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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Plantation Porn: A New Genre

group Samuelx 2018-11-21

How about a sexy White woman dominating a macho Black man with her strap-on dildo for a change? While Farina watched, I fucked Daria with a strap-on dildo while she licked Alisha's pussy. I handed Farina a dildo and told her to fuck Alisha's ass with it. Farina smacked Alisha's sexy ass and began working the dildo into her asshole while fingering her pussy. I appointed Farina, Daria and Alisha as Co-Overseers lording over Mariel, the new chick. In the end, Mariel acknowledged me as her dominant White Mistress and happily took her place among the growing ranks of my Black female servants. As for Farina, Alisha, Mariel and Daria, they finally got the courage to stand up to me and decided to leave the house.


My birthday party - five girls and one guy

group DanielleX 2018-11-21

Laura and Emma approached Greg and we knelt on the floor looking up at him. “I think Aisha and Emma should get acquainted with Greg‘s cock,” said Laura. The other girls watched with genuine fascination as Laura lifted his cock and I put one end at the base and stretched it out until my fingers rested on the tip of his penis. “Ah Aisha, you got to do a forfeit!” Said Emma. Aisha looked at Greg and then at the other girls. Aisha was moaning now, her long black hair covering her face as she had a nice little orgasm. I looked at Greg’s cock as Aisha thanked him for the experience and knew I had to have him inside me.

Mike's girlfriend Sal

group lensman 2018-11-21

It was at this point that the lounge door swung open and Mike walked in, naked and cock in hand and said “mind if I join in?” I was too stunned to reply but Sal held her hand out, took hold of Mike’s tool and guided it into her mouth. I don’t know how long Mike had been back but he must have been having a good wank before he came into the room as it wasn’t long before he stiffened and gasped “oh fuck” and shot his load into Sal’s mouth, Again she greedily swallowed all of his come and continued to suck hard on his cock.

Fun at work (Chapter 1)

group Icaria 2018-11-21

  Cindy walked in, and noticed my hand leaving the position it had under Nadine's right boob.   "What are you doing?" someone said with a shocking voice   "Oh come on, I couldn't help myself." Cindy replied   "Let him go! Cindy sat naked on Nadine's desk, gently rubbing her clit, and making the appropriate moaning sounds. It was tough for me to decide if I should look at Nadine's playful movements, or Cindy's fingers disappearing and re-appearing from her pussy. I strocked my cock while me and Nadine enjoyed the gastronomic taste of Cindy. Cindy sat up straight and used her fingers to spread Nadine's pussy lips.   Cindy couldn't help herslef and licked up all the white squirts from Nadine's body.


After Work Surprise

group cindycdvb 2018-11-21

Cynthia was able to get in my pants finally and I looked over her shoulder at Rachel, who had her hand inside her panties and was fingering her pussy furiously at this time. When Cynthia pulled my cock out and had her hand wrapped around it moving up and down slowly as she licked my neck and upper chest, Rachel began moving her finger in and out of her pussy in time with Cynthia’s hand. I pulled Cynthia’s panties to the side and ran my finger around the tight opening her ass as she nibbled on my chest and moved her hand faster moaning with each press of my finger. I saw her walk over in front of Cynthia and I felt the dildo enter Cynthia’s pussy pressing against my cock buried in her ass.

My Sexy Summer Visitors (part three)

group Green_Man 2018-11-21

I moved forward, slipped the condom I had in my hand over my prick, and placed my cock head against my Silvia's pussy lips. Livy was coming and humping her quim hard against Silvia's face. Livy was squealing as Silvia was sucking on her clit and I was jamming all the cock I had into that sweet pussy. "Silvia, I'm going to let Livy suck my cock. Fuck my face with your cunt and let Livy suck me as hard as she can. I wanted Livy to have the pleasure of sucking my prick hard and long. I began to shoot hard, and some shot into the air, but Livy squeezed my cock until she could cover my cock head and let all the good spunk fill her needy mouth.

One Lust Filled Night - Part 3

group gubica 2018-11-21

All I wanted now was to be in her arms again and feeling that full, moist mouth smothering mine. She reached out her hands for me and when I took them in mine, she pulled me to the side of the bed. Without thinking, I reached up to cup those delicious looking mounds and their firmness felt so good as I started to squeeze them together. Then, I pulled her bra down over her arms and watched as her breasts swung free. I reached my arms around her waist as I started to suck her nipple. I released her waist and put my hands on the sides of her breasts as my mouth found the other nipple and thoroughly enjoyed the taste and feel.

Threesome fun - Kerry’s Story

group DarkSide 2018-11-21

“Kelly sat elegantly between her husband and Martin, she feasted her eyes on their rigid cocks,” which they were by now, “and she reached out to stroke them, firstly Martin’s and then her husbands,” I took the story from Kelly as she reached for our cocks. I pushed my cock forward, slowly at first, Kelly let out a sharp intake of breath and I knew it was hurting her a little. I repositioned my cock at her entrance and pushed it in, a little further this time and I knew the head of my cock was just short of entering her arse. Richard and I pulled our cocks backwards and then, in unison, filled Kelly one more time. Richard and I fucked Kelly together, slowly, letting her feel every inch of both of our cocks at the same time.

Jill and Her Boyfriends

group Paddler 2018-11-21

As the afternoon went on, Brad and Jill began playing a bit more personally, taking turns swimming between each others’ legs, brushing their hands over each other. Jill laughed good naturedly, not minding if the boys copped a few feels, especially since Brad made no show of jealousy, but simply joined in the fun. “All right, everybody gets to plow the furrow,” Jill said, “Brad first.” The boys took turns facing Jill, who steadied herself in the corner of the pool and let one stiff cock after another slide up and down between her ample breasts. “Oh, baby, you are so hot!” gasped Brad, excited to see Jill sucking one cock while he fucked her with his.

Violet Gets Lonely At Her Friend's Party

group Mysteria27 2018-11-21

“Why what’s wrong dear?” They’re will be lots of boys wanting to date you dear. “Of course you didn’t.” “That’s just silly dear. I was the only one out of our group that didn’t go. I’ll run you a bath, dear.” “Oh yea! “I told you dear. I was playing with her breasts and moved my fingers over her bald pussy. “Sit down dear. You can’t tell Kimberly that I’m doing this. “Oh God! “Violet, turn over dear.” “You’re not a whore dear. Her pussy was making all kinds of squishy sounds, while she rode my husband hard. My husband pulled out and I ran over to the bed and licked my husband’s cum from her pussy.

The Initiation

group swingsbothways42 2018-11-21

I continued to perform my oral manipulations on the pussy in my face and the hand on my cock was soon replaced by a very wet, very warm mouth that began a slow, gentle up and down motion on me until I was right on the verge of blowing my load and she stopped. As the new cock began to invade her body, Kim started with “ohhhhhhh” and as it slowly moved farther up she progressed to “Unhhhhh, Unhhhhh,” and when it had penetrated her completely she no longer was having orgasms, she was an orgasm.

A Very Messy Birthday Present

group starbelliedboy 2018-11-21

Once they'd gone I picked up the small round metal tray that looked a bit like a medical dish of some sort by the glass bowl, and looking straight into the camera with her pretty brown almond eyes, Ayumi opened her mouth and dribbled all the cum and saliva out. I was surprised by how much jism I produced this second time, and then just lost myself as Ayumi snuggled her warm, sticky, slimy, cum and custard soaked body into mine, peeling her socks off to stroke my legs with her bare feet, and we drifted off into subconsciousness together.

Wanting More

group eroticdragon 2018-11-21

Ellen's hand moved down to her still swollen pussy, teasing the folds of her labia and gently stroking the sensitive nub of her clit. She'd relished those cocks pumping their hot cum inside her pussy and arse and of course her mouth. Ellen finished dressing, picked up her keys, left the house and hopped into her car. The guy on the floor shot a huge load of cum inside her arse, the guy on top kept on fucking her, only he picked up speed. He got the message and a few seconds later, he stood up suddenly, his cock in his hand and moved up Ellen's body to her head.


Please Part 2

group RichardScott 2018-11-21

The man fucking her, stroked his cock, letting a load of cum fly onto her pussy and belly that she hardly noticed. The Assistant grabbed him by the hair, roughly stuffing her rubber cock into his mouth as the head of the Mistresses cock disappeared into his ass. The first man grabbed her in a very unceremonious manner and shoved his huge erection down her throat, cum still dripping off her face from her husbands orgasm. The man lewdly rubbed his cock all over her face before stuffing her mouth once more, his partner took a finger, slipping it into her ass. One guided his cock into her husbands ass, as the other grabbed his chin, thrusting his erection into his mouth.

We Weren't Prepared for Camping Chapter 6

group QBBC 2018-11-21

Samantha could not hold back anymore and with her fingers up inside her own cunt with her thumb rubbing her clit, she masturbated, exciting a torrent of her own juices to flow down through her quivering love tunnel. Pat saw this and wanted to go down and eat her out, but he also did not want to stop the girls in their first ever monster cock sucking and cum licking experience. Katie was sucking on his cock like a demon possessed, as Suzzie licked up the excess cum from her swollen nipples and tugging on the chain caused Kattie to have her own powerful juice squirting orgasm.

The Reunion (Part 2)

group Coco 2018-11-21

Robert broke the ice, “Ladies, what is your pleasure?” Trisha smiled and said, “I want to taste your woman’s punani, it is that simple. Trisha and I ran into the house where Robert had entered and lit candles and turned on some music, he then turned to us and asked what we wanted to drink. Trisha walked to Robert, took his hand in hers, looked up to him and kissed his cheek. Robert, had other plans, he whispered, “baby, pull down that skirt and eat her pussy, don’t fucking stop until she screams!” He then backed away from the table and watched as I ate her pussy.

Met Through a Swing Club II

group irishmik60 2018-11-21

As Jim stood at the counter separating the kitchen from the living room, Mary took hold of his sweats and pulled them down. Mary quickly went to her knees and took Jim's now swelling cock between her lips. Mary could but moan and gurgle, her mouth wrapped around Jim's cock, refusing to let go. After being playfully stroked for 200 miles, watching the sight I'd just seen, and the heat of Mary's pussy around my cock, I couldn't last any longer. As Mary laid between us she bent down and took my cock this time in her mouth. Mary removed my cock from her mouth, turned, laid on her back, resting her head on Jim's stomach.

One Lust Filled Night-Part14

group gubica 2018-11-21

I grabbed her legs as she straddled me and used them for leverage to be able to push back against David's thrusts, to drive his cock deeper into my aching cunt. I felt David thrusting deeper and harder into my pussy as my tongue found Becky's clit. I held her hips in place so I could torment her with my tongue as my body thrust back on David's cock, forcing him deeper still. I felt Becky push down on my legs, forcing my knees closer to my chest and my pussy raised to David's penetration. Becky was moaning and trying to move her pussy off my mouth, but I held onto her hips, forcing my tongue to fuck deep into her cunt.

Black Folks Orgy

group Samuelx 2018-11-21

He was nice and friendly, very handsome but unfortunately for Rose and every other hopeful girl on campus, Steve liked men. This tall, gorgeous young black man with a model's face and the body of an NBA Superstar liked men. The only person who stood by him in the time of crisis was Rose Lloyd, the self-described pudgy black girl next door. Joe was a tall, good-looking young black man. Joe gripped the black stud's hips and fucked him hard, driving that cock deep inside of him. Steve and Joe stood up, kissing each other while Rose sucked both of their cocks. When Steve finally came, Rose cried out in pain and pleasure as her lover's seed went deep inside of her.

Bisexual Black Man Rules Brockton

group Samuelx 2018-11-21

The name is Michael Le Roc. I'm a six-foot-tall, good-looking young black man of Haitian descent living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. A light-brown, short-haired, kind of heavyset, busty and big-bottomed Cape Verdean chick I used to know at Brockton Community High School a few years back. While thrusting my dick deep into Joanna's asshole, I smacked her big brown ass. Before I knew it, I was sucking on Amelia's big tits, causing the big Asian woman to squeal in delight while her husband Jose sucked on my dick. I put Jose on all fours and shoved my dick up his ass while he buried his face between his wife's plump thighs, licking the hell out of her pussy.


Soft Target 5: The morning after the girls night in

group kochankatulipan 2018-11-21

As he closed his eyes and savoured the taste of ice cream and Amelie’s body, she straddled his legs and proceeded to breast feed Keith, smearing ice cream across her, now fully erect, nipples and offering them to his eager mouth. They continued in this position, Chrissie’s head brushing Amelie’s pussy as she moved her mouth up and down Keith’s shaft, Amelie breathing hard as Keith probed her clitoris and sucked her tits, until Amelie laughed loudly and shouted “Keith, you are a naughty boy and need to be punished hard!” Before Keith could utter a protest, Amelie dismounted and, taking hold of his cock, instructed Chrissie to release his shaft from her mouth and bend over the table.

One Lust Filled Night - Part 2

group gubica 2018-11-21

"How long have you been standing there?" I asked, as I reached for my skirt to try to cover myself. I hugged my skirt tighter to my body and realized as she came closer, I was backing up. I also realized she was standing over me and looking down at my body. I felt her leg brush against mine and realized she was moving my legs apart to stand between them. She brushed my lips with hers, and I felt my head come off the bed as I tried to follow her lips with mine. She again looked into my eyes, and, as she closed them, I felt her lips meet mine in a very passionate kiss.

Campground Wildlife - Part Two

group stockingsandgarters 2018-11-21

As Tina scooped up my cock Mel opened really wide and took the first few inches of Jim's colossus into her mouth then started working the head with her tongue. The two women had both men rock hard in just a few minutes, at which point Mel said, “All mine now, sweetie!” to Tina, and Tina removed my cock from her mouth, giving it a few final licks in passing, got up and turned a chair to face the mattresses, sitting down to watch the action. Looking up and across the room at Tina I saw that she had now removed her bikini and was sitting in the chair with her legs drawn up on the seat, knees widespread, working the neck of a beer bottle up and down in her pussy as she watched the three of us.

Swingers Club Dark Room - Part 2

group ByMickey 2018-11-21

He starts to kiss and lick the other one and moves his hand to her now free breast and plays with her hard nipple. The woman is breathing harder and harder and she moves to Carla's' ear and whispers, “It feels so nice having your man inside of me.” With one hand Carla moves to the pussy of the woman and starts to play with her clit. The woman grabs her hand and then she feels Matthew pushing her more inside the dark room. The woman opens up Carla's legs and starts to kiss her inner thighs, moving slowly to her pussy. This wild licking and the fact that it isn't Matthew doing it makes Carla feel like she is about to come.