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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Learning to Share Ch. 03

group horny_hippie 2018-06-24

It was a picture message of Ari and Nick in bed together, cuddled close under the covers. This one was from Nick's point of view, looking down at Ari taking his cock deep in her throat. I was excited that they texted me this morning, but I hadn't been thinking that my day would turn into another sex fest like the weekend before. I told him I was, and he let me know that Nick and Ari had already told him I was coming and to send me up when I arrived. "Hey, you didn't wait for me!" Ari had come out on the balcony behind us, carrying something delicious smelling in her hands. Nick hadn't shown any apprehension about tasting my cum in Ari's mouth or pussy.

A Night On The Greek Tiles

group EdwardSimms 2018-06-24

After a night of revelry both Danielle and Sue had been too busy, and tipsy, to notice the looks that they had been getting from a group of young men. Once inside, the two lads that were supporting Sue led her into one of the bedrooms and then laid her on a bed. The two of them gave each other a concerned look, before heading towards the room that they thought Danielle was in. Having two men inside her vagina at the same time was a sensation that would stick in Danielle's mind forever. Finally, as both lads stiffened and spurted their hot cream up inside her at the same time, Danielle experienced an earth-shattering orgasm.

Horse Club Ch. 02

group Justtoold 2018-06-23

I had been looking forward to this ride for a long time now and today was the day we were going to head over to Dennis and Roy Heart's place for the yearly Cancer ride/fund raiser. Bill was trying his best to persuade me, and my body did want to join him in the bedroom, but I had been looking forward to this ride for a while and nothing was going to make me miss it. Save it for later and like I promised before, tonight will be a special night, so let's just finish loading the horses and enjoy the day." I got an evil smile on my face and added, "With me being horny now, you should know what's going to happen tonight."


Island Fever Ch. 24

group Jeremydcp 2018-06-23

mainly because I wanted something fresh; a brand new start, where no one knows of me or my reputation." Now upset, Amy tossed her hands about wildly and fussed, "Lo and behold, it's the same old thing. You're a very outgoing and infectious person when you allow yourself to be." After a short pause, I kept going, "The Amy who came to my room that first night was the woman that I had spent my entire life desperately searching for." Those pretty green eyes of hers swelled with emotion as I added, "I saw THAT Amy a bit the next morning at breakfast, but I have yet to see her since.


Alley Evening

group cheekyfella1 2018-06-23

The cab driver seems oblivious, and you hitch your skirt up a little and begin to stroke inside your thigh, throwing your wet hair back and pushing your nipples out. The cab driver seems oblivious, and you hitch your skirt up a little and begin to stroke inside your thigh, throwing your wet hair back and pushing your nipples out. You open your legs and the cab driver moves his mouth to your wet pussy and you moan as his tongue enters your moist channel and licks up and onto your clit. You open your legs and the cab driver moves his mouth to your wet pussy and you moan as his tongue enters your moist channel and licks up and onto your clit.


Hotel Threesome

group Vincent1981 2018-06-23

We stood up and left the bar into the hotel lobby where he was waiting, he walked over to him and took his hand. No sooner had we entered the room that they started kissing, running their hands over each other, I could feel my cock throbbing. As she sucked the strangers cock I pulled her knickers off and started to rub her from behind, she was so hot and wet. After several minutes he took her hands and led her into the bed, he laid down and she climbed on top, his cock now inches from her. She let out a series of moans before with one last movement she came. We took our turns kissing her as we wanked next to her before finally shooting our loads over her beautiful breasts.

A Mutual Fantasy Finally Fufilled

group Johnsexlife 2018-06-23

As I approach orgasm she sucks my penis vigorously while fucking herself with the vibrator often saying she would like to duplicate this story in real life but she would have to pick the guy or guys which usually results in my flooding her mouth with my semen. The excitement was so great I blew my load into Linda mouth within just 3 minutes as Bill filled her cunt with his hot cum as Linda had a violent orgasm. Soon Bill was hard again from my sucking and Linda sucked him off until he came again as I fucked my first cum filled cunt which a a great new sensation for me.

A Landscaper's Debt Ch. 02

group Rocket1010 2018-06-23

After putting his belongings away, he lay on his bed, thinking of the day's events, wondering how it was going to be working for Marie under the new arrangements. Marie woke up with a smile on her face knowing today was the day Brad would see Dr. Stevens and then tonight would be the big surprise. "Thanks." Brad picked up the water and smiled thinking about the Ms. Colton and her attorney, Jacqueline, and what the three of them did a few days back beside Jacqueline's pool. Taking the gown, Brad told Joanna, "Thanks." When she turned to walk out of the room, he watched the pretty nurse's hips swaying suggestively.


Living a Fantasy Ch. 02

group thick7in1972 2018-06-23

About 10 o'clock I headed out the door to watch Anne work at the strip club. I had no idea what to expect, but the thought of watching her tease and use her naked body to tease all of those guys got me hard again as I drove. "So who's got better tits, me or Tori," she whispered to me after she broke the kiss and began to nipple on my earlobe. "I don't fucking care," she said staring at my cock directly in front of her face since I had now stood up. I have always loved the feeling of a naked woman pressed against my own nakedness, which finally got me completely hard.


Ryan's Party

group La Luna 2018-06-23

As the song was coming to an end, she pulled my head closer to hers and our mouths came together in one of the most passionate, soft, sweet kisses I have ever felt. "You guys look like a coupla ghosts!" She cackled and brushed past them into the kitchen "I need another drink." I asked Will to get me one too and went to sit down on the other couch. The combination of these: Carmen's head bobbing up and down on my boyfriend's rod, the sounds of the two fucking in the other room and Chris pinching my nipples just about sent me into orbit right there. I then looked over to the couch and saw Carmen sitting on my boyfriend's hard-on facing me so they could both watch the scene.

High School Friends Ch. 01

group tonyl65 2018-06-23

I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, "Not bad Mary, nice firm tits, a little curvy around the hips but still looks good, and your shaven pussy with your lips hanging low looks really hot." I laughed at myself and headed into my room to put on some clothes. The kitchen door slammed and another cat call whistle filled the room, Tim was home, "Now that is a great way to end a long day at the office, seeing two beautiful women in an embrace in my kitchen." Tim stopped the car and we got out, "Now you girls behave and call me when you're ready to be picked up." We threw him kisses and giggled our way into the club.


Indecent Proposal Ch. 07

group wizarddriver 2018-06-23

I ran my hand slowly down Emere's body & thighs for a couple of minutes as my mouth released Annabel's now swollen pussy lips. I hardened even more as I imagined that scene above me of Emere riding my cock with one hand on Asoese's hip for stability and her other hand, drenched in Asoese's juices, thrust between Asoese's thighs as her fingers thrust deep into Asoese's pussy; with Annabel's tongue still lapping Asoese's pussy from the front. In addition to this I had the exquisite feeling of Emere now riding me very hard on the way to an orgasm, the heat of her pussy starting to BBQ my old man as he solidly fucked her; and to round everything out I had Annabel grinding her pussy hard down on my face.


It's My Life: Six

group RebeccaBrowning 2018-06-23

"You'll look incredible in it babe," Mike said, and while I had to admit that I liked it despite the fact that it was a little dated for 1975, I wasn't sure that it was right for me. It was the fifth car we had owned in the short time we had been married, and was our best by far according to Mike, especially when he got around to fixing the front end damage like he planned. "My husband is all right - he's the bald guy that looks a little like Don Rickles," Carla said. "Call me, baby," Carla said as the door opened and she left to rejoin the party, leaving me standing there with her lipstick on my face and an embarrassingly wet place between my legs.


Kevin and his Roommates Ch. 03

group smalltitslovr 2018-06-23

I figured it would be better if Kevin heard it from me, so I said, "Well, Jeff and I were talking and we thought that maybe I could be his pretend girlfriend for the evening while Sara's here." Instead he looked back to Jeff and said, "Sara's cool, I don't see why you need to make up a story." We took the drinks back to the living room and I returned to my spot on Jeff's lap, this time being a little more careful with my skirt. "The game started innocently enough," Sara continued, "you know, little things like revealing your favorite sex position or kissing your partner for 10 seconds.


Ten O'Clock

group EnglishBard 2018-06-23

Imagine the feel of all that cum on your face, on your tits, on your belly….imagine another woman lying on top of you and smearing it all over you with her body…now imagine she's covering her fingers with it and pushing them into your cunt…as she licks away at your clit……does it turn you on?" I removed her blindfold just as Alyson turned both parts onto high, and Bruce untied Sally's hands. I made her kneel up a little so that her pussy was inches from Sally's face and she could watch as I pushed one finger into Alyson. Alyson moved underneath Sally's body and took up the classic 69 position, licking away at Sally's clit as Bruce pumped himself ever harder and deeper into her. Bruce came inside them both, and I watched amazed as Sally licked his come from Alyson's trembling body.


group Buffffy 2018-06-23

One of the guys came over to the bar and ordered a round of drinks for his friends. Now bend over and take your shot." I knew that my skirt was too short and I tried not to bend all the way over, but he took his hands and put them on my hips and positioned me. What should we play for?" Josh looked at me hungrily and said, "how about strip pool?" I laughed, thinking he was kidding. Josh was tired of the game then and pushed the black guy out of the way. He rubbed his newly hard cock on my wet pussy, teasing me a little, making me buck back.

Valentine's Day Shopping Trip

group pilot63 2018-06-23

They looked up and saw her eyes closed as she moaned at the soft caresses of their hands over her tits, ass and pussy. "I like the way the bra makes her tits look just like big scoops of ice cream topped with bright, red cherries." Angela said before she leaned down to suck an erect nipple into her mouth. "Such a nice cock." Chloe said licking her moist, full lips and rubbing her hands over his right thigh. Chloe was focused on sucking Alex's cock when she felt Diane's hands on her hips pulling her pussy down onto her open mouth. As Diane and Chloe lay next to each other on the floor caressing and kissing each other, Angela slid down Alex's body lowering her wet pussy onto Alex's stiff cock.


Having Guests

group Bruce1963 2018-06-23

Your hands slide up under my shirt and quickly release my breast from my bra and begin to tug at my nipples. I can hear your soft groans and feel your hands move over my breast. I raise my head as he slides his cock between my swollen lips and I groan as he thrusts in and up, his hands cup my breast and he pulls me up and he pumps his mean into me. I cry out as your fingers pleasure me at the same time that Steve brings me to pleasure I am watching you stroke your swollen meat and as I know you are ready to come I lean and take you into my mouth to bring you to a deeper pleasure as I feel you explode.

College experience Pt. 1.

group YoungSwedeGuy 2018-06-23

She told me they were having a pre-party at her place with a couple of more guys from the class and after 5 minutes of conversation I agreed to come over so we could all head to the clubs later on. From what they told me afterwards, this was all a plan from their side, Katrin was well aware that I was eyeballing her and Caroline enjoyed the show aswell, as the hours went by, we began to dance more intimate, all three of us, by now I had no idea where our other friends were, but I did honestly not care at all, here I was dancing with a curvy BBW and a petite egyptian girl, I was in heaven.

Phone Phun

group tv46 2018-06-23

for now." Tim closed his eyes and pictured himself leaning up against the kitchen table, gazing down into Holly's steely grey eyes as she sucked his cock. "Tim has a problem." She winked at Dirk and used her hand to give an imaginary cock several quick strokes. Holly scooted up on the kitchen table and pulled Dirk towards her, opening up her legs to bring him close. "There's no turning back now," Tim said, stroking his hard cock, "go for it." "Oh yeah," he said, as Holly cradled his soft cock in the palms of her hands. "Oh my god," Dirk said as he watched his cock disappear between her wet lips. "Fuck Babe," Tim said, "I want to hear you cum."


GF's f****y Midwinter Lodge Retreat #5

group imornery81 2018-06-23

The dirty version of Pictionary was exceptional especially since there were not enough chairs and Dad said we all had to be seated, so each man had a woman on his lap during each picture and every time that the puzzle changed, so did who was sitting where! I knew it was Tina and I did my damndest to suck her clit in just the way that I had learned months before drove her crazy Indeed, when the bell rang she took her time dismounting my face and I smiled. Finally, Dad called time and the ladies walked to the bar and we were given pen and paper and told to write down which woman was which number. By the end of my first minute I was feeling good and once Tina took me and started tonguing and licking the underside of my glans.

Millenium Party

group SlutKathy 2018-06-23

The host then thought it a good idea to write on my body, so with a permanent marker pen he wrote all sorts of crude comments, like "suck and pinch these" under my tits, and "fuck this slut bandy" across my stomach, arrows pointing up the insides of my thighs and down to my ass with enter your cocks here wrote by them. Several took turn at punishing me for being a slut, spanking me with their hands or whipping me with belts over all my body, enjoying watching me writhe and squirm, straining against the hands holding me down, and hearing me cry out as the leather stung my ass, tits, thighs, and over my naked cunt, not only from the pain but from the orgasms that it was causing me to have.

Wordless Encounter

group michaeliam 2018-06-23

I could feel her wet pussy humping my leg, making me want to suck this cock harder. I was enjoying kissing and sucking her breast while slowly beginning to masturbate her pussy when I felt a hand on my cock. While working on the other breast, he had reached down with one of his hands and found my hard cock and started to fondle it. But then I felt two mouths start working on my cock and I knew he and she were giving me a treat. I relished in the feeling of two tongues licking, two mouths sucking, exploring my cock and balls and then my asshole.

One Scary Good Night Ch. 02

group Themaskedman 2018-06-23

I felt like there were enough insults for the night so I gave my mom a good squeeze and said "Thanks mom, but I am having plenty of fun in life and don't need to come home drunk every night to do that." "Yes, I am still pissed that you guys got drunk and chased off that girl last night." I said trying to suppress the rage in my voice. "Slow down cowboy," she said as she wiggled out of my arms onto her own two feet "I have class right now, but meet me in the photography room at 10:30 and we can pick up where we left last night, okay?"