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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Married Couple Fun

group hardmanepr 2018-06-25

Lynn sat down again and grabbed my balls squeezing a bit hard as she ordered her husband to stroke my cock. Finally the overpowering feelings of my orgasm subsided and Lynn removed her finger from my ass and John released my cock. Lynn ordered me to kneel in front of John and to stroke his cock and fondle his balls as she watched. As I settled down to enjoy her sweet pussy, I watched Lynn suck on John’s cock as his balls moved over her face. Lynn realized this and then ordered John to hold his cum till he couldn’t wait any longer and then jerk off over her face.

Auf der Jagd nach geilen Ficks.

group Maxine55 2018-06-25

Ich erzähle hier die Geschichte eines Freundes, der stets auf der Suche nach einem geilen Fick war (und ist) und der mit Zeit anspruchsvoll wurde als er seine Suche auf DEN Fick des Lebens konzentrierte. Die 4 erzählten mir mehr von sich und was sie schon miteinander erlebt haben und sie luden mich ein, doch noch mit zu ihnen zu kommen. Auch die geile Blonde hatte mich mit ihrem Gequieke und Gejaule so erregt und sie war richtig feucht von der Dreischwänze-Behandlung, dass es ihr bereits 3 mal gekommen war. Nach dem wir uns beide einen Schnaps auf seine Sexerlebnisse könnte sagte er mir im Vertrauen:”Ich hatte ja nichts zu verlieren und so hab ich die Blonde gefragt wie denn ihre Illuminaten Gruppe hieß und ob ich dazustossen könne.


Bed Buddies Ch. 02

group SpankMeDaddy 2018-06-25

I am thinking how your clit is going to feel rubbing on my tongue." The next thing I know, she is letting out little screams into the phone. Barry went to grab it and I said, "No!" I know I sounded a little frantic, but if he heard Tamryn now, he wouldn't agree to go with me to meet her tomorrow. You want me to get a grip!" Barry is starting to look like he is hyperventilating. Now, you are looking like you are going to toss this guy's salad." I can hear the frustration in Barry's voice. "Girl, if you think you are gonna sit on that bed fully clothed while all I have on is a damn tie you gotta 'nother think coming!" I could hear him started to get a little bit angry with me.



group falcon29 2018-06-25

We visited, decided we liked it, and ended up buying the house between Hank and Cheryl Findley and that of the Burbach's, Harry and Samantha -- Sam for short. Unfortunately for me (and Lisa) we hadn't had the guts to experiment the way Gilda and Harry had done. In his turn he rolled Harry' number and asked him the same question. Besides Lisa and me, and Gilda and Harry, Sam and Cheryl were siblings. It made everybody more comfortable with the incest question when Gilda--on her turn-- gladly walked over to her brother and sucked his erection into her mouth. I walked over and got myself a drink and then stood watching Gilda and Lisa playing pool.


Life of a cum addicted cukold

group samcolt1911 2018-06-25

"My sweet love I don't know, I'm a bit shy," I said. Angela loved the video and said that she was going to was time to cum most guys would pull out their cocks a guy at the gym that wants his cock to be sucked "Come," said the guy, spreading his hairy legs and "I made love with your wife last night" said the guy spermies." The old man started jerking off and two guys sperm supervisor, I caressed the balls of the guy who Then the old guy came hard shouting "come on boys get enter and would go behind the guy and lick one ball Some guys didn't want to be ball licked while fucking The guy said, "Suck my cock!"

Five Werewolf Brothers Ch. 02

group littlemisswantsyou 2018-06-25

Callum enjoyed the taste of his sweet little mate, and her cunt walls were perfectly tight, even though she just got a rough fuck from Harry. Daisy was having a hard time staying on her side, but when Callum put her leg that was in the air on his shoulder, she relaxed and let him pull her stomach and put into him. "Fuck you're so good." Callum moaned and clenched his butt muscles and prick muscles as he shot load after load of hot strewn cum into her snatch as she came all over his dick. Callum picked Daisy up and she opened her legs to land on Harry's dick, and she did. Daisy nuzzled her face into Harry's neck as he spread her butt cheeks open wide.

Daffy: Learning what Stacey likes

group 2018-06-25

When I got to the bottom and knew I was starting to put my tongue in her pussy, she pushed down on me even harder. It happened very fast; her body started shaking, her pussy just stayed jammed down on me, and my tongue shot right up into the wet hole- the only place it could go. I pulled my tongue out of her pussy quickly, and heard a little gasp and moan, maybe of disappointment, and slid quickly up her slit to find that her clit was very easy to find. When my tongue got there Stacey jerked again, and even tried to pull away....she had been cumming softly from my tongue in her pussy and licking her clit gave her a jagged spike of pleasure.

Everything is Twice as Nice

group DragonflySong 2018-06-25

"I mean, you and Liam are completely happy together so it's not like he'd be insecure, Mike will be heading home after the weekend, he's single right now, you'd get to sleep with a hunky hockey player - it's like all the pieces of puzzle just coming together!" She clapped her hands together in obvious vicarious excitement. "My friend Kate would argue with you with about that!" She dropped a light kiss on Liam's head, ruffling his short-cropped blond hair as she moved into the kitchen with their plates. Kayleigh cleared her throat and blushed as she noticed Mike's eyes stray to Liam's hand on her breast. She started as Liam firmly grasped her hips and turned her towards Mike, her hands resting against their friend's chest to keep her balance.


Sex After Cancer Ch. 02

group Malomar 2018-06-25

Carrie was still spooning me from behind, placing soft kisses on my neck and upper back as she continued to slide my cock between Lisa's very slick groove. I gave Lisa a little kiss on the back of the neck, then gently removed my cock from her pussy and turned to face Carrie. Her breathing deepened as we watched Lisa move her hand down to part Carrie's lips and ever so slowly slide a finger inside her. When Carrie's breathing returned to normal, Lisa removed her fingers and they were once again in a lover's embrace, with soft kisses and tongues lightly caressing the other's lips.


The Next Room, Next Night Ch. 02

group silenceup2nogood 2018-06-25

Thing was, we were playing the domination game tonight as well as the total slut game, and Barbara had forgotten to ask permission to get thoroughly fucked like that, of her Master of the Evening and other occupant of the room besides me, Chien Lee. Fred and Rick had dumped Barbara in front of Chien Lee. She lay there unmoving as the young brunette and I stepped into the room. Barbara tried hard to do as she had been ordered by Chien Lee and bit by bit, she managed to force her eager mouth down the stiff hard length of his cock. Barbara, kneeling there sucking Chien Lee's cock, still had other means of offering pleasure, and clearly Fred meant to finish what he'd started earlier.


The Bridge Club Ch. 11

group AspernEssling 2018-06-25

- "Tell him that Marina is part of the bridge club." said Christina. She also asked about my experiences with Abigail and Beth, but I declined to share those, on the grounds that I wasn't sure they would want me to - whereas I knew that Carmen had already told Marina a great deal. She had told Marina virtually everything - including Massimo's attempt to pay Christina for sex. I had only met Emily a couple of times, and barely knew Marina, though I was beginning to like her. Marina's hands began to wander, as she stroked Emily's flanks, or gently cupped her ass cheeks. While I began to gently explore Emily's pussy with lips and tongue, Marina stood and removed her panties.


A MFF Meet

group doomwolf123 2018-06-25

My cock is hard, you then reach over to Ash. She spreads her thighs as you slide your hand between her legs. As soon as we enter, Ash pushes you against the wall, pinning you with her body, she grabs you by the back of the head and kisses you hard. "Lay on the floor between his legs and spread your legs and play," she asks you and you do, dropping straight to your knees, Ashes pussy inches from your face. Ash moves under you, into a 69 position, alternating sucking my balls and your clit, drinking your juices flooding out of you, her pussy inches from your face as you bury your face between her thighs to muffle your cries of pleasure.

Fucking 2 Guys

group cindy_4u 2018-06-25

That night I danced with a good 8-10 guys and realized that John and Josh were the best fuck cocks available. I returned my sexiness my pushing my ass to his crotch, feeling his cock with my hands as we danced and letting his hands get to my pussy and tits on the dance floor. Pounding me hard, slapping my ass, making me scream and moan Josh fucked me well till he came. No sooner had he finished pumping every drop in my pussy, John pulled me closer by my ass and started to fuck me doggy style too on the sofa. Few minutes of being fucked like this, John pulled out, sat on the sofa and asked me to ride his cock.

Katie's Birthday, Part A

group LovesNipples 2018-06-25

Still, he couldn't help but feel himself ready to find out what Katie's breasts would feel like in his hands as his lips sucked on her nipples until she screamed. Maybe it was the beer he had been drinking all afternoon or walking in on Pat and Katie talking about her getting fucked by Chris, or maybe it was all of the above. It always looked to Katie like an accident or just coincidental contact as they brushed her breast while reaching for the salt, bumped into her ass while getting to their chair at the table, or gently pressing their groin against her tummy, hand, or ass as they were dancing to one of her favorite songs.

Our Night with Leah

group Breann2004 2018-06-25

As I was licking Leah's clit Andrew had come over and started to play with my breast. I got up and told Andrew to fuck Leah while I sat and watched. I sat on the other side of the hot tub and while Andrew fucked Leah I played with my pussy. I really wanted Leah to cum good so I stuck three fingers deep in her pussy and fucked her hard. "Paige I really like you and Andrew and if you two want to include me in your little games I would love to join in." Just then Andrew walked in and I told him that Leah was going to be our new sex toy and he said.

The game

group 2018-06-25

She dealt the cards again and he won she lost truth or dare, truth do you want him to eat your pussy after a pause she said yes I do. He asked can I have it I said yes as she sucked my dick as I was eating her pussy, he started off slow so I could get used to him but when he was completely in he got faster I could feel his balls hitting mine I was enjoying the feeling of having his dick in my ass then he said he's going to cum she then started to cum again on my face he pulled out of my ass and the feeling of his warm cum hitting my ass caused me to cum in her mouth.

Summertime BBQ: The Sequel

group sundog69 2018-06-25

Sally slides up next to Steve and kisses him hard as he continues to fuck the new "toy", Bob's mouth. Sally grabs Steve's ass and helps shove the cock in Bob's mouth. As Steve steps away, Sally straddles Bob, and with out touching him she squats down till the tip of his hard cock touches her cunt lips. In the kitchen, refilling drinks for Bob and herself, Sam walks in as Sally comments on Jen and Anne, saying, "now they look like they are having fun!" Anne, standing silently in the door, watching Jen being sandwiched between Steve and Sam takes her free hand and can't help but rub her tits as she sips her margarita.


Two Pounds of Flesh

group BJ_HoneyCut 2018-06-25

I took my mouth off that nice cock and turned to the little brown-skinned dingbat and told her to take off her robe and sit on the bed. I walked over to the girl with the name that started with M, grabbed the back of her head and pushed her mouth down onto my raging cock. She began rolling that big tongue around my cock head, and that really got me moaning. She had a really nice cunt, and I couldn't wait to have a taste of that brown sugar, but before I started, I told the boy to straddle her and feed her some of that sweet cock of his.

Opening Up

group RufusT 2018-06-25

I regained my senses and began to kiss her back hard as she slowly unzipped my khakis and pulled my nearly rigid cock out of my pants. Claire kept her head motionless for a moment before beginning to rhythmically swallow my entire cock as she started to massage my churning balls. As soon as the doors closed, Steve pulled Claire close to him and stood behind her as he began to kiss her neck slowly. Claire began to squirm more frantically beneath him as he started to suck her hot tits and stroke her soaking pussy over her panties. After nearly ten minutes, he laid my girlfriend back gently and started to finger her soaking pussy as she continued to feast on his huge cock.


I came to soon

group 2018-06-25

All of it increasing the anticipation and the overall excitment of the experiance heightened by the glare of headlights as a vehical approaches , or by a person on or abouts the same heading,so it`s a dead cert i`m going to be observed, trucks often blast there horns at me ,which i like too.So i`d called at Burton wood then over to Broxton along to Lo stock gralam and was in to the Hartford picnic and service area , closed off at night except for the truck stop so there`s a lot of space to be able to walk about,benches to sit down at groupings of bushes and trees to allow some cover and seclusion if required.With time moving on 3 maybe 3/30 am soon to start getting light i was going to call it a day soon ,so pepped myself up and wiggled my ass along the layby past the darkened trucks an there sl**ping occupants 4 or 5 of em?

The Pool

group livvylaine 2018-06-25

"Why don't you jump in with Tom, and have some fun, and I will join you in a minute." Jill looked at at Derek "You mean..." While Jill rammed herself on his cock, Tom gave her ass a few great sounding smacks. I love having my ass played with." Jill looked over her shoulder, and gave Tom a sly smile. While Jill rode Tom with his finger in her ass, Derek made his way back to the pool. "Hey baby, looks like your have a good time," Derek said to Jill while grabbing a handful of her tits. "Oh yes, that was fucking hot." Jill said as she licked the last bit of cum off of Tom, and Derek.

It seems to be the shy guys we need to watch aroun

group cjhopper 2018-06-25

I continue to kiss her and moved one hand slowly(as always to give her time to stop me) around the inside of her shirt. When I begin to move away she opened her eyes and watched me move all the way around to her back side, where I smiled really big and began to push against her a little while trading boobs with him in the front. I was rubbing my dick on her muff and reached for her tits again, he moved his hands for me and again went for a kiss. "See what you started" she said then looked back at him.They began to kiss and she held his dick up and stroked it a little faster now.

How I Became an Evil Queen

group Hypoxia 2018-06-25

Not far into the flight, Quintilla stopped and pressed her hand to Iano's chest. Quintilla led Iano up a steep stairway to the living quarters above the workshop. (She was his third wife; Quintilla's mother was long dead.) Centero the cooper was quite deaf and heard nothing. Iano moved steadily between Quintilla's open thighs; he could not help noticing the adjacent copulation. So Iano fucked harder, and Quintilla clutched tighter, and Marsala rode faster, and all came (mostly quietly) at nearly the same time. "I am Quintilla, eventually to be queen of this realm, and this is my stepmother Marsala, who will be at my right hand.


The Royal Oak

group BareFootCutie 2018-06-25

The three guys took me upstairs wearing only my skirt, everyone else had left the pub by this time and they lay me on one of the tables, my boss climbed on top of me and pushed his hard-on into my tight pussy and started to slowly pump it into me. The tit guy came all over my chest, I liked the feeling of his cum trickling over my breasts, the foot guys sprayed all over my toes and it ran down over my soles, i sat up and licked his cum from my toes and then sucked my bosses dick until he came in my mouth and over my face.