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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A trip to the Beach started a very fun weekend

group sexystu 2018-06-22

So me and eric were still hard and both needed to let out some “well steam” so I took her mouth and he took her pussy and we banged away until we both blew or loads in her, a little rest and a ciggie and were ready for more this time the other way round her pussy was oozing out cum and I slid in with ease and fucked away until pussy cock (me she’s still blindfolded) was told to lay on my back, she mounted me with her tits swinging in my face and other cock was instructed to do her arse I was sucking her tits and then she said that’s you on the bottom isn’t it I replied and she kissed me with a new found passion and said we have both won you know Anna has said to me how she would like to fuck you.

Caught In the Act

group wikidkul 2018-06-22

Karen started to rub my balls as Lita continued to suck me. Karen was sucking and licking my balls while Lita was sucking me and rubbing her hand around my ass hole. Lita moved her hand over to Karen crotch and started fingering her clit and pussy. Karen then pushed Lita back and started to lick and suck on her tits. Lita then reached over and grabbed the dong and ran it over Karen’s pussy a few times. Lita looked up at me sitting next to Karen and slide the dong in and out a few more times. Karen opened her mouth and started licking the head of my cock. Lita rose up and started to really slam that dong into Karen while rubbing her clit.

A Talk With the Wife Ch. 03

group doverKink37058 2018-06-22

I started loosely sucking on his head, up and down while my spit started draining down his shaft I grabbed the base of his cock finally with one hand, the other reached between his legs pushing my middle finger over his asshole. I watched mesmerized by that cock disappearing into my wife, her moaning in pleasure, his grunting with effort till he started to tense up and pull out, but Rhonda gripped him with her legs not letting go till he shot his load inside of her already drenched pussy.


Surprise visitors

group sam1066aus 2018-06-22

As I run my hands up your thighs I feel your breathing labour, my upper lip rubs your clit as my tongue swirls inside you, you strain to close your legs whilst with a shudder your body convulses. A woman's naked body presses into my back, her nipples hard against my skin and she slides her hands around my belly and, taking my cock, strokes me gently. You sit up and run your hands over your body pushing your breasts together then sliding two fingers deep into your pussy. Lifting her off my cock I start with long deep strokes as she tosses and bucks, her body becomes tense, our bodies slapping into each other until I feel her spasms rise deep inside her and flood through her body as her moans becomes wails of exultation.

18 and Fucking: My First Fuck Fest

group sweetgirlie 2018-06-22

His body replied just as I had wanted it to, I felt his cock explode in my mouth and I swallowed his entire hot sticky load. One between my legs, pulling my thong off, the other up at my face, stroking his beautiful cock over my right cheek, I opened my mouth and started to lick his cock head. I felt my cunt being pried open by a hard cock, moaning loudly with a cock in my mouth and one in each hand, I arched my back so he would be all the way inside me. He took my hand and told me that he was the one who would be taking me home, that everyone else had left and my “friend” had been drinking so he didn’t want to drive.

backyard campout

group 2018-06-22

After awhile, this got a bit boring and some one suggested going in the large tent and playing cards. Well, a guy named Jim won the next hand, and it was time for Jeff and I to suck cock! The time came when Jim was the only boy with his under pants on, and the rest of us had all sucked some cock, and found out it wasn't so bad after all, so I suggested we just pair up and have some fun! I was sucking Jims cock and as he came in my mouth, I didn't realize it at first, but when I did realize I just got a mouth full of cum, I blew my load in Dave's mouth!

The Beginning

group BobbyCoxwell 2018-06-22

Cheryl shifted her weight and pressed her other boob to my lips as she reached an arm behind her back and started to rub my pussy through my jeans. Before turning back to Cheryl, I patted his crotch and said "I hope that thing has lots of energy, it's going to get quite a work out!!" As I was doing this, Cheryl joined me and started sucking Dan's balls. Cheryl was great at deep-throating and would keep Dan's dick buried in her throat for long periods, her throat muscles pulsing on the head of his cock. Cheryl said, "If you like that Dan, How do you feel about this?" Suddenly, Dan started thrusting harder and said, "Oh yeah, fuck Cheryl, that's good."

Fantasy Sex Cruise 09

group mountaincat4 2018-06-22

Bradley went into the bathroom and returned a few minutes later and told Mark and Ashley to go ahead and get started. Bradley looked a little puzzled at what Mark had said as we took their place in the bathroom and began our internal cleansing. "Ever since I saw that Ashley had her pubic hair removed I've been thinking of what you would look like because I thought you had a beautiful pussy when I saw it last night full of Bradley's cock. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes and began to get the strangest feeling that I hadn't felt this good in a long, long time.


Into the Swing of Things

group ShazzyB 2018-06-22

My nipples respond to the stimulation and stiffen, rising like large ripe berries from the silken mounds of my breasts, I roll them between my fingers, making them pert, round and ripe for sucking. The hand fervently rubbing my clit makes the fluid splash over my thighs and belly, each drop feeling like an ice cold needle pricking at my burning skin. Gentle lips suck and kiss my cunt as the feminine delicate fingers perform their erotic dance over my aching bud, and I feel a climax building deep within me. My teeth are clenching, and my hands rake at the black sheets covering the bed, but still the tongue keeps up its steady unrelenting rhythm, greedily lapping up my wetness until I stop trembling and am gasping for breath on the bed.

Another Man or Two

group mrbill4u 2018-06-22

I had just come back from the frig with drinks for all passing them around I sat on Bill’s lap and was listening to what someone was saying when I felt the front of my dress fall away at the same time seeing the surprised looks on Mike and John’s faces I heard Bill say “ Aren’t these beautiful!” Which seeing Mike and I fucking Jasmine must have helped because as Mike came along with Jasmine again, I could see John hard on in hand moving to take Mike’s place in my wife’s cum filled pussy at first she seemed a little surprised to have one cock removed then so quickly replaced but still very pleased.

cream pie Mmmmmmmmm

group enigma3 2018-06-22

I recall the first time my wife had another man bareback and I had my first taste of sloppy seconds - yes, I know we all want safe sex but in the ideal world, we all love the feel of a naked cock sliding in and out of a delicious wet warm pussy. In addition, when it comes to sharing a horny woman in an MFM scenario I will never forget that wonderful feeling of sliding into my wife's exquisite, hot and slippery hole just after another man has fucked her hard and pumped his cum deep inside her! I felt so horny thinking about my demure, respectable but very sexy wife opening her legs for a young guy she hadn't even met yet and letting him pump his warm cum deep inside her pussy.

Beach Party Daze Ch. 05

group sandysummer 2018-06-22

I spent the rest of that Sunday with Jim and Becky. Jim moved onto the bed next to her. "So, you and Jane have fucked a few times, then?" I wanted to know, I had some catching up to do and I wanted to know how much. Jim moved up the bed and held her arse cheeks open for me. Jim grabbed her head and dragged it into lap. I shot my last drops of seed into her as Jim filled her mouth with his semen. More from anger than lust, I grabbed the dildo and pushed it into her anus. Jim joined me and she soon had six fingers, three of mine and three of his, working away inside her.


Jenny Ch. 03

group justarandomguy 2018-06-22

Sandy left the hotel info and left, happy that tomorrow half a dozen frat boys would use and abuse Jenny like the cheap whore that she was. Come with Sandy to the frat house tomorrow and I'll take care of everything." Johnny got up then, and was gone as quickly as he had arrived. Sandy and the five young men were so wrapped up in each other that no one noticed Jenny and Johnny quietly slip into the room and take up position behind a pile of boxes not far from where the forgotten camera lay recording. While he went at Sandy, the frat boy brought his hands under her and started massaging her breasts, which were jiggling madly as her body got pounded.


After Class Has Finished

group English Bob 2018-06-22

Looking down Tom felt a momentary pang of jealousy as he watched Justin's experienced fingers undo the buttons on the front of Sandra's blouse opening it and letting it fall from her shoulders. Tom experienced the exquisite feeling of his young wife's cool fingers wrapping themselves around his still hard cock and guiding it to her hot, open mouth. His erection was now buried to the hilt in his wife's throat and a warm, no hot, sensation was building up in his ass as Justin began a slow, sure rhythm, thrusting himself in and out of Tom's anal passage. As Tom felt for the first time, another man's hot cum splash on to his skin, his own cock erupted in a veritable fountain, flooding Sandra's mouth and face.

Stand Up Ch. 01

group handsomeyetnice 2018-06-22

JIM raffled around for a minute like he was trying to find a marker (though I suspect he had one ready for just an occasion) and told Shannon to take her shirt off for her autograph. Instinct was really taking over and I started shoving my dick in and out of this girl's mouth with abandon, letting up only slightly if she gagged. I'm not sure why, then, I was just going on instinct, but I reached out to grab the back of my roommates head and started shoving it onto that big cock. It's hard to describe but, watching her suck that cock, it's like he and I were both getting off on her being face-fucked.

That Old Flame

group nighttimestories 2018-06-22

The first black guy got on the bed and leaned over Cassie's left breast and sucked her hard nipple into his mouth. Cassie was moaning on the big cock in her mouth and now was into it as she wrapped her long tanned legs around the guy fucking her. She began looking around and did not see me but did see the five guys, naked in the room and one stranger between her legs pumping his cock into her pussy. Clarice's husband was now getting his cock moaned on as the guy fucking Cassie rolled his head back and moaned. The forth guy took Robert's place at Cassie's face and held his cock for her mouth to devour.


Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 06

group SteveWallace 2018-06-22

I learned later that at the same time Dave had some fun with two women who wanted to play in a threesome." That was good, because as Dave and I got closer and then married, she and I had to interact to handoff Sheila for various events or time with the other parent. "We developed some good friends in the area from those parties, people that we came to love and spend a lot of time with over the years. I found out later that this wasn't the first time a woman had done this to Jean, and she admitted she'd helped clean up many of her friends over the years in the same way.


By the End of the Week

group elguaton 2018-06-22

Because of her school suspension, her parents would not let Jessica come over on Tuesday, and so it was not until the day after in Mr. Crandall's class that the two were able to see each other. Mr. Crandall looked up from his desk, pretending he had been grading, when in truth, he had been eyeing the clock, as nervous for Jessica's arrival as if he were sixteen again and going on his first date. "So you mentioned you wanted to talk to me about something?" Mr. Crandall said, getting up and walking around his desk, so that he was directly in front of Jessica.


Factory Girl

group Anth28 2018-06-22

The first one came and grabbed her hair as he unzipped his jeans and took out his erect cock. They came back and stood in front of her, within seconds she had their jeans down and was wanking two cocks in front of her. He thrust faster and faster and came all over her back, he slapped her arse as he pulled up his jeans and stood back and watched his mate have a go. He grabbed her legs and pushed his cock into her, as her feet rested on his shoulders. Side by side they were on the floor, she bound their hands and feet together and pulled down their jeans.

One Night at Cavanaugh's

group LoveMenLoveSex 2018-06-22

Whether it was the booze or the atmosphere, or the fairly certain knowledge that I could make more from these men if they were allowed to go a little further, I'm not sure, but I brushed my nipples over the young man's mouth and felt him jerk in the seat, his hands rising from his sides to slide up my stocking-clad thighs to my hips, his mouth opening as I swayed back and my nipple slid past his lips again. As he fingered me with one hand, the other was rubbing over my ass, and his tongue was in my mouth, and I wasn't thinking about a blow job any more, I wanted the big cock I could feel through his jeans inside me, scratching the itch he was creating.


A Tale of Two Titties

group Mag58 2018-06-22

"They're fucking amazing", he slurred as he began stroking and cupping my left boob with his big hairy hand while Grant mauled the other without moving his face. I looked up to see Simons' face getting contorted and his nostrils flaring as he tried to stop himself cumming; but he couldn't and I didn't want him too either, so I speeded up my boob shaking until he threw his head back and let out a guttural gasp followed by a jet of creamy man juice shooting out of his purple knob and landing on my neck.


A Meeting Worth Waiting For Ch. 2

group honeyissweet 2018-06-22

Alex had a finger in Lindsay's sloppy pussy pounding at her clit making her quiver again just as Derik pressed the head of his dick at the entrance of Alex's wet opening. "Take it all" Derik was saying while slapping Alex's ass, "I want you to feel my cum shoot up your body and out your mouth into that bitches sloppy cunt" he continued harshly as Alex tweaked her own clit as well as Lindsay's. When inside the large house, he ran up the stairs at great speed and opening the bedroom door saw Alex on her back resting on the brass bars of the bed head, legs splayed and tongue pashing Lindsay who had straddled her own torso.

My First Visit to a Gang Bang

group smackmepls 2018-06-22

We went our separate ways, and I spent the day thinking about her round tits, and her smooth skin and how it felt to have my cock deep inside her. She took turned sucking each of their cocks, and at one point put both in her mouth at the same time! I sat down in one of the chairs to watch the action when the other woman in the room crawled over and started licking my cock. He reached up and grabbed my cock and started jerking me off at the same time. She reached for a cup when one of the guys came up behind her and started rubbing her shoulders. She reached back and started stroking his cock and poured a coke like it was nothing.

Hot Tub Fun Machine

group MartinFaust 2018-06-22

Amanda had noticed where I went, and moved to Libby's hands and arms. Amanda worked first one, then two fingers in and out a little before using her right hand to caress Libby's breasts. I stopped my work on Libby's nearly orgasming clit and looked up to see Libby had sunk two fingers into Amanda and was pumping them in and out. Gently, Libby took the lead, and ran her hands over Amanda's body, sitting at her right side. I took her hands in mine and moved them above her head, like I did for Libby. I got between Amanda's legs when they started kissing and worked a couple fingers into her and got her hips bucking.