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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lucky Bastard

group anything_goes0 2018-06-24

Now the question is, do you want us?" They all took up the sexiest poses they could, Helen bending over forward, Beck backward, and Beth and Anne putting their feet up on the counter, pulling back their dresses to show off their perfect thighs. Apparently this caused him to halt his attack on Beth's pussy because she grabbed his head and pulled it deep into her pussy shouted "Don't fucking stop!" He got her to orgasm in less than 2 minutes, eagerly drinking the sweet and powerful odor of her sex in. When they all had had time to catch their breath, Anne looked at Tim and said, "So, was it everything you dreamed it would be?"

Greek Neighbours

group loucas_e 2018-06-24

We got it today with Tonia." I could not lie, especially as I felt my cock stir, and saw Thanasis trying to sneak a look up my wife's legs. "No, don't mind, me." Said Thanasis and tried to sneak another look up Maria's legs, which were now wide open giving our guests a perfect view of her silk panties. I drove my other hand up her skirt and after spreading her legs so that our "friendly" neighbours could get a perfect view of her panties, I fingered her wet pussy through her silk panties. Niki was moaning loudly as Maria was licking her young clit and fingering her teenage pussy, moaning and grunting at every thrust of Thanasis cock.

Our Desires Ch. 06

group alovelyheather 2018-06-24

"OH FUCK YES!" I yell as I tweak my own nipple, pull on his balls and squeeze his throbbing cock inside me as my body shudders in orgasm. I feel Chris put his hands on us, and as he slips a finger inside me and another into Kitty, we gasp into each other's mouths. I reach down and rub Kitty's nice ass and reach my fingers down far enough so I can feel Chris enter her wetness. As if on command, my body shudders against hers; my pussy squeezes her fingers inside as she fucks me even faster. The orgasm is so intense Kitty is almost using her hand to hold me up as she sinks her fingers deep inside me.


Jake, Suz, Michele and a Decision

group jakebarnes06 2018-06-24

Still later that morning, during another three-way romp-in-the-hay, Suz and Michele revealed to Jake that although they viewed themselves as lesbians, they were seeking a "mate" to join them on their "journey through life." Jake, of course, wondered if they'd chosen him, but the women were a bit cryptic on that point. "In that case, would you bring your cock over here and put it to good use," Suz asked as she bent herself face down over the soft arm of the chair in which she and Michele had sat a few minutes earlier. I took my time removing my own clothing while I watched, fascinated, as Michele held Suz's head between her legs.


Liz Bradshaw

group Paris Waterman 2018-06-24

"I'm sure you'll find Willow to be everything you want," Zara said, as a strikingly beautiful woman, perhaps six feet tall entered the room wearing a light blue negligee. As Willow began to unbutton the front of Liz's blouse, the older woman pushed her hand away and said, "I'm a little nervous about this. "Oh, dear," Willow whispered when Liz's encased breasts came into view, "I'm gonna love sucking on those, hurry up and get naked so we can get in the tub together." "Most women want me to nurse on their nipples to begin with," Willow said softly, "They like to pretend I'm really a little girl who needs to be breast fed.


The Masquerade Ch. 01

group TheEmily 2018-06-24

Emily pulled open a small door set nearly invisibly into the wall. Emily led her dance partner to a far corner of the room where she pressed the call button for a small elevator. The door opened immediately and Emily pulled the man inside with her. She glanced around and found her mystery man slowly stroking his own cock in the chair in the corner of the room. Emily slowly withdrew the new man's cock from her mouth and climbed onto the bed. After Emily was sure both of the men had fallen asleep, she got up, fixed her corset, put her panties back on, even though she still had cum spilling out of her, and grabbed her heels and room key.

The Good Girl Ch. 01

group Katies 2018-06-24

That day I realized what my body really wanted, and from then on, all I could think about was fucking and sucking cock, licking pussy, and getting my tight body covered from head to toe in as much warm, wet cum as I possibly could. He groaned and grabbed the sides of my head, pushing his rigid cock into my mouth and thrusting forward, forcing all 8 inches of it down my little throat. The guys Shannon was blowing started running a train on me, wetting their cocks in her mouth and then fucking the shit out of me, dumping their loads in my aching pussy or shooting it on my face.


A Sunset Strip

group SlyFox 2018-06-24

Of course, she was all for the idea (she was horny as a mink by this time) and at the next traffic light, she got on her knees in the passenger seat and cupped her naked tits in her hands, shook them at the drivers and said, "Hey guys, want to follow us to our place and have a party?" We thought their eyeballs were going to pop out of their heads and their chins almost dropped to the street, but, needless to say, they were raring to go. The guy's were too hot to keep that up for very long though and Mike climbed onto Jenny's body and slipped his rock hard, 7" cock as deeply into her pussy as it would go and began fucking her with deep, slow strokes.

What a Week Ch. 03 of 03

group Bothbihants 2018-06-24

Without removing my boxers, and holding my hands at my sides, Tina leaned forward and with the tip of her tongue she teased that most sensitive of spots on the underside of my cock just below the helmet and then ever so slowly she moved her tongue to the dribbles of clear precum leaking from me. There were two couples on the bed now and still the ottoman was occupied by the woman lying supine on her back but with her partner standing and his cock in her mouth and her arms over her head gripping his buttocks. Tina continued to lick and suck the woman's breasts, and then, with one hand, she caressed her body and moved her hand down to the union of the couple.


Swinging...Let Me Introduce You...

group VivvyK48 2018-06-24

I watched conflicting emotions on Marks' face, pure pleasure, but he slowed her down telling me he did not want to cum so early in the evening. His mouth swollen with hot kisses, perfectly formed, his hair, gloriously gray, hanging down in a boyish way while he fucked me deeply. One would think the first climax after a long separation is the wildest but - I'd been playing with his cock off and on all day, getting him hard, then letting him rest, so by the time his moment came (literally) I could tell how intense it was because it lasted so long and he looked like someone had punched his gut so the point his breath had left him.

Dana Ch. 01

group dercrackin 2018-06-24

I spied them feeding it too each other, and watched as Dana leaned over and licked a drip of chocolate from Jeff's chin, and then slid her tongue into his mouth for a deep, soulful kiss. "Sure," my brain said, "you could drop to your knees and suck my cock and then let me fuck you silly like I've wanted to since the day we met." What came out of my mouth was more like "It was my pleasure, Dana. Dana licked her tongue along my lips and we kissed again as I gave in, relaxing my sphincter and gasping as I felt the head of Jeff's cock penetrate my ass.


group 2018-06-24

This conversation was being disscussed when Tom stopped talking and came over to the settee and began pulling his cock out. I then gulped and licked my lips and took his penis into my mouth and started to suck it, Tom got really excited and started pushing his hips into my face. Tom's cock by then was bucking and shiverng and throbbing as I sucked, getting ready to cum. Then Tom came in my mouth he pulled back his cock to squirt onto my tongue, I wanked it slowly and his penis bucked and shot his load of cum into my eager awaiting mouth. Tom reached for my head held it and started to kiss me reaching his tongue into my mouth to lick his cum.

Three In One

group Wildestthang 2018-06-24

I told him twice as I smiled at him, (it was obvious by his smile that I got right back that he had seen the movie and knew what the next line should be.) Oh he said to me smiling and laughing as I rubbed my tits against his chest and what happened he asked. I leaned back into Tom’s arms and turned my head to the left at his nudging and he started kissing me full on the lips as his hands wandered down my body to my pussy. I spread my legs farther apart I could feel Robs tongue running along my pussy lips as I took Toms cock deep in my throat, then all the way back up to the head twisting my mouth as I was going up and down on his cock.


Becoming Bi Ch. 03

group loves69forall 2018-06-24

I feel his cock jerk, cum is flying out the tip like a geyser, I let go of his asshole and glue my mouth to his cock and suck like a madman, I only missed the first spurt, it landed on my hand, the second hit the back of my throat and I swallow everything he feeds me, I can feel his cock throbbing in my mouth the is fantastic, I put two fingers in his ass his dick swells up one more time and I'm rewarded with two more big spurts of man syrup.

California Zephyr Ch. 04

group ProfessorR 2018-06-24

Sophia and I were both breathing harder, and as my massages turned to caresses, I felt the warmth radiating from my partner's breasts, and then from her vagina. We saw his hips and thighs flexing as he slipped into the magic circle that Karen had prepared for him, his muscles working not to ram his penis into her, but to ease in gently, savoring each centimeter of her open gift. I felt Sophia tighten around me, and saw Karen's admiring look, as Cam's masculine lines took center stage in the suite. Sophia and I saw his muscles flex as he held her tightly, rocking her in those powerful arms, as he whispered loving words to her, told her how beautiful this evening had been.


Making a Whore Pt. 10

group dna27fog 2018-06-24

"You like me fucking other guys, don't you?" she said, kissing me softly and sensually. But, I had pushed her to be a whore for so long, and when she had asked me if I would like her fucking for money, I had said yes. "You like me being a whore, don't you?" she asked with my cock touching her lips. "Yes" I whispered as she slowly took my cock deep into her mouth. Friday, leaving from work, I still wasn't sure that this weekend was still going to happen. Suddenly, she reached for my cock, and as she started to stroke it through my pants she whispered just slightly over the music "Do you like your little whore making money while you work?"

Suzi Keeps Her Clothes On

group Jackson Blacke 2018-06-24

Suzi, despite her surprise at the size of the crowd and a little bit of stage fright, knew she was going to enjoy satisfying that expectation. One-by-one, as she turned, she looked into the eyes of the men in the audience as if to say: "Give me a chance and I could do this for you, handsome." She imagined actually servicing a pair of heavily-hung studs on-stage and how the crowd would react to it and her clit stiffened to a throbbing, pulsing, almost painful rigidity. Suzi settled into a fantasy in which the throng of customers around the stage forced their way through her protectors and swarmed over her, fucking all her holes with huge cocks, several in the same hole at the same time, for hours, until they were all completely drained, leaving her swimming in a slimy sea of sticky man-goo.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 58

group SteveWallace 2018-06-24

I fumbled with the radar transponder and got the emergency code entered in just as Wes pulled the plane level at about fifty feet above the treetops. An hour later, we stood with several senior fire officials, three uniformed policemen, our friend Detective Reinhart from months earlier when we first dealt with Tanner, an FAA representative, our maintenance man, and Lucas and two of my security staff, looking at the airplane. Mark described what happened in detail after that: diving for the ground, the fuel leak, declaring an emergency, limping into the city airport because they had fire apparatus, and then dealing with the police and authorities.


Dexterous Dexter 05

group Hypoxia 2018-06-24

Carmen kissed Rosita's other round breast while her brother expertly tongued her. Jorge moved back to my cock, tonguing, kissing, mouthing me fully, stimulating the sensitive patch below my little head. Carmen pushed Rosita to the side, off my face, and settled her own pussy onto my mouth. Rosita levered herself onto me and dropped her vulva onto my face; her mouth joined Jorge's and Carmen's in licking me back into action. After my desayuna typico (country breakfast) of eggs, cheese, beans, avocado, little handmade tortillas thrown by little hands, and the world's best coffee, total cost twenty cents, I rode over the mountains to Quetzaltenango a.k.a. Xela (SHAY-lah), the Chicago of Guatemala, though its air is more like Los Angeles.


The Little Red Bordello

group LilyMagee 2018-06-24

The slender friend had positioned himself underneath Miss Suzanne and was stroking her sweet little cunny whilst Bulk continued to rut her, all the while suckling at her lovely plump titties. Miss Suzanne resisted a little, giving a coquettish gaze and a firmer grasp on his base to protect her throat but Slim, evidently aware of his new bedfellow, drove into her as deep as she could bear. No further words were uttered, just the sounds of Slim and Larry grunting and Miss Suzanne's coughing and deep breaths as Paunch slipped out and wandered with legs visibly trembling to his chair, a string of spittle still clinging to him.

Savannah Gets a Clue

group _Savannah_ 2018-06-24

Taking a second, more thorough look, Savannah observed how his jeans fitted him snugly, drawing attention to well toned thigh and calf muscles, and a tight ass. Opening her mouth to voice her approval, instead a gasp escaped as the newcomer's hands separated her cheeks and she felt a tongue rimming her tight ass. "Hmmm, yeah baby, I'm gonna fuck that ass good." He worked her for what seemed forever, and then she felt the tip of his cock, a very thick one at that, begin penetrating her. Savannah felt the man behind her, wildly fucking her ass, grip her hips......pulling her tighter and tighter to him. She moaned around her lover's cock when she came, and felt hot liquid squirt on her ass cheeks.

Camping with the Boys

group fookiland 2018-06-24

I leaned over and kissed Rebecca and said to her "let's go for a little walk", she knew what I meant and in her frisky state was keen to get some hard cock in her mouth. "I think we are going to need to try a different position." She really wanted Campbell to access her throat properly, so I got on the ground with my hard cock pointing up to the night sky and Rebecca sat down over me so that we were facing the same way. Campbell got to his knees and positioned himself between Rebecca's legs, he thrust himself into her gaping wet pussy and I could feel her arse tighten as his big thick cock stretched it.

Two Bi Studs for Brenda

group libidinal 2018-06-24

I watched, spellbound, as Tom dragged his tongue all over the ample surface of Kevin's cock until, finally, he opened his mouth and engulfed the big knob between his lips. I stared right into Tom's eyes as I wrapped my lips around Kevin's cock, taking the immensely thick shaft in my hand. This went on for many minutes, Tom leisurely sucking on Kevin's cock while I began to ready his ass with my tongue. Tom was sure making up for lost time, downing that big shaft of Kevin's like he'd just been starving for the taste of dick, which he had! Kevin smiled, fisting his cock like a maniac as he watched me finger Tom's lubed ass.


Swinging by the Bay

group RobHammer 2018-06-24

Gayle sits on the edge of the bed and asks, "Can we join you?" Tom's unspoken smile suggests, 'and make some of your fantasies come true.' I meet Tom's fingers between his wife's pussy lips, and feel her slick wetness as he penetrates her. Tom moves his hand away and concentrates on Ann's ministrations, giving me free rein of Gayle's pussy. Placing my mouth back onto Ann's clit, I feel each stroke of Tom's hot cock as he plunges into her. Ann's orgasm sends Tom over the edge, and I feel his spasms with my tongue as he explodes. Gayle slides off into Tom's arms and I cuddle with Ann. The party is winding down, and the other party room has emptied out.