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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Unexpected Threesome Ch. 12

group Joanmcarthy 2018-06-21

I had very specific instructions from Issie about the sort of shots of Amy she wanted in the dive; more objectifying than sexual, but with a strong hint that camel toes and raised nipples pushing out bikini tops weren't a bad thing. Issie and Ellen were booked to do a dive course while we were here and given the competitive situation on the boat, it was likely that one or both of them would give it a try as a way of exercising their newly acquired skills. You know I have a thing about sex so passionate there's not time to get undressed, but I also like lots of bare flesh and a bikini sort of offers an opportunity to have both.


Fantasy Sex Cruise 13

group mountaincat4 2018-06-21

She was gently rocking forward and backward, rubbing her slit over Gina's hungry mouth; her tongue snaking close to Barbara's asshole as she moved forward. "Barbara before you start using your mouth on him I want you to straddle his hips." She moved up on her knees and I helped her swing her leg over him and adjusted her position so her fuzzy little peach of a pussy was directly over the tip of his cock. The mixture of her juices, Gina's spit and Bradley's precum made an excellent lubricant and I loved watching his big head slide between her outrageously pink labia as I moved it from her asshole to her clit.


Bigger is Better...

group dixeenormous 2018-06-21

As the work bell sounded ending the work day, Jenny headed home to safe and secure Brad, fighting off visions of the foreman jerking his big cock as Samantha peeked through the cracked bathroom door enjoying the nightly show. As the boys loaded the boat, Jenny took off her t-shirt and shorts, revealing her tight little body and pert b-cup tits in a tiny yellow string bikini. As much as she enjoyed watching them ski, her favorite moment came as each of them climbed out of the water, soaking wet, the thin nylon of their baggie trunks doing little to conceal the fat outlines of their big dicks.


The Island of Aphrodite

group tirreno12 2018-06-21

I bought it with my sister going on a spending spree day ("Fuck, Eddie, you look terrific, take it!" she said in the fitting room) and my husband haven't see it yet. Maintaining the nerves to act casual I poured drinks letting my boobs hanging down and swaying especially for Alfred, then I seated close to my husband on the three pieces sofa. Being cold I cuddled up against my husband with my legs on the sofa asking him to warm me up for a bit; Tom embraced me and I purred thanks giving him a little peck on the cheeks. My husband squeezed them and played with my nipples for a while as he had done with my legs then he asked Alfred if he didn't mind to join us.

Fifty (Not So First) Fucks

group sweetyoni 2018-06-21

As I keep recording this nasty hot action I look around the room and notice all sixty or so men have taken their hard cocks out and are stroking them feverously as my girl continues to devour these three hard cocks with her sweet young mouth. All this nasty fucking seems to be too much for five of the guys watching, as they all then ran right up to princess and her three studs fucking and start to spray their hot cum onto her sweet face and small erect tits, covering her all down her stomach and all over her double cock filled pussy.

my milf got sick and I had to take care of kenny f

group dusty48180 2018-06-21

He began to buck into my throat and shot a few good ropes of cum deep in my throat and then I pulled back cause I wanted to taste it and swallow it from my mouth. he must have poured a good half cup of cum in my mouth and I swallowed it and licked his cock all over. I laid him down and went to wkr cleaning his cock and balls and then lifted his ass into the air and sucked his asshole and licked it and actually got a small amount of my tongue into his ass as he was feeling an orgasmm comng on.

The Boys from Brazil

group carmen_has36 2018-06-21

That is what they wanted & I told them, well hell I had a girl who loved to be fucked in the ass." Carlo wants to be first and has Sharon lay on her back so he can eat her pussy, knowing he wants the Femtrex to kick in. "Amazing pussy girl " He tells her as he plays with her clit and tugs her lips while fingering her ass opening. Her pussy is spread for the others to see as the guy fucking her ass is bouncing her on his lap. Rapper guy laughs as he holds a pink pill up to her face and laughingly tells her "This little pill Leonard gave you is female Viagra!!!"

Jeff Thousandaire Ch. 03

group bluedragonauthor 2018-06-21

And John had Kaitlyn bent over the armrest of the same couch I was fucking Charlotte against, leaving the two girls' heads only about a foot apart. "Ohhh..." Kaitlyn crooned again while John continued to ream her out, and then the blonde teen reached out with one hand, pulling Charlotte's face to her own so the two young women could lock lips and swap spit while they were both getting buggered. And just as I started cumming, as if on the exact same wavelength, Kaitlyn cried out her orgasm as well, tears dribbling down her face as she wailed out, and then John was following after, answering my wolfish growl with one of his own as he began spunking inside the blonde teenager's asshole.


Steve's Dirty Thoughts Pt. 02

group StephanLund 2018-06-21

Linda doesn't answer since her tongue is busy with the young ladies nipples, and her hands are grabbing and squeezing Ambers ass, spreading her cheeks, exposing that sweet, sexy pussy, that is glistening slightly. Ambers' chest is heaving, her perky tits slowly moving up and down with her breath, slowly moving her slight frame in front of me, as she move the other hand to Linda's pussy, pushing two fingers in, slowly finger fucking her as she look deep into Linda's eyes as you ask her the question. Amber's eyes are looking deep into mine, as she reaches over behind the chair and brings out a huge strap-on, gives it to Linda, slowly gets on all 4, facing our neighbors, cum still hanging from our cheek.


University Tales Ch. 1

group Awlni 2018-06-21

Sally's hands began to unzip Tom's jeans and she reached in to stroke him. "I think," Chase said, "that if you look closely you can see bodies and some, uh, specific body parts." He reached into his pocket and pulled out one photo. When she was nude, she opened up the duffel she had brought with her and pulled out an old battered keg tap and walked around the room gathering up the panties on the floor, leaning over with straight knees and wiggling a little to give a show to the guys. "As the President of Beta Delta Sorority, it is my duty to present to you the trophies for the Annual Scavenger Hunt," she said as she handed the tap and the panties to Tom.


group AmberLace 2018-06-21

After she returned from the kitchen with three beers, we started drinking, dancing, and talking when the conversation gradually changed to sex. Ashley soon took over the conversation and began telling us about her fantasy of how she wanted her mouth and pussy filled with fingers, tongues, and cock. Then suddenly and surprisingly, Ashley stood up in front of me and took off her clothes until she was bare and then she leaned over with her breasts in my face and kissed me gently on the mouth. We started kissing again and running our hands all over each other's bodies when I felt her slide her fingers right along the lips of my pussy.

Nasty in the Alley

group shes_gotta_have_it 2018-06-21

Even though I know its not a smart thing to do, I gather my hem and hold it above my waist to expose ass and cunt as I slam the door and flip flop up the walk until I am standing in front of Ray-Ray. I know if I don't let go of my dress I'll walk right out into the alley with everything men like to look at exposed. I say, "Ray-Ray, you smell like pussy." Yellow and Boudro laugh. Last time, all nine of the guys from the halfway house and three strangers walked me out of the motel room we had been fucking in, out into the parking lot and spent several minutes pissing on my face and in my mouth.


Sex and Ladders

group legionlion 2018-06-21

I looked over at Lucy, who had turned bright red, and had her eyes fixed on her own counter, which would hit a snake if she rolled a two. Once again, Kim avoided hitting any snakes, but she didn't hit a ladder either, and handed the dice to Lucy, dropping them into her palm. "Landed on another snake!" I was only paying attention to Lucy at the time, but I'm pretty sure that Kim didn't even roll the dice. Kim took her mouth off my cock and kissed the inside of Lucy's thighs again and again, whilst my hands stroked her writhing body until her orgasm died down.



group rgraham666 2018-06-21

Setting her legs outside my hips as she kneels on my lap her hands reach into my garment, pull my stiffness into the cool air. My free hand comes up, takes a breast and gives it a soft squeeze. She leans forward a little, sets her hands on my chest and starts her hips pumping hard. "You wanted me, my body, my cock, in your hands, mouth and cunt." Corrine's mouth opens a little and she draws a deep breath, the hiss of it barely audible. Corrine cocks her head a little, the right side of her face forms a sultry smirk, asking me a silent question. Elaine pulls her hands away from her body.


Threesome With Two Younger Guys

group TeretheTree 2018-06-21

Danny finally decided to fuck me and stuck his cock inside of me, and started riding me, and Freddie had moved up to my tits. Freddie and I fucked for a while, and Danny was just licking and sucking on my tits, and then I told him, bite them, and when he started biting on them, I really got turned on, because I love feeling pain on my tits. One day I want to try it with two big black cocks, but till then, I will just think about the night I had two guys, and what it felt like to have two cocks being pumped inside of me at the same time.


group Rick Dean 2018-06-21

"Hoochie Mama!" Shouted Kramer, as he saw how Elaine's body was reacting to George's tongue. "Now you do me!!" Elaine lowered her mouth and took George's small member inside as Kramer began to fuck her sopping wet pussy. George felt Elaine's hot lips contract around his cock, slowly moving up and down and finally being deep inside her, not quite touching her throat. I could get to like doing this all the time!" With that she pushed back onto Kramer and Jerry's cocks even harder. Then at once all threw friends came together; Elaine covered Jerry's cock with her cum as his own gushed over her womb and deep inside her body.

Polly Used at the Bar

group yurato 2018-06-21

wife Polly, a stunning petite redhead of 18 summers, I said to Polly, as she sat down, 'I'll get the Polly to be sitting on the end, or at least one seat in if Polly was OK that I noticed that the seating where taking turns sitting next to Polly. next guys knee and they passed me along like that but go on your own,' she said coyly, looking up at me like images of Polly being used by the gang of men and I guys were there but where my wife had been sitting I went over to them and asked where Polly face, letting the spunk of who knows how many men, pour home for Polly to return from gang bang parties just to

Exhibitionist Over The Edge

group Iceman67 2018-06-21

A climax craving, orgasm demanding, “why did I wait so fucking long for this!”, vibrator riding, dildo humping, butt plug stuffing, juice pouring pump bitch was born at that very second and has never, ever looked back! Joy lay in the center of the bed in one of her hottest “ fuck me “ outfits, legs spread wide to offer an immediate view of her completely shaven pussy and the creamy flow of cunt milk that oozed from it to run down between her tanned ass cheeks. Arching and bucking, pumping and hunching her back violently as the big rubber cock was repeatedly rammed deeply into and pulled back out of her sopping wet fuck slit, she groaned and squealed for over a full minute while showing us how hot this perverse experience was making her!


The Circle Ch. 21

group SteveWallace 2018-06-21

Sandy rolled her eyes, "Every time I sleep with Bob, or Jim for that matter, I get so worked up over being with him that we stay up half the night making love. "No. The guiding principle is that consenting adults can do whatever they want about sex." That said, we all wrap a huge dose of love in our relationships, even when it appears to be a one-night stand, and I was probably the worst offender on that score until a year or two ago when I met the rest of this crew." She gestured around the house to indicate the rest of The Circle.


Viva Las Vegas Ch. 01

group Sexy_Swinging_Babe 2018-06-21

I start a friendly banter, and my boyfriend now sitting between my legs in the tub joins in. He sits back down onto the seat in the hot tub and pulls me onto his lap facing him. I have my hands on either side of his face and am full out sucking pussy juice off his chin when he guides his hard dick into me. I feel my nipples stiffening even more than they have been already, the muscles inside of me starting to twitch and my head drops back as another orgasm overtakes me. James comes up and starts kissing me with his hand inside of me. I hear the men talking over me and suddenly Vance is pulling out of me and the second man is climbing onto the bed.

Wife Gets Gangbanged Ch. 03

group Clansmansco 2018-06-21

Again he pushed his cock into her mouth very carefully and slowly increased his thrusting motion until he was fucking her face like he would have her pussy The other guys who had not cum in her yet were masturbating their cocks with a fury while groping at her with the other hand. The guy fucking her ass pulled his throbbing dick out of her and pushed her thighs together rubbing his cock over her little strip of pussy hair and finally he finished of by fucking her inner thighs and then shot his cum from her pussy up over her belly to her cum covered tits as his final assault came to and end.


The Conference

group Grntmb 2018-06-21

Reggie took her by the hand leading her back to their cabin while Rich continued to kiss and massage the back of her neck. Falling on the bed Rich came up behind her cupping both breasts, while Reggie pulled her hips closer to him he started kissing her again on her smiling lips. Soon he had her love spot between his lips, massaging and twirling it till her first orgasm which came with her sending her juices down for Reggie to slurp up. She took one hand to his tight, hairy balls gently massaging them, while with the other she grabbed his shaft and started bobbing her head in time to his thrusts.

Bobby's Mom

group AlexaWriter 2018-06-21

We were all quiet watching these two women rub the bare back of the dark haired girl and slowly slide the towel down to massage her ass. On the tv the dark haired girl was getting her ass rubbed down with oil and one of the blonds was sliding her hand up the girl's leg and brushing her pussy. Mike and I went back to rubbing her legs, slowly brushing her ass like the girls on the video. On the tv the dark haired girl was getting her pussy and clit massaged, so I started sliding my hand higher, hoping I was brushing her clit like the girl on tv.

Kayla's first threeway

group cuck-fan 2018-06-21

We started making out as Eric lifted me up to finger my tight pussy, then as I began to cum I laid my head on his shoulder where I caught a glimpse of Paul standing there, dick in hand, staring at my bare ass. When Eric pulled out of me I raised up (from leaning over Paul's lap) to turn and kiss him, but instead he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me onto my back. I was asked again if I wanted to stop and refused to throw in the towel, so Eric left me there as Paul grabbed me and shoved me face down on the mattress.