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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Tavern Maids

group Ashson 2018-06-21

"Tell me, Becky," said Charles, "are you a virgin?" "I think that you are a very pretty and healthy young woman who won't regret spending some time alone with me," said Charles. With the buttons undone, Charles simply pushed the dress off Becky's shoulders and pulled it down over her hips, leaving her as naked as her sister. "All right girls, I want you to get on your hands and knees, next to each other but facing opposite directions." said Charles. Sliding neatly into Becky, Charles had to control his laughter at the intent look on Clarice's face as she watched his cock driving into Becky. Charles settled down and started driving home more forcefully, hearing Becky's cries growing louder as he continued to drive towards his climax.

Three's No Crowd

group Miltone 2018-06-21

"So tell us Derek," Dave, one of his pals asked, as slipped into the chair next to Kyle at the bar, "You get lucky last night?" "So nice to make your acquaintance, Ms. Willson," I said faking a muffled voice and stretching out the Ls. Then taking a good look at one breast then the other, I added, "And yours and yours." "Well, nice to meet you both, although really, I was really just trying to read your tag," I said taking a sip of Jack D. I paused by the open adjoining doors, as Lisa stepped into the bath setting her little bag of notions on the counter, and pondered the situation. When she closed the door and turned on the shower, I stepped into their room to take down Carrie's order.


Sweet and Spicy Horny Toads Ch. 17

group TxRad 2018-06-20

Sue had that marvelous tongue of hers working at Kim's sex with long licks and deep thrusts. Karen handed Sue the small plastic vibrator and moved around to squat over Matt's face. Kim moaned again as Sue worked the shaft slowly in and out. She was grinding her ass hard in small tight, quick circles as she held the toy deep in Kim and gave out with a long drawn out groan, Her movement stopped except for the roll and squeezing of her tight vaginal sheath. I could feel Matt's chin on my balls as he continued to work his tongue at Sue's rear. Matt rammed his shaft one last time into her as hard as he could and stopped grinding his hips against her ass cheeks.

Cum cover Melissa

group 2018-06-20

Although she was eager to get a second fresh coat of semen on her face, she was deriving a great deal of carnal pleasure from what was already there and the cock of the younger Wood b*****r felt fabulous as it plowed in and out of her pussy. A few seconds later, the combination of his big shaft filling her and the faceful nd mouthful of cum from Bob started to bring Melissa to the great orgasm she craved. As any man would, he felt great about having the hot brunette cum while he was fucking her, The edge was somewhat off his horniness but he continued slowly plunging his cock into Melissa's wet pink hole, knowing she would climax again, as he would, but there was no hurry about bringing that about.

Hiking Cuckold

group hunfy 2018-06-20

My dick strained hard at the cage as I licked, I thought of how Megan said she might let me out. "Now get naked too, John." Said Megan, as she lowered her mouth onto Joe's amazing penis. As Joe continued to pound her, Megan's pussy juices leaked down to Joe's balls mixing with his sweat creating a sweet taste. Joe stopped pumping, as Megan rested on his lap, with his erect dick still buried in her soaking pussy. I pulled my mouth back, finally being free from his balls and began sucking hard on his fingers. I watched Joe's huge balls contract as load after load of cum shot deep into Megan's pussy. Megan and Joe began softly kissing as I licked up more of the stud's cum.

My First Wild Night

group 38DeeDee 2018-06-20

I moved to the next picture...a woman with long, brown hair, on her hands and knees...sucking a massive cock that looked to be halfway down her throat. Rick reached down and rubbed my clit as he continued with his other hand to pinch and twist my hard nipple while I sucked Joe's cock. Joe's mouth was still licking my cunt, thrusting his tongue in and out of my hole, and he was squeezing one of my nipples and one of Jen's at the same time. We all began to shudder and Rick blew his load up my ass...I came in spasms all over Joe's face, and Jen came in my mouth.

Russian Invasion

group Jake Sutherland 2018-06-20

"Come over here and see what they brought," Gene said, showing Eric the four bottles of vodka on the living room table. "She's better at it than I am," Natalia said, her hands holding onto the doorframe as she watched Tasha slowly sliding him in and out of her mouth. I'll have her show you." She then said something to Tasha in Russian, and Tasha responded by gripping Eric's shaft tightly in both hands and changing the way she moved her tongue, just slightly. "I want to show you something I am good at." She turned and walked out of the bathroom, and Eric began to follow before thinking it a bit rude to leave Tasha after what she had just done for him.

La Playa Ch. 12

group Fog43 2018-06-20

Julie, of course, on the loveseat next to me, Marc to her right, Jacklyn from the Isle of Eros, Anjali and Paul from the dungeon, Ed, my Food & Beverage director, Duane, Tony: the Executive Chef, Marion: the Rooms Director, Anita: the Housekeeper, Ray: the Events Staff Manager, and finally Diane, my Security Chief. Marc picked up some of Julie's duties and Jacklyn was able to get a trusted staffer to cover for her during the lunch service on the Isle, and the two women kept their seats as the rest of the staff filed out the double glass doors.


Couples Therapy

group bowhunter5670 2018-06-20

I worked my tongue all the way up to her wet slit and then stopped and went down and licked in circles just below her opening, tasting her sweet nectar that was running out of her pussy and down her ass cheeks. When I stuck my tongue deep into her tight throbbing pussy and my nose rubbed her clit, it sent her into an orgasm that seem to last for a couple of minutes and I sucked and licked every drop I could as she started gushing her best orgasm I have seen her have. There is nothing dirty about enjoying a great sex life, however you want to enjoy it." Karen looked at the clock and said, " Times up, I will see all of you next week for session two."


Getting Down & Physical Ch. 2

group Andrew Ryan 2018-06-20

"Come with me," Nurse Presley said curtly to Rachel, who followed her into the room. When Rachel entered the nurse's office, she saw Juan -- completely nude -- facing the wall in the corner. "Go over to the scale, take off your gown, and step up on it," Nurse Presley said, walking over to her desk and picking up a clipboard. So, someone other than Juan was enjoying this scenario, Rachel thought, noting that the nurse's hand lingered longer than it should have over her abs. But when the nurse pulled the tape together, placing it right above the slit to Rachel's pussy, she realized that her hands were becoming wet. While the nurse was showing a protesting Priscilla to the other side of the room, Rachel looked at Juan and smiled.

Not Who He Expected at the Door

group LeatherAndCassok 2018-06-20

Penny knelt down and started sucking on Mark's dick, licking the shaft and then taking it down her throat, all the while making sure Steven had a clear view. Fuck me." Julia started thrusting in and out, slowly filling Penny's ass. Julia took Mark's balls out of her mouth, and started licking down towards his ass. Penny bent over and started licking Julia's ass, as she in turn sucked on Mark. Mark stood up, and walked behind Steven who was still licking out Penny's ass. Mark fucked Steven for several minutes, all the time watching the loving lust filled eyes of Penny and Julia – at that moment the two most perfect and beautiful women in the world.


The Harridan Ch. 1

group belab 2018-06-20

I am no spring chicken and I have seen a ramrod or two and since Rick had recently taken over new projects I had to get him to recommend me to Charlie who was the human resources guy who had to forward my name to the Board especially the group President Harry who loved "hairy women". I felt his balls tighten up and he reached down and took my head in his hands as he began to buck his hips into my face, I raised my hand from his balls and he gazed lovingly at the long bristles in the heavy pelt of dark hair in my bushy underarms. Now I wanted to be fucked and I badly needed Rick's prick in my hairy wet pussy.

Chelsea's Drenching Workout

group Goldylocks 2018-06-20

They didn't waste any time and walked right over, dropping their towels and edging in beside Tom and Joe. As they started to stroke themselves over her groin, Tom and Joe moved up and began to hold their cocks over her face as they jerked off, sometimes pointing their dicks down at her mouth. Then Mark hunkered down and pointed his cock at Chelsea's mouth and began to barely rub the head his dick in the space between her parted lips as he stroked his shaft with his hand. Just as Travis looked like he was getting ready to cum, Mark leaned forward and gripped the bench on either side of and beneath Chelsea's waist, and began to hump her face, shoving his cock down her throat as she held his shaft with both hands now.


group Anduril 2018-06-20

She immeadiately pulled him close and began a deep wet kiss - and heard a small moan escape from her as the drink and memories and excitement melded together to make her want him then and there. She felt his hand trail up her leg - touching her inner thigh and tenderly reaching higher until suddenly his eyes flew open as the realization dawned on him that she was without panties. She could feel Phillipe staring at her as James drew her dress higher - and let his fingers begin a rhythmic thrusting that seemed to reach her very core. In the moment she was aware of James moving to the other side of the table and smiling gently at her while she felt the sudden, flowing, rushing shock of a new and unexpected touch.

Studenthouse Master Ch. 03

group Spritty 2018-06-20

The money disappeared quickly and Denise landed in my arms, pressing her belly into my crotch while I lowered my head and kissed her deeply, my tongue slowly intertwining with hers in her mouth while my hand moved down the knead her right breast through her bikini. At this point it was I who was barely holding on as one of the most powerful orgasms yet ripped through my body, partly due to the unique situation I was in, partly due to the fact that Sabine was also coming quite hard and the view of her, biting her lower hip and rolling her eyes and partly because of the weed which made this orgasm seem to last for a small eternity in which I still worked my cock slowly.


group Gary_Alexander_2 2018-06-20

"Help me get her into the bedroom, okay?" Clair said as we each put an arm around Sue. "Maybe he's looking for an excuse to stay," the new girl - who Clair later told me was Jennifer - suggested. Jennifer clicked a button on her cell phone, and Clair wrapped her hand around my cock and began to stroke it. "Time," Jennifer said, and Clair let go of my cock. "Okay," Clair said, handing the phone back to Jennifer and stripping off her clothing, now comes the "fucking your brains out" round. She was just stepping out of her panties when, without a word, Sue climbed on top of me, said "I need to cum," and jammed her wet pussy down around my cock.

An Alley Of Earthly Delights

group Victor_Pollack 2018-06-20

Diane is only twenty-seven and even at three o'clock in the morning with too many drinks in her system and a full day of work facing her she will fuck me or suck my dick until I insist she stop. Once, as I came off the dance floor after dancing several dances with the same woman, Diane pointedly said, "I thought I was going to have to cut you two apart with a knife." Although it looked awkward, she humped like a champion, In short order, sitting in a men's toilet with my eyes closed, I reached, for just a moment, an affinity with the infinite as my cock spurt hot cum inside the other woman's cunt.


Complex Family Ch. 04

group PaulStevens 2018-06-20

Brandon was also fairly sure that between Ashley, Katy, Mel, and Gina that the wedding planning had already begun before the night was over. Brandon looked at Ashley and said, "That's great news Mel, and we'd love it to have you two closer." Which is important because we want the father to have some role in the kids lives and knowing him that won't be an issue." Then after a pause she took his hand and looking into his eyes said, "Will it Brandon?" Quietly Katy said almost pleading, "Brandon I want my baby to be conceived out of love, and although it'll never be as strong as my love for Mel, or yours for Ashley, we share enough love for it to be special.


Fantasy Turned Into Reality Ch. 02

group DukeDakota 2018-06-20

Thomas doesn’t know this, although they have become friends over the years. I can not believe that I am getting horny thinking about seeing Beth, especially after Thomas had pounded my asshole before leaving for work this morning. I am about to explode in an orgasm, when the shower door opens and in steps Beth. I have shared both men and women with Beth, but that was before I got married to Thomas. “You heard me bitch, do you want to fuck Thomas? “Sweety, you know I love Thomas, but I would never. I quickly start his dinner and explain to Beth what to do when he gets home. Thomas grabs the mask and note that I left by the chain for the door.

Child of Three

group FelicityJohns 2018-06-20

The way he's looking at me, at you, how he stands close, possessive - my mouth and pussy water and a small moan escapes me. The Viking watches the Italian, whose thick cock is waving. I feel him leave, hear your voice, and he's back on me, his fingers slipping inside to massage while he bites and sucks my clit. impulsively, I open my mouth and take in your balls, sucking gently, never certain how it feels to you, but loving the taste and sensation and intimacy of such an act. The Viking's hands are on my hips, holding, and I feel his cock. My scream brings the Italian, and the Viking takes him, drinks him, and he's fucking me hard and fast, never slowing.

The Letter Ch. 01

group Abelard7 2018-06-20

The letter was one of several pushed through my front door as I left for work, I was running late already, so I picked them up and stuffed them into my bag to be dealt with later. As soon as I was above the age of consent I consented at every opportunity, experimenting with sex in every way, I liked it, I liked being fucked, I liked to suck cock and best of all, I liked to wank men off, I was obsessed by projectile semen. A favour meant sucking his cock or bending over his desk to be fucked, in return for whatever we needed outside what was written into our contracts. Christine called on Monday morning, I was to meet her for lunch again, this time at an Italian restaurant near to her hotel.


The Adventure Ch. 07

group Harryandsally 2018-06-20

Laura had probably fucked more than a couple of hundred men in this time, all with Paul's encouragement, while he had racked up quite a number of other women. Paul happily continued to rim Laura while she brought herself off, this taking no more than a couple of minutes. After a couple of minutes, Paul started to breath heavier, Laura knew he was coming. Laura sucked him hard, licking her juices from his wet shaft, loving the taste of her sex on him. "This one always worked for me." Paul replied as she started to stroke his cock and balls. Laura was soon squirming on Paul's face, her hairless pussy feeling even more sensitive than usual. Laura then led Paul upstairs, she knew he needed to come soon.


Nightclub Group

group NWStories 2018-06-20

I'd pulled his cock out of his pants now, for all to see, and as I started jacking him off harder, I felt a hand move from holding my elbow, to playing with my tits. I felt two hands grab my head as he thrust his massive cock in my mouth. I felt the cock in my mouth start to slow as he bent round to look at my sopping wet pussy. I could cum, I let out a loud moan as I felt his cum shoot inside of me, making my legs shake and pussy contract so hard, it forced his massive eight inch cock out of me, as his cum continued to spray across my pussy as it exited.

Far Too Hot & Getting Hotter (Chapter 2)

group pinks43 2018-06-20

Rather than be put off, he relishes the thought that he can feel my cunt gripping the life out of his cock whilst watching you stretch my throat with your pole, now completely out of your jeans and pressing up against your stomach with you wanking the end furiously. I would scream in pain but you have me full of cock, he pushes harder and my puckered tiny hole gives a little, but it’s never going to be enough. I can taste your pre-cum, I can feel your cock expanding in my mouth and your balls climb up inside your body, I can hear your low guttural moans, I know that can mean only one thing, my reward is on it’s way, you’re going to cum for me, I want it all.