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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group Sateema Lunasi 2018-06-26

"Let the music come to you…yes, that is it, let the instrument play you." I closed my eyes and felt the music, the words, the notes, all burning inside me, building me up. It looked delicious to me and I bravely reached out to touch it, to take it between my fingers, and then to lay down and suck it, taking it in my mouth and smearing my red lipstick over my lips, over his cock. I brought Andrew close to me and licked his eager prick, going back and forth between Casey and Andrew, then Maestro, hearing them make groaning noises, feeling their hands move over my breasts and thighs, feeling Maestro’s fingers probe my pussy.

Bank Holiday Office Cover

group MrPovey 2018-06-26

Kevin moved back and flopped into Lee's desk chair, he swivelled from side to side holding his hard on and looking at face level at Shirley's crotch, still spread wide but covered with her wet panties, her pussy showing through where the wet material stuck to her slit. Lee moved the moment on, he raised Shirley's head with one hand beneath it, she opened her eyes expecting to see his cock coming back towards her mouth for her to continue sucking, but Lee was moving her forward and she struggled to get her arms at her side to lift herself.


Playing With The Boys

group Katie_did_it 2018-06-26

"Cher, we need to go into shore soon in case they come looking for us, but first here's my plan – at least the part I'm telling you – are you ready?" I asked her seriously. "I'm sure it will interest you to know Cheryl has graciously agreed to be my sexual slave for tonight." I looked towards her and saw the open mouthed expression of surprise on her face at my revealing her submissive position. Within minutes, I was at the door, and I remember thinking 'thank goodness, there is nobody in the lobby of the building.' I waited for Cher to produce the key to let us in, at which point, Dave said, "Okay, it's about five-thirty now, see you girls in about an hour and a half, at seven, okay?"


Grandad of love 9.

group 2018-06-26

I rammed it deep into her several more times until finally she suddenly clenched trapping my cock deep in her pussy and then she groaned hard, her head rolled back and i felt a little gush of juices hit my balls. "It's okay i wont say anything, if you don't" she smiled before she pulled my still hard wet cock from Leia's cunt and then gave it a big suck. I then pushed my cock back into Leia's pussy again and lifting one of her leather clad legs up so Faith could see, i began to fuck her again.

My Cousin's Sorority Ch. 03

group JoeDreamer 2018-06-26

"Tom, these are two of my pledge sisters," Tara said, pointing out two ladies. Tara was doing some sort of sorority duty and I noticed Sarah talking to Leslie, the girl from the night before. "One more thing, you can't chug against someone you know," the pledge mistress said when she noticed Tara and Kelly. There's three more weeks left before she and the others become sisters, however its come to my attention that this pledge has a bit of a reputation with some of the fraternities," the pledge mistress said. "Okay, have fun," the pledge mistress said turning on background music. "My God, you're huge!" she said as her pledge mistress nodded vigorously in agreement.


Bringing You Home Ch. 02

group GildedSilver 2018-06-26

I kinda feel like the older woman who got the pool boy," I giggled at Timothy's and my running joke. Can you tell me what that problem is, boy?" Such a grim tone had Timothy trembling in your feather light touch that had somehow turned into an iron hard grip. It could have been titled, "The Mistress and Her boy." Those eyes were priming me like invisible hands, getting me ready for the taking. "I love the way your hands feel on me, Sir," I whispered in your ear. I dropped my head back to kiss your lips as I felt Timothy position you at my wet entrance. My hand played in Timothy's hair as he pulled your cock out and licked you clean, cum and all.


After The Curse

group luvjuice43 2018-06-26

We moved to one of the tables and ordered drinks and Judy and Nina quickly began to catch up on events going on in their lives; I just sat and watched the two beautiful, mature women chatter. By this time I had a very noticeable erection just thinking about Nina sitting spread eagle while some old guy sheared her pussy bare; Judy was quick to notice my condition and discretely rubbed her hand over my bulge. Nina opened Judy's legs slightly then with the edge of her hands opened the hair covered vulva and kissed the exposed pink lips glistening with the clear nectar of an aroused woman.


Sarah's first orgy!

group rubberduckgm 2018-06-26

"Let me see you out and give you a tip for bringing the food up so quickly", I said while hatching a plan that would really raise the bar on any sexual adventures my wife and I had enjoyed to date. She turned her head and started sucking his thick cock. She pulled the friend closer and the tip of his cock was now pressing against the corners of my mouth. While I watched this I felt a warm mouth engulf my cock and start sucking me. Before long I felt a wet sticky lube all over my cock and knew that the waiter had released his load into my wife's pussy. My wife released the friend's cock from her mouth and placed at the entrance of mine.

RV Travel Companion Ch. 05

group Alex_Ho 2018-06-26

I mean, come on, first we fuck an employee at the RV park in Louisville, then we spend three days at an orgy in Pensacola, then hook up with two bi-sexual hotties in New Orleans, and now we might have another couple wanting a little hanky-panky. I said, "My god you have a beautiful body." She smiled and dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth, licking the head then sucking as she moved it in and out while stroking me with her hand. Izzy got up and gave me a big wet kiss while Gerry did the same to Shelley. Izzy said it was a real turn-on to watch Gerry fuck another women while she got fucked by another man.


Kentucky Fried Yankee Lawyer Ch. 03

group Stardog Champion 2018-06-26

Keeping a watchful eye out for the sheriff department's special speed traps each time he ventured out of the city limits, Pete's mind was still fresh with what happened between Rhonda and Deputy Wurley weeks earlier. Pete thought about asking if the deputy was going to write him a ticket, but remembering the snide answer he got last time, not to mention the fact that Wurley's focus was seared on Gwen, he decided to keep his mouth shut. Tensing when Wurley clamped the first bracelet around his left wrist, Pete prepared for the officer to reach for his right, but before he even realized what had happened, the deputy had reached inside the rolled down window, and with one well practiced swipe, secured the opposite end of the handcuffs around the Impala's steering wheel.


Jenna - Sweet Size Queen Ch. 06

group jealouscuck 2018-06-26

Alicia said that all the guys at the table were trying to get Gerald to introduce them to Jenna. One of the other girls and a guy split off, leaving Alicia, Gerald, Joshua, Kirk, Jenna and me left at the club. Finally, Gerald said that the guys were all curious about mine and Jenna's relationship. Alicia began to rise off of Jenna's pussy and turned to Kirk, who was big but still not as big as the other guys. Alicia pulled Jenna's legs over to her side of the king size bed and while Gerald was fucking her from behind, ate the flowing ooze from Jenna's stretched pussy. Alicia was all too happy to take Jenna's leftovers, as Gerald and Kirk were taking turns fucking her.

sluts night on way home

group 2018-06-26

I get on top of the table, and open my legs, the tables can move, so whilst one of the guys takes off my knickers and starts to finger fuck me, the guy I was stroking with my foot gets his hard cock out and shoves it in my mouth, I start to suck, he has a big cock and I begin to gag but I don’t want him to stop. I feel the guy who is fucking me shoot his load into me, the café worker takes over and starts to suck my fanny and lick all the cum and juices from me.

Another Night at the Hardwood Club

group EverReadyBR549 2018-06-26

You still struggle a little and I grab your hair and pull your head back whispering, Stop fighting and just enjoy it. You try to close your legs but I spread them apart with my legs and my free hand runs over your soaked panties, pausing to tweak your clit through the material. The site of seeing all these guys right here just looking at you with lust, feeling all the hands on your body moving and touching every inch of you and the hard cock in your pussy is too much and you start cumming. Your cunt is so wet that every time my cock slides in, your honey flows out coating my balls and running down your ass.

Island Man Ch. 01

group Island_Jewel 2018-06-26

He smiles, looks over at the islander on the "land side" of the bar and winks, then makes my drinks. I'm lying on my chair on my stomach when I hear someone yell, "You better turn over, Baby!" I look up and there's "My Islander" (yes, for some reason I'm now thinking of him as mine). The hubby comes back, tells me he's taken care of all the room issues and asks what I want to do now. (Not that he's going to ask, 'cause he doesn't want to jinx anything!) After a few minutes, I pull one of my shoulder straps down, grab his head and press it into my breast.

Don't Take on Female Wrestlers

group shambles 2018-06-26

But here I was, unmanly or not, lying passively under two women being fucked at both ends, my mouth pressed into the soft female flesh above me, excited by the sexual stimulus of the most intimate cunnilingus---and I must confess the fact of being a virtual prisoner of two naked sex mad girls was a stimulus in itself---and now, the girl above me was sitting on me with all her weight to take my prick as far up inside her belly as it would go. My whole being seemed to pour out of me as every part of my prick and my balls throbbed, the cum spurted out deep into her entrails, my pelvis heaved to press myself further inside her, and I would have cried out with the intensity of the orgasm if my mouth hadn't been totally enclosed by a spasming cunt.

Summertime Lust Ch. 06

group Balke7612 2018-06-26

Allison's hand slipped away and a moment later Hannah's body lifted fractionally and the underwear was pulled down, her legs bending and a hand reaching to push the twisted, wet material off her feet. Blake watched as Allison's hand on Hannah's cheek fell, a moment later Allison tipped her head back, her mouth wide open as she silently cried out in pleasure. Blake lowered his hips, gazing in to Allison's eyes as he blindly guided the head of his penis to her swollen lips, dipping his body to brush over them, bringing himself up to graze her clitoris and smiling as she groaned and shuddered at the sudden contact.


Sweet Cassie

group Snowfish 2018-06-26

"Yah, okay Conrad, I guess I can come down." I tried to make it sound like a chore but as I hung up the phone I was already starting to relish the thought of getting close to a drunken Cassie when she was all dolled up for a night on the town. Kenneth's hand was back under Cassie's dress and her thighs had spread noticeably with its return. Cassie was still walking away; they already had her dress up over her hips and someone's, Ray's hand I think, was squeezing one of her bare ass cheeks every time she took a step. Harold got up and pushed Cassie onto her knees, opened his fly and slapped his eight-inch, semi- hard dick on her cheek.


Imprinted Ch. 09

group darcysweet 2018-06-26

I could feel the hair of his chest rubbing my back, his hard cock still damp from my mouth in the cleft of my ass. Mrs. D's hand came around my wrist and guided my fingers down to her little pink asshole. He pushed me forward, the head of my cock entered and I felt that tight ring stretch. "You're good for a woman's ego Jacob," Mrs. D said as she wrapped a hand around my growing erection. "Let's clean this dirty boy," Mrs. D said and I felt her hand, slick with fragrant soap at my chest. Soapy fingers pulled at my nipples, circled my ass, cupped my balls, dug into the aching muscles of my shoulders.

It Started in the Rain Ch. 04

group Scorpio44 2018-06-26

Since it sounds like you've decided to break up with my daughter I want you to know that you will be welcome at any family gathering that Megan invites you to. I didn't need to know about how she told him about fucking someone else and loving someone else and Megan knew that so she didn't go there. Pete wanted me to tell him where Megan was staying. As we talk I'm thinking: what if we don't come home on Friday night but stay somewhere nearer the base until time to pick Pam up?" With tongue tip I encircled her areola a few times Before I took it in and began the sucking I knew she wanted.


Dinner Party

group Jimfxxx 2018-06-26

Judy looked up as he stood over her "I want you to fuck my mouth." Chris held her head firmly as he took control and began pumping his cock into her mouth. As he was fucking my mouth, Judy was watching, masturbating and whispering in my ear "I love to see you sucking that cock, I want him to cum in your mouth, I want you to swallow his cum." He continued pumping his hard cock into my mouth, his hands pulling my face into his crotch with each stroke. Judy was now stroking my cock as she masturbated herself, still whispering in my ear "suck that cock, take it deep, I want to see him cum in your mouth." He was now pumping faster and breathing harder.

Wicked Game Ch. 20

group velvetpie 2018-06-26

Kevin set the crate of red impatiens down next to the white ones and went back for the third crate, this one of pink impatiens and stopped halfway down the driveway when the silver Lexus pulled up to the curb in front of the house he shared with Kelly Jo. His sister was on her hands and knees in the flowerbed, preparing holes for the incoming plants and when she didn’t hear Kevin’s footsteps, she turned and looked over her shoulder, seeing the car. As Kevin slid into Ashley, Kelly Jo, flicked her tongue across Ashley’s clit and moved behind her brother to spread his ass cheeks and slide her tongue into his tight hole.


The Hot Tub

group dreampilot79 2018-06-26

I feel your hand caressing my cock under the water of the hot tub and for a fleeting moment I wonder how we got here. You looked from my face to his and I saw that flush of excitement rush through you with a cock in each hand. His hardened in your hand and I saw that look on your face as your eyes closed. For a moment you just sat there with your eyes closed and then you turned your head and kissed Steve and the flood gates burst. Your hand squeezed my cock to tight that it hurt and your hips began thrusting against Steve's fingers. Your body writhed on Steve's cock while your mouth sucked me with a passion.

A Weekend with Ginger

group fukensploogin 2018-06-26

After school everyday they were free, during off-campus lunch break in Brad's car, after hockey games in Marisol's room while she "watched a movie." They did it while she was wearing her cheerleading uniform in a stairwell at school. Marisol was the first to be left in just her bra and panties, but she held out, until Brad was down to his boxers; finally, they got Ginger out of all her clothes. Brad watched, touching his dick, as Ginger grabbed Marisol's thong and pulled it off her. Ginger came up behind her, and with one hand rubbed Marisol's large breasts, and with the other played with Marisol's clitoris as she gyrated on Brad's cock. Ginger looked over her shoulder at him, wiggled her ass, and said: "Think Marisol will be mad?"


Sexuality Awakening, Taking Things Further.

group xnospec 2018-06-26

I had it stuck in my head that if I was this horny, than there had to be some younger women out there that are like me and want to explore themselves, or maybe older women that just love sex so much that they are open to fucking a younger guy they don't even know just for the sexual thrill. It was titled "Bukkake Party" and said that there was a couple looking to have a bunch of random guys come over that night and shoot their loads all over the woman. I try to say it out loud, but no words come out, the thought of what was happening and the pleasure was a sensory overload, I try to back up and pull out so to not cum in her mouth, but she is sucking so hard it keeps sliding back into her mouth.