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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Temptress Ch. 02

group sophiewilliams 2018-06-26

The two hands continued stroking me and it felt nice, I enjoyed the sensual tingling it caused throughout my body as I closed my eyes unable to keep them open anymore. The hands immediately left my body and the boys I had been sat with quickly started moving away from the table. The guys were lovely and although I knew they were flirting and getting a good look at my body I felt safe with them. I lifted my head slightly and saw a hand playing with my breasts, only then did I feel the squeezing and groping. Andy's hands suddenly disappeared from my breasts only to be replaced by Kieran's as he grabbed hold of them and used them to pull my body down onto his cock.

Dreams come true

group chchboy 2018-06-26

....After another visit with Ann and more pussy hugs I wanted to bring my cock into play with Mum, just a little, to find out...., boy, she liked that even more. Mum told me how hot she got when mom finally told her what was going on at home, how good my cock was and how well I filled her pussy, even about Ann fucking her father and how I didn't mind as long as I sucked and fucked her when we could while they were busy. Mom and I were in the kitchen early and had already had one quick pussy hug, "Today, this afternoon I think, Ann and I are going to do some cleaning so we're hot and sweaty, a good reason to have an early shower.

82% cock

School Days Ch. 09

group Navig8tor 2018-06-26

"We have some time before we need to worry about that; can't we just enjoy being with each other for a little while longer?" She asked, turning her head and kissing Jeff's chest, her lips slowly moving to his nipple as her tongue flicked across his hard nub. Her free hand was between her thighs rubbing her swollen sex as Jeff pressed his cock into her mouth. Tina thrust her hips up and down driving Jeff's cock deep inside her, her pace not slowing, even after his muffled cries of release. She felt the hot cum splash against the wet walls of her pussy as she pressed her tongue in April's behind, tasting the remnants of Jeff's earlier conquest.

A Kitten's Tail Ch. 04

group wolfdragon76 2018-06-26

I realized my mistake that night when I started to kiss my way down Amanda's stomach as Master was breeding Elizabeth. Looking down, I saw Elizabeth and Amanda start suckling at my breasts and brought my hands down to hold them tight against me. Elizabeth and Amanda had pulled back a bit as I calmed down about the tail, and looked surprised when I scooted up the bed away from Master. The oral sex with Elizabeth last night was amazing, and I was looking forward to doing the same with Amanda, but I was already craving the feeling of Master's cock filling me up again.


Tom and Karen Ch. 02

group spiritseeker561 2018-06-26

So, when she got home, Karen led me to our bedroom and fucked me quickly to get a good cream pie in her, and while I was eating it out, Julie came in and the two of them blew me again, with Julie holding the snowball, and giving it to me. And now," she said, kissing my neck and ears, "after you've had a bit of time to recover, I want to watch you fuck Julie, and then you and I are *both* going to enjoy a nice, um, chocolate cream pie!" There was a commotion on the bed, and I realized the Karen was spinning herself around, and planted her face under Julie's pussy, and I felt her hands caressing my balls, and she pushed my hands from Julie's clit, and I could only guess that her tongue was replacing my fingers.

Summer is Hot in Cozumel Ch. 03

group stevieraygovan 2018-06-26

Your devious little mind seemed to go straight to the idea of getting me totally naked, and your wicked hands went right inside my panties, directly to my ass. John's fairly easygoing, but Aaron and Dave are two strong-willed guys who don't like to waste time, and they're both used to doing things their way. A proper serpent goes out of its way to reveal itself to me, then it teases and tempts me," she said, making a big show of taking a bite out of the apple. "Speaking of taking a bite out of the apple..." said Dave, ogling Summer's ass before grinning at Aaron. "Hey, yeah, I guess I can see where that whole 'biting the apple' thing would be awfully tempting," Aaron said, grinning wryly.


Tropical Temptations Ch. 11

group Lei Feng 2018-06-26

I nodded to my olive skinned lover's man, who was maintaining a discreet distance in the water, and he moved up close behind my lover, who pushed her hips back to press against his hard cock, while holding tighter to my legs, her tits rubbing against them, and kissing my cock with more passion. The man who had been with us got out of the pool, showered and cleaned himself quickly, and, with no words, walked over to the loungers and made a space for himself in the circle, his head close to the top of his lover's legs, and his crotch close to our blonde friend's face.


group Ladytellmeagain 2018-06-26

By two in the morning I was pretty tired and starting to feel the earlier hike and the strain I'd earned that day in my hip flexor, so I got ready to call it quits, but then the DJ I'd been waiting all night for came on, and started throwing down the yummiest set, flogging every last ounce of energy out of my already-sore body. My lovely lesbian friend had her delicate white hands all over me in my black lace, and we'd slip into another world once in a while right in the middle of the living room, just her mouth and mine and nothing else existed.

Interview Ch. 05

group Gregory_B 2018-06-26

Your hair showers into space as you lean back, your hands on my thighs, your pussy just grinding back and forth and in tight circles on my cock. You hear my voice answer from across the room answer, so you know I'm not one of those feeling your beautiful body. Again you hear me, "Take her ankles like this, and let her lick your cock and balls as you do it." I hand you off to another guy. You can hear them getting in position and kneeling on the bed all around you, and only a moment later, you feel the first splash of cum on you.

Surprise on the Appalachian Trail

group Haulover 2018-06-26

The cost of living in our area is insane and the pace of life is frenetic—which had driven my wife and me to a long weekend of hiking along through the forests that line the Appalachian Trail. Someone had left an aluminum pot behind so Mac followed the signs and made the steep hike to the fresh water spring just a quarter of a mile away, scrubbed the pot clean, filled it, and brought it back to the shelter where he pumped the water through my filter and set it on a grid to boil. I watched them from the corner of my eye as Megan entertained us with a story of her and Mac and half a dozen other Appalachian Trail hikers being caught by a park ranger while bathing nude in a river in South Carolina.


Cum Drinker - The Awakening Ch. 01

group lucidvisions 2018-06-26

Kate had finished first, but despite the gargling and showing off, and despite not being fond of the taste of cum (she only ever spits), she'd nearly choked whilst gargling and swallowed the lot. The thought of looking into the pretty blues as the last of the come left my mouth...cupping her face in my hands, then leaning in closer....smelling the cum In her mouth....and closer.....kissing cum covered lips....and closer....dipping my outstretched tongue into her cum filled mouth....and closer.....using my tongue to wipe any stray cum across her face and into her waiting mouth .....and closer.....planting my open, cum covered lips around hers and French kissing her whilst she swallowed all that cum.

Fair Deal

group NapalmD 2018-06-25

"Thanks for letting me come over," I said nodding my head at Heather and then Phil. Phil pulled his hand away from my head and scooted up close to me so that his crotch was nearly pressed up against my face. Slowly, I began to move my mouth back and forth across the head of the cock, letting my lips slip slightly off the end of the head and on to the shaft. As I slurped on her husband's cock, Heather noticed from her spot on the bed that my previously limp dick was now standing to attention. I sat up and took one of her breasts in my hand and began to suck on it, flickering my tongue across the long, erected nipple.


Executive Elevator

group Masakarius 2018-06-25

Elevator number five was slowly folding its doors on Maria's crime when a hand snaked out to catch it. As he spoke, the commanding executive reached forward and gripped one of Maria's breasts, drawing her back against him, he absently mauled her bosom and creased her crisp white blouse. A second executive yanked up the back of Maria's skirt, exposing her pale blue panties beneath a mesh covering of nylon pantyhose. Those hands pressed and pulled, smoothed and tweaked, at her pendant breasts and tightening nipples, while Maria gasped to draw breath through the crotch of Mr. Richards expensive English wool suit pants. Finally, Mr. Richards pressed Maria back by the shoulders, allowing her to gasp urgently for breath, as he lowered his zipper and presented his sturdy erection.

My Flirty, Dirty Roommie Pt. 02

group MarcelaFay 2018-06-25

With a final grunt, I started to cum - the first shot right in her mouth, and then I pulled out quickly so that Wendell could see me cum all over his fuck buddy. I could see her hands inching towards her pussy to give herself some relief but I quickly took hold of them, holding them behind her back as Wendell fucked her face, grunting away. "I hope Katelyn comes back and sees what you look like now all covered in our cum." The though excited me so I began to fuck faster as Wendell positioned his rapidly hardening cock again in front of her face.

eine sehr heiße Nacht

group hardskygirl 2018-06-25

„Verhütungstechnisch meine ich, ich habe nichts dabei." Die beiden sahen sich eine Zeit lang an und überlegten, dann kam Isabel langsam auf mich zu, legte wieder ihre Arme um meinen Hals und sah sie mir in die Augen: „Pass auf, vor Aids brauchen wir voreinander wohl keine Angst zu haben. Gerade hatte ich Lara durch den Druck meiner Hände dazu gebracht, ihren Oberkörper etwas zu drehen, so dass ich mich mit einer Hand unter ihrem Hemd zu ihren Brüsten vorarbeiten konnte, in diesem Moment war Isabel mit ihrem Mund wieder an meiner Schwanzspitze angekommen, sie hob ihn leicht und senkte dann langsam ihren Mund über meine Eichel.


Summer Heat Ch. 06

group marriedheat 2018-06-25

This time, Rob and Jeanie would go first with Heather and me following. "Jeanie, spin the wheel," I said as Rob handed her the tablet. "Wait, what was the 'more specific' part of Rob's question you mentioned?" Heather asked. "Makes me wet every time I think about it," Heather said. "Ok," I said, "I believe it's Rob's turn again." I handed him the tablet. "Ok, you're gonna think this is weird, but when I was in college," she said, looking at Jeanie, "I was a pretty good girl. Her boyfriend looked at me and said something like, 'hell yeah, you know I do'. I thought I was bad for thinking about having some group sex and both our wives are old pros at it." Rob could only shake his head in disbelief.


Hot Wife Orgy part 1.

group withmyfeetup 2018-06-25

There was an ample breasted black lady, a tanned and toned blonde, a brunette soccer mom type, a tall hot Latin looking chick with black hair and smoldering eyes, a short flat-chested gal, a chubby brunette and an older, leggy blonde that must be the wife of the bald gent. With that, Leo pressed a button on the wall and through the door stepped eight naked guys, including the three studs I saw in the locker room. As Jim's cock began to come back to life he pulled away, waved it at me, laughed and moved counter clockwise around the bench to the next hot wife.

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXIV

group Victor2K 2018-06-25

I never thought that I was the kind of girl who does such thing, but when I looked those guys I felt that, anyway, I needed to move on really, but was still afraid of what people will think of me if I did it. I mean, I am not the kind of girl who does these things (and I am not judging anyone about this matter), however, my desire to overcome Jake was so strong in me that I couldn’t resist to a galant man, or men. The next step on the revenge was letting Rico fuck my pussy and Stan do me inside my ass while I took the other two men’s cocks into my mouth and hands.

One Silver, One Pink and One Black

group xtcnymphette 2018-06-25

Slender but shapely long legs, a shapely pert ass, firm round tear shaped breasts that were lifted together by her sweet sexy white silk and lace bra, visible beneath the tight white halter that encased them. At that point a door opened and an almost naked young woman entered the room clad only in a pair of hot pink silk boy leg hipster panties, rubbing her shock of red hair with a white towel. She wriggled her ass knowing that my aching cock was being tantalised by her gyrations and we kissed again with a ceaseless sensuality, I had lifted the shoestring strap from her shoulder and exposed her breast and began to suckle the nipple as she moaned and panted with pleasure.


Emily, The Good Time Girl Ch. 03

group ErosBard 2018-06-25

I decided to give them a little preview of what they were going to get later, running my tongue along the underside of my finger and began to suck it like a cock, sucking all the way down to the knuckle, closing my eyes in faux concentration as I worked my jaw all the way back to the tip, and then back down again. "Mmmm", Daisy purred as she cleaned the cum off of my calf, leisurely working her way up to my knee as he stuck her hands between my thighs, parting them and moving her lovely red head between them. My back arched as Daisy began to lick the cum from my pussy, first in long hard licks, then soft, her tongue probing around my clit and cleaning it of the collected seed.


New and Improved Wife

group Yman67 2018-06-25

Barbie, the female half of one of the regular couples, told Linda that she was going to go out to the living room area where it was a little more comfortable. On returning I found Carol in the kitchen and paid our donation to the party before joining Barbie and Linda in the hot tub. Maybe I can catch up with you guys later." He then walked back over to Barbie took her hand and led her out of the tub and back into the house. Linda looked at me with a smile as she told me that she was just sitting there not really knowing what to expect when he took her hand and placed it on his cook.


Vegas: The Dirty Dozen Ch. 02

group Benny024 2018-06-25

When her big, white ass began to swallow my thickening cock, she stopped sucking cock long enough to turn around and look at me for an instant. Perhaps to encourage my oral thoughts even more, she pulled her head down to my cock and began daintily licking any remaining cum and her ass juice off it. With his hands on her hips, he began deeply pushing into her and pulling her pussy up and down his long, fat shaft. Then I saw his balls begin contracting as his engorged cock began to spew sperm into her pussy. My face was now completely wet with black sperm and white pussy juice as I untangled myself from underneath her.

Study Abroad Ch. 02

group MaaddMaaxx 2018-06-25

Erik's hands continued brushing over each feature as he described her body to her. Erik tangled both hands in her hair and kissed her forcefully, nipping her lips with his teeth and sliding his tongue into her mouth. She let go of his head and reached for her clit but Erik grabbed her wrist and stopped her. She continued trying to finger her clit but he took both her hands and pinned them above her head. "More like too busy a morning." Kate muttered, earning her a funny look from Anne. Now, are you going to chill out and quit trying to run Anne's legs off hours after she, uh, had some, uh, minor internal surgery?"


More Fun at the Rally Ch. 07

group Biker_Type 2018-06-25

Eventually I noticed movement near the door and looked over to see the uniformed air;line staffer leaning against the wall with a hand inside her blouse steadily kneading her breasts and pinching the nipples quite aggressively. We all kept our hands and soon our mouths busy, Mandy loved the feel of a dick in each hand and for my part four boobs in two different sizes was fascinating. Mercy and I slid up onto the couch I kept my hands full of her (his?) tits and Mandy knelt before us keeping a cock in one hand and a cock in her mouth to our delight. Mercy started moaning loudly next to me and Mandy looked at his (her?) face deciding that squeezing the base of that dick should keep it from erupting too soon.