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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Three Guys and a Gal

group Johnsexlife 2018-06-23

Linda spent her first few weeks in Hawaii smoking pot and having sex with 4 or 5 different guys. Paul and Linda started smoking some potent pot and soon they were locked in a kiss with Paul stoking her now ridged nipples as she stroked his 7 inch cock thru his swim suit. She thought to herself what the heck and quickly took his huge cock into her mouth and started giving him a fantastic blowjob as her played with her sperm covered clit and pussy lips. We have not filled this fantasy yet with real guys but have simulated it with her sucking my cock with a large vibrator deep in her cunt and a thinner one up her ass.

The Hot Hitchhiker

group DevilishTexan 2018-06-23

“Damn, aren’t you a big boy,” she said and grabbed it with both hands, then started slurping like a baby on a lollipop. Joe was grabbing her ass and bouncing her up and down his dick, and she was screaming when she didn’t have one of our cocks in her mouth. Then Joe started grabbing her ass and she cried out, "Oh yeah, I'm cumming. Scott and I looked at each other as if to say “is this really happening!” I started to slide my cock in and out of her ass faster, rocking my hips. She started to cry out reaching behind her to pull Scott closer as he squeezed his cock into her tight little ass.

Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 07

group Andyhm 2018-06-23

We both smiled at Lisette and she stopped for long enough to look up at us and ask Simone nervously, "You don't mind do you?" "That sounds perfect," Simone said, "So would you like a holiday with us next week?" She asked Lisette. Lisette went off for a shower and I turned to Simone, "Thank you, you are so generous, I really do love you," and she pulled me into a deep kiss. She looked at me, "I walked away from my boyfriend and sat next to Andy and told him I was his birthday present, at the end of the evening he took me home and unwrapped me.


The Birthday Surprise

group CheriSM 2018-06-23

I normally keep my pussy well trimmed, but James tells me that tonight he wants me shaved clean and that they're going to do it. I soon become even more hot when I discover it is my mystery woman eating my pussy when James lowers his cock into my mouth. I am hot with desire since I have my husband's cock in my mouth and a woman I don't know eating my pussy. Once my hands were free I eagerly grabbed my mystery woman's tits and rubbed her pussy with fervor. At one point James had me on his cock and the mystery woman on his face as we fondled and sucked each other while riding him.

Tim's Greatest Desire

group Dream Seeker 2018-06-23

Even though there was a lot of room in the front of Johnny's truck, every time we turned left, Lisa would brush up against me and I couldn't help that my dick was rock hard. I didn't want Lisa to be mad at me because Johnny was making her fuck me, but she looked so good with her naked body right in front of me. Lisa was grunting and her heavy breathing began going quicker and I could tell she was trying to hide it, but her body was shaking and her pussy contracted tightly around my dick in an orgasm. A minute or so later, Johnny grabbed Lisa and laid her down on the floor and got on top of her and began fucking her in the missionary position.

A Porn Shoot Shock Ch. 01

group Olibauer 2018-06-23

This girl was seriously good at sucking dick, after the shock of seeing Jana there I hadn't even got hard yet but after a few seconds of this hot blonde swirling her tongue around my dick, I felt like I was nearly ready to cum. Before I had even finished cumming, Kayley looked back around and shouted "what the fuck did you cum already?" She looked around and then demanded "someone put a fucking hard cock in my arse!" I pulled my dick out of her and immediately I was pushed aside as another guy stepped up and shoved his cock in.



group Flayme 2018-06-23

Two sets of lips kissing, sucking, two tongues licking, two sets of hands stroking, fondling, caressing?" his teeth scrape down along my throat, before sinking gently into my skin, biting my neck and suckling it. Todd looks at Mark briefly before saying "She has the sweetest tasting cunt honey on your lips." He motions our friend forward, and Mark crawls onto the bed, using his hands to spread my thighs wide. Helping Todd and Mark divest themselves of their clothing, we fall to the bed in a heap of hands, lips, and tongues, with me in the middle. "Fuck her ass." Hands gripping my hips and holding me in place, Marks eyes darken as he watches my face.

More Adventures With Tony Ch. 2

group Salsa105 2018-06-23

What if I didn’t want to go along with this...Tony said nothing...he just pressed the button on the remote control. Peter asked to see what would happen if Tony pressed the button while I was standing up. Tony held onto me and told Peter to reach and squeeze my tits. Peter said he wanted to see what was causing all these spasms, so he reached down, unzipped my skirt, and pulled it off. Peter was ready and, from the nudging of a hard cock against my ass crack, I knew Tony was ready too. Tony could see that Peter was getting impatient, so he reached for my waist and pushed me down, hard and fast.

What Linzi Wants Ch. 2

group NiteWriter 2018-06-23

"Oh honey, you're clit's getting so hard." I was anxious myself to see his big cock penetrating Linzi's tight little cunt for the first time. you're ass is so good." Chris was passionately crying out to Linzi as his cock fucked faster through her tight asshole. "C'mon Christine, show Linzi how you cum like a dirty slut." I probed deeper, exploring her ass until I felt her rectum tighten on my fingers. Linzi was completely in another world with so many things happening at once, her body violently shaking from her orgasm, her boyfriend's cock throbbing in her ass, Christine's fingers buried deep in her cunt and my cock cumming in her mouth and all over her cute face.

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 01

group SilverFox300 2018-06-23

I recalled that a very close family friend, Dana Ellingson (younger, and a real cutie), had mentioned to us yesterday that a new, very high-class swingers' club had opened up in town and that we might be interested in going for a visit. When Bron heard me there she asked if it was going alright and I called out that I was getting the number for the local hardware store as I needed to get some sandpaper and wanted to be sure they were open that early in the morning. I asked, before Dana could respond, "Do you want us to meet you at your place first, so we can meet Jason before going to the club.


Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 19

group SteveWallace 2018-06-23

The thought about all the women I'd had sex with made me pull out a piece of paper and make a list: Fran, Sheila, Ally, Jean, Jane, Pam, Brenda, René, Marge, Cindy, Gale, Nancy, Rita, Zoey, Penny (swinger), Gloria, Mandy, Rose, Sally, Sarah, Helen, Sandy, Wendy, Alice, Paula, Marie, Susan, Betty, Sandra, Sharon, Kim, Dot, Ginny, Margot, Devon, and Julie. Doug finally said with a tone of admission, "I think I'd like lessons, and I'm embarrassed to admit it, but Sheri and I have apparently fallen into that trap you mentioned before of forgetting about sex as a way to express our love for each other.


Robb Does Two

group Bakeboss 2018-06-23

Their names were Heather and Jolie and really, they were kind of funny but what got me to help was the offer of a home cooked meal. Jolie said, "Heather plays the cello for the concert orchestra. Last night they were just two fat girls but as I lay here between them, I could see that Jolie was quite fair with hair so light that she didn't even bother to shave her armpits. During our meal, Jolie asked if I would accompany them to the concert hall to see Heather perform a solo that night. This was special just to fulfill a fantasy she had, she sat on my face at the end of the bed reverse cowgirl style, and while she played her cello, I licked and sucked her clit until she had an explosive orgasm.

Wants and Desires

group MissMayRose 2018-06-23

You, with your free hand, begin to undress me, exposing my breasts to both of your wanting eyes. She responds by increasing her manipulations on my hard nipples and moves her now free hand to my waist. Your hand leaves mine on her body, still moving to find sensation, and you reach to my pussy. You gently release your grip on my breasts as she moves up to kiss me, allowing me to taste myself on her lips. I tentatively kiss, then lick, then take your finger into my mouth as I, too, enter her with my fingers, you grind deeper into me and she moans onto my excited nipple. As she begins to come, she lavishes my pussy in a series of tongue lashings, moaning, feeling, clutching my ass in her hands.

Uncaged Ch. 08

group theimperfetc 2018-06-23

I exhaled deeply, until she followed up with, "my turn now." Ben stayed long enough to squeeze my ass hard one last time, before moving aside to let Jade behind me. I was looking right into his eyes, a little overwhelmed by sensations, thinking more about how I must look, naked, cuffed, and being "punished", but just as I started to nod, I felt Jade release the cuffs, letting my hands free. "Shit, you two look so fucking hot right now...suck that fucking dick Kat, get it ready for me..." Jade moaned, hell, nearly whined, as she got on all fours beside us, presenting her fantastic tight ass, as she continued to rub her wet pussy.


Stormy Nights

group Sweets23 2018-06-23

"I'm sorry, it looks like that Susan took everything she owns." "I know, Susan has slept over at my house before," Christina laughed. "Hello, Christina, how are doing?" I opened eyes and looked over at her, "how did you know it was me, not some stranger?" "Well, simple I locked all the doors, turned off many lights, I will have to assume that your the only other person within the house," I replied trying to be smart ass. And with that Christina took her hand, turned my face and planted a long, sensual kiss right on my lips. "Oh my, your dick is getting bigger and hotter, can I, can I...suck it," Christina asked looking into my eyes.


Upper Class

group R. Richard 2018-06-23

This time I got less help, but only because she was too exhausted from the first fuck to work that hard. She then told me that the girls were all nude and a guy could tell if a girl's pussy was ready for him by just feeling. The fuck was a major struggle with a girl who wanted to be dominated but was not going to let me dominate her without a fight. After the Claudine fuck, I got a drink and talked with Allison for a bit. Then I could feel the little spasms that indicated Deanna was orgasming every time I stroked. Allison gave Bonnie a sort of nasty little smile and said that Allison was probably going to have to fuck in the car after a long busy night.

mmf in a hotel (bi sexual) xxx

group bobafettshelmet 2018-06-23

I beckoned James to come and enter his lovely slut and guided his hard cock towards Penny's wet and very open cunt. James got into a lovely rhythm of giving Penny some very deep strokes, then pulling out and changing angle slightly in order to pop his cock into my mouth, then back into his wife's cunt again. James and I were talking filth again, me telling him how gorgeous his wife's cunt felt and how I was going to splatter her cervix with warm semen, him telling me to fuck the dirty bitch hard and treat her like the little cum-slut she is.

Baby and the Game

group jugulator 2018-06-23

When Baby and I arrived, Andy has already poured himself a drink and Mark was in the kitchen preparing the snacks. Mark continued to fuck her mouth holding her hair, while she stabbed her fingernails into his ass, gripping him harder and harder. Slowly, mechanically, like a robot, I took the camera and zoomed Andy's pole penetrating my baby's throat in forceful swings. After a couple of minutes of sucking, licking, slurping and moaning, Andy pushed two, and then three fingers in her ass, and said: "Don't worry, you're gonna enjoy this," Andy said and slowly put his cock to the entrance of the Baby's asshole. I handed the camera over to Mark, grabbed both sides of her head and fucked her throat.

One In A Million Girl

group texasace 2018-06-23

I went back to her mouth to share what I had received, and slipped my hard and hungry cock in her soft succulent cunt while we kissed. With each rub and stroke Monica got closer to Laura's beautiful ass. As she massaged the inner thighs, I could tell that she was getting close and maybe rubbing Laura's smooth shaved pussy. Monica spread Laura's ass cheeks and massaged and rubbed her little pucker hole. After about 5 minutes of that, Laura started to lick Monica's tits when they came in contact with her mouth. Monica then inserted two fingers and started to finger fuck Laura while she rubbed and stroked Laura's clit.

Doin' Two Chicks at the Same Time

group Delicious_Juice 2018-06-23

Tom then had Jamie keep sucking his dick, while he had Roxy sit on his face, as he licked her slit, the pussy in clear sight for the first time. Jamie had recovered, surprisingly eager for more, masturbating herself while watching in apparent glee, as Tom sat up, and kneeling, rubbed his gargantuan penis a few times, before plunging it into the awaiting anus of Roxy, who had remained on all fours impatiently. Jamie, fully recovered now, and moaning in pleasure again as she fingered herself, slid underneath Roxy (still on all hands and knees, taking Tom's penetrating penis in the anus), and slurped up the small cover of liquid on the bed sheets.

Circle Dance Ch. 02

group rulesplayer 2018-06-23

We believe he has shot his cum into Nancy's mouth, but we're not sure, since she doesn't take her mouth away from Ralph's cock. George claps his hands eagerly, and Sherry calls out "Ralph", in dismay. Nancy lowers Ralph, and he moves to his wife's head, kneeling on the bed on his hands and knees. Ralph grunts, and apparently as the game requires, leans down and kisses his wife as Nancy enters him from behind. The women respond, Nancy fucking Ralph harder, and Sherry writhing underneath George. No. We see Ralph lie down on the bed, and Sherry get on her hands and knees over him. Nancy has switched dildos, and she pushes it into Sherry, and Ralph eats his wife out from underneath.

Warren's Women - Nancy & Judy Ch. 01

group Paris Waterman 2018-06-23

The girls: Nancy Artz and Judy Caporale Warren's buddy, Eppy: Epsolen Anderson noted jazz saxophone player "Hello Nancy," he said shaking her hand firmly, and turning to Judy, "and what can I say to a number one fan?" "Judy's fine, but now it's your turn sugar," and before he could move Nancy's hands were holding the sides of his head and kissing him powerfully. Nancy blushed and Warren kissed her again, this time under the blanket his hand wandered under her top and cupped the padded bra covering her breast. Nancy suddenly buoyed by Judy's excitement, giggled, and in a cheerful high-pitched voice said, "Okay, let's get him undressed then."


Mark and Melanie: The Party Pt. 02

group rainman0720 2018-06-23

At this point, Melanie told me it was finally time for me to join the other three in having come at least once; she must have known that thanks to her husband's very talented mouth, that wouldn't be Donna's last orgasm, and I think she wanted to time it so Donna and I got off together. As Melanie worked me towards my orgasm, I felt Donna squeeze my hand hard as Mark got her off a third time. It makes me hot as hell knowing I did that to you." And Mark said it was a helluva turn on for him to hear me as I came into his wife's mouth; he also said he couldn't wait to hear and see that later as I unloaded deep inside Melanie.


The Girlie Girl Fuck Bus

group BabyGirlPrecious 2018-06-23

One night, Officer Perkins slipped into my bed while I was sleeping and whispered, "I have a REAL surprise for you tonight, Girlie Girl. Every man fucked my wet and wanton cunt, sucked my titties, and fingered my clit. Every man, in his own way, whispered that he wanted to be my favorite fuck...and then each man placed a one-hundred dollar bill on my night stand. I knew he wanted to suck my titties and finger my cunt, although, after feeling the lifeless bulge in his pajamas, I doubted his cock could get hard. He pushed my hair off my face and said, "Girlie Girl, be my Pet. Ride on the bus I bought for you and fuck to your wild heart's content.