and fuck me baby, I have to be with out it for two days, I want to carry you with me.” He started working my breast, and his cock was rock hard now. I watched as Dan dressed so fast, he was walking out the door when he turned and said “Jesus Linda you knew we had to hurry, why did you make us waist time like this, hurry up, I’m going to get the kids lunches ready.”


When Downsizing Leads to Upsizing

group 2_old_2_change 2018-06-27

This seemed to please Mel and he let out a moan, but suddenly he grabbed a handful of my hair and thrust his body forward forcing his dick into totally uncharted parts of my mouth and then throat. As Sharon attacked his dick with her mouth Jerome was once again fingering my pussy with his fingers with the thumb on my button. As soon as the orgasm subsided my breathing was very heavy and suddenly I felt Jerome's dick forcing its way between my pussy lips and into the tunnel. Jerome it seems had done the considering for me as I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing it into Sharon's pussy.


The Game Ch. 06 Pt. 02

group Sara and Ron 2018-06-27

Rachel swam back to the group of skinny dippers that included Molee, Ron, Michelle, and Tim. All of them seemed to admire her confident strokes as her nude body sliced gracefully through the water. Rachel beamed at her and said, "Well I have cum more times tonight than I have in the past month, I have had oral sex for the first time, and I have had your sex slave shave my pussy while my aunt, her boyfriend, you, and Tim watched. She continued, "I want Michelle to watch Molee tonight." Rachel moved closer to Michelle who was equally eager to ‘get to the fucking' (a phrase she often used). Rachel slowly began stroking Tim's huge cock that was inches away from Molee's gaping pussy.


Tourist Season

group melodytokis 2018-06-27

Thanks Mario" They walk away and he hands Melody her hot dog. Her pussy clamps down around Darren's cock and she erupts around it. I don't..I...Ahhhhhhhh" The black guy in front of her that has lifted her just slipped his cock into her pussy. Melody's tits swing wildly and her body is rocked as Mike is slamming into her from behind. "How are you liking having fantasies filled so far?" She straddles his hip and lowers onto his hard cock. He hisses, "fuuuuuckkkkkkk..." She can feel his cock swell then she is filled with his hot cum coating her pussy. Cum dribbles from Melody's ass and pussy. When Melody opens her eyes again Darren is standing above her holding her sweater.

In Days of Olde Ch. 11

group Leetah 2018-06-27

As soon as their breathing became the even sound of slumber, Storm's dark eyes opened, and she rose quietly, moving to stand over Flower's bed. Storm had stopped leading her, and was now sliding her clothing off, running her hands over the other girl's body, teasing her nipples into peaks, cupping her breasts from behind, kissing her neck and sliding her fingers over Flower's pussy lips. Storm slipped out of her own garments and moved in front of Flower, leaning down and beginning to kiss her nipples, pulling the other girl's hands forward to make her caress her own breasts. As he stood there, rubbing his hands all over Flower's body, Storm and Water took soft cloth and wrapped it around each of her small wrists and ankles, protecting them from the braided rope that would be tied around each.

Tom Billionaire Ch. 06

group bluedragonauthor 2018-06-27

I didn't want to think about things I couldn't change, people I'd lost, or a life that had fallen apart. He picked his head up and turned around at the sound of the door opening, and I thought he looked rather disheveled. It wasn't that I thought Evania had any special knowledge that would help me in a situation like this, but it always had helped me to have a second pair of ears to listen to new information and remember what was going on. "We've worked together on the Sharpley case for almost a year, but I assure you that Miss Cooper and I have maintained a strictly-professional relationship, Mr. Kwong," Farnsworth stated coldly.


Teasing my husband's buddies...

group blondeslutwife 2018-06-27

Rob was a little smaller build than Kyle and Justin but still a decent looking guy. I guess we must have been more intoxicated than we thought because Kyle and Rob noticed and started making comments saying “you better watch out the wife will punish you if you get too close” whatever the fuck that means lol? Rob came up next to us and just started rubbing my arms, legs and ass while I danced on Kyle and tried to ever so slightly brush my tits. Rob’s cock certainly was smaller than Kyle’s but I still wanted to reach out and grab it because I knew it would turn me on and piss off his wife off so I started rubbing it for him.

Frat Party Gangbang

group Wifewhore 2018-06-27

They told me if I didn't become their slut pig they would tell my mother, who was there playing Canasta, that I was blowing guys all the way in the back cabana. It started with groups and by the end just one guy at time wanted to use me. Very few guys used rubbers most didn't, the lifeguards had told them that I was a bareback slut, and they loved seeing the cum dripping out of my cunt and down my legs. A few of the guys were really tit men and got off squeezing my big tits together and fucking them, jerking off all over them. Some of the guys really got off going last or near the end and using a well fucked wide open wet pig.

Tropical Temptations Ch. 06

group Lei Feng 2018-06-27

Soon my lover drew away from my mouth and flung her head back and with both hands held my leg against her pussy and moved more rapidly. My lover began to moan and shudder so I sucked her clit hard and with a loud cry and falling forward into her friend's arms she came. I was still thrusting into the blonde's pussy and as my lover recovered I saw that she was now sucking .the blonde's nipples and her friend was rubbing her own clit very hard, and soon she too came again, and fell against my lover. My lover lay beneath watching my cock slide in and out of the blonde's pussy above her face while her clit was being licked and sucked.

The Dream?

group Doodler 2018-06-27

She pulled it into her mouth, and began moving her head back and forth sucking it. She felt the head of the dick in her mouth swelling, and throbbing. She pushed him down on the bed, and moved her head over to suck it into her mouth. As she pushed back and forth against her lover, her mouth moved up and down on the others dick. She moaned on the dick in her mouth, and the other guy thrust in and out of her vagina. That warm glow of feeling was inside her again, and she knew she was ready to go over again. She could feel the dick in her mouth swell as he got excited watching her.

Lindsay's Turn

group johnnydrama 2018-06-27

It had started when she and another girl, Lisa Vasquez, a gorgeous Spanish girl that both Jillian and Lindsay had classes with, were summoned to the professor's office. "Welcome back, Lisa." The professor said, staring the young girl down for a long moment, making her uncomfortable under his gaze. Lisa couldn't meet the professor's eye, and was shaking like crazy. The two girls went to their next class, with Lindsay pointing out to Jillian that Lisa's seat was empty! Neither girl was laughing towards the end of class when Ms Jackson took a phone call from the office and told Lindsay and Jillian they were wanted in the professor's office!