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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Short Career as a Male Stripper

group WayneGibbous 2018-06-22

Then Mary Jane called time and I moved over in front of Lissa who took my cock in her hand, wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the shaft and began jacking back and forth as she slid her lips over the crown and began sucking while her tongue ran around the glans making my heart rate soar. All too soon it seemed, Mary Jane called time and I reluctantly moved out of Lissa but then shifted eagerly in front of Emily, surely the hottest-looking of the four, as her pretty pink lips parted and surrounded my cock as she took me all the way in and sucked up and down, stopping when she pulled back to suck the tip for a minute then back and forth some more.

Midnight Dare Ch. 01

group Belshon 2018-06-22

So Candy and True left for the city and their husbands went pussy hunting and the Friday night ritual was on. True was on her game and got 5 more drinks bought for her then the blonde Candy did. And you can not lock the door or in anyway deny a man access to you." Candy looked at her friend and knew if she did this she would be gang banged for real. "All right True but remember this next time." Candy got up and went to the ladies room. She saw men watching through the holes and the open door as his cock filled her pussy. Candy knew just what she would do for True's dare next week.

A Good Neighbor Ch. 04

group mdiver 2018-06-22

Later that night, lying in her bed, Jan could not turn off the images from the first time she walked in and saw Larry eating Susan's pussy. For Larry, watching Susan lick Jan's lovely bald pussy was a huge turn on. Jan could tell both were on the edge of cumming and as Susan began to tense, she reached down between her legs and held Larry's balls. After a short pause, Larry pulled out of Jan and she and Susan took turns licking his cock clean and sucking out the last drop of his cum. "Is this what you had in mind Jan?" asked Susan as she licked Larry's cock.

The Hospitality Suite

group TwistedPlayr 2018-06-22

She rolled it around in her mouth then pushed it back out, making sure that Sean was watching as the ripe fruit slid between her parted red lips. Rita pulled the final strawberry from the toothpick and rolled it around in her mouth before bringing it, sticky with juice and her saliva down to her slit. Sean moved forward and nudged the head of his cock between Edie and Rita, and sucked in his breath as Edie's tongue lapped against the underside of his prick. Edie sucked his balls into her mouth and sucked them noisily, causing Sean to slam into Rita harder. He quickly snatched his camera from the dresser drawer and snapped pictures Edie's mouth covered in goo with strands of cream connecting her lips to Rita's spewing cunt.

Kiki Brings Edith Home Ch. 03

group gamma33 2018-06-22

I covered Kiki's hand with my left hand and drew my right hand back so as to slip my thumb into Edy's cunt and a finger into her asshole. "Jeezus, but you know what I really like, lover." As I slowly fucked her ass, she reached down and sank two fingers into her juicy cunt. I pumped my cock in and out of her ass as hard and as fast as I could while she twisted her hand into her cunt, finally getting four fingers inside. Then, returning to the living room, Kiki rased Edy's head and placed the pillow under it while I covered her naked form with the blanket.

Party of Five

group SimplyDelicious 2018-06-22

"Hold on," Paul said, "let's have a smoke before we head out." Tony rolled his eyes, sat back down, and turned the music back on. I took Andre by the hand and we danced around the room to a salsa beat as Tia proceeded to give Paul a lap dance. Tia bent down to lick the cum that escaped from my ass and then proceeded to lick Andre's cock clean. We continued like that for sometime...My ass being used by Paul...Tony impaling me on his massive cock. Tony and I licked at Tia's sopping cunt and fingered her hole and ass...and Andre parting Tia's little lips with his penis.

Hotel Amour

group RonRyder 2018-06-22

"Let's face it, Ron," she said next day, "Our sex life sucks." "Look, Janet," I said, adopting the condescending tone that she detested, that I knew she detested, but that I could not prevent myself from adopting, "if you are mad at me about last night, I understand. For one thing, the thought that our sex life needed 'spicing up' was, well, mildly insulting. There is, of course, hotel personnel present, and the rooms are arranged ina a certain way, but they are extremely discrete and their only purpose is to ensure that the primary rule of the establishment is adhered to - no coercion. Your room door has an electronic gadget sort of thing with three lights, red, amber and green.


Return of Mrs. Aiyer Ch. 04

group funky2003man 2018-06-22

uuuiiiiii… .. aaahhhhh.. Mrs. Aiyer sighed and whispered ""Mmmmmmmmm, bahut achaa lug rahaa hai," (it is very fine…I like it) … badaaa majaa aa rahaa hai (I am enjoying) .aaaahhhhhh….. She cried oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaa" Naveennnnnnnnnnnn, yesssss!!!!!" she cried as her climax peaked, subsided then peaked again. And she climaxed! Her tangy juice was gushing out of her pussy and I did my best to drink it all up. uuuiiiiii… ..aaahhhhh.. It was first time they were with a man who had taken Viagara. Mrs. Aiyer very slowly moved between Sudha’s legs. If any girl/lady is interested in having experience with me do write back & share your views.

The Ride

group leilore 2018-06-22

Without warning the d ark haired man lifted Janice off me and the blond man put one arm under me and lifted me up in the air like I was a twig and placed me facing Janet and her partner. It had bed so long since I felt that my muscles instantly tightened, but he just licked my clit faster and placed 2 fingers from his other hand in my vagina. But My first partner who was already inside of me had a firm hold on my hair and said as he buried his cock as far into my vagina as far as possible, "Hmmm...relax..." then he kissed my lips.

Swan's Way Ch. 05 Pt. 02

group clayboy 2018-06-22

I lean and give Marcel, then Nuke, a creamy kiss, before letting it slide from my tongue onto my palm. "Nuke, Marcel knows how play me like a violin, so I'm asking him to concentrate on my cunt. I slump, collapse, separate from Nuke, push against his chest, and roll off Marcel, bounce once on the bed, arch my back and clutch my sopping cunt. I command, "If you want a shot at my cunt, you'll do it!" I take Marcel back him, slide my lips over him, gaze up into Nuke's eyes. Long, slow strokes; I want to feel your cock as it slides across my clit." He crouches, legs spread wide, outside mine and Marcel's.

Fireworks on Maui

group pamper1 2018-06-22

She said good and slipped her hand around my head and pulled me in tight to her and kissed me hard and deep on the lips. Alexa busily sucking away on her man's cock as he began to lick and lap at Angels sweet walls. Tyson groaned out loudly as I felt his come spilling into my backdoor, he pumped me over and over before his cock either was pulled out or slipped out but I heard sucking sounds as I looked down and saw Alexa sucking the head into her mouth swallowing his load before placing the head back against my open ass and having him push himself right back inside my backdoor.


My Exploration No. 01

group HotDoc22 2018-06-22

She was on all fours, taking his friends long hard cock in her mouth, slowly deliberately licking the shaft from root to tip and circling the glans with just the tip of her tongue allowing her saliva to glisten in the evening light. My "hospital man" was watching this intently, and as she started to take his friend deeper into her throat and move more vigorously he moved to put his hands on her ass. I saw him stroke it, pull his hand back, looking at it in the half light, seeing it wet and then licking his fingers deliberately. Suddenly he pulled out and started wanking hard, that beautiful cock, in his fabulous hand, I wanted so much to be holding it.

Lovely Linda and Sexy Sarah Pt. 02

group TSpank61 2018-06-22

As Linda rode up and down on my cock and Sarah slid back and forth on my face, I could feel them leaning forward to kiss and caress each other. It seems when I was sucking her clit, Linda started to pull and twist Sarah's long nipples! Linda broke their kiss and said to Sarah, "I've still got a pussy full of Timmy's cum. What an awesome feeling to hear two women moan at once from the force of your strokes, as Sarah was pushed harder into Linda's sweet pussy. As I continued to slide my cock rapidly into Sarah's tight pussy, Linda started to squeeze my balls and talk dirty to me, "That's it, fuck that pussy.

My Wife's Friend Ch. 02

group TheAdventuresOf 2018-06-22

I moved my head away from Melissa's voluptuous form to turn my gaze to Vanessa's perfectly naked ass on the other side of me. I kept rubbing the head of my dick into the deep walls of Melissa's pussy while watching Vanessa pleasuring herself. "Does it make you really wet listening to me fuck you?" I moved my lips to her other nipple, my cock rubbing lightly against her opening. "I'm going to fuck you all day today, and I don't want you to cum yet." I pushed my hips down, feeling my cock push hard against the back of her pussy, then I removed my cock from inside her quickly.


The Social

group masterhead69 2018-06-22

He pulled the door open for us, and we walked into a silent room. As he bent to take her nipple into his mouth, she pulled it away quickly, causing him to rut at her chest like a hungry infant. When it was obvious that I couldn't cum and float at the same time, the arms of the other hot tub guests reached out to steady me. Sexy Red nodded vigorously, the whole time reaching out to trap my other large breast in her delicate hands. Sophistication took one of Red's nipples between her lips and the other in her hand while I slid the smooth shaft in even further. Sophistication held Red's head back so that she could better service the hot flesh of her chest.

A Night of Salsa Dancing Ch. 01

group sexycouple1010 2018-06-22

As the music played I started to get the hang of salsa dancing but my wife needed a little bit more work, which Anthony didn't seem to mind; Tanya and I had had enough of dancing so we went back to our tables and continued to talk and finish off the drinks we ordered. Tanya turns and begin French kissing my wife as Anthony and I sit on the couch and observe this hot lesbian action while re-cooperating getting ready to dive right back in on the action; Tanya grabs my wife by the hand and escorts her to the bed room while Anthony and I followed dick in hand.

La Playa: Polynesia Ch. 01

group Fog43 2018-06-22

Julie clamped down and stopped bobbing, sucking on the cock head like a straw, and drew the cum up Steve's pulsing shaft. Jean was now out of the pool as well and called out to Mike, "hey boy, come stick that hard meat in me!" Mike moved away from Julie and Steve who were now back under the shower spray and reaching for shampoo. Once they were dry Julie took Steve by the hand and led him inside as Mike and Jean continued their morning rut under a quickly intensifying sun. By now Jean and Mike were cleaning up in the outdoor shower, Corky retrieved a cup of coffee as headed to the master bedroom ensuite, and Christie was perusing the fruit tray.

I Just Had to Know PART 1

group allennine 2018-06-22

We all sat on various sides of the bed drinking rum and smoking weed when all of a sudden Geraldine announced, "Ladies, I want you all to know that this man, my longtime friend can eat pussy better than I do." "He also has a nice dick and knows how to use it.", she added. It turned out that Cheryl was Brenda's lesbian lover and Darlene was a bisexual friend of Geraldines. As I was licking Brenda's fat juicy tight pussy, I began to think about the chick I had seen earlier that day. Cheryl stopped licking Darlene and angrily told Brenda, "Bitch, that ain't me, that's this fuckin man, dammit!!!!".

A Night Out

group JM 2018-06-22

My wife, Helen loves hot sex of all kinds. Helen loves to dance and I took her to a place out of our town. I also want to watch you on the floor." I reached down and spread apart the crotch of her jeans. When the dance ended, I went to the booth behind the one she occupied with her "friends." I wanted to hear the conversation. "Who was that old guy you danced with." Ron asked. When they had moved, I heard Ron telling his other friend what he planned. When they sat back down, Don looked at Ron and Jim. With Helen sitting there he told them, "She is a great dancer.

A Typical Friday Night

group LuckyRubyDancer 2018-06-22

Marie worked on my legs and John got my back, with them trading off on who massaged my ass. Next, Marie laid down while John ate her magnificent pussy and I sucked on her fabulous tits. Since it was the first time the three of us had played together, John and Marie agreed that I should get most of the attention, and boy, did I ever get it. John sucked the ice cube into his mouth for a bit, to get a taste of me, before playing it over my pussy again and again with his hands. All the while, Marie was playing different soft things over my skin--velvet, satin, silk, and then sucking my nipples in between.

A Year Of Wild Horses

group KimmieNOLA 2018-06-22

Mike drew closer and then Terry came up too, and brushed against Rebecca's erect nipples. They stayed locked together like this for a few minutes, and Rebecca, still shocked but not really upset, caressed Mike's muscular ass, even as a few more shivers in his body told her that he had just gave her everything he had. Terry looked so impossibly beautiful as he took his tanned hands and spread Rebecca's ivory white and smooth legs so far apart that Mike could see anything he wanted to. Mike was looking between her legs when the first wave of the big O hit her, and his eyes nearly popped out when her inner lips began to contract as they tried to suck back both boys’ seed.

Starts with a Dare

group ScarlettKisses 2018-06-22

Ash pulls back from the girl's perfect, young boobs and moves down, running his hand over her shapely hips before inserting a finger, watches as she takes it into her wet pussy. Ash shoves himself in hard and deep and Kerstin feels him squirt his cum inside her with a loud moan. Roxy kisses Kerstin hungrily, still teasing the whimpering girl's clit as the guy behind her fingers her own wet pussy. She could smell sex and sweat in the air, feel Kerstin's fluids on her fingers, Ash's dick sliding in and out of her ass, her muscles tremble with her orgasm and she pulls away from Kerstin's lips to bury her head in Kerstin's boobs as Kerstin lets out her own cries of enjoyment.

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold

group parts guy 2018-06-22

I ran away from home in the middle of high school, and worked my way across the country. I managed to not only finish high school, but I even went to college. I then pushed the cake carefully over to the corner of the room. I repeated the kissing scene with each guy, so by the time I had finished, each one would have swallowed one of the others cum. Once out there, I reached into my cake and pulled out my coat, and a small box, and headed back to my room. As I laid on the bed, I couldn't help but laugh as I lay there wondering what would be better, to have their friends and family see them being sucked off by some blonde bimbo, and obviously enjoying it, or to have their friends and family see them being sucked off by me.

There is Always Mother Ch. 02

group walterio 2018-06-22

Mitch stayed still for a second and then slowly pulled his cock out until only the head remained in Nina's ass. Mitch stiffened and pushed his cock all the way up Nina's ass and he held on to the globes of her ass as he fired a huge load of cum deep into her rectum. Nina pushed her ass up to meet Mitch's cock every time he thrust into her. Nina grunted every time that Mitch plunged his cock deep into her ass and she urged him to fuck her hard. Janie's hands had felt so good that Suzie had not wanted her to stop. Janie was tempted to let her fingers drift between Suzie's thighs but she didn't want to push the issue at this time.