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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Resort Ch. 02

group jim313 2018-06-22

Connie was the gorgeous blonde who had been eaten by Cora at the table and Tracy immediately went up to her and took her hand and told her that she would love to put that same look on her face that she saw at dinner. Connie smiled and said that she would be delighted and the two of them sank to the floor as Tracy made herself comfortable between the blonde's gorgeous, shapely thighs and gazed with reverence at the petal like labia which were slightly swollen and parted revealing the inviting pink flesh of her vaginal opening. Each time his tongue flicked over the large organ, she shuddered and moaned and when he took it between his lips, she quivered in orgasm and wet his face with a surprising flow of creamy cum which he found very tasty.


Helping friend fuck his girlfriend.

group letshavefun811 2018-06-22

She started to moan, and then said to my friend "Do you like watching his big dick fuck me baby"? After a while of my thick cock, invading her sweet tight pussy, she starred up at her boyfriend and said "Ohh baby, I want you both to cum on my face at the same time. Every thrust bringing me closer to cumming, as she's now starring right at me, her begging eyes, looking in amazement as my next thrust sends her into another orgasm, her cunt splashing my thighs, pouring pussy juices, the hot juice felt so good on my balls, couldn't stand it anymore, so I pulled out my cock, and raised it to her face.

Revenge is Sweet

group tonyl65 2018-06-22

Jason ordered them a couple of stiff drinks, looked at him and said "I'm sorry I had to do it this way, but I know how much you like Christine." Barb took the shirt, and without saying a word turned and started walking away from Christine. Christine quickly began to apologize and tell Barb it won't happen again when she was met with a quick slap across the face. With that, Barb's gloved hand lifted from Christine's naked ass and was quickly, and sharply, replaced with a hard slap. Christine watched Barb's naked ass as she walked away and then began to crawl after her. "Tell me you want my pussy bitch." Barb said as she grabbed each of Christine's nipples and twisted them hard.


Roots Motel: Jan and Ron

group Friskee_cpl 2018-06-22

Here was Sharon sitting with her back to one of the blokes with his cock up her arse whilst she sucked on the dick of the other and here was dainty little Diane plunging a vibrator into Sharon’s gaping cunt. Jan pushed one of the workers onto the bed and leant over doggy style and began sucking his cock when Steve took his gear off and went over to Jan and slid his cock into her dripping cunt. I looked around and Sharon and Di were busy coaxing some life back into the workers and Steve took my place feeding his cock into Jan’s pussy.

Insatiable at Work Ch. 11: TTN

group insatiablerob8 2018-06-22

He pulled his dick from her mouth and looked up and down, over his wife's amazing body before declaring "I gotta fuck you...lay back and let me fuck my little girl." Bryan moved down between my legs and watched me fuck his wife...he enjoyed watching...but I knew he wanted more... Yea...I like to watch it disappear into her tight little puss...fuck'er...mmmm." He ran his hands over my ass, feeling the flexing muscle, taut from thrusting into his wife. "I love your ass,'re hot to watch...fuck'er, dude...fuck my little Tara." I remember she worked like this me for a long time...I wanted her to do it...I love it when her sexy, full lips are wrapped around me.


Diary of an Indian Cruiseship Whore

group pussylove69 2018-06-22

Their hands moved up and down my body and they were feeling out my breasts, touching my hard nipples and fumbling my wet pussy. I´m not sure if it was Steven´s fuck that made me cum, but more the feeling of making that married couple cum at the same time with my young, sexy body and being paid for it, that I came to a huge orgasm too, as Stevens load of sperm shot into my pussy. I made them cum another two times when I again licked Helen´s clit as she was fucked by her husband and as she was eating my pussy, while I knelt over her and Steven was fingering his wives cunt, while I was pleasuring his cock with my hands.

First Night Of Term

group Celtic_Heart 2018-06-22

As she danced, Emma would casually brush her body against Mark and Iain, smiling to herself as she noticed their growing erections. Mark thrust his cock between Emma's lips, feeling her tongue drag along his shaft as he slid it in and out. As the pressure in her pussy mounted in response to Iain's tongue she sucked harder and harder on Mark's cock while her hands cupped and squeezed her breasts. As she rocked forward in response to Mark's thrusts from behind, she opened her mouth and sucked the head of Ian's cock between her lips. Emma slid up Iain's cock and held herself steady as Mark began to press forward, pushing the head of his cock past the tight resistance of her arsehole.


Sell Me

group hondo1906 2018-06-22

worked for me during that period, and we became very knickers, stockings and shoes. removed her stockings and shoes. They made no attempt to dress and the I realized that the talking had ceased and assumed that I jumped up to the window and saw that the men had In some of these they had acted together in In some of these they had acted together in Chapter III I saw a fantastic sight. being suspended, and the lads released her ankles from Chapter V Chapter V Chapter V Chapter V picked up a prostitute it was there that they first saw to act the part of the prostitute. dress. which were again picked out by the ultra-violet lights,

The Threesome Chronicles Ch. 03: Mary Evans

group SarabethW 2018-06-22

Beneath the jeans, a girl would wear a black thong much like your swimsuits in construction, that fanned out as it rose out of the butt crack and tied above the hips. "And y'all went out in public like that?" asked Brynn, obviously tickled to get the scoop on her mother's high school shenanigans. My hips were more curvy than Candice's and I concentrated on the slow dances, letting the guys place their hands on my naked waist. "Sorry, Brynn," I continued, "but Candice sat down for drinks with a couple of her partners, which gave me the opportunity to forge ahead with a few extra boners, the tally for the night...

My Husband and our cuckold relationship

group 2018-06-22

By that time John himself was d***k, he was high in the knowledge he was going to have me, and his behavior was becoming more emboldened the more he drank, at one point hubby suggested we sit together for him to take a photo and John kissed my full on the mouth, while hubby sat with the camera, watching us freely give to each other, that moment cemented the evening, John genuinely believing me to be the architect of out liaison, and I feeling the release of sexual tension, suddenly realizing that John could possibly be another dark secret to be swallowed into my loins, I could feel a warm gush was felt between my legs on this realization, I stole a look at hubby, he seemed oblivious to all, I suddenly wanted to fuck, just for the sake of it, and reached under the table for Johns hand, guiding it onto the bared warm flesh atop my stockings, inches from my womanhood, which was open and wet, Johns fingers were inside me as hubby took the photo, I assumed, blissfully unawares John was possessing me under the table, my fattened clitoris being squeezed between his fingers, the pub seat being flooded by my lubrication, all I wanted was to get home and be fucked every way conceivable to man.

Self-Made Woman

group BrettJ 2018-06-22

Damn girl, y'all have some fine-looking ladies." The Texan was gazing at Lori when he said it, his wife Donna was flirting with a sassy redhead named Jeanette. The Texan checked out a day later than originally planned and Jillian was pretty sure he and Donna and Ming had worked through most of the staff. Damitra was a noisy little fuck, but looked better naked than most girls Jillian knew. Lori could still fuck Jillian into a state of near-exhaustion, she still loved to watch Jillian fuck other girls and she still liked partying with a pretty lady of her own once in a while.

Grace Entertains Friends

group dreamweaver5539 2018-06-22

When I asked her after one party if she was no longer interested in the swinger lifestyle, she replied in an accusational tone that of course she was bored with it, as I had introduced her to fucking a big cock by tricking her into letting my lover Tom fuck her. The young men pounded Christine like the whore she had become, taking turns fucking her eager mouth and cunt. Having fucked her mouth and cunt to their contentment, the boys propped Christine's ass over her desk and commenced taking turns ramming their cocks into her ass. From the expression on her face I could tell that she had become their willing slut, that she loved their domination over her, and that she lived for the humiliation of having her married holes punished by the huge black cocks of these uncaring men.


Bad Penny Ch. 11

group MVPrimetime 2018-06-22

I fixed him with a stern look and said "Say it Ian, stop being such a fucking wuss. Penny was being made to ride one guy, and he said he didn't want to wait his turn so he'd just have her that way." He shuddered. "I've always said 'fuck the orange bastards,' Sean, but from now on I think I'll bugger 'em!" He brought his hand down to slap and grip Penny's left buttock, shaking her flesh as he sat up. Another man, one of the oldest in the group, he looked late twenties, maybe early thirties, stepped forward to the bed and said "Well since you and Marty have oiled her up I'll not need any of that Vaseline." he was undoing his belt and eyeing Penny's bottom.


Monica's Art Class Ch. 03-04

group GriffyD_Boy 2018-06-22

There were no life models posing this week, instead Monica had set up a small table in the middle of her living room's black, shag rug. After Angel came Lenora and Dennis, who, like Ellie and Mark, occasionally exchanged a loving glance. Monica's plan to seduce her class had started nicely, but as she watched Lenora and Dennis the wheels in her head were moving. As this was happening Angel turned to Dennis and Lenora and asked, "Would the two of you like to have dinner with Len and myself this Saturday?" Putting the thought out of her head, Angel looked down at Len. When their eyes met, she smiled and mouthed the words, "It's time."


Going to the Fair

group Kami_Raion 2018-06-22

Stopping in front of Jennifer's house they found her already waiting outside, also in her Renaissance Festival outfit, this time the pirate boots led up to skin tight leggings in brilliant red, a black bustier which pushed her already ample breasts up further and a very low cut black poet shirt with huge sleeves. Rachel looked up at the feel of two more sets of eyes running over her body, her tight clothing leaving little to the imagination of these young men. The three young women drifted forward to the actor's cries of "Push and shove, push and shove." After breaking through the wall of people Jennifer took the lead and using the pamphlet map led Rachel and Molly to the shop that Sean had shown them.


A Stripper Story

group bobbullet 2018-06-22

That meant that she climbed on me and worked a lap dance rubbing her g-string covered pussy against my bare cock while I licked and sucked her puffy nipples, then pulling the g-string to the side and doing a wet and juicy stripper slide that was so hot that I thought she was going to suck my cock into her cunt bareback (not a good idea in a strip club). Right then Kristine returned with our drinks, and she slid into the vacant spot to my left as she looked over, clearly enjoying the view of Donna's pussy and Angela's face covered with her juices.

Ending the Dry Season

group creepyrj 2018-06-22

I felt his hands on my ass and it felt so good I began to moan in his mouth. My head tried to move up, but as he was so deep in my throat I couldn't stop him and I then felt a finger slid in my ass. He got a few good pumps into my dripping pussy then I felt Rafeal behind me. Rafeal ripped my hair back and I screamed aloud, he then began to fuck my ass with a fury. He pounded my pussy and his hand slapped my ass at different times and I felt my own orgasm building at how dirty he was fucking me. I felt Rafeal keep his spent cock in my mouth and he pulld out when I stopped screaming.

Sexy Man Fantasy Part 2 - Bi-Sexy

group MrFun79 2018-06-22

The hot pre-cum was perfect for fingering his sexy button, it kept him moaning and dripping for as long as he could hold on. Her dark red hair almost matching the color of her lips and it was hard to look away from her big engorged nipples. “You get on the bed” She said to me, then turned to her husband and said, “You watch for a bit, I need this.” 
He nodded and looked at my cock and said, “Yes, please” as I laid back on the bed and he touched his growing b**st and played with his nipples. “Make him cum with your big cock.” She said with a twinkle in her eye as she bit her lip.

Play Date with Pam

group JorisKHuysmans 2018-06-22

Still I was simply a spectator as these two ample women made out, not the gangly, athletic makeout session of two younger and thinner women (I'd seen that more than a few times at Christmas parties at my company) but the meeting of two fleshy bodies, soft and curvaceous, rolling over each other as breast met breast, thigh slipped between thighs, fingers stroked the rolls of fat under the arms and kneaded big squishy asses, then Pam's lips and tongue sucked at nipples, licked down belly, and arrived between thighs where my cum had been whipped into a white foam up and down bright purplish lips.

Volleyball Slut

group Louise Brown 2018-06-22

Daniel reached down across my body and pulled back from the slit in my nighttime, baring my legs completely, and started fingering my pussy. Both guys kept sucking my tits, John squeezing my left one while nipping with his teeth, and I moaned deliciously as my nipples grew stiff and hard, and I was soaking between my legs. My eyes smiled devilishly at John, and with a slow, easy slide downward, felt Daniel enter my body with deeper-than-usual moans from each of us. John fucked me from above, and as his wide, hard cock pounded into my pussy, he drove my hips and ass down onto Daniel.


My Initiation Pt. 03

group Brit1986 2018-06-22

Brad, his cock now holstered inside a pair of boxers and light blue denim jeans - out of my sight but not out of my mind -, became the amiable host once again. While Michelle went and busied herself in the kitchen and Brad smoked and flicked through a book a friend had gifted him at the party, I dozed. "A fucking wedding!" Brad's exclamation carried through to the kitchen where Michelle set the plates down with a loud crash; her hubby failed to notice. "Well," she said, returning with a box of chocolates, "you get to fuck Miss Boring Massive Tits, why can't I have a Mr Big Black Cock?"


A Night Out in Paddington

group CatherineTheGreatest 2018-06-22

No sooner were we inside and Rob had Paula on her back on the big floor rug, skirt pushed up to her hips, knickers off, legs spread wide and his head between her thighs tonguing her, as only Rob knows how to do. With that said I put my hands on his shoulders and started to lower myself down, my legs spreading further apart, knees bending, until I felt his cockhead nudging at my opening. He began slowly moving his wonderful tool back and forth, almost the entire length each time, so I felt the fabulous slow, piston like, sensation of the head at my cunt lips then travelling into the depths, 'til it hit my cervix.


My Second Affair Part III

group korpus1957 2018-06-22

I not only needed to thank Stan and Ken for the way they made love to me but I also felt I needed to thank my husband for helping set up my first threesome. I felt his hand touch my head as my mouth opened and his balls, one at a time, were taken inside. Ken's eyes almost popped out of his head when Stan withdrew his cum-covered cock from my pussy and guided the head to my asshole. I reached back to pull the cheeks of my ass apart as Stan stepped forward, his cock sliding inside my tight Asian ass. Ken was stunned as he watched me take Stan's cock in and out of my ass.

Big Beautiful Bar Banger

group bbw4youngercocks1 2018-06-22

It wasn't the easiest thing in the world to get off with two strange men in the backseat of a car in a back alley, especially when they're just drunk enough to have trouble with their hard ons; but not enough trouble that both of them shot off their white hot loads of jizz at the same time into my used openings, moaning as they filled me with load after load of cum, just as another guy came out into the alley that I hadn't seen in the throes of our orgasms. It hadn't been long after I had finished him off sexually when four more men had come out to the alley to have a private weed party in their van, parked a little ways down the alley from where I had just fucked Mr. Big Cock, in addition to the drinking they'd likely had been doing in the bar.