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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Marte's New Set of Challenges 07

group storytyme 2018-06-25

Marte and Cindy were in agreement that the last challenge was best suited for Terra and her wild ways. The girls decided that they needed to give Ryan a going away present before he headed back home to pack and move West to join Marte. Marte saw the girls moving from the corners of her eyes and slid her hips down onto Ryan's thighs. The two girls went to the head of the bed and began to kiss Ryan. It was about 30 minutes later when the girls decided it was Terra's turn to check on Ryan. Terra rocked her hips ever so slightly forward and then backward, all the time watching Ryan's eyes.


Janet & Debbie Have a Black Gangbang

group 2018-06-25

Debbie then seen Janet on the floor, Oscar eating her pussy and getting mouth fucked by a monster size black cock, watching that big black cock sliding in and out of Janet's delicious, hungry, hot mouth, she let go of the guys cock she had in her hand, reached around, grabbed him by his ass cheek and began pushing him forward until his cock hit the back of her throat, then pushing him backwards. Marsha pulled her tit from Debbie's mouth, went over to where Maria was kneeing on the floor, got under Maria and pulled her pussy down to her face and began eating and licking Maria's very hairy pussy, while Maria was sucking her black friends cock.

The Making of a Sissy - Part Nine

group midsummerman 2018-06-25

As they sat sipping drinks and discussing what shots would be done indoors or out; Bella’s little cock bulged in her sari as the mature redhead licked her lips as she discussed the ways in which Bella should be trussed, collared and leashed, amongst other things. “I want you to think of your Adam now, but try not to keep your eyes closed all the time.” Ellen drew the kneeling sissy forward on the leash and poked her erect cock at the cherry-red lips; Bella’s little cock stiffened and bobbed with sheer excitement as she looked softly up at the sneering redhead and softly enveloped her bulbous bell-end with her soft little mouth.

A b*****r's Debt (Sunday)

group hunglo567 2018-06-25

"I think that we can handle it", Michelle assured him and pushed his hand away and grabbing onto the boys hard on like a leash she led him towards the guest room, "C'mon big boy!" Alexis had already removed her blouse and bra, Tony's face was buried between those huge tits of course and Michelle was behind him stroking his cock through his shorts. We all rested for a bit, April sitting on my lap in the office chair, my cum oozing from her sloppy hole and down my thigh while the three in the other room cuddled on the bed, Tony between them with his head on top of Alexis's pillow like boobs.

First Time Swing Experience

group frenchfry54 2018-06-25

As we got up on our bed, a woman on the other bed reached over and started jacking off the husband of the couple I was going to join... As a finger entered her ass, two were in her pussy, going for the G-spot, I latched onto her clit and proceeded to pull it into my lips in rhythm to my fingers. I used a condom and have always found it hard to keep hard when I have one on) So, between being distracted by some guy getting head, which meant she was only sometimes thinking of me in her pussy, wearing the condom, and it being 4-5 hours into my sleep time, I finally gave up after 20 minutes or so.

Hot and Ready

group RedHairedandFriendly 2018-06-25

I watched my hands caress these two fine specimens, and then I let my eyes take in their lust for me, as drops of pre-cum slid out of each man's cock. I felt hands caressing my ass, and I felt warm kisses being pressed against my hip, as the sexy blonde pushed his head under my belly, and then moved himself to rest with his mouth just inches from my moist cunt. I felt two fingers slide in next to the tongue that was stroking away at my clit, and I knew that the brunette behind me had found what he wanted so desperately.

Coveting Ch. 14

group Paris Waterman 2018-06-25

"I would say yes to both questions, Mr. Lambert," and let her hand lightly brush against his now prominent bulge; and then giggling to herself, left him to take a seat on the couch where Mavis sat next to Vince, expecting him to join her. As Milford continued with his tale of that exciting evening, Margie felt a light touch on her shoulder and glanced back to see Bobbie and Mavis standing behind the couch. Guiltily, Margie tried to close her legs, but neither Milford nor Bobbie were about to let her do it; in fact, they pried her legs further apart, with Lambert actually sending a finger into her sopping wet pussy. Ignoring her comment, Margie turned to her husband and said, "Ask her to dance, Vince, I'm waiting for Milford to get back.


Mom's Gangbang

group Kip Carson 2018-06-25

She bravely slid her hand towards Mark's crotch, and felt his thick cock pressing against his tight Levis. Sara was an expert at giving head, and her wonderful mouth quickly made Mark cum. Sara quickly fucked herself to a sweet orgasm, thinking about Mark's wonderful young cock. She continued to stroke Ken's long thick cock as she began sucking Mike into her mouth. Ken's enormous cock slid slowly into her tight pussy, and she yelled as he thrust all the way into her. Mark slowly fucked her ass, but he kept moving more quickly as Ken furiously fucked her tight pussy. Ken slid his shrinking cock from her pussy, and as it slid out of her, she felt his cum pour from the tight hole.

Sandy's Turn

group Archer2050 2018-06-25

Here Sandy was, half naked in the bathroom, standing feet away from a woman she barely knew, but who also happened to be the only person besides her mom and the three boys today that had ever seen her bare breasts. Sandy moaned and shivered at Molly's touch, but then they melted together, Molly's hand slipping further down, her fingers already glistening from the young girl's wetness by the time they pushed inside her. She took her hands off Sandy and threw off her coat, but the rush and the intense feeling of stripping even just a jacket in front of the sexed up girl was too much, and Molly found herself unbuttoning her uniform shirt.


Maria: Her Awakening

group Friskee_cpl 2018-06-25

I thought it was Goodie and Bucko so boy was I shocked when, lo and behold, Maria was standing at the door. All I could pick up was things like "Fuck your arse, cum in your arse, fuck your pussy." When he slid a hand down and slipped a finger up her arse she came all over Bucko's face. Bucko was going at it so hard that Goodie had to pull out."I'm going to cum in your pussy." He said to her. He started to screw up his face trying to control his old boy but Maria just said "Cum in my pussy." and bang away he went. For the rest of the night Bucko and Goodie, who soon gave up on using condoms, fucked Maria on the foldout sofa.

Just a little private sex show

group porlock 2018-06-25

"I can easily imagine a husband in a solid marriage finding it exciting to see his hot, sexy wife getting wild with some other guy, or even in the middle of some crazy group thing, knowing it's strictly pleasure and not a negative reflection on him or their marriage--sort of like making love with her through a proxy, where he gets to observe her showing her sexuality in a way he can't when it's the two of them doing it." I had long lost track of the details of their movement, aware only that it was fluid, graceful and wonderfully sexy, when I saw Jan drop to her knees before the man's still half-rigid cock and take it in her hand, brushing it against her lips, tantalizing and delaying what we all felt would happen, and which would jack up the energy much more.

MILFs At Home (And Away)

group Visitor35A 2018-06-25

the shadows making her ample cleavage seem even deeper in the faint light of the lift and when Veronica let her hand slide behind her to feel my cock, I felt confident I was going to see Ulrika's big tits in their full splendour very soon. as Veronica slid her hand up the front of Ulrika's dress and began to finger her. "Mmmmmmm, I love the taste of my pussy from another woman's tongue" said Veronicas they broke from the kiss and the door opened. Ulrika's pussy had opened up like a ripe fruit and my cock slid all the way in with ease. Ulrika kept her nipples hidden as Veronica slipped a hand underneath her ass and fingered her pussy.


Dog Day Afternoon

group Anubis1947 2018-06-25

Rose poured the tea and Betty carried the tray back out to the porch where Charlie was sitting in Don's rocker, enjoying the breeze and the view across the valley in front of the camp. While Rose watched, Betty pulled her dress over her head and dropped it on a chair. Betty reached across Charlie's body and caressed Rose's breast, rolling the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. When Charlie had finished cumming, Rose pulled her head up and away from his spent cock. Betty met her as she lifted her face, licking the strands of cum from Rose's cheeks, then kissing her deeply. Rose leaned over and kissed the woman, then went to her breasts to lick and suck and kiss until Betty came again.

A Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 01

group ava23 2018-06-25

Emily whispered in her husband's ear, "that was so hot babe, and I can see it affected you." Jeff just smiled, taking his bottle back, and said, "It's your turn Alicia." "Why haven't you ever said anything before, and why do I get the feeling the three of you know something I don't?" Alicia was upset finding out something like this about her husband in front of other people, and although she wouldn't admit it, it turned her on a little too. As they continued to kiss deeply, Emily pulled Alicia's bra straps down over her shoulders, and started caressing her breasts, feeling her nipples hardening, and her own nipples pushed against the fabric of her bra.

Little Miss Pollock

group Ulyssa 2018-06-25

"If that sight isn't enough to curdle your stomach, I don't know what is," Mr. Wallace Roberts, the loud, chunky purchasing rep for Llanfer Industries said as he sat directly across from Jon at a bar table in the hotel lounge. Jon Palmer turned to his right to look at whatever ungodly spectacle Wally the buyer referred to, and saw just another reason why he couldn't stand spending time with Mr. Wallace Roberts. Tradition said Jon had to endure this fat, balding, chain-smoking, alcoholic, racist each time that he needed to make a sales call at Llanfer, and like all buyers, Wallace Roberts figured that it entitled him to be Wally, Lord High God Of The Unsigned Contract.


Vacation Getaway Ch. 07

group meraena 2018-06-25

The black man was fucking me even faster and harder now, asking me if I was ready to cum because he was ready but would hold back until I said the word. As he did, I took and fucked the black cock inside of me with hard thrusts, my bucking hips meeting as he groaned and cooed "Oh yes, baby. Papi thrust into me with one smooth stroke and fucked me like a dog in heat gets fucked by its male: unbelievably fast and hard, grunting as the black predecessor of my pussy watched with his cock now limp as he panted from his romp.

Neighborly Gloryhole

group tabber 2018-06-25

When he told her to take off the blindfold, she was surprised to not only see herself behind a wall, but to see Dave's thick cock poking through the hole. She had just taken her mouth from his cock to take a deep breath when he slammed himself against the wall and a hot spurt of his semen hit Sue right between the eyes, the cum sliding down the side of her nose onto her cheek. After Jim put his cock through the wall, Sue played with it for a few minutes with her hands. She quickly turned around and took his throbbing cock in her mouth and hands and worked him over until he too, was pounding his body against the wall.

So I Wouldn't Tell

group jdnybk 2018-06-25

I really don't like to think of my mom and dad having extra-curricular sex. I would like to look exactly like my father, who is still a very young guy, and really handsome, with a great athletic build, and who has won many third-prize bronze medals in long distance bicycle races. Their bedroom door was open, and my mother was sitting on the bed, with her head buried in her hands, sobbing. A few days later I was home between classes, and I had to fix my own tuna fish salad sandwich on whole wheat toast, because my mother had gone into town to the beauty parlor. "How was your day with your father?" My mother asked me, when I got home.


Cuck Weekend without My Husband

group nnj986 2018-06-25

If you have read our original story then you know that my husband, Will, and I started playing in the cuckold world a few years ago. Our experience with Mark turned me into a bit of a "size queen." Don't get me wrong, I love being with a guy with an average cock who knows how to fuck. When the waiter returned and served the drinks Danny said, Danny began to slowly push his cock down my throat. After a few minutes, Danny started to stroke in and out of my mouth. I said, "God, yes, give it to me." I wanted to taste him, to see how much his enormous cock and balls would spew down my throat.

Bachelor Party

group RumRunner 2018-06-25

The combination of the buzz, the porn tapes, the time at the strip bar and staring at Marge's tits had Tom and I very horny, and we were both openly flirting with Marge, who seemed only too happy to play along, encouraging us even more. When I returned, Marge was at the bar and Tom was standing behind her, this time with both arms around Marge's slender waist and his hands up the front of her shirt, fondling her tits! I went into the living room to turn on some music and when I returned to the kitchen, Tom and Marge were kissing passionately. Soon, Tom could wait no longer to fuck Marge and he climbed on top of her began rubbing his hard cock against her very wet pussy.

Misti: Gone Shopping

group FeJuggler 2018-06-25

Without taking her eyes off mine, the girl in the next booth straightened her knees so that she was bent over at the waist, mouth on her man's cock, ass swaying right in front of my viewing station. I sat back quickly on the plastic chair and spread my legs, shoving a couple of fingers into my warm slit while the other hand continued to dance around on my clit. Through the haze of another cum I felt long nails caressing the inside of my thighs and I realized that the girl from the next booth was reaching through to add to my fun! Between her fingers in my butt and my hands on my clit, I felt like I was starting a new orgasm before each old one had finished!

The Best of Mates

group Llacheu 2018-06-25

"Here, take over," she said, and as I clamped my mouth to Mabel's clitoris, Thelma repositioned herself at the top of the bed; absently playing with her own big-lipped pussy, she cradled the redhead, offering her a balloon like breast to suck on. Obliged to sit this one out, I watched entranced as Mabel straddled Thelma's face, lowering herself onto the brunette's flicking tongue, smothering her with her behind, before leaning forward, her fat belly pressed against her friend's as she nuzzled the furry crotch, burying her head between the bulging thighs.

Taking Pictures With Another Couple

group gustav_jorgenson 2018-06-25

"Rick, be a dear, let me get a picture of you and Susan together." says Jane. "Look how Rick is blushing in that one." she says as she leans over to show the picture to your wife. It might make him nervous." says your wife turning to look Rick in the eyes. "What do you think, Rick?" your wife asks him, looking deeply into his eyes. You spend a few minutes with your face buried in Jane's cunt, listening to your wife grunt with passion as Rick fucks her and your own cock is growing hard again. You pull out and Jane says "Say cheese." and snaps a picture of you with your stiff wet cock hovering over your cum drenched wife.

Just A Walk In The Park

group misspandp 2018-06-25

" Surprised by my openness, the man didn't say a word, but as he looked at my hard-on plainly outlined, he fondled himself, smiled, and turned to walk quickly back to join the other two lecherous, horny men and my innocent Sue. I waited about five minutes, long after the guy was out of sight, and then I quietly crept through the brush toward the spot where Sue was pulled into the woods. The other men had their cocks out, now, and were taking turns sucking on Sue's tits and fingering her pussy hidden by her hairy bush. Finally, as the big man pulled his cock from her mouth and shot his huge spurts of watery cum in her face, Sue slumped semi-conscious her orgasms too much for her.