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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Glad to be of Assistance Again

group chirpychappie 2018-06-26

I was also thinking back and imagining Vicky watching Sally giving me a blow job and fantasising about her slipping her hand under her knickers and stroking herself to orgasm while watching us. 'Vicky, knowing you might be masturbating next door as we are having sex is just so hot, actually just listening to you two talking about it is making me pretty damned hot.' I smiled at the girls. The guys really get turned-on watching a girl masturbate and they also get off by jacking-off in front of a girl, at least in my experience.' Sally said then looked at me, wondering I think how I would take this new confession.


Doing Hard Time

group Diamond-Dan 2018-06-26

Instantly, I saw a fat thick line of hot cum leap from the purple tipped cock head and land squarely inside of her mouth, only to be followed by three or four more hefty lines of his sticky goo. Eddie was flailing away at his dark brown cock with his hand, and began to walk next to Kate. As Eddie stood next to her, jacking his hard six inch cock, I watched as Kate turn her head to look at his prick. By now, Jim and Eddie were having their cocks swapped back and forth by Kate, as she would alternate licking and sucking their hard shafts and balls. Kate trained her attention from Jim's well licked ass over to Michaels thick, long, black cock.


Story wife sent me on deployment fantasy 3sum

group Sirpur8675309 2018-06-26

He rubbed my pussy slowly for a few strokes and then I let out a huge scream, as he plowed into my cunt hard with his huge cock. I could feel my cunt being stretched open, and my pussy hole was tight around his cock. Mark spread my ass cheeks and told you, “come fuck your wife up the ass while I bang her cunt, let’s make her scream and cum like a fucking slut!!” With my ass spread open, you could see just how much my pussy was being stretched. He said, “you like when I stretch your slutty wife’s cunt open don’t you?” Mark then slapped my cunt with this hick cock again, and I felt that it was hard again.

Cindy Lou and the Halloween Party

group Boxlicker101 2018-06-26

Cindy Lou thought that would be really kinky, although sometimes the men and women she coupled with at the weekly parties were people she had never seen until she started sucking his cock or having her pussy eaten or however else she and her new partner might have happened to say hello. For a few seconds, she enjoyed his ministrations, but Cindy Lou knew there was a much better place for Aaron to do what he had started, and she really wanted him to continue and lick and suck all the way down her body. Very slowly, relishing every drop of Cindy Lou's juices, Aaron licked them from the apex of her legs and started up one of the sexy blonde's soft outer lips.



group gil73 2018-06-26

Jan's best buddy and former very close and together roommate "S" probably needed a more active-always sexually ready type woman to enjoy mutual and exploratory stimulations—so, since neither Jan nor gil had many other close friends, they made a few smiling fully clothed photos and placed an ad in the Beach Reporter looking to enlist a woman for a friendly three way. After minutes of intense activities, I sensed Jan was more than ready for a climactic event as Betty's mouth worked around her pussy and both of them pinched, rubbed and twisted Jan's nipples. I thoroughly enjoyed the scene of the two naked women laying together on the bed as Jan took on the initiative to repay Betty's non-obligatory efforts.

My first bisex experience - Part 2

group MassMan669 2018-06-26

I had Sylvia sit on the couch next to Tim. Then I stood in front of her and offered my dick to her lips. After a few minutes I pulled out and offered my dick to Tim to suck. He sucked and licked Sylvia's tasty juices off my dick. Then I knelt by Tim's head and pushed my dick into Sylvia's pussy. I would slowly move in and out as Tim licked Sylvia's clit and my shaft and my balls. I pulled away, Sylvia dropped her hips down and put her pussy right on Tim's face. Tim licked, sucked and swallowed until Sylvia had a powerful orgasm as she ground her vulva into his face.

Joining a Married Couple

group crashdvis 2018-06-26

She was walking away from me as she headed to the hottub so I only got a view of her ass at this point but it was really a turn on that this woman was now naked in the tub with her hubby and I getting ready to follow her in. The way I positioned her gave her hubby a view between our legs and should give him a view of his wifes pussy getting pumped with her first new cock. I really needed to cum at this point so I told them both not to move and I got between their legs behind her and started to fuck her doggy style while she layed on top of him.

Annual Indulgence

group Sarishepard 2018-06-26

That was all fine by me, but when he rubbed his other hand between Dawn's shoulder blades, I felt a lump in my throat—a gripping angst at the thought another man dared to touch my precious wife without my permission. My heart sank as I looked to see her walking between Cliff and Allesandra, holding their hands as they made their way down the steep path toward the cabin. We need to know you trust us, and especially her." She turned to Dawn and grasped the lapels of my coat with her long fingers. Lexi opened the coat, dropped it off Dawn's shoulders, and tossed it over the back of a chair. Matching Dale's measure with her stroke, Allesandra looked across me to Lexi and purred, "I think Sari's proven himself.


Experimental Desire

group FableAngel 2018-06-26

Joe reached down to scoop as much of Elita's warm, slimy release to spread it up and over her ass and as he did so he felt the hand of a waiter further assist by spreading her pussy juices from around his cock still inside her, both men wanting her ass lubricated for action. She paused temporarily with a cock in her mouth and one in each hand as the waiter to her rear sought to fill her ass with his rampant length, gently and slowly easing his purple helmet inside her tight slippery hole. Joe knew that Elita liked to be face-fucked and that she was very skilled at continuing to suck on his cock even through the gagging that such deep throated demands brought.


Porn Job

group Penny_Tralia 2018-06-26

There is no way you are going to get her to do a damn thing.” said Mike “I bet I can get her to do just about anything I want, for money that is. So I suck a little cock and let him fuck me, no big deal. He started to lift his hips up to fuck my mouth harder and then groaned loudly as he let go of my hair and pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot his cum all over my chin and tits. I turned around to see that Adam had his hard cock in his hand and he began to work it into my ass.

A Ride in the Country Ch. 04

group susan12346 2018-06-26

I kept the head of his cock in my mouth, swirling my tongue around and around it, teasing the head, feeling it swell each time her hand rubbed up along his hard shaft. I barely had looked at the boy's face when his head was throw back and his hips thrust suddenly forward and his cock pushed against the roof of my mouth. Grabbing her bottom, pushing my hands between her and Andrew's thrusting body, I clamped my mouth on to the front of her pussy, sticking my tongue out to lick at her and Andrew's cock at the same time. Keeping my eyes firmly on hers I lowered my head slowly and started to lap at her skin, just under one breast, my tongue moving quickly, like the cat trying to drink the milk.


A Wild Ride

group leilore 2018-06-26

Janet moved her leg toward my mound and pressed hard against it while she held my head still by my hair. Without warning the d ark haired man lifted Janice off me and the blond man put one arm under me and lifted me up in the air like I was a twig and placed me facing Janet and her partner. It had been so long since I felt that, my muscles instantly tightened, but he just licked my clit faster and placed 2 fingers from his other hand in my vagina. But My first partner who was already inside of me had a firm hold on my hair and said as he buried his cock as far into my vagina as far as possible, "Hmmm...relax..." then he kissed my lips.

Fantasy Comes Alive

group 7reads 2018-06-26

I heard movements and realized Jack moved from the door where he was, I know he came to the bed but not sure what he did, I however noticed that Mark stopped pounding me. The three of us were naked Mark was shouting, I held his cock I stroked it and kissed him on the lips, he resisted and pushed me away, so hard I almost fell, he then suddenly grabbed my hands and shoved me against the wall. I realized that all afternoon Jack did not enter my pussy with that fleshy cock, It was as if Mark read my mind, pulled out from my ass and pushed me on the bed, positioned me in all four again and back in my ass, I was sore but it wasn't so bad at that point.

Who's The Boss? Ch. 01

group Mortuis 2018-06-26

Nikki let go of my neck and I moved up, going all the way up his cock, leaving only the head in my mouth. Nikki was pushing her finger in and out of my ass and Ben began to move back, sucking hard, his mouth maintaining an almost-vacuum around my steel-hard dick. Sensing it, she told Ben to slow down gradually - "keep him hard, but don't make him cum." Ben pulled his mouth off my cock and smiled, then began to lick and suck my balls. I hadn't cum yet and my cock felt enormous, hot and swollen as I slammed it in and out of Ben. I no longer worried about hurting him and I pounded him hard and deep, driving him into Nikki over and over and over...

Hotel Room Nurse

group Fungirl 2018-06-26

I'd ram your rock hard dick down my throat while I listened to you moan and pull your dick all the way in my mouth until I reached your balls with my lips. You are moaning so loud by now....You are still banging her as she moves down to eat me out...she pulls my lingerie down until I am naked and she buries her face in my cunt. After you pull out of her and you are both lying on the bed next to each other (she is naked since you ripped her lingerie off) I slide down and go down on her just to lick out your cum since I"m so jealous that she gave you the biggest, longest orgasm ever and she got so much of your cum.

My Wife and Our Lover

group tonidelasalle 2018-06-26

Just two days before, we had parted, the three of us, with a long, wet kiss between me and Sara, which we finally got Greta to duplicate with her. While she kissed my wife, Sara's hand had fondled the crotch of my pants, stroking my throbbing rod through the fabric of slacks and underwear. I moved in behind Sara, sliding Greta's hand away from me and onto our skinny lover's behind. I pushed Greta back down when she started to protest and kissed her deeply, knowing that she could taste Sara on my lips and tongue. Sara held on tightly while Greta fucked her face, her broad hips flailing against the skinnier woman's jaw.

Wild Wife

group jason1000 2018-06-26

Missy quickly covered back up when she saw Tom watching. Tom got up behind her and only inches from my face I watched his cock slide all the way home. It felt like I was pumping gallons of come into Missy's mouth, but she stayed right there and swallowed every drop. As my hips slowed then stopped their pumping action, Tom rolled Missy on to her back and took my place. Before we drifted off to sl**p Missy said she was still a little horny and asked if I'd mind if she went and had Tom one more time. She ended up coming two more times as Tom came in her mouth and me in her well-fucked pussy.

Pool Boy Ch. 21

group BigZeke13 2018-06-26

Alexis knew very well the symptoms of my orgasms so she tried to help me hold off by standing up on the bed and straddling Olivia's sitting body standing with her pussy in my face. Alexis' legs were beginning to buckle as she stood there with one leg on either side of Olivia's body sitting in my lap driving her pussy onto my cock. Alexis recovered enough to pull one leg over Olivia and collapse to the bed beside Sophia whose attention immediately went to Alexis' throbbing pussy and bubbling vaginal juice. After a couple minutes of this, Sophia pulled her lips off and lapped the underside of my cock from my balls to the head and then lay back on the bed between Olivia and Alexis.


A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 06

group riverboy 2018-06-26

I was a little nervous driving another man's very expensive treasure, but it sounded like Christine was comfortable taking it out whenever she wanted, so I soon relaxed and enjoyed it. I have no idea what'll happen if she get's a look at you," I said, shaking my head as I ran my eyes over Christine's luscious little body. Penny turned to Christine and said, "Oh, he does wonderful work, doesn't he?" and gave her a mischievous wink. "Penny, you don't mince words do you," I said with a laugh, and I gave Christine a smiling kiss and put my arm around her. Christine told them about it, and Penny said, "God, Steve, you must love that thing, I know you're a car guy."


June & I Meet Vicki

group Boxlicker101 2018-06-26

After she had licked all the juice off, she started on Vicki's swollen pussy lips, poking her tongue into the seam between the inner and outer labia, sucking and probing all the way past Vicki's clit to her mons, and kissing her there. She had also been lubricating and I licked all the delicious juices from her pussy, and started probing my tongue into the lower edge of her love hole and the sides of that delightful place. Vicki's head was resting on a pillow; her hands were gripping June's ass cheeks, and her tongue was slowly licking the lips on one side of June's pussy with broad strokes, from her love hole to at least her clit.


Liz Plus Three

group SweetsDee 2018-06-26

Playlist of mixed music set and going on the computer, booze, including beers bought and stocked, ice bucket filled in the bar fridge, fireplace logs placed and lit, hors d'oeuvres prepared and ready to heat, toys washed and batteries checked, all orifices washed inside and out and as she absently reached and stroked a hand over her bare mound a satisfied smile played across parted lips, she was completely shaved from armpits to toes. For his male friends he quickly gave them a few hand signals suggesting while he and Liz got started they were to leave for now and have a beer. Feeling a little left out of the hot and erotic exchange Cal took a giant swig of his beer then moved to play between Liz's legs.


The Accidental Bisexual Ch. 02

group openmindedman 2018-06-26

I took Bobby's shaft into my mouth as deep as I dared, and then I felt the incredible sensation of Sherry's warm, wet tongue exploring the crack of my ass before it settled on my puckered asshole. She started off with deep, long strokes, working my entire length, and momentarily, I felt the added excitement of her middle finger slipping inside my ass. I told Bobby to get ready, and as Sherry jammed her finger deep inside my ass, I let loose with a long ropy stream of cum that landed right in Bobby's mouth and down his chin. From time to time I felt Bobby's hot breath on my ass and his tongue or his hands on my balls while I fucked his girlfriend mercilessly.

Wife's First Gang-Bang Ch. 01

group CyrusMann 2018-06-26

I looked around at the pile of unpacked cartons and furniture that needed to be placed in the new house. Ken had left for work at his new job, and I had all day to get things ready for when he got home. He now just smiled, handed the cam-corder to one of the guys and said," Now it's my turn bitch!" The smile on his face showed he was ready to explode himself, but not at all mad at my behavior. He just smiled, patted his camera, and said, "I will have this to remember all the fun and, just in case, someone forgets to keep quiet!" I knew that this was going to be just the beginning of a great new life.!

How I Love Being John's Worthless Slave Part

group LisaCannons69 2018-06-26

Withing seconds I had hands grabbing my hair to pull me head over to someone's cock, I had guys on both sides of me almost fighting over the suck hole on my face as they kept pulling my head back and forth. John punched me in the face and the other guys started slapping my tits and pussy really hard yelling at me to do as I'm told. I don't know what my back or cunt looked like but they hurt worst of all.One guy was really enjoying punching me in my gut, my tits, my pussy, and even my face.I had my tits bound up in rope as they took turns putting nipple clamps on me and seeing how far my tits could stretch out from my body.