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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Revenge, a mothers love

group SFS 2018-06-24

Sophie held my face, as she continued to kiss me, her other hand caressing my breasts, teasing my nipples, nipples that ached with exquisite pleasure and a little pain. Sophie quickly took his cock into her mouth, licking its length, her tongue twirling around its bulbous purple head, wet from my cunt. “You’re good Chloe, be at the party tomorrow night, Sophie knows where,” Charlie said. Steve sat on an armchair, slowly stroking his cock, as I had my face buried in his girlfriends cunt, her hand behind my head, pulling my face against her, my tongue worming inside her. “That’s the general idea, we’re going to a party, she looks good.” Sophie said, still laying on her stomach on the bed. “Oh I’m so pleased Mummy likes you, you and Hannah,” Ambrose said.

The Falls of Jamaica

group kinkynkazoo 2018-06-24

Sherry's own pussy juices are flowing down her thighs and Corey can no longer resist as he moves his head between her legs and sucks on her clit, taking her pussy lips deep into my mouth. Alexandra's moans and grinds and Corey's tongue and hands are becoming too much for Sherry to handle, but she doesn't want to break away from her pussy. Lifting her ass off the floor of the cave, Alexandra grasps Sherry's head in her hands, holding her, not letting you go and not wanting her to stop. Corey tells Sherry that he's about ready to cum, so she reaches between her legs, placing two fingers on her clit and explodes into another earth shaking orgasm.

Bi-Curious Ch. 01

group SexxxyCuriosity 2018-06-24

I want to deep throat the two of you until you both cum, spraying jizz on each other and all inside my mouth and throat." Chase could easily visualize his wife's fantasy with him and the guy they'd both watched on screen and as she spoke the words, it was really turning him on. Then I'll lick your ass crack while that guy sucks your dick until you shoot your load all down his throat." As she spoke her last few words, Chase pounded Veronica's pussy as fast and furious as he could, groaning in ecstasy as he released his orgasm, unleashing his seed deep within her.


group Flynn77 2018-06-24

Not quite as good-looking as Pam (who was, and I'd say that anyway wouldn't I?), but Lorri was a similar personality type - shy but you could sense the fun bubbling under. "Well, how's about you let Lorri see the state she's got you in?" Pam said to me. They looked at each other, and Pam said, "Take them out again, Lorri," But even I was shocked when Pamela proceeded to raise her dress right up around her waist, meeting the lowered top half so it looked like she was wearing nothing more than a black belt. She sobered up a bit when Pam said, "Your turn, Lorri." After a seconds pause, she smirked, jumped up and turned her back on me.


University Sex Ch. 01

group Benny024 2018-06-24

I then took hold of his giant cock and directed the pink knob into my greasy anus as the black guy patiently watched and jacked his cock to keep it hard for the moment when he would enter me. The white guy took immediate advantage and began thrusting and ramming his mammoth cock into my soupy ass. When I had finished prepping myself, the guy moved between my legs, adjusting them the way he wanted them, and then began rubbing his massive cock head around my butt hole. I grimaced and then gasped in horror as his friends began snapping pics of the huge, black cock that was stuffed into my white ass.


group petercee 2018-06-24

Anne had been stripped first followed shortly by Andy and Frank, Debbie was then handing out penalties when the others lost at first things like kissing one or another then getting sillier as the night progressed I was the last naked, I ended up getting to suck Debbie's breast, Andy got to touch Anne's breast.Somehow Anne ended up having to jerk Frank off, she could have course said no but she took the penalty and jerked him off, of course Frank was already rock hard at the time when he finally shot his load to applause that seemed to signal the end of the party.

Strawberry Vodka

group DominoVinke 2018-06-24

"Let me see it," Kristie said, walking over to Jamie and reaching for the bottle. Dev's head leaned back over the back of his chair as he enjoyed Jamie's warm, wet suction. Jamie's heart leaped in sheer delight as the two men's hands wandered over her, groping and fondling her as she took their throbbing hard cocks in her mouth and pussy. Jamie held tightly around Jason's neck and took deep, slow, practiced breaths. The three friends lay in a naked heap for about a minute until Dev sat up and gave Jamie a quick peck on the lips. Jamie looked over at Jason and crawled on him, resting her chin on his chest like an affectionate cat.

A New Friend

group nitevixen 2018-06-24

His friend, Nick, who is one year older than Damien, is about the same height and build, but his hair is a dark brown against those hazel eyes and has been blessed with a 9 1/2" long and 2" thick cock. The next thing I felt was Damien's sweet lips against mine and Nick's hands finished undressing me. They looked at each other for just a split second and Nick stripped down to nakedness in, what must have been, record time and Damien's boxers hit the floor. I sat up and braced myself with my hands on the mattress as Damien took off my bra and Nick worked on my thong. It felt so good...Nick's hands...Damien's mouth and the same time ...I...I...can't...

Great Afternoon

group jkube 2018-06-24

John is transfixed to the screen, and you look slightly nervous sitting next to me while half naked girls on TV talk about how they can get more business at their car wash. The whole time John has been sitting right there in the chair by the couch. With your eyes still closed you don't notice that John has gotten up, nor do you even open your eyes when he gets on the couch. You are moaning softly with pleasure as John leans forward and touches his cock to your lips. As my orgasm subsides I use my hand to rub mine and John's cum all over your chest like lotion.


group purplecorset 2018-06-24

Every couple of hours I would have my co-worker, a guy only few years older than my twenty-two by the name of Glen, relieve me so that I could check the locker rooms' supply of towels and see if anyone had left a particularly nasty mess. There, on a metal bench that sat between the doors of the hissing steam room and the dry darkness of the sauna, was a pair of gym shorts, a red t-shirt and a large watch. "Sometimes I do this in the steam room," said Sean, "especially when I'm really stressed out. "I think it's time we gave her some attention, Sean." said Tony. I closed my eyes as Tony's mouth rested on my neck and began to suckle on my skin.


Island Fever 6: Sanctuary Ch. 15

group Jeremydcp 2018-06-24

"Amy may do the majority of the cooking for us, Jeremy, but I know my way around the kitchen quite well, thank you very much." Lindsay tasted whatever was in the bowl, then added more spices. "What time are Pamela and Trish's relatives going to be here tomorrow, again?" Lindsay had waited to ask that question until I started to slow down my bites. I had just gotten home from taking Kaden to the dentist and, after leaving him with Kristanna and Lindsay, I happened upon Amy here in the kitchen. I, on the other hand, was a lonely, neglected soul who spent 16 years alone on an island, so the cookies are mine." I was trying to be funny, laughing it up, and Amy shook her head.


Sharing a Wife

group TomUK22 2018-06-24

I described how she could swallow my cock as he fucked her tight and dirty cunt. I took my wife to the hotel room and brought her a drink while I waited for John to arrive. As I was fucking her mouth, I looked over to see John licking her pussy. As she began to orgasm, I watched as he thrusted forward and held his cock deep in my now wife. When he pulled out, I watched as his cum began to drip from her pussy. It took no time for me to add my cum to my wifes pussy. She told me how wonderful it was to feel different cocks in her and how we each fucked her differently.

Explorations Ch. 03

group Manny2314 2018-06-24

Laura pulled the material to the side just a bit, and my erection sprang out, bobbing around, causing the girls to laugh hysterically. When Laura raised up and started pulling her pants down, Emily began to follow her lead, though hesitantly. While Emily concentrated on my penis, Laura's hand dropped below my dick to cradle my balls. Emily was still feeling and stroking my cock, but was really interested in what Laura was doing. Emily kept one hand on my cock, and with the other helped Laura massage my balls. "I think we wore him out." Laura said, as I sat slumped in the chair with my legs splayed straight out in front of me and my dick hanging lifelessly between them..

Poker Night and the One-Eyed Jacks

group blackhillsbbw 2018-06-24

I took my waterproof friend in, Mr. Purple Pussy Eater and took the time to introduce him to the arousing bubbles that covered my voluptuously curvy body, specifically between my school girl thighs. Is that milky cream that is sliding down your leg, because you cannot fuck'in, get enough?" His pair of hands splayed themselves over my hips as they began to work my cunt on his big dick over and over again. Lifting himself and coming up off the chair, he began to work my pussy until more and more cum was dripping down my school girl thighs. He grabbed my big girl thighs and pulled me even closer to the edge as he pumped hard into the remembered deep, dark moist abyss.

Santorini Paradiso Ch. 04

group lamoureuse 2018-06-24

Elena laughed out loud at the word, given the circumstances, so she couldn't resist responding with a fake southern drawl: "Darlin', I've never been so satisfied in my entire life..." And they both began to giggle like schoolgirls. Before hanging up, Elena promised to ask the brothers if they wanted to join Pam and her other three friends for dinner that evening. Elena tentatively pulled the doors open, and found hanging there her new dress from this morning, the red dress she wore last night, a thick terry robe, and a few other beautiful articles of clothing that she hadn't seen before – including a long green silk nightgown and matching kimono, a cream linen shift dress, a black poly jersey swimsuit and a chic black and white striped wrap dress.

Good Neighbors

group Daveindenver 2018-06-24

"Karen, you'll be pleased to know that this is our new neighbor Jack and he's offered to help us." Ron's wife appeared to quickly look me up and down before offering her hand. Ron introduced me to Ken, Larry, Joe and Carl as their new neighbor and "Karen's new toy." I wondered what they might think of his comment but no one said anything. I didn't think I'd ever get hard again after the previous night but she worked her magic and as soon as I was hard she sat on my cock while she sucked Ron. After I came he took another turn fucking her while she sucked Ken. This round-robin continued until all six of us had fucked her one more time.


Becoming Bi Ch. 05

group loves69forall 2018-06-24

Johanna kneels down in front of them and starts kissing Kat's thighs moving closer to the target, she near the pussy lips and pulls her tongue out and start licking those sweet lips, I guess I was right she sure looks like she's enjoying this. So ass rimming on Guy for three minutes then you can have Mels pussy for three minutes after that it's Steve's asshole that will need rimming not for three minutes but until I'm satisfied with your work then and only then will you be able to fuck Kat's pussy until she reaches orgasm." He fucks the hell out of her as Johanna climbs on the backrest in front of Kat. No explanation needed here, Kat goes for the money and starts sucking that pussy like a starved woman.


Double Down in Dixie

group PMnac 2018-06-24

I began to lick and suck, inhaling her perfume and her pussy scent, my hands squeezing her smooth ass cheeks, pulling her as close to my mouth as I could. I couldn't see Kim with my face full of Lacey's pussy, but she was giving me an expert blowjob, kissing my shaft and squeezing my balls, then taking my cock deep in her mouth. My hands went up her body to find her tits and I began squeezing them, finding the hard nipples, looking up at this beautiful woman who was both getting pleasure from and giving pleasure to me. I moved my head lower, under Kim's, and began to lick Lacey's pussy lips, searching for her tight hole.

Amanda's Awakening Ch. 02

group Bluepen451 2018-06-24

Before Jolene could start in again I quickly spoke up, "Jolene, there is one thing Larry apparently didn't tell you, but no, he didn't get limp." My god, he was like a steel bar shoved up my cunt the whole time, I thought, a big, round, steel bar, with bumps and ridges in all the right places. I paused to take a long sip of wine while Jolene looked at me expectantly and my mind lingered on my memory of Larry's big hard cock and how it had filled my cunt. I looked straight at her and said, "Yes, the fucking your husband gave me was the best goddamned sex I've ever had." That should shut her up I thought.


Studland beach dogging

group merlinnz 2018-06-24

It might have been that I was there on the wrong day, or at the wrong part of the beach or that I was getting my leg pulled but it certainly didn't seem like the place for dogging. Climbing up towards the dunes, so I could get a better look towards the beach, I heard the unmistakable sounds of someone getting fucked. For a second or two they remained locked in this position and then he rolled back, "come look at this" he said to me and I scurried around to see a wide open pussy, lips shrunken back until they almost had retreated back inside her and a open hole to her most inner sanctum.

I love to see my have sex with other men

group dhcdc12 2018-06-24

A slow song starts and she takes his hand and the dance starts she hold him tight and take his hand and put it on her tits he play a long before the dance ends his hand in under her dress as the song end she kiss him they come back to our table my sit down she reaches under the table with both hands give me a Squeeze and says now I got you both hard The nexus song is slow my take my hand and leads me to the floor as we dance she kiss me and ask if I having fun she ask how far would I like this to go?

A Beltane Story

group mustbtuesday 2018-06-24

"I need to suck your fanny 'till you scream my name and you explode and my face is soaked with your juice." My nipples and clit were hard as granite, my thighs were already soaking from the flow of my juices and I was horribly fumbling without any success with the buttons on her jeans. Still stroking his shooting cock in my hand and still aimed at my tits, I moved my cum covered mouth to Máire's swollen clit and sucked hard and fast. Máire reached over and kissed me, rubbing Sean's cum into my skin and tasting their juices on my mouth.

The Girl in a Pooh Bear Night Shirt

group exhibitionistguy 2018-06-24

I'm not sure if Tom deliberately pulled it up or if it just happened accidentally, but I knew, the way that I was laying, that George could now see almost all the way up my thighs and that, if the shirt would get pulled up any higher than it already was, he would definitely be able to see that I wasn't wearing any panties! All I know is that I lifted my arms up and let Tom pull my night shirt over my head. I looked up and saw that George was naked and that his penis was erect and that he was lowering himself onto the blanket right next to me on the opposite side that Tom was on.


Debbie's Varsity Letter

group JRob 2018-06-24

I went downstairs, grabbed a beer, and on the stairwell on my way back ran into the guy who had minutes before been fucking the girl. With a roar, the guy began to cum inside Debbie's already hot, wet, sticky, cum-filled pussy. As we went downstairs I received the shock of my life as Mr. Biggins, the tennis coach, was sitting on the couch in deep conversation with some of the guys who had just fucked Debbie. The seven of us watching lowered our pants and began stroking our cocks as Debbie kissed and licked the big dick in her face. Slick moved to the side of the teacher and pulled Debbie's mouth toward his big dick.