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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Black Cuckolding In Somalia

group Samuelx 2018-11-21

I sucked on the young brother's long and thick, uncircumcised dick while Omar kissed Shaima passionately and fondled those big breasts of hers. I got double teamed by my sexy wife Shaima and by Omar, the sexy bisexual brother next door, and I absolutely loved every minute of it. Hard and fast Omar pumped his dick into Shaima's cunt, fucking her like there was no tomorrow. Omar smiled as I buried my face between my wife Shaima's thighs and began licking his cum from her pussy like a true cuckold. I got on my knees and sucked Omar's big Black dick while Shaima watched us, fingering her pussy. Man, Omar's dick was even thicker than my wife Shaima's strap-on dildo.


Making Good Better, Part Three

group xhardx13 2018-11-21

"Nothing new, Lynn said, "but we were thinking about joining a club. Doug said the club liked to include at least one sex game at each event. Faith said, "I get so turned on watching Harry fuck another woman. She actually liked the video and said, "I never knew I made those faces when I make a guy cum. When we got into her room, Frieda said, "Curt, you and Sherry really had it going tonight. With cum dripping from my lips, he said, 'Smile, you're on Candid Camera'." That's when he went to take close-ups of the two cocks buried inside me.

A new job, a new friend - Chapter 2

group Bobsadventures2013 2018-11-21

By the time I got to the part about us watching five men working out, and I had my first orgasm for the day, Bob began to push his cock ever so slowly into my now aching pussy. I was so full of lust, I just wanted to feel him back inside me, so I quickly climbed on, and guided him back into my wet throbbing pussy, as I eased myself down onto his hard thick cock, I turned to see Camryn on her hands and knees with Charles fucking her from behind, she was screaming, “Ah yes, Ah yes, fill me, fill me with your cum, ahhh.”

Two Couples On a Yacht - Part 2

group NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-11-21

She hadn’t even asked permission from Nina and Jack before she simply knelt before me and took my cock in her mouth, and wow, could she suck dick. Nina and Max went inside to see if the ribs were ready and Luci dragged her chair over to me and sat down. Are you ready to take some cock up your ass?” I said and glanced over at Jack who sat grinning at me with a full hard on.  When he was in position I grabbed his cock and made sure it had plenty of oil on it, then I said, “Now gently push yourself inside her, don’t stop until you are all the way, but go slowly.”

In the bathroom

group ricky12345 2018-11-21

Linda and Alan were quite a bit older than Peppi and me and Pam and Don, as were Bill and Joyce and two other couples I didn't know. Then Joyce turned the seat so she was facing Pam and Linda, hiked her skirt, spread her legs and told me in a loud voice to play with her cunt. Linda watched for a couple minutes as I fucked Joyce before asking about Pam. I managed to tell her she went to the restroom. Then she sat still and we watched as Joyce fingered and tongued a mostly awake Pam. Hearing Pam cum got Linda moving, sliding up and down on my throbbing, rock hard cock.

Allyson's New Adventure - Part Three

group Mysteria27 2018-11-21

Allyson sucked on her fingers and pushed them up inside of her tight pussy. She was fucking her pussy with the water that was coming out really hard. Allyson watched the men bring the hot tub into her backyard. She was planning on going outside to offer the men the cold drinks and the cookies and maybe offer a little extra for a job well done. She noticed the men took her hose and started to fill her hot tub. The other men played with their own cocks while Allyson played with the first guy. Allyson got off the last guy and walked over to her table. Allyson was sucking his cock while the other guy fingered her hard.

Another Encounter Backstage: Part 1

group ThePhantom 2018-11-21

The director and producer finally arrived and placed the sign-in sheets and a box of scripts on the table. Kathy took a seat next to me as we filled out the actor's information sheet. Kathy and I were almost caught by Shawna once when we were so engrossed in each other's mouths we didn't hear the scene end and break being called. Kathy got a French maid's costume and Shawna would wear an evening gown. The argument ended with her throwing his ring back in his face and his peeling out of the lot, leaving Shawna without a ride home. Kathy agreed to drive her home and we would have a rest day before opening night.

Mail Order Company

group MartinX 2018-11-21

Before I knew their real names I gave them nicknames in my head - a blonde girl with very pink cheeks who I called Piglet, a brunette who I called Puss-in-Boots , an Indian girl who I called Brownie. She smiled at me and said 'Are there any of the other girls at work you'd really like to fuck?' I got to enjoy Puss-in-Boots and Brownie and eight other girls from work. However many girls I had I never got tired of having another one, so long as she had shapely thighs and a genuinely sexy look. I sat in the front seat of my car with the headlamps shining on the back wall and I watched through the windscreen as Rachel stripped Gypsy Girl down to her socks.

Oh God! - Part One

group JustTonight 2018-11-21

He pulls me closer, our torsos rubbing against each other as I close my eyes and turn around, grinding softly against him. His lips brush the back of my neck, moving my hair out of the way before beginning to plant small kisses. I moan as my lips find their way to Aztec's collarbone, kissing softly over and over, standing up on my tip toes to reach his neck, my arms gripping his waist as I pull him closer into me. The spotlight is on us, and before I know it, I'm picked up and carried away. I've never looked at Aztec this way, but as he follows behind us quietly, I start noticing more of his manly features: Muscles, toned body, tall, great hair, blue eyes and perfect lips - and his smile is to die for.

Including the Friend part Three

group Henry 2018-11-21

Starting at her feet, moving up both legs, she feels the four hands spreading this solution up her calves, her thighs, right up to the crease between her legs and her center. She feels them kiss, lick, and suck their way down her body again. She just feels her whole body being caresed, kissed, licked, and sucked. But then, she gets even more excited as she feels a tongue take a single lick of her now wet nipple. Being fucked in the face, her dildo in her cunt, and now her ass being fucked… she feels her whole body orgasm. The feeling of her cunt vibrating at the same time her ass is getting fucked just send her over the top.

Race Play Ch. 05

group Samuelx 2018-11-21

A black man with a medium sized black dick who enjoys watching white men with really big dicks fucking his big-bottomed black wife Sheila. I am thrusting my long and thick white cock into her asshole while her black husband James Lorne watches. He strokes his medium-sized black dick while I pump my really big white cock up his sexy black wife's tight asshole. James Lorne comes along and sucks my dick after it just went up his wife Sheila's big black ass. I spread the big black man's ass cheeks wide open and insert my cock into his asshole. I drill my cock into James Lorne's tight ass like a miner looking for gold in the old west.


When Three Ended Up More

group Maryes 2018-11-21

My husband, Mike, took me dancing last night to a club known for attracting hungry young studs that are looking for likely ladies they can talk into some bedtime with. My eyes looked into his and he turned his face against mine to push my stare towards the end of the dance floor. Mike and Thomas, with Randy, all watched me as Darryl literally danced me around the room as if to say, “Here is the lucky lady for tonight!” My excitement turned to fear, thinking I was not really up for the level of interaction that Mike was planning, or that his new friends were involved in arranging. Randy kissed my tits and got out letting Mike in, who happily rubbed my thighs and turned me in the shower.

My Big Black Cock Slut Adventure - Part 3--B

group Kee 2018-11-21

“Let’s let the love birds settle in and then they can meet us at the pool.” Harry turned to me, “It may be cool out but the pool is heated and we have gas heaters that cover the whole patio area so wear your bikini if you brought one,” he said with a leering smile. He sort of chuckled and said, “However you want but my preference is for you to lie naked on the bed so one of us can eat your pussy to get you going and also one or two guys would be putting their cocks at your mouth for you to suck.”

The chips are down

group LunaClaire 2018-11-21

Eventually she finished her 6th thrust and slipped off me as Suzie reluctantly got off my face, Diane quickly took her place and the smell of her sex was overpowering, Tara lined herself up on my cock before slowly sliding down it, allowing me to penetrate her for the first time ever as I started licking Diane out. I quickly pulled Tara down onto my face and speared my tongue inside her pussy as Suzie slid up and down on my cock, moaning in pleasure with every stroke, I’d forgotten just how good her silky-smooth pussy felt in the months since I’d last had her, but it was certainly coming back to me now!

Hysteria 4

group Kim 2018-11-21

Bringing Victoria's pussy coated fingers to her face, Amelia licked them clean. Idly twirling her finger around of lock of Victoria's hair, Amelia said, "You know, Lucas told your husband that you needed further treatment...inpatient treatment." Sally pulled away from the turgid clit and pushed her whole tongue deep inside Victoria's sheath. Sally wiggled her finger inside Victoria's tight, brown bum hole, making the once timid woman scream her release. Victoria, entranced, watched Amelia thickly coat her fingers and hand in grease. Wanting to show Victoria that Sally was in extreme pleasure, she worked a second, then third finger inside. Victoria, amazed at how much Sally was able to take, feel her pussy rippling and sucking the hard dildo inside her.

Diggin' It

group RejectReality 2018-11-21

“Lord knows what else you’re going to find after that,” Brenda said, then shook her head and chuckled. Brenda had a triangular patch of hair pointing down at her bare nether lips, while Melissa had trimmed blonde curls surrounding her sex. After putting the antique toy down on one corner of the blanket and covering it with the edge, Melissa scooted over next to Skyler and took his cock in hand. Melissa reached down to guide his cock into her wet heat, and once again said, “Give it to me,” as soon as the swollen head touched her folds. Skyler gave in to his heavy eyelids when Brenda sat up, allowing Melissa to roll over onto her side, still gasping for air.

Accidental Gangbang

group silkstockingslover 2018-11-21

Eventually, Dwayne arrived and didn't touch the box but laughed, "Feel free to play with her as you wish." I couldn't believe he had just accidentally given all his friends permission to fondle me. As I began sucking on his cock, my father-in-law-to-be said, "James, come fuck her cunt." My dad shocked me, the first to talk directly to me throughout the evening, as he ordered, after a couple minutes of fucking, authoritatively, like he was as a father, "Beg for my cock, slut." Once they both pulled out, my father said, "Go ahead, Dwayne, fuck this slut's ass, it has been waiting for you all night."


Fun with Friends

group trixiejo 2018-11-21

My legs are spread wide as she licks my pussy, sliding a finger in and then two. When I feel your lips around my clit again, sucking while your tongue tickles it, I cum. I run my fingers over her lips and feel her clit poking out a little through them. I see her hands sliding up to her breasts but then they slide back down to her pussy, wanting to play with her clit and finger herself. The touch of my hand, the tightness of my hot wet pussy around your cock and the sight of me making a girl cum in my mouth is enough for you and you cum hard in my pussy.

Dominican Slut: Orgy Finale

group silkstockingslover 2018-11-21

In part seven: Dominican Slut: Office Sluts, Elizabeth walks in to her Mistress's office and sees her husband bent over being sodomized by Ms. Goldstein while he licks Juliette's stocking-clad feet. I was expecting to see my husband in some sort of humiliating position, although having seen him licking Juliette's feet while simultaneously getting ass fucked by Ms. Goldstein's strap-on, I wasn't sure what could possibly be more humiliating... "So fucking her face, coming all over her face, filling her unprotected womb with dominant cum, pounding her wide ass and using her as a three-hole cum bucket for whites is okay, but kissing her isn't?" Bryce asked, the question clearly meant to humiliate, to make the already clear situation even clearer.


The Gangbang

group Jillbaby 2018-11-21

“Look, could I use...?" Again I was interrupted, this time by the touch of a calloused hand on my thigh and before I could react, Billy’s rough fingers slid under the hem of my skirt and caressed the cheek of my ass where it was exposed by my skimpy thong. My breasts were being sucked and fondled by Jim and Bob, and my greedy, slutty body was enjoying every minute of it – I was getting a good fucking and despite all my anxiety I started to writhe reflexively as the men took their pleasure. I sat up with an effort; my back was aching from the hard table, and my neck was stiff from bending to suck Tim. Suddenly Bob spoke, looking worried.

My First Gangbang

group allflavorsboston 2018-11-21

Like a kid before a vacation trip, I was so nervous I drank a bottle of wine Saturday night while chatting with people online. I woke up early and did some chores, knowing today was the day. Cathy was happy that her boy toy, Mark, was one of the guys and she would be there and make sure I'm not hurt. I have to say it didn't hurt as much as the last time I tried it and I don't know if it was because Joe was loving on me or that the pill relaxed me to except the two cocks. Joe came in my ass and Meddy in my pussy.

My Cabin of Solace-Part3

group gubica 2018-11-21

I just laid there, not fully understanding until she spread her legs open and put her hands up at the corner bed posts. It was made even better when Red brought over another tie and put it around Maple's eyes and tied it tight forming a blindfold. Red flicked her chopstix which was followed by a squirm from Maple. When she let go, the clip hung around her clit and I watched as Red flicked it with her finger to be sure it was secure. Red went to the pile of clothes to find Maple's underwear which she brought back to the bed. Red told me to raise Maple's hips as she reached for the pillows.

day in Edinburgh 2

group Eve 2018-11-21

  “Just a bit,” said Tom, “This is so relaxing.”   Mark began to finger fuck me again this time pushing three or four fingers into my soaking pussy.   Mark was giving my pussy a good seeing to when Tom decided to join in and began squeezing my tits.   Mark began to speed up the action and feeling him tense, I pulled his bum hard into me as his hot cum, shot into my pussy. While I was sucking Tom, Mark came up to me from behind and began to push his erect cock against my bum hole. Mark withdrew his cock and I took his and Toms in my mouth giving them both a good sucking.


Not In Control

group DBarclay 2018-11-21

Unfortunately, I could not see their cocks thru the deep water, and I do so like to, I asked the taller one to kneel alongside me and I slumped down slightly so his rapidly growing cock lined up beautifully with my mouth, with my hands still restrained I could not fondle it, but with a slow and deliberate action the young man was extremely happy as I took him all the way in.At the same time the shorter of the two had opened my legs wide and pulled me forward on the seat and standing between my legs he was at the perfect height, but first he went underwater to lick my clit with great zest and the thought crossed my mind, we have another Dave here, an adored friend of mine who will lick me to orgasm anytime I want.