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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Nude Weekend - Saturday Afternoon

group Friskee_cpl 2018-06-25

Elsewhere Mike and Peter were arguing football and politics with Neil and Phil while the six naked ladies, Sharon, Caz, Karen, Lisa, Ellen and Sophia, sat around the kitchen island bench, not cooking, but talking about sex. John's and Mike's felt the best, the hardest, so if she was going to be fucked by anyone, and by this stage she knew that working out which cock was Marcus's was almost impossible, she would just pick a nice hard one. Manny bent Caz over the dining table and began a hard, solid fuck of her pussy so Marcus directed his attention back to Sharon, Sophia and Peter. Peter and Phil now stood at her head and Sophia clambered off Sharon allowing Marcus the beautiful sight of his future wife lain out, legs spread wide, with two cocks being shoved in her mouth.


Indian Lawyer Put in Her Place

group Brown_girls_rule 2018-06-25

The door to the ‘camera room’ was off this one and Shulka took a great long time fumbling with his keys and looking for the right one, happy to give his buddies a long eyeful of Madhurima’s slim, fit body. She took her hands from her naked breasts, feeling the guards leering eyes drink them in, and put them in the waistband of her panties, slowly pulling them down and exposing her cunt to the men. Madhurima did as she was told, standing naked with only the high-heeled sandals on and utterly exposed to the two cops, crying freely now even though she knew they were getting off on her embarrassment and mortification.

A Very Friendly Wager

group WayneGibbous 2018-06-25

Then, Gene wanted doggie-style, also a favorite of mine, how nice of him to ask, so I got up on the bed and he slid into me from behind, my pussy all slick inside with Cal's fresh, warm semen. So, I have Gene's cock in my mouth, sucking him as Cal so expertly makes oral love to my yearning pussy. "MMM, mmmph, mmm," I moan as Cal touches every button I have in just the right way and soon I have a wonderful orgasm and just after that, I feel a slight spasm on the underside of Gene's cock followed by spurts of his cum warmly pulsing into my mouth.


Boys of Summer

group oOScarletWingsOo 2018-06-25

"Way ahead of ya." Smithy dragged a cooler out onto the deck and handed a plastic cup to Ali. Ali reached up and helped him open his jeans while Mike's mouth found her nipple. Ali broke away from Dean, pulled herself up onto her hands and knees to face Stu. His reluctance to take his turn made her want him more. Ali looked up at Stu, smiled then said, "Yeah get in there." Mike stepped to the edge of the table, cock hard as before, and offered it to Ali. Her eyes were clenched shut. Stu and Dean fiddled with their bikes while Smithy and Mike sat lazily on the deck steps like two old yard dogs.


group alibodge 2018-06-25

Our kissing became so passionate again that I began to moan again, savouring the taste of his lips, the sensation of his tongue in my mouth and the feel of his rock hard cock in my hand that when we broke off for a second, “Suck my cock whore” Leon ordered and without hesitation, I moved down his body to his cock and just swallowed it in my mouth. “Kiss him baby” I heard Jon say and looking at him, I saw him nod towards Leon, “Go on, kiss him” he said again and while I still managed to keep pumping my cunt on his cock, I leaned forward and once again mine and Leon’s lips met as we kissed so hot and passionately.

The Gathering

group Patrick-Donovan 2018-06-25

I caught Kevin giving her light shoulder rubs from time to time (I had forgotten to tell Kathryn that he was a professional masseuse and that Nancy was his student - facts which would be the start of our surprising, yet exciting weekend). Kevin began kissing her anus through her shorts as Nancy rubbed her mound furiously. Nancy caressed Kevin's head and neck while he feasted on my girl's sex, then reached up and started to undo her shorts. I pulled my mouth from hers and moved down to her breast, kissing all around Nancy's diligent fingers on my lover's chest. Kevin reached in and began to stroke my lover's clitoris while I ate her sex and Nancy started caressing Kathryn's breasts.


Housewives Nude Calendar, Oh So Wrong.

group Fridagirl 2018-06-25

I gave a casual look around my friends, all girls from my year in school, how we have grown up and I am willing to bet, there is still that naughtiness in each of us, mid teen girls discovering sex, especially Cheryl, the only one who had experienced a gang-bang, I wondered if that encounter had turned her into what she became and the reason why her marriage failed. As he walked over, the other guys took his place and Alex began humping again, oblivious in her d***ken sex, as her husband to be, put his cock into my open mouth and gave me a mouthful of what he would eventually pump into her to make her pregnant with the twin girls.

Pirates in My Pants Ch. 03

group jallen944 2018-06-24

It took only a little coaxing to get the tight ring of Fred's asshole to relax and stretch open, as if it had given up hope of holding out his thick cock. Stan stopped thrusting with his hips, but left his cock buried deep in Fred's ass. She squeezed a big glob of grease on the head of Fred's hard cock like she was putting whipped cream on a sundae. Kate held his long cock up and Stan dropped his ass on it. Stan stopped pounding himself on Fred's cock and was still, just moaning and panting with his head down. Fred's cum oozed out of the tight ring of his ass and dripped down the shaft of his cock. Stan put his hand around Fred's hard cock and wagged it in her direction.

Cruising Four-Way

group michaelhunt 2018-06-24

Scott was getting a blowjob, I was getting my dick squeezed by Lisa's tight starfish, Jeff was getting fucked hard by a meat strap-on and Lisa was getting spit-roasted at each end while her cock was buried deep in man-ass. I took that as my cue to grab Lisa by the hips, push her forward all the way into Jeff's loosened ass and went into a back and forth blur of sweaty, pumping meat. But Jeff's male dick thrusting in my mouth got my mind off things at my other end and next thing I knew Lisa had 8 inches of her cock deep in my ass before it nudged up against my sigmoid colon.


Melvin's Magic Love Juice Ch. 09

group 100 Angry Bananas 2018-06-24

Last time on a very special Melvin: Not only was Courtney's roommate, Shelly, Melvin's waitress from earlier in the day, the one that had watched Melvin couple with his ex wife's niece in the men's room, but she was going out on a date that very night with Tina. Tasha chatted with Shelly and Tina; Bridget chatted with Joey and Brenda and Richie; and Courtney and Melvin chatted with each other and every one else. Those tramps should have stayed away from Melvin; he was much too good for any of them, especially the redhead that Abigail took to be Courtney, Melvin’s apparent date. Melvin and Joey watched as they began to dance with one another, Bridget gliding behind Courtney and placing her hands on the young redhead’s hips as she pressed into the back Courtney’s body with her own.


Two Stiff Ones for Julie

group BradCarson 2018-06-24

Bruce got her to sit on his cock and while she was getting fucked Paul stood on the sofa next to her to get blown. When Bruce got his cock between her tits Paul got his in her mouth. Bruce's cock covered her tits with his cream while Paul unloaded his into her burning pussy. Watching her gentle sucking of Bruce's tongue, Paul thought it was even more erotic than watching her suck his cock. Bruce was kneading her meaty nipples between his fingers, she was moaning into his mouth while slowly moving her body to the music. She bends over and guides the cock in her hand into her dripping pussy, at the same time takes Paul's aching hard-on into her mouth.

My Dirty Ex!

group Keswick68 2018-06-24

She did what she loves to do and she had already decided she was going to suck him off, so she hungrily went after it, working her hands and mouth to get him fully hard. Starting with the black guy in the middle she went to work sucking his cock while she jacked off the other two. She went to the one on the right first, then quickly developed a rhythm for going back and forth between the two biggest cocks she'd ever seen, and the first of many black guys she would suck during her illustrious career. After a while you got tired of your friends telling you about her getting drunk and blowing guys in the parking lot when she went out with her girlfriends!

Three Become One Ch. 02

group bustyalix 2018-06-24

I closed my eyes and basked in it, and after a moment I felt the full weight and soft skin of Stacie's right jug hitting my cheek and dragging across my face from the left. As Kaycee kept rubbing my cheek I felt Stacie's hand ascend to the top of my head. As I sat there letting the twins use my hands to grope their giant tits I looked over the rest of their bodies. Both Stacie and Kaycee had their heads craned back; their blonde hair casually strewn across their faces and chests as I squeezed their massive tits in my hands.


Insatiable at Work Ch. 12: Gardening

group insatiablerob8 2018-06-24

"God damn, Tara...yer fucking horny...I wish Bryan were need both...two cocks!" Then I spotted a dibber, "Uhhhh...use can use the dibber (Before I continue, I want to clarify the dibber was spotless, with no garden tools seldom that clean)." She grabbed him, "Look at that hot man...this dick...Honey, you'll be getting everything you need tonight!" Already hard, she flicked her tongue over the head, before wrapping her lips around it and burying her face in his pubes. With Bryan finishing, I pulled out and said, "Sweetie, play with that pussy and let us watch...I wanna watch...yer so fucking hot!"


My Turn

group BobcatPounce 2018-06-24

They had a fun night with both Jason and Mike giving Dylan more and more physical attention as it got later. Dylan reclaimed her wine glass from Jason, took a sip, handed it back and then looked at Mike. Dylan took a little more time undressing Mike, first running her hands up and down the sides of his legs and around to his ass. Dylan pulled Mike's shorts down to his knees and turned him a little to his right so Jason could get a full profile of his cock. As Mike continued to pleasure Dylan's pussy with his fingers, Jason put both hands on her left foot and began moving them towards her knee.


Housewife & Her Tales Part 4

group altaff143 2018-06-24

"You look very pleased now that I have given you the go ahead" Shekhar said trying to pull Anita's leg. Anita wanted to ask her to stay around till the gentleman left but Lakshmi appeared to be in a hurry while Amit appeared to be fully relaxed. Her luscious breasts were on his chest, his cock buried deep inside her pussy due to her weight and both her legs were apart;her feet placed near his hip bone one on each side and her hands over his ears so that she could guide her tongue or breasts into his mouth. Later when Shekhar told this to Anita she was not embarrassed by the fact that Lakshmi had seen her pussy as well but was surprised that she slept so soundly.

College Freshman Roommates

group driver7ironputt 2018-06-24

Stacey was an 18 year old freshman, and had a roommate, Kelly, who she said looked just like she could be her twin. Kelly was an 18 year old freshman too, and was out that night as well, and Stacey said she usually doesn't get back till late in the night, so sounded like we were going to have some good alone time. Stacey said I could just sleep in her bed until I she got back from class, and then we could mess around some more. Just as Stacey closed the dorm room door, I heard some noises, and looked over and saw her roommate Kelly, sleeping in the other bed. When my cock was rock hard again, I slid it right in Kelly's wet pussy.

Lakeside Lay

group Odysseyker 2018-06-24

I knew that Lori had spent a good deal of time 'babysitting' the lonely Tina, since Doug had been out of town all week. Lori tossed the jeans to the end of the blanket and quickly set about skinning the tiny bikini briefs off of Tina's hips, bringing her sparsely haired pubic mound into view. Several minutes passed as Lori tongued-fucked Tina's nearly hairless twat, the latter female moaning in bliss the whole time. This continued for a few more minutes, and then Tina pulled her chest away from Lori's face. I could no longer see Lori's face, but I could certainly hear the deep, sighing mewl that came from her throat as Tina dipped her middle finger into the girl's wet and inviting hole.


Out for a ride

group Bladeguy 2018-06-24

Deb gave my ass a tap as I entered the tent and said "I can't wait to get you hard for Brain to suck" Brain sucked and jerked me off as I kissed and played with Deb. I was near bursting point and said if you keep doing that i'm gonna cum in your mouth Brian. Don't do that he said I want you to cum over Debs pussy so I can lick her clean. Deb lay there and Brian finished me off jerking my cum over his wifes pussy. Then view of Deb laid beneath me and Brians head between my legs was mind blowing. I can't wait till next summer as Brian and Deb said they plan on another holiday in the area.

Alana's Secrets

group Archer2050 2018-06-24

As Alana moved her body to help, Autumn slyly guided her closer to the side of the bed where I was standing. Autumn bucked and shuddered, but she licked Alana's cunt more gently, wetting the outer folds of her labia, then moving in deeper, and probing her tongue inside. Autumn led my hand to just above Alana's pussy, and then she took my index finger and had me press lightly against her clit. Autumn suspected as much, and as soon as my finger was good and lubed up from Alana's juices, I began to slowly press my way inside her, one centimeter as a time.


Surprising Afternoon

group getting_2_no_u 2018-06-24

For a split second I thought about stopping to hold on for a few minutes so I could fuck her really good but I decided it was her fault for bringing me to the brink in the car, at that point I let out a loud moan, my balls constricted and I started to fill her pussy with everything I had. He went slower this time and told me he was going to fuck me till I came down his wife’s throat, he fucked my slow and easy for about 20 minutes, It felt great but I had already cum so much I didn’t think I would ever cum, and the thought of his wife not being able to breath didn’t help much.

The List Ch. 10

group handsomeyetnice 2018-06-24

Amy watched her future sister-in-law suck dick for a minute then announced, "Okay, I think it's time that I leave you two alone for a while to get to know each other." It was kind of a funny statement since Sarah was already sucking my cock. This might sound weird, but ever since I found these I come down here and masturbate while I watch them, and fantasize that handsome, well-hung men would want to fuck me like that," Sarah said in a self-deprecating way. Holding the camera, Amy's mom reached her hand out to the girl's face and made her start sucking on her fingers like a cock as she orgasmed.


My Good Girl

group hclay84 2018-06-24

Through the open door I make out two guys with their pants down, standing facing your bed, frantically jerking off, muttering to themselves, to whoever. I reach between your legs and dip some of the cum out of your cunt with two fingers and bring it to your mouth, putting them inside for you to lick off and swallow. "And they took turns with me...and they put two in my mouth at once...and they put their fingers in my ass...and they started fucking my ass...oh god..." Did you cum all over all their cocks while they gang fucked your sweet, wet pussy?" I feel you shudder with pleasure, and I roll over to stick my cock in your mouth and shoot all my cum down your throat while you orgasm.

Taken By Mistake Ch. 3

group Linda Jean 2018-06-24

That it is not George fucking you so hard and good, but it is Johnny in you, don’t you baby?" Mary again said softly and dreamily voice "yea I do once and a while." Sally then said, "I would bet more than just once and awhile right?" Mary softly said "Yes I do." Men like George, or the box boy at the market, and some times other women" Sally said it and I don’t think Mary caught it, but I sure did. "Go ahead Mary, use it, stick it in, you’ll love it, your still hot aren’t you baby?" Mary said, "Yea, I wish George was here" Sally said "he isn’t here, I’m here, your here, that fat rubber cock in your hand is here.