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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Surprise Threesome

group rdy4anythng 2018-06-22

"wow, she gets just as wet as I do" I fucked her a couple of times with my finger and when I took it out for her to taste her own juice I wanted to know what it was like to lick a pussy. Gina leaned over and drew her wet tongue up Chuck's shaft and kissed the tip of his cock. I was feeling the burning between my legs and needed to have Chuck's tongue there licking and sucking on my pussy. I sat back enjoying the tongue lapping I was getting and let Gina continue to suck his cock while I watched. I told Gina that Chuck has never tasted another girls pussy before and that I think he would enjoy it.

Party of Three

group MeanMan01 2018-06-22

Pushing Lena down to the mattress Jack moved between Lena's legs and began to rub his cock around her pussy hole and over her clit getting his cock head wet before plunging it in to the root in one stroke. This was more stimulation than Jack could take and he felt lucky to have held off this long and not knowing Lena's birth control situation he pulled his cock out of her pussy and spewed his sperm forth onto Lena's body and Annie's face simultaneously. The women kissed and groped each other gently for a short while and Jack moved to plant kisses on Annie buttocks and bury his face in her ass cheeks to lick her pussy and asshole.

For the Stranger in 6B Ch. 02

group peachesmelba 2018-06-22

I hear you take a ragged breath and as Ivan bends to kiss me, reaching a long arm down my body to fondle me, I look up to see him glance down the couch at you and feel him smile against my lips. Looking up at you I can tell that you are still watching Ivan's shaved head nestled between my thighs, his hands firmly grasping my hips as they begin to twitch uncontrollably with the approach of my orgasm. Ivan is watching too and I can feel his prick twitching in my hand, knowing his excitement level is rising and he is wanting to cum as well.


The Neighbor Ch. 01

group LadyBlueMoon 2018-06-22

He explained that he had been running when Jake began to follow. Thankfully, I was spared having to tell my husband about my negligence with Jake. With our own children grown and gone, Jake was like a child to us. Over the course of the next week, I saw Steve out running daily. Truth be told, I had been having more and more such thoughts recently when I spied attractive men. That night at dinner, I told my husband about our new neighbor. The next day I called Steve with the invitation. Steve explained that the kids would be at their maternal grandparents that weekend, but that he would still love to come. I think both of us were excited by the thought of Saturday night.

Virgin No More

group Acktion 2018-06-21

I don't know whether it was the pain pills getting to me, the two times I had jacked off, or the lust that was still raging through me, but somewhere I came up with the mixed up idea that I should lay down in her bed with the covers over my head so that if her parents should check, they would see a body. I felt Sara's small hand wrap around me and then something else as she sank lower on my body letting me see Cory grinning at me over the top of her head. I'm a slutty little fuck slut and right now I want Cory's fuck pole sliding in my nasty brown shithole while I try to milk your cum with my cunt."


Jess and Karla

group Davey76 2018-06-21

I just mumbled over the phallus in my mouth, and Karla replied ‘this is so sexy I can’t wait to fuck you Dave’ as she pulled out of my mouth and started to stroke her fake cock with her right hand and with her left she pushed me back onto the bed. It wasn’t long before Jess was ready to explode and as she approached her orgasm she started to face fuck me with short eager thrusts holding my head until finally she pushed her cock to the back of my throat, making me gag, before she withdrew half her length and shot her hot sticky seed into my mouth with deep sighs of ecstasy.

Adult Reality TV Ch. 1

group bamboomoon 2018-06-21

All the other people took a piece of clothing, while Naomi asked for a sturdy pot, Sam selected a large piece of soft leather and Celeste wanted a bowstring. Celeste shivered when he sneaked a finger between her wet pussy lips and then Naomi moved closer to play with her clit ring. Sam obliged and slowly ran his knob between the pussy folds before pushing his cock into Celeste's waiting cunt. With the care and attention of a curious child, Celeste spread Naomi's pussy lips apart and rubbed two fingers up and down the slit before disappearing into the love hole. As if on cue, Naomi and Celeste knelt before Sam and took turns to suck his cock.


group 2018-06-21

I had everything already planned, dinner reservations, drinks afterward, and a hotel room. After dinner and drinks, we made our way to the motel room. He started by slowly stroking her thigh. I moved my hand down and stroked her too. I was kissing her heavily as he moved down and proceeded to eat her out. She took me in her beautiful warm mouth and started sucking me. He moved behind her and entered her slowly and went deep. As he moved she sucked me harder and faster, when finally she took her mouth off of me because she was cumming so hard she needed to catch her breath.

It Will Never Happen to Me

group WildaRaven 2018-06-21

My attention was returned to the present as a young man on a bike stopped and Said "HI" He introduced himself as Paul Strong and he sure looked strong. Rupert took two hands full of his mother's hair pulling her face closer as he rammed his hips forward driving his cock down her throat. I am a lousy drunk because the next thing I knew I was in a room up stairs somewhere in the Inn. Junie was nude on the bed and I was nude on my back with my ass close to the edge of the bed and Mr. Day was standing between my legs and I felt a stiff dick probing my wet pussy.


Bringing You Home Ch. 01

group GildedSilver 2018-06-21

We wanted to be ready for you." I took in a deep breath to reach for control at the thought of you bending Timothy over and pounding hard into him. Stern disappointment spread across your face as you watched Timothy snatch his hand away from his cock. "Good, boy." Your approval straightened Timothy's shoulders out again. Between your spanking and plunging fingers, I cried out in ecstasy around Timothy's cock. "Mount her now, boy." That growly command made Timothy's cock jump. Timothy whimpered and angled his hips up a bit to take your cock, adjusting to the hard width. Timothy's body shifted as you pulled out a bit, only to come back a moment later.


Hedonism Ch. 05

group sweetlinda 2018-06-21

My hips shot forward and my clit was forced hard against Adele's tongue as she continued to lick and press against the tiny bud that was protruding like a tiny cock waiting to be sucked. I continued to fuck deep and hard into her juicy pussy as she erupted onto the thick shaft of the vibrator and then my own orgasm began; brought on by the feel of Winston's cock pressing against the base of my back and his long, thick finger as it fucked into me while at the same time his thumb pressed against my clit.


Ms B Revisited

group temp171 2018-06-21

Then, to my amazement, I heard her say to Margaret, "Come around the table -- I want to show you something." B continued to hold my head against her crotch, and I was tremendously aroused, so I decided to let B worry about her friend while I abandoned myself to the exquisite sensations of eating her hot, steaming pussy. I unhooked her bra and began to fondle her tits, when suddenly B jumped back in her chair again, pushing her skirt back down, and Margaret under the tablecloth. She hoisted up her skirt again, revealing that her panties were still absent, and said, in a husky voice, "watch me make myself cum." With a big smile, she began to play with her clit, alternately pushing one, then two, then three fingers inside herself.

Mata Hairy Ch. 2

group belab 2018-06-21

I was sucking and slurping away on his meaty shaft when Peter reached under me while I continued sucking Ali. I heard a zipper and belt buckle open, and then a hard cock slipping between my cheeks and pressing against my wet hairy pussy. With semen trickling from her chin and down over her buttocks she took the Peter's cock into her deep, warm cleavage With her hands on each heavy breast, she slowly began to raise and lower the twin orbs allowing his tool to slide gracefully between them and touch the heavy pelt of hair in her bushy armpits into my waiting mouth hidden in the tangle of her bushy underarms.

Tony cums over

group 2018-06-21

Tony became excited and started to stroke his dick as he watched david fuck me. Tony got to where he was about to cum on the side of my boat when david and i heard him moaning outside. so then we decided that we will fuck his ass until we jizzed all inside it then we will pug it up with one of my massive butt plugs. my dick literally flew inside tony as he moaned in pleasure. david said to tony "Me and Ken are gunna fuck right here and ur gunna watch!" to make it even better we moved into positions where i had tony's dick in my mouth and davids cock in my ass.

The Renewal of Joyce Carlton Ch. 04

group Romantic1 2018-06-21

Stacy held her arms out and caught Kim as Ray's rigid cock popped out of her cunt. Bill and Kim had been in a slow fuck as they watched Stacy and Ray. Now, however, I turned my attention to Kim, repeating the process of massaging her clitoris as Bill's cock moved in and out of her lithe body. The three of us continued like this for several minutes until Ray again suggested, "Ladies, please rotate counterclockwise again." Stacy moved into my arms with a very wet and passionate kiss. After we'd gotten our wine and selected from the menu Ray asked, "So, Joyce, are you happy with our relationship -- you, me, Kim, Bill, and sometimes Stacy?"


Gang Bang

group sly77 2018-06-21

Tina shivered as she imagined the hot, slippery feel a long, thick cock fucking her tits. Tina shifted her body around to fully enjoy the feelings from her pussy, her throat, and her tits. Once, twice, and more, the cock spasmed and Tina could feel the spurts of cum sliding down her throat. Badger watched in awe as his cyberslut was transformed into a real, cock-sucking, ass fucking slut. Her hands tightly held the ass of the guy fucking her mouth to leverage her body back against the cocks in her ass and pussy. He pulled her pussy and ass towards the edge of the bed and then thrust his massive cock into Tina's cunt in a single stroke.

Three Fantasies, One Day

group curiousandkinky 2018-06-21

Ooh they feel good and Eric must agree as I hear him moan with pleasure and Mike stops to watch. He slowly slips his dick into my pussy and as he does I pull my mouth off my husbands' dick and let out moans of pure want, desire, lust and ecstasy. Eric's dick is filling my hungry pussy, pounding it with a look of desire, lust, want, hunger and total bliss on his face. I'm in heaven, I have a good friend's dick in my pussy fucking me and watching him suck my husband. I pull Eric's face toward me and tell him to let me have it, give it to me, give it all to me I want it, fill my pussy with your seed, then I kiss him hard and feverishly as he returns the kiss.

I Have Always Wanted This

group rm8181 2018-06-21

I know his hard cock, his hands on the small of my back. His hard cock forces its way in and pulls on the sides of my lips. His hands pull my arse cheeks apart and I point my bum further in the air. He pulls out and I feel him cum on my arse cheeks. He kisses my butt and I hear him walk out the bedroom door. It feels good to have his cock inside me. I feel one start to finger my pussy but I am not sure where the other is. He rubs his fingers over my butt, spreading my juice over my hole, then he feels his way with his member.

Wanted: A Story

group rubbermduck 2018-06-21

You try to see where he is going, but Jackson puts his other hand on your head and pushes his cock deeper into his mouth. He holds the back of your head firmly with his large hands as his cock fills your mouth and throat making it hard to breathe. Tyre and Al's cocks bump your legs and occasionally each other as all three men push in and continue to rub their hands over your body. The sensations from your mouth, throat, and pussy completely overwhelm the nerve impulses from your hand telling you that Jackson's cock is once again swelling with cum. Even though Tyre, Al, and Jackson are now sitting back watching you can still imagine the feel of each of their cocks inside like it was still happening.

Mrs. Martin Ch. 15

group Tom Davis 2018-06-21

"Let me help you out of those wet cloths," said Tom as he reached under the waist deep water to undo the front of Susan's shorts. As she turned back she saw Tom's head drop under the water and felt her shorts slid down her legs. Tom quickly took advantage of the situation grabbing both of her legs under one arm and using his other hand to slide her shorts over her feet. Susan didn't know who had climbed between her legs as Tom had kissed her and lay her down on the cushions, she just felt a stiff member trying to push its way into her.

Meredith Ch. 04

group robhasby 2018-06-21

Just take good care of the girls, Tom." He walked over and kissed Meredith on the head on his way out. Morgan decided she wanted to try it as well, and when the waiter came they both ordered the same thing. "I'm not sure that's a good idea," I offered, not wanting to burst their bubble but doing it anyway, "think about the sand, plus people walk along the beach at night." She threw her head back onto my shoulder, enjoying the tingly sensation of the water and the feeling of my cock sliding past her pussy, running up on her clit. "Wait," Meredith said, withdrawing from my cock, "let's try it this way". Morgan took a step back and let Meredith crouch by my cock.


A Mystery Woman Takes a Dare

group Lexie Lawless 2018-06-21

Straddling him on the chair, she positioned her pussy over his mouth and leaned forward to rest her hands on the counter, her black hair hung down around them both. As Dave watched, Jeff reached his other hand up and soaked it in her pussy juices. She reached a hand down and put one of her long fingers inside herself, feeling his cock as it moved in and out of her. Dave felt her pussy tighten around his cock when she put a finger inside herself as he fucked her. Feeling his body tense, knowing that he was going to cum, she shuddered and came again, her orgasm washing over her and, as it reached its peak, she felt Dave cum inside her, nearly making her faint from the pleasure.

A Special Threesome

group Blackerose 2018-06-21

He is as hard as we have ever seen him, and I see your hand slip between your thighs, and start to stroke your lips as he begins to rock back and forth. You start to suck him hard, him working his fingers in your hair, pushing your head down just enough to get him into your throat. I feel his ass tighten suddenly, and then I see you swallowing hard, whimpering as I rub your clit faster. I start to run the tip of my tongue over your clit in fast little circles, as you suck my cock hard and slow. We fuck you as long as we can, letting you cum and cum, until I feel him shooting, the throbbing of his cock, and I cannot help but join him.

The Education of Jen Ch. 3

group JenJo 2018-06-21

Putting his hands on either side of Jen's body, Lance leaned over her and began to stroke his pussy in and out of her snug little cunt. Justin and Rick lay on either side of Jen, watching her expressions as Lance fucked her thoroughly. "Well, we'll try to do our best, won't we guys," Lance said panting, fucking her hard now. Jim grabbed me and said, "Jen, you've got to learn not to run away when you've got five guys to satisfy. Lance held his cock in his hand and inserted it into Jen's dripping pussy. This time instead of three strokes each of the guys fucked Jen until they exploded.