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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Frankie & Ian meet a couple

group flirtyforties 2018-06-27

Danny grabbed Frankie turned her over, pulled her up to kneel on all fours and without much effort was behind and comfortably buried to the hilt in her wet pussy, his hands came round as his fingers continued rolling her nipples, Frankie rode back against him as he pounded in and out of her, hitting her g-spot she felt her orgasm approaching quickly the need to pee very strong as she squirted she nearly pushed Danny’s cock out of her, but he was strong and held her back to him as he rode her orgasm with her, Ian was watching Frankie being fucked from behind and even though he wanted to cum for Chris he could also see an opportunity of being in Frankie’s ass at the same time Danny was in her pussy.

A few Months later

group sexystu 2018-06-27

I wriggle out from under her and leave her in the doggie position as I see dads cock at her max depth and there’s still a couple of inches not in her, he pulls back and thrusts in again but a bit deeper this time we see her jump with the shock but moan with pleasure it take about 7-8 more thrusts like that and he’s balls deep in my g/f’s pussy and she’s loving it already had another orgasm and is building to the next I am playing with her nipples and stroking her clit and dad is starting to push forward harder and really giving her cunt a thrashing.

University Misbehaviour

group capuletes 2018-06-27

In a state of shock I watched as my gorgeous housemate's tits bounced as Chris drove his hard cock into Clare, her legs wrapped around his toned body her right hand above her head and her left hand stroking Matt's cock with as much as she could take into her hot mouth. Clare let out of moan of animal lust as she felt Matt's cock inside her but taking a second to process what he said, she turned her head over her shoulder, a cock in her left hand, her legs wrapped around her other lover's hips with his cock inside her, realised I was at the bedroom door with a stiff cock myself from watching such brazen slutty behaviour.

First Semester- Grad School; new place-new roommat

group jennysibs 2018-06-27

The last few weeks before graduation everything seemed to be coming unglued and to be falling apart all around me as I was trying to study for finals, not lose my boyfriend (& to a different college...not a different girl), and keep my sanity after our place was robbed in the midnight hours as my roommate and I slept in the next rooms of the house. The creamy texture warmed my tongue and coated my mouth as I got all their cum in sight before I made it take a big swish around my mouth with their combined load of copiously gathered love cream before swallowing it down with two large, viscous gulps.


group Pholkie Phred 2018-06-27

"Sorry" I started to apologize when she suddenly pulled me close and proceeded to envelop me in a mixture of arms, hands, leg, and something that felt like, no, WAS nylon cord! The light flashed again and I thought I saw the outline of my wife's body being pulled into a small booth about 15 feet up ahead, where I reasoned the side of the mall to be. A bit of light sneaking in from one of those flashes outside flashed in the briefly opened doorway revealed my wife of 20 years with her mouth around a huge black dick that was protruding up from our common floating surface.

Martyrs of Santa Inez Ch. 01

group MLG52 2018-06-27

Elena continued, getting right to the point: "What if we selected eligible women in our town who would agree to do anything you or your men desired during a 2 day fiesta in your honor every month?" Elena was trembling as she resumed their offer. "All we ask in return, Señor Lopez, is that you not harm anyone, including our men and boys; and that you use only the four women we select each time so the unmarried ones can remain virgins until their weddings. "These ladies have come from their town, traveled a long way, so that we can fuck them." The crowd laughed loudly as he looked at Elena.


A Fantasy for Joan

group GlenHod 2018-06-27

"No, actually I see myself as someone more likely to want to join if given the choice." Without another word being said Phil finished his drink, stood up and led Joan away to some of the most intense sex she had enjoyed for quite a while. Almost awkwardly Alex stood up but Phil told him to sit back down offering an unsaid invitation to come closer. She had to listen twice before she recognized Phil's question of, "Why don't you suck Alex's cock, Joan?" Alex was made to lay back on the bed and Joan squatted up above him and proceeded to ride him leaning forward her perfect breasts swaying in front of his eyes, her fanny lowering up and down on his erect cock.

Pissed off by two hot women 1

group 2018-06-27

My girlfriend and I flew in and took a holiday with her friend. Sarah was a beautiful young woman, about 166 cm and about 60 Kg and curves like a woman she must have. Sarah was also full of joy, they saw it as a new beginning. Arrived in Italy, we moved into our hotel and enjoyed the evening together budding in the lobby.We joked around a bit, because my girlfriend and I noticed that Sarah was still a little sad. Suddenly, the Sarah Tanya moved toward her and kissed her. Sarah seemed a little surprised, but the kiss met with a slight dedication. Well we arrived in the 7th floor, the elevator door opened and we walked down the hall to our rooms.

Carrie's New Life Ch. 2

group Tom Donner 2018-06-26

What would it be like to slide his cock into her hot little mouth until she sucked the cum from it down her throat? Tom moaned with delight as her hot breath hit his cock and he felt her incredibly warm mouth envelope the head. "I don't expect you to Tom." she said releasing his cock from his mouth. After about three of these deep sucks Tom's hot cock began to explode in her mouth. His cock was pumping up to meet her frantically bobbing head while his huge load began to escape from the corners of her hot lips. "I think I'll have that drink now." Carrie said as she wiped her mouth off on the pajama top.

The French Maid Ch. 10

group susan12346 2018-06-26

I was barely touching his cock with my tongue, so like a butterfly I flicked it around slowly, covering the round dome of that mauve head, lightly brushing the eye and sides. I held his cock really tightly now, while letting my tongue flit around the head, touching here and there, tracing little lines along it. I continued to lightly touch and caress the head with my tongue, even poking into the eye as another stream emerged and poured over the head, running down the shaft and my hand on to his hair and into the bath water. I smiled and keeping my eyes on his face lowed my lips over his cock head until they were half way down his shaft.

A Swim and Some Porn...

group 1mbibry 2018-06-26

We had another beer and he slowly looked up and asked "hey Johnson, you want to come over for a swim and watch some porn with me?" Glancing back at me and looking me down from my eyes to my feet with a noticeable pause at my now towering cock, she crossed her arms and grasped the hem of her dress and in a single smooth motion raised it over her head tossing it aside. We were now all fully enjoying the live porn show when she looked me in the eyes and said "I want to watch you stroke yourself while I fuck my husband's brains out."

More Action for the Third Wheel Ch. 01

group EvanExpload 2018-06-26

As I walked into the bathroom I heard Stacy gag as Dave grabbed her head and shoved his prick down her throat. I was only somewhat surprised at the sight of Stacy bent over with her bikini bottoms around her ankles and Hank standing right behind her with his very large looking cock sticking obscenely out of Stacy's tight snatch. Finally Stacy was looking up at Hank with all 11 inches of his cock buried in her mouth and throat. Stacy looked up at Hank with his cock buried down her throat and did her best to nod in agreement. I had been stroking my hard cock while I was watching Stacy deepthroat Hank and was about ready to blow my load.


My First Threesome

group Jennifer Dark 2018-06-26

Just the intensity on Chris's face was enough to get me hot, and so I turned round, grabbed David before he could say a word and kissed him. Chris began to stroke my pussy lips through my panties...and I knew that we were going to end up fucking. David groaned, and when I looked at Chris I saw he had his cock out and was slowly stroking it. Before long I felt an orgasm welling up, and I sucked on Davids cock furiously as the first waves began. He didn't last long, and with a roar he shot his load into my hot twat...I could feel each spurt splashing against the walls of my pussy, and this sent me into another orgasm, and I came again, my butt bouncing off the floor.

Penny's Surprise Ch. 06

group Linda Jean 2018-06-26

During supper the Pete came over to me and said he wanted to have sex, I took him to my room, and laid on my back, this time he was all cleaned up from work. He felt good, and with the speed he was fucking it did not take me long to start to climb right back to that mountain of pleasure. I am out of here 6 months from now, just like you" I asked him "what where you told about me?" he looked into my eyes and said, "do you really want me to tell you?" I said, "Yes, please, tell me"

The Morning After

group dieselveins 2018-06-26

after all three were done they untied my ankles and removed the cables to turn me on my stomach all three were wearing very large strap-ons while one was fucking my ass another ordered me to suck hers and the other ordered me to fondle hers they all took turns which lasted about three hours i came so much the mattress was soaked under the pad i had never completely been more satisfied in my life after they were thru they untied me and ordered me to clean up the mess while they all went out to lunch.

Loving to Like Ch. 04

group BuckyDuckman 2018-06-26

"Your booth is getting crowded." Walking down the row of booths, Troy saw Molly sitting between two guys he recognized as Happy Hour regulars. Thin, with a closely cropped goatee, Brad was sure he had seen Leonard leaning on the bar most nights watching football. After a few moments between her warm, wet lips, Molly moved to Brad, sucking him while Leonard finished getting hard. Show your friends what you've got," Molly told the skinny man, pulling his thin cock to her pussy. "Fuck you," Leonard said as he gave high fives to Brad and Troy. "Fuck me hard." Johnson knelt in front of Molly, pushing his dick inside of her, but was careful about the streams of semen left behind by Leonard.


Crossing Lines

group overthebow 2018-06-26

She said that she wanted my ass sometimes, wanted me to feel what it was like to get fucked. She started coming and she squeezed my cock a little more and the banging of the dildo against my prostate got me off big time. She knew I would like a real cock up my ass and wanted to see it happen. She got down next to my face and said that a man was going to fuck me, that I was going to have a cock in my ass, a cock was going to fuck me, things like that. We fucked like that for a while and then my wife got in back of Bruce and lubed up his ass and started playing with him.

Bi-Virgin No More

group fingers452 2018-06-26

As she was doing this and taunting me, I felt a hand grab my cock and start to stroke up and down. I wish my hands were free so I could stroke it as I sucked on it but he straddled my chest and leaned forward to bring his cock to my mouth. I wanted him to cum, I was moaning, I was close to cumming also as Cynthia was sucking my cock. I wanted him to cum first so I licked the head of his cock as he withdrew it and drove it back into my mouth. His orgasm triggered mine and I felt Cynthia's mouth on my cock as she swallowed my cum...

Mending Fences

group VNytes 2018-06-26

"Come closer to the fence," Fernando said "let me have your hand." He grabbed her wrist and he immediately sucked the fingers that were in her hot little pussy just moments before. Fernando turned back to Lysa's waiting lips and kissed her open mouth, sharing her sweetness with her, letting her taste herself on his tongue. Lysa was sitting up on her knees at the fence, eyes wide, mouth open, thumb and forefinger swirling fast and furious over her swollen clit with three fingers inside her sopping pussy. Fernando's ass clenched hard, milking Gerald's cock and causing everything from his waist down to lock up as his body clenched, ready to release explosively.


Meeting Zoey Again

group Johnny_H 2018-06-26

Tim was standing in the hot tub up to his thighs, and Zoey was standing in front of him, wrapping a condom slowly over his outstretched dick. They seemed unaware of Mariya and I watching, as Zoey stroked his dick for a few seconds, and then simply turned around and bent forward, presenting her ass to him. Instead of rocking forward and sinking his dick into her, Tim sat down in the hot tub as said "Try this." Following his directions, Zoey sat down in his lap, and gradually started working his dick inside her. Zoey was already grinding her ass slowly on Tim's dick, but she looked up at me and said: "There is a condom in your back pocket."



group MaAndPaKettle 2018-06-26

Steve turned to the barkeep, "Tony," he said, "Anna was wondering what time you finish?" "No," Anna said with a smile that certainly showed how she felt about him, "I want to know what time YOU finish?" "I know YOU like the red -- you spent enough time photographing it last night!" said Anna with a smile. After a while of sucking Tony's cock back and forth Anna drew back and looked up at Steve. "Oh Fuck!" gasped Tony suddenly, "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck." Steve could see his cock pulsing and guessed he was filling Anna's mouth with his cum. "Mmm," Anna laughed back, "that was nice -- wasn't it Tony," she added turning to him with a coquettish smile.


Letters to Nicole 13

group derek33 2018-06-26

"Oh c'mon," he said laughing, "I bet that turned you on more than that scene in the shower did!" We laughed all the way to Jessi's house with Jon trying to tickle Nikki and touch her tits and Nikki squirming away from him, fighting off his hands. Jon put a hand on each girl's head and when Jessi drew him into her mouth and began to suck him, I heard him say, "Oh fuck...Shit! Jon had our black-haired friend close to cumming and Nikki's legs were spreading so wide that Jessi was soon able to lick the crease between her pussy and thigh.


Roller Coaster Hookup Ch. 02

group mrbighead9 2018-06-26

I sat there on that bench drinking my water for about five minutes when I looked to my left and saw a gorgeous tanned ass bouncing inside a tight blue thong. Both naked, I grabbed her hips and flipped her upside down, planting her pussy on my face and my cock bouncing off her lips. I stood in the dark bathroom with my cock in my hand for about a minute, before I heard a knock on the door. After about ten minutes, I turned around to see my mystery girl lying on her back in the corner and rubbing her pussy hard. As her orgasm subsided, my mystery girl removed my cock from her pussy and started sucking her friend's juices off my cock.

The New Laura Pt. 01

group Reefkeeper 2018-06-26

Margie resumed eating, but said between bites, "Yes, my brother Kenny, he goes to Syracuse and a friend of his, Mark something or other, is the best man for another friend of his whose name I don't remember." She chewed a bit and continued, "Aren't you hungry? As much as Laura wanted to start fucking Bill, she thought that the performance would be better if she put a little more "tease" in her "strip tease" so she crouched down, kissed Bill again, and stood up and continued her dance. "Darling...these...are the finest...finest...tits I've...I've EVER played...played with my and...and your pussy..." Bill grabbed the cheeks of her ass so he could meet Laura's every stroke and drive himself deeper into her.