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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ms. Marca Ch. 29

group Ms. Marca 2018-06-23

"No shit Max, looks like we're going to have a party!” said the one holding my mouth, "You think the lady wants a REAL man Bud?" "I think we need to find out Big Ed," said the man holding Marca’s mouth. I could feel my boyfriends eyes on me and see me take a deep breath though my nose as Bud began to hump my mouth on the slick dark rod, his hands held my head tightly, and that massive cock began to slide deeper into my mouth. Marca continued to beg him not to do it, so Max calmly took one hand and placed it over her mouth, and with the other he steadied that cock and began to press forward.


Heating Things Up

group Clohi 2018-06-23

I sucked Rafe’s cock and felt two tongues on my open pussy. Frank and Rafe were both licking my pussy, sliding their tongues back and forth across my slit. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him hard and fast as Rafe slammed his cock in and out of me. Rafe slammed his cock into me again and then pulled out, his cum spewing on my pussy. Frank crawled off the desk and then went down and slammed his cock into my open pussy. As I settled on Frank’s cock, I told Rafe to fuck my ass. As the alarm rang out, calling the second shift to their next fire, Frank and Rafe pushed into me and we were all cumming hard and fast.

Group Sessions Ch. 01

group Warkeeper3690 2018-06-23

Tim was now down between Alysia's slender legs, his tongue working on her wet pussy as she let out a quiet moan, her eyes closed as she held his head down. Alysia began to suck on the tip of my cock as Chelsea licked my balls, coating them as she smiled up at me. I began to suck a few inches into my mouth of Ben's dick when Tim gripped my ass firmly, plunging his cock into my tight ass. Tim began ramming my ass harder, his grip tight on my ass, his balls slapping mine as Ben held me down on his cock. Tim began thrusting faster and harder, my ass being filled, the pleasure filling me as I sucked the tip of Ben's cock.

Nosy Neighbor Three(some)

group greygotskills 2018-06-23

Mandy was stroking Hank with her right hand and with her left she ran her fingers around her slit spreading her lips open giving Wendy a clear view of the pink goodness inside. "Wendy, Hank and I just wanted to thank you again for inviting us out to dinner it really has been quite delicious." Mandy said breathlessly. Mandy began licking Hank's cum from Wendy's chest savoring the salty taste of her husband. Wendy wasn't sure that she cared for the taste but she did enjoy kissing Mandy and she found the thought that she had another man's cum in her mouth other than her husband's quite erotic. "I think she's ready honey." Mandy looked up at her husband as she lay Wendy back onto the couch.


Lust and Longing

group pagrl 2018-06-23

Finally alone, I turned toward you, one hand rubbing you through your pants, the other pulling your head toward me for a kiss. Bright blue eyes stared at us as one of her hands rested on the stop button and the other was rubbing herself through her short black dress. My breath caught when I noticed that although you're tall and have long arms, your arms are not long enough to allow you to kiss me and reach under my floor-length dress at the same time. Looking down I saw the black haired stranger's arm moving up my dress as she fitted your clothed cock in her mouth. Cupping your face in my hands, I kissed you softly on the forehead, on each eye, on the nose and on the mouth.


Awakening Michelle Ch. 01: Intro

group SeanEdward 2018-06-23

My wife, Michelle, had to run to the restroom she'll be right ba-" No sooner than I say that, she walks around the corner and I hear Charlie mutter "Wow" under his breath. Let me know when you are finished and I'll take Mike and Michelle with Levi and Alyssa around the club for introductions." Enjoy the club and if you have any questions ask the members, Kennedy, or Alex and myself." Charlie says. We all stand and shake hands and Michelle and I walk out to the hallway to find Kennedy talking with who I presume are Levi and Alyssa. I probably would have knocked Levi out if he was brave enough to try what your husband did." Alyssa says "Would you like to hear the story of how our first time went?


Wife invited new female workmate to dinner

group adventureousmale 2018-06-23

She started to talk giving a commentry to Lindaa, Taunting her, your husband is licking my pussy, sucking my clit, putting his fingers inside me, oh that's good just there. It was a good ten minutes before Linda shouted 'Pam can you come to the bathroom' Pam shouted back 'I'm coming now' Pam started to thrust her pussy as a licked deep and I could feel her fingers rubbing her clit, she came. As I sucked Lindas clit she was moaning loudly, I started to put a couple of fingers in her cunt and went for the spot she liked. Pam whispered to me 'her clit is lovely and big isn't it, it makes you want to suck it.' She put her head down on Lindas pussy and started to suck

The Price of admission (to my wife's pussy)

group bi-kink 2018-06-23

When he was rock hard and obviously enjoying the attention, I squeezed some gel onto his ass and began to massage his asshole with my finger until it opened enough for me to fit it inside. After 5 seconds of battling against the liquor, his hard cock, the pleasurable feel of a finger in his ass and her legs, he dropped his resistance. Seeing him ravenously eat my wife's wet hole and me finger fucking his asshole, I was hard as steel rod. They both relaxed for the next few minutes in contentment, but I was still pumping away, sliding my stiff cock in and out of his tight ass(it always takes considerably longer for me to come the second time).

Taking Brooke

group honey28 2018-06-23

Before I could pull the strap low enough to expose her breast, she grabbed my right hand and raised it to her face, drawing my index finger into her hot little mouth. When I felt Mischelle's red laquered nails drawing lines across my thighs, I told Brooke to bring that tight little pussy of hers up to my mouth. Waves of pleasure were radiating from my groin, and I pulled Brooke's pussy toward my face, wanting to finally taste her, see if she was as sweet as she looked, and also wanting a distraction to keep me from concentrating too much on what Mischelle was doing. I looked up to see Mischelle's hands cupping Brooke's gorgeous tits, sqeezing her nipples, and suddenly she was screaming, shaking, burying my face in her gushing depths.


A Holiday at Moniques Day 03

group 4eyedbrit 2018-06-23

Hillary withdrew her cock from Monique's mouth, bent it double and placed the freshly lubricated end into her own asshole. "Oh god, this thing does help you come," Monique said as she pounded harder into Hillary, grinding her clit into back of the plastic cock. Monique fucked Hillary faster and harder making her simply lay her mouth open over the head of my cock, with each thrust her head was jolted forward over my cock, pushing it deeper down her throat. As my cock spat its thick load into her deep hole, Monique came, letting out a loud gasp, spraying my balls with hot come from her pulsating twat, as she pinched and clawed at her nipples.

Sara's Lost Sex Tape

group SaraPeal 2018-06-23

He walked over to stand by the bed slowly wanking his hard cock whilst his beautiful wife made love to my friend Sue. I zoomed the camera in to get a good close up of his lovely lump of manhood, I could see the precum gently oozing from the end, I involuntarily licked my lips at the horny image. Whilst Sue was kissing my face, my lips, my eyes and nibbling my earlobes, Chrissie was nuzzling my breasts, taking one nipple then the other into her hot mouth, licking with her tongue, and nibbling gently with sharp little teeth.

Fantasy Threesome

group slg65 2018-06-23

A few days later I called Phil and we had a long conversation about Sue's "dream." He told me that he was more than wiling to help me make it happen, but that we would need to make sure we worked out all the details so that nobody would get hurt. I could see Phil smile as he saw Sue's shirt come off in the rear view mirror. Sue reached down and felt my hard cock through my jeans and said, "Yes, I do." "Speaking of driving, I'd better concentrate on the road more." Phil put both hands back on the steering wheel and Sue crawled back between my legs and continued sucking on my cock.


Poker With The Teachers

group anonymousreader 2018-06-23

"I'll see your bet," I said, putting in my five bucks, "and I'll raise it another ten." I thought for sure that a full house would win the pot, and I wasn't averse to raising the stakes a bit. "OK," I said, putting in my five bucks "five it is." Steve, Frank, and Denise all put in five, and Danny put in four more. Danny took two cards, Trudy kept all of hers, John took two, I ditched the ten of diamonds, Steve took two cards, Frank took one, and Denise surprisingly took three cards. "Sure", drawled John, "I'll cover that, fifty bucks for five shots." Frank started pouring more tequila.


Night of Changes

group explorateur 2018-06-23

"Come on it's only a dinner, you need a night off anyway, and you just might have a good time." Cindy was looking at her with a wicked smile. After a little time and some more talk, Phillip took his jacket off and put it around Maya's shoulders. Once it hit she went limp and rested on Phillip's shoulder, she opened her eyes and was staring at a women in her late thirties, blond, in tight running shorts and sports bra, flat stomach, and tits similar to hers. Phillip leaned over and started kissing Maya again while his hand stopped playing with the strangers nipples and moved into her running shorts where he quickly inserted two of his fingers into her wet pussy.


A Pretty Good Night

group joshi 2018-06-23

While I licked Donna's lips and felt her back, Holly took one of her hands from where they had gripped my neck and began fondling Donna's breasts. I moved nearer to Holly, and ran my hands slowly across her body, one on her left breast, and the other hand tracing the path of her right arm as it led, finally into Donna's vagina. Staring into my eyes as I took the fingers of her right hand into my mouth, Holly began to manipulate my belt buckle. Lying back and breathing heavily, I watched Donna slowly move on top of Holly, kissing with her eyes closed, and tracing circles around her breasts with her fingertips.

An Erotic Novella Ch. 01

group Jenna Leonore 2018-06-23

I was still very perplexed and trying hard to contemplate what was going on and what would happen next, when two cars pulled up at the end of our drive and five men got out. As I was about seventy yards away, naturally I couldn't hear, but whatever he said made them take a look up and down the road too, then they turned and made their way up the drive to my house. "We've got plans for you girlie, you're coming on a little trip with us some day soon" said the man fucking her. The men left the house while Jenny just lay there on the table, her hand moved down to between her legs and she played with herself in a half-hearted way for a few minutes.


The Making of Debra

group callmejack 2018-06-23

That afternoon of her eighteenth birthday, looking at the pages of men and women in all kinds of positions and seeing large dicks piercing wide open pussies, she masturbated, massaging her clit faster and faster until she had her climax. She knew, when their tongues were deep in each other's throat, that this was how sex was supposed to be, this was the way it was supposed to feel, not the cold and detached way she had learned about it in the classroom and text books or the wanton and unbridled sexual energy that leaped off the pages of her brother's magazines.. She never had so many large and long dicks in her life and they stayed hard forever punishing her pussy and her ass for several hours.


Double Penetration

group lyn_hornygirl 2018-06-23

His response was to open his skintight jeans and pull a great big cock out. "GOD you've got Fucking LOVELY little tits" he complimented me, and immediately filled his hands with them. So I got my breath back, and we went again, my pussy felt - to me - a little more relaxed than on the first outing, I began to sieze a bit of control, moving up and down on Brian's big cock, while whoever was behind me, was pushing in and out, going ON AND ON it seemed like forever, I was gasping , screaming, again Brian's hand sealed my mouth. The stranger's fingers were at my clit, stroking, Brian grimaced and flushed as he emptied his big balls

Dreaming in Color Ch. 3

group WritingDreams 2018-06-23

With one last hesitation, Phillip reached out and glommed onto Emil's cock with reluctant fingers, but then a funny thing happened. Unable to resist, I grabbed a vibrator from the pile on the bed, and went to work on my clit, while I kept a gentle, loving hand on my husband's own cock. Ana groaned, and one hand came up to caress the ball of my shoulder, the other she kept at Emil's back, scratching over the wheals harder now, making him jump and shiver in agony. With a flash of my mean streak, I took a page from their book of last night, and moved to touch my lover, instructing Emil as if Phillip weren't there.

A Friend Lends Me Her Husband

group fotisampini 2018-06-23

"Oh Cat," Mike murmured, "Your breasts are every bit as wonderful as I've always imagined them." He ran the back of his fingers across the flesh above my nipples sending such a shudder of feelings through me that I'm sure my body jolted a little. "I want you and Mike to make love now darling," her fingers gently caressing my skin, "I want you to have him Cat, I want him to fuck you." We looked into each others eyes as she said that. I moved my bottom a little so that she had more room and then I felt my entire body buck as my long term friend's fingers touched the lips of my vagina that were stretched and opened by her husband's penis.

Letters to Purvi Ch. 05

group Lalitha Mehta 2018-06-23

Suddenly I realized that I had wanted Franz for a long time now, and all I really needed was to have him over me, his chest grinding down against my nipples, his muscular crotch pounding into mine, my legs wrapped about his tight ass while his dick rammed into my soppy cunt. Otto picked me up and lowered me gently onto the bed, kissing me again on the lips while Franz went back to work with his hands under my sari. I gently removed Franz’s head from my bosom, and while he stretched out at my side, I leaned forward and ran the tip of my tongue over the incredible hot skin of Otto’s cock.


One Night in Heaven

group bella26 2018-06-23

We made plans to meet a couple times, but nothing ever came out of it, then one night he asked me to come by his place and I figured what the hell. After a few minutes we had a good rhythm going and I was giving one a blowjob while the other fucked me in the doggy style position. After a little bit of that, Mike pulled his 6 and ½ dick out of my pussy and slid it into my ass. With Mike’s dick in my mouth at the same time all I could think of was how lucky I was to be in that position. We fucked the rest of the night, with the two of them changing positions frequently and I came many, many times.

Rebeca's night out part 1 and 2

group goofiegumdrops 2018-06-22

Grabbing a handful of Rebeca's belly-fat Michaela hissed "you really think your going to get laid tonight looking like the fat ugly bitch you are?" "The closest your going to get to getting fucked tonight is when your licking my asshole as the guys pound my pussy you nasty little fat freak!" Barked Michaela! Grabbing Rebeca by the hair Michaela pulled her face to hers and kissed her passionately whilst massaging the crotch of Rebeca's now pussy juice soaked shorts! "Do you want it in your fat ass tonight you nasty fucking slut?" he murmured in Rebeca's ear as he slipped his hands under her bikini top and began massaging and squeezing her tits hard!


group English Bob 2018-06-22

Julian was masturbating through his open fly and Ingrid, still sitting next to Graham, was slowly massaging his swollen tool with her hand as they all watched Helen pleasure herself. Amongst the cries of lust from her husband and Ingrid as they fucked away like rabbits, she felt the searing heat as Julian thrust his rigid pole of male flesh deep into her vagina. Hearing her husband's cry of satisfaction, Helen watched as he wrenched his tool clear of Ingrid's abused looking anus and shot a long stream of cum that laced from the crease of her tanned buttocks almost up to the nape of her swan-like neck.