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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mary's Brithday Present

group CeasarBoobage 2018-06-21

I looked around and saw no one, so I got closer to her, and I have no idea why, but I reached down to grab her thigh, and moved my hand up – and I could feel that her pussy was already soaking wet. The drinks and the dark were helping, the only things that existed in the whole world at the moment was the cock in my mouth, a handfull of balls, my finger in my pussy, and a hand on my boob. My fingers found something quite wet and moving, and in a second I realized that I had just starting rubbing Mary's pussy while Mark's dick was in it.


The Castaways

group castawaydave 2018-06-21

A large bearded guy grabbed my hand and gave it a hardy shake as he introduced himself as Bob, and his wife Sue. They were an attractive couple in their mid forties, she had a pretty face and was a bit shorter than D, a bit on the plump side with a huge set of tits that were really testing the fabric of her low cut blouse. Bob knocked then opened the door, as D quickly pulled her suit back up to cover her breast, just as he poked his head in and said with boyish excitement, "Hey Davey you want to go up and see if there's something we can do to help?"


A Week With Jill Ch. 04

group watersex 2018-06-21

We started kissing again, I let my hands roam over her body and was tugging at the shoulder straps of her one-piece suit when we heard Carrie clear her throat. With my left hand, I repeated the pussy teasing I had given Jill a few hours ago, with my middle finger moving back and forth over her labia, pushed tight against the crotch of her suit. I began kissing Jill as I pumped inside Carrie, pushing in deeper with each thrust and pulling back so the tip of my cock was all that was left inside her. My cum felt like one long lava flow, filling Carrie deep inside her just as Jill fell forward on her elbows and squealed through her orgasm.

Mari's Storeroom Fantasy Fullfilled

group Spankx 2018-06-21

Mari had thought this would be the most boring place to work, but after her anal encounter with the boss, she eagerly looked forward to each new week. "Okay boys, do you really want to help me out?" Mari said while she unbuttoned her blouse slowly. He walked over to the group who was preoccupied with pussy-licking and grabbed Mari by the hair and slipped her mouth over the head of his cock. The tall black stud grabbed a hold of Mari's ass and slipped his dick into her tight little ass. "Ma'am, this is for us just as much as it is for you," said the blonde stud as he slipped his dick between her sticky breasts and rubbed her tits together as he humped her.

Do the Pee-Wee-Herman.

group 2018-06-21

Up on the screen there was a scene playing with a woman taking on two men. Around us, the men had taken out their dicks and were each stroking them hard. The woman behind you pushed your breasts together just in time to catch the first gobs of cum. I kept on working you with my hand as the next two men let the sperm go from their cocks. The woman let your breasts fall apart and came over the seats to where I was and took my hand out of you and replaced it with her own. My dick was still rock hard so I pushed the woman away and thrust into you deeply.

Story of Wendell Ch. -1

group Wendell Leferat 2018-06-21

I was offended for all women who would spend hours in preparation of a date while their partners sat sloppily in front of the television yelling to “hurry up.” When among groups of friends, I would become ashamed and embarrassed when the males would pass jokes about having to wait for their wives and girlfriends to ready themselves. There, two young men dressed in some manner of period garbs and steadying long staffs in opposite grips parted a curtain to reveal a room whose size could not truly be possible given what I thought the buildings dimensions should be from the outside.


group sunshine351 2018-06-21

Sometimes we crave for more. I softly knocked on the door and took two steps back and posed. He started sucking my nipples even hard now like he was a greedy baby. I quickly followed him because I love surprises. She took a nipple and put it in her mouth and gently nibbled and teased it with her tongue and teeth. She massaged my nipples and I stroked her long black hair pushing her head deeper into to my pussy. I had always had this fantasy but just never followed through with it. I craved to put one in my mouth. Then we all took a deep breath and climbed further into bed for round two.

Bringing some home

group prfweapon 2018-06-21

I love when it's her turn to go out without me because she is so pretty and sexy that I know guys are going to be buying her drinks and hitting on her, hoping that they get lucky because her husband isn't with her. Then as the door opens she says, "I'm going to leave the light out, sorry for the mess." I smile. She leans forward to kiss and suck on the tip of my cock for a second before I tell her to take her clothes off , while the new stranger puts the condom on. She does a great job of splitting her time between sucking and telling me how go his cock feels.

MILF magic 3

group 2018-06-21

I took a big gulp and asked her if this is what my mom has been doing this entire time, she laughed and said “[my name] your mom is a very naughty woman, you only know the prim n proper side of her” I stood there and felt my mom’s body pressed against mine from behind, her warm breathe kissed my neck as her hands reached around and dipped into my pants. I stood there with my cock pointing like a gun at her face, with a sharp jab she throated my entire shaft like the bitch I was making her out to be, my mom pulled her throat off my cock and said “greedy bitch, come baby I want you” she took me by my hand and pulled me onto the bed, the feel of their soft white skin drove me insane, I started sucking on the nearest breasts I could find.

Fantasie... Teil 2

group 2018-06-21

Mein ganzer Körper zitterte - seine Stimme war einfach wahnsinnig erotisch, er roch auch gut und ich hätte gerne seinen ganzen Körper gespürt. Auf ein Nicken des Meisters begab sich der Mann ans andere Ende der Streckbank und kniete sich zwischen meine Beine. In mir kribbelte alles - ich war so geil wie noch nie, andererseits schämte ich mich, weil der Mann nun sehen würde, dass ich schon klatschnass war. Ich spürte, wie mir die Tränen in die Augen schossen und ein dicker Kloß im Hals nahm mir fast den Atem. Während ich noch mit mit mir beschäftigt war und mit geschlossenen Augen versuchte, die Tränen zu unterdrücken spürte ich plötzlich etwas zwischen meinen Beinen.

86% mein

Swingers Confidential

group Sweetcheekss 2018-06-21

Tyler was asking me and Jake to go to Dallas and work with his friend to find out who did the break-in and recover the confidential records before they became public knowledge. Do you think he’d be willing to help you?” Tyler asked. It was almost time for the meeting so Jake and I walked up the stairs to Tyler’s office. Jake pulled in the driveway early the next morning, I wasn’t even showered yet. I got my suitcase and overnight bag; Jake grabbed the luggage he needed. I got undressed and had just stepped into the shower when Jake came back to the motel room. Jake headed for the bathroom, turning the room lights off when he passed the wall switches.


Heather's Wild Night

group heathred 2018-06-21

Steve reached down and started to run his hand through my red hair, instantly I felt the bulge in his crotch stiffen beneath me. You feel so fucking good!” said Steve as he slid his hands under my short skirt and grabbed my ass tightly. I stopped grinding and opened my eyes, slowly turning my head to see Steve’s roommate Brian standing next to me, his hand on my chest. “You gonna lick my cock like a good girl Heather?” Steve said as he rubbed his still rock hard shaft against my cheek. Steve started to moan “Oh Shit, Oh Fuck, Oh Yes. Oh, Oh, Oh. Oh God Yeah Heather!”

Erotic Adventures of Brandon & Cheryl Ch. 04

group timewarp69 2018-06-21

He tried to lift his head for a quick breather but she said "I didn't say you could stop yet." Brandon was still in tears from the gagging when she ordered the guy he was sucking to stand with Brandon's mouth still on him. She told the second male "Your turn, slave!" She then bent over, whispering in and nibbling at Brandon's ear, "I wanna see if you'll stretch." She whipped his bare ass once again with the leather. HURT his cute little ass!" And although in extreme pain, Brandon was feeling a mix of great pleasure, too, as he came on the couch hard, right at that point.

Dinner and Drinks for Three

group bwhaleml 2018-06-21

“How would you like to turn our bedroom fantasy into reality?” Then she added “You know Lee has wanted this for a long time and just now when he saw me near naked I felt him harden as we kissed. Many images and thoughts ran through my head as I factored a number of things all at once; first off I could smell Jen’s arousal knowing it had come off Lee’s exposed fingers, even more than that his fingers had been noticeably wet, also the kiss I saw wasn’t a kiss but a whisper and lastly with a bit of a start I realized that I did not have any problems with Lee’s hands in my pants.



group Newstart 2018-06-21

"Well this is Mike and we met this afternoon in the supermarket whilst I was shopping for the weekend and he's a chef and I told him about you not eating meat or anything and he said he would help me with the cooking and well that's about where you came in." Jenny had run out of breath. I'm the new chef at the bistro in the High Street and I thought I could help Jenny out with a few hints about vegetarian cooking." Mike was uncertain of the kind of response he expected from Julia.


Julie's Summer Schooling

group Jaymal 2018-06-21

Lucy met her in the middle of the room, her slight form rising so she could kiss the taller girl briefly on the cheek, then she led her to the drinks-laden table by the open patio doors. 'Of course James puts it all sorts of ways.' Julie appeared to nearly choke on her drink, but a moment later the girls were giggling together. 'I'm sorry Julie, I'm being wicked,' said Lucy, setting her hand on the girl's arm. She was obviously tapping into something she perceived in Julie, because the young girl was revelling in the air of adult sexuality; she was drawn in by Lucy's warmth, with its undercurrent of danger, and laughed with increasing wickedness at my playfully dirty interjections.


Hot Shower Ch. 05

group justachicky 2018-06-21

"Then, just as she's really getting close to cumming, she moves back down and dips her fingers back into her pussy, getting them really wet and sticky again." As instructed, Erin moves her nimble little tongue away from my clit and back down to my pussy and the river of juice that is now flowing out of it. I could feel another orgasm begin to stir inside of me, and I wanted Erin to cum again too, so I turned my head again, and began flitting my tongue against her very sensitive clit faster than I had before.


In St. Louie

group LadyElaine 2018-06-21

She leaned even further over the seat baring her sexy breasts by default, she shoved Trish and Cassie apart and took my lips in a pussy flavored, lava fueled, tongue twisting, I want to fuck your brains out kind of kiss. The view was amazing, the air was cool and nice, but I wanted Cas. All I wanted was her mouth, her hands, and that perfect little ass...I got hard again just thinking about her, and about how I hadn't finished myself off with either of the other girls, holding it all out for Cassie.


The Construction Project

group GoddessAtPlay 2018-06-21

The hand in my hair slipped around to my throat, and I tried to chase his tongue with mine as he pulled away, pushing me back to lie across the corner of the table. The blond guy helped by pushing my knees up to my ears, then pressing his hands against the table, pinning me with my legs over his arms and fucking me like a schoolgirl. The big guy used his softening cock to wipe his seed off of my face and onto my waiting tongue, while the blond guy slowly withdrew from inside me, quickly slipping my panties back into place so his cum would soak through them as it seeped out.

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 02

group SilverFox300 2018-06-21

Dana was dressed with a tight top which showed off her beautiful, full breasts, but instead of pants, she had on a tight miniskirt, which openly revealed the shape of her lovely, tight ass and gorgeous, long, slender legs. I 'dramatically' looked at my watch and said, "OK, guys, time to get to the club!" Reality crunched back into the room and we all stood and made for the front door, not without a momentary trace of disappointment flitting across at least a couple of faces. Then, Dana said to Bronwyn, taking her arm, "Come on, let's go for a tour of this place!" But then, she stopped herself and said, "No, wait, just stand here and look about the room.


A Milking in Vermont

group nylondad 2018-06-21

Danny and Janice loved to ski and did so regularly in Vermont which was a four hour trip from their New Jersey home. One ritual that Danny and Janice did every New Years Eve was to make a reservation at their favorite inn located in Vermont and then drive up and ski for a few days during that holiday. Janice mentioned that poor Jeffrey had made himself hard over looking at her legs at the bar and she offered to "help him out". Jeffrey moaned and that coincided with the moans coming out of Janice's mouth as she slobbered and milked at his cock. Danny now stood to the right and rear of Jeffrey as he watched his wife devour the cock in her mouth.


The Cruise

group No Panty Girl 2018-06-21

"I don't know, about a dozen guys in all." Rick said. Sure my husband wanted me to fuck every guy I met but there was more to it than just trying to please him. I had enjoyed a couple of killer orgasms and my mouth was so much in demand I was no longer able to suck cock, I just held my mouth open as guys emptied their balls into my throat. I must have looked like I had hydrophobia, globs of creamy white cum all around my mouth. I was fully involved now with multiple cocks stuck in every opening that would accommodate one and sticky white cum coating me like a taffy apple.


Viva Las Vegas!

group QBeeKay 2018-06-21

Three and a half hours later, after a delicious steak dinner at the hotel the four friends parted ways in the casino -- Karen to play blackjack, Will roulette, Peter poker, and Alicia the slots. As Peter drove his shaft in and out of her, causing her to shriek every time he pushed inside her, Alicia watched Will swiftly shed his clothes to reveal an athletic body and one very nice and meaty cock; this he began pumping as he watched the couple fucking on the bed. With a sigh of relief she entered her room and found it dark; after another quick check to ensure that Karen was asleep, Alicia put on her pajamas and got into bed, carnal thoughts of what had transpired earlier playing through her mind, lulling her to sleep with a smile on her face.


A Marine's Welcome Home

group Heidi Love 2018-06-21

I wasn't so sure about having Darrin at my place but it wasn't like Jake was going to ditch him. "I want you to sit on my cock," Jake said his voice hoarse with his need. Darrin must have somehow known that Jake had cum because he said almost immediately, "Get on the floor and stick your ass up in the air, I want to fuck you." I lost site of Darrin but as my ass was popping up and down but a moment later he barked, "Slow down, I want in her pussy too." "I bet you'd love a hard cock in your ass wouldn't you." Darrin said. I handed them each a fresh beer and sat on the edge of the sofa drinking in the beauty of Jake's out stretched body.